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  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Good doses
  • Contains B vitamin complex


  • Quite expensive for what it is
  • Many ingredients can be obtained from food
  • Not a particularly powerful supplement

Zenphorol Review Summary

As explained in our full Zenphorol review, Zenphorol is a very popular anti-anxiety supplement. Unfortunately though, we don’t think it deserves its popularity. It is a pretty weak anxiolytic, and many of the good ingredients it contains can be sourced elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

It isn’t meant as a replacement for pharmaceutical-grade mood drugs; anyone suffering with serious stress or depression problems needs to consult a qualified doctor. 

If you’re looking for a supplement to help take the edge off a few stressful weeks at work, Zenphorol could be a good choice.


Where To Buy Zenphorol

I’d always buy this stuff directly from the manufacturer. I don’t think there’s any real price difference when buying it from Amazon anyway. 


Full Zenphorol Review


Zenphorol is specifically designed to help people deal with stress and anxiety without turning to prescription medication. 

The company website states that it is a “natural alternative to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs”. This is a really great approach to take when designing supplements.


Far too many people struggle with very mild anxiety or mood issues and eventually find themselves taking prescription medication that is far too strong for them. 


Zenphorol review


This is apparently quite an acute problem in parts of the US, where overzealous practitioners will push people onto anti-depressants that they then struggle to come off. 

I suspect that in many cases, people don’t have severe enough depression to warrant strong drugs. Instead, they would probably benefit more from getting more sleep, working less, meeting some new people, and sorting their diet out. That final part is where natural supplementation can also come into play. 

Nutribioticals, who also make Optineuro, claims that Zenphorol can:

  • Reduce symptoms of depression and panic attacks
  • Boost mood
  • Aid restful sleep
  • Promote both mental and physical well-being

If you’re looking for a natural, healthy way to help with mild anxiety or depressive symptoms, then this sounds like a superb supplement. 

There’s only one question left to answer: can Zenphorol deliver on its promises?

Let’s take a closer look at the Zenphorol formula and user reviews to find out. Here’s our full Zenphorol review. 


Zenphorol Formula

As mentioned above, Nutribioticals also make Optineuro, a pretty solid natural nootropic stack designed to enhance focus and memory. 

While the Optineuro reviewer found a few flaws with the stack, the quality of the ingredients gives us high hopes for Zenphorol. 

Let’s take a look at the Zenphorol formula:



Zenphorol formula


Unlike most of the other reviews on this site, a Zenphorol review needs to focus less on the cognition enhancing effects of the ingredients, and more on the stack’s ability reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. 

That is what Zenphorol has been designed for: to help you overcome or keep a lid on the symptoms of being over-worked and over-burdened. 

So, with that in mind, what do we notice first about the Zenphorol ingredient list?

The first thing I notice is that it is a relatively simple, straightforward, no-nonsense formula. This is always great to see; there’s nothing worse than a stack with 80 ingredients with obscure, exotic sounding names, none of which do very much. 

The makers of Zenphorol have instead used a handful of key herbal extracts, and backed them up with a B vitamin complex. 

Of these key ingredients, we think two or three will be responsible for most of the anxiolytic effects of Zenphorol:


5HTP (303mg): 5HTP is the natural precursor to serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for producing feelings of empathy, happiness, and well-being. It is the by-product of tryptophan, and as such can be seen as the “bridge” between tryptophan and serotonin. 5HTP is also a precursor to melatonin; the hormone that regulates proper sleeping patterns. As such, 5HTP has long been used as a more natural alternative to synthetic sleep and anti-depressant drugs. However, we aren’t convinced that oral 5-HTP supplementation can influence 5-HTP levels in the body. 


Inositol (200mg): On an ingredient list, Inositol usually means Myo-Inositol. This stuff seems to be a really impressive anxiolytic (anxiety-buster). Although it is found in food, its anxiolytic effects seem to manifest themselves at doses above 200mg, so a daily supplement of that amount should be sufficient to feel some of the stress-relieving benefits (assuming your diet is on-point). 


Zenphorol Ingredients Chamomile


Chamomile (300mg): I’m sure you’ve heard the old wives tale about chamomile tea being good for helping you relax? Well, turns out it isn’t so much of an old wives tale as it is solid advice. Chamomile contains two flavones, luteolin and apigenin, that work together to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Apigenin’s anxiolytic effects are well-known, and it is even thought to act as a sedative at high doses. Interestingly, it is found in abundance in chamomile and Bacopa monnieri


L-Theanine (200mg): L-Theanine is a tried and tested relaxant. It works to reduce stress, but crucially, it does not seem to have any sedative properties. For those of you with a caffeine addiction, supplementing with theanine can be very useful. It works alongside caffeine, helping to take off some of its less desirable effects without making it any less of a potent stimulant. A lot of people suffering with mild stress symptoms might find that their nervousness is down to over-consumption of caffeine. 


What about the other ingredients?

As far as saffron extract goes, we don’t know how this contributes to lowering the perception of stress and anxiety. 

We have certainly seen no evidence to suggest that it helps with combating the symptoms of stress, and we have never heard it mentioned by anyone in that regard before. 

However, it’s important to note that it does not constitute a large part of the stack. It might be a problem if it took up a significant portion of the stack to the detriment of more effective ingredients, but it doesn’t. No harm done. 

The same is true with lemon balm as far as we’re concerned. 

The other ingredients simply amount to a B vitamin stack, which will undoubtedly help you feel more energetic, focused, happy and healthy.

B vitamins are all obtainable form food (unless you’re a vegan), so deficiency is rare. However, there’s no real harm in making sure you;re sufficiently topped up. If you’re looking for supplements to help you stay calm and focused, B vitamins might be just what you need! 


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Zenphorol Side Effects

We can’t see anything in the Zenphorol formula that gives us cause for concern.

It only contains natural, widely used ingredients that are regarded as safe for practically everyone. None of the ingredients used in Zenphorol are usually associated with adverse side effects.

The B vitamins are even in sensible doses; a refreshing change for a nootropic stack! 

The only slight concern is the 5-HTP content. We don’t think it is necessarily wise to mess around with your 5-HTP levels if you don’t have a diagnosed mood disorder. 

That said, 5-HTP supplementation doesn’t actually seem to be all that effective at influencing 5-HTP availability in the brain, so there’s little chance of doing serious harm!

As always though, please do consult a medical professional before taking anything new.

If you are experiencing serious symptoms of stress or anxiety, it’s a doctor you need, not a supplement! Zenphorol should be beneficial for people looking to lessen mild feelings of anxiety and depression; it is not a treatment for depression or anxiety disorders!

This is true of all anti-anxiety supplements. If you think you have a real medical problem, visit a doctor, not the internet!


Zenphorol: Value For Money? 

A Zenphorol review must eventually touch on the price. 

This does seem like a good quality natural supplement. It should work as described (although there’s always some over-sell with these products). 

However, at £39.99 a bottle, this stuff sure is expensive for what you get. 

The manufacturer is clearly a reputable, trustworthy vendor. Zenpohorol is made in the UK, and the merchant page is flush with all sorts of guarantees to put your mind at rest. 


Zenphorol Value For Money

There’s also a very reasonable money back guarantee in place. If you’re not happy with the product after 14 capsules, you can send it back and get a full refund. 

But still, £39.99 for a B vitamin complex, Inositol, 5HTP and chamomile extract seems a bit much. That’s over $50 for a supplement that provides an awful lot of ingredients that can be found easily in food and teas. Even 5-HTP can be found for a great deal less than that. 

We’re not saying it isn’t worth paying premium for high quality supplements. This is simply the main flaw with this product. 


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Zenphorol Review Conclusion: Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety, then you could certainly do worse than Zenphorol. There’s nothing offensive about this product, and nothing that seriously warns us off it. 

It contains a handful of carefully selected ingredients, that should work in combination to produce an anxiolytic (stress reducing) effect. 

These ingredients are 100% natural, widely used, and seem to be safe for just about everybody. 

The only problem is that some of the ingredients aren’t particularly effective. 

It is missing some key natural anxiolytics, and some of the ingredients it does contain have very little effect on mood.

All-in-all, Zenphorol could be a lot stronger.

That said, too many people end up on powerful prescription drugs that they don’t need. Zenphorol could be a great option for anyone with mild mood or stress symptoms who doesn’t want to turn to synthetic drugs as their first option. 

Zenphorol Review – Natural Anxiety Cure Or Cheap Sleeping Pill?
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  • 2016 at 7:26 am

    Hello there, Saffron extract (actual strands within the flower) is proven in a number of trials now, to be an as effective anti depressant as real medication, without the side effects. Though perhaps better taken as stand alone tablets than a small inclusion to these anti anxiety tablets.


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