Brain Nitrous

Brain Nitrous

Value for Money

4.0 /10

Formula Rating

4.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

5.0 /10


  • Private label scam
  • Very low quality formula
  • Terrible value for money


Brain Nitrous Review Summary

Brain nitrous is just another one of these supplements on Amazon using the same mass produced, generic formula. We have written about this growing problem in this article. Needless to say, this is a scam you should avoid.

The fact that this is a white label scam is bad enough, but if you read our full Brain Nitrous review, you’ll see that this is a pretty poor quality stack even if it was good value for money.

Ineffective ingredients, poor dosing, and some side effect concerns combine to make a very low-grade nootropic. You can do a lot better.

Where To Buy Brain Nitrous

Like all Amazon Method scams, Brain Nitrous is sold exclusively through Amazon (as far as we can tell).


Full Brain Nitrous Review


Brain Nitrous is a natural nootropic supplement sold by a company called Zpure Life. The bottle says that Brain Nitrous was “manufactured for” Zpure Life, not by them.

That already sets alarm bells ringing.

According to the bottle, Brain Nitrous provides “natural brain function support”.


zpure life brain nitrous reviewq


Users are told that they can expect the following enhancements from using Brain Nitrous:

Memory support
More focus
Greater mental clarity

The official Zpure Life Amazon page for this product also states that Brain Nitrous was “brain physician formulated”. They talk about how much care went into fomrulating this product.

Again, these sorts of claims always make us skeptical unless they are backed up with proof.

For instance, our current top rated product was formulated by experts in the field of nutraceuticals, and the manufacturers provide evidence for this.

We’ll see if Brain Nitrous does the same.

Can Brain Nitrous really boost memory, focus, and mental clarity all at the same time?

What are the dangers? Is it safe?

How does Brain Nitrous compare to today’s leading natural nootropic stacks?

Find out by reading our full Brain Nitrous review below. We start by looking at the ingredients used, how they are dosed, and how they will interact with one another. In the end, we tell you whether or not we’d recommend this stack to any of our readers.

Brain Nitrous Formula

Here is the Brain Nitrous formula:


Brain Nitrous formula


If this looks a little familiar, don’t be surprised.

The Brain Nitrous formula is exactly the same formula used by dozens of other natural nootropics currently on sale on Amazon.

You heard us right!

Multiple nootropics are using this exact formula and claiming that they are all unique.

They all use different branding.

They all claim to be “specially formulated” by physicians.

They all claim to do amazing things, some different to others.

But they all use this same, pretty poor formula.

Don’t believe us? Here is the formula for FOCUSPower:


FOCUSPower Brain Nitrous formula identical


And the formula for Neuro 8:


Brain Nitrous Neuro 8 formulas the same


It isn’t just that the ingredients are the same.

It isn’t even that they have used th eexact same doses, to the milligram.

It’s that the layout of the label is even the same!


Don’t be. The explanation for this is pretty straightforward.

Basically, individuals are following what is called ‘the Amazon Method’; we’ve written about this at great length here.

This is where you buy a pre-made nootropic stack from a wholesaler for very little money. This stack will be pre-advertised by the wholesaler (who needs to get rid of excess stock) as “private label” or “white label”, meaning no branding is attached.

The individual can then just apply their branding to the bottles as they roll off the production line. The wholesaler does this for them; all they have to do is supply the pdf.

With start up costs as low as a few thousand dollars in some cases (price of a few thousand bottle order), this is easy money.

Of course, it leaves you with a pretty poor product in your hands and a hefty chunk missing from your wallet.

We think these individuals shoudl be ashamed of themselves, but sadly this sort of thing is common.

So what about the formula itself?


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Problems With The Brain Nitrous Formula

Aside from the fact it is a total scam, rip-off supplement, Brain Nitrous has several problems which, taken together, make for a pretty poor quality nootropic.

For example, we have some totally ineffective ingredients in here.

St. John’s Wort is often hyped as a powerful cure for stress and anxiety. The problem is that every study looking at its effectiveness has come up empty handed.

it seems that in clinical settings, St. John’s Wort doesn’t work. We think it is likely then that the benefits users report from using it are largely down to placebo effects.

The good ingredients in Brain Nitrous have been dosed far too low to really take full effect.

For instance, each serving contains just 50mg of Ginkgo Biloba.

Ginkgo can significantly improve cognitive function when used correctly. But in order for it to have a noticeable effect on cognition, you really need to be using 75mg or more per day. Less than 75mg will probably do very little.




The same is true of the Bacopa monnieri content.

We think Bacopa monnieri is one of the best natural nootropics in the world.

But you really need to take more than 150mg per day in order to really take full advantage of its potential.

That 150mg lower limit assumes a high quality extract, with most of the waste material excluded and the active components of Bacopa present in abundance.

Another major issue is the side effect risks posed by some ingredients in this blend.

We’ll discuss that in a standalone section.


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Brain Nitrous Side Effects

Despite being pretty impotent as far as benefits go, Brain Nitrous manages to pose some significant side effect risks.

For one thing, the cholinergic used here is DMAE.

Many people use DMAE without issue, but plenty of others report experiencing some pretty annoying side efefcts from this stuff.

Pregnant mice fed DMAE also gave birth to rats with physical defects – something to be mindful of for sure!

Brain Nitrous also contains Huperzine A.

We have covered the potential dangers of Huperzine A, and the need for proper cycling, in this article.

It is vital that you familiarize yourself with Huperzine A and how to use it properly before you dive in. Read the cited article carefully.

We think it si absolutely imperative that you talk to a qualified health professional before using something like Brain Nitrous. It contains unusual ingredients, some of which pose real health risks. Talk to your regular family doctor before continuing.

If you are struggling with serious, age-related cognitive decline, DO NOT try to self treat with supplements bought online. Talk to a doctor!

Brain Nitrous Review Conclusion

This is just another white label rip-off.

If you want to pay over the odds for a generic, mass-produced formula, then be our guest.

But if you want real results, good value for money, and low side effect risks, Brain Nitrous isn’t for you.

Read our article on Amazon Method scams and learn how to avoid these kinds of supplements going forward. 

Zpure Life Brain Nitrous Review – Total Rip! – Buyers Beware
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