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        • Great for anyone seriously deficient in B12


        • Stimulant content is far too large: caffeine in multiple forms, B12, and theacrine combined is too potent for most user’s needs
        • Too expensive
        • No real nootropic properties

        Vyderal Review Summary 

        I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed after reading this Vyderal review.

        The energy boosting properties of Vyderal will probably be overpowering, judging by Vyderal’s stimulant doses. After carefully reviewing Vyderal, I think this supplement is far too expensive for something that might give you side effects.

        This is particularly true since the potential benefits are very limited – the only active cholinergic is choline bitartate! 

        Where to buy Vyderal 

        Vyderal can be bought straight from the manufacturer if you really need to try some. 


        Full Vyderal Review

        Vyderal is one of the newest natural nootropic supplements on the market and, as usual, it is making a lot of noise. That’s why a Vyderal review simply had to jump the queue and find its way onto this site.

        Yet again we are told that this actually is the ultimate brain supplement. Forget all the others that claimed to be the real life Limitless pill (as if such a thing could exist). This is the one.


        Vyderal Review on Natural Nootropic


        In fact, alongside claiming to now be “the most powerful nootropic on the market”, manufacturers of Vyderal claim that the supplement can:

        • Boost memory
        • Improve mood
        • Increase cognitive function

        Almost all nootropics promise these benefits, but only a few actually deliver. Like many others, Vyderal comes with a money back guarantee. This is often (but not always) a sign that a manufacturer trusts the product.

        Here’s my Vyderal review.


        What does Vyderal claim to do? 

        Vyderal claims to do just about everything we could possibly want from a nootropic. We’re told that when Vyderal is firing on all cylinders, “anything is possible”.

        In order to achieve this, the manufacturers of Vyderal have included eight ingredients in their formula, all of which supposedly have independent nootropic, brain boosting and mood altering properties.

        From their marketing and ingredients, it is actually quite difficult to work out who Vyderal is aimed at.

        Some of their advertising seems to be aimed at the usual consumers of nootropics: creative professionals, students, busy executives and the like.

        Some of it seems to be geared towards athletes (in a similar way to Ryno Power). We are told that we can reach “peak performance”, while also “improving mood”.


        Vyderal customer review from natural nootropic


        This isn’t a problem in and of itself, but it tells me that the formula is probably trying to be a Jack of all trades, which invariably means it will be a master of none.

        Supplements that are ideal for one circumstance aren’t ideal for every other circumstance.

        If anyone has ever had a genuine pre-workout supplement, you’ll know that they don’t usually make you feel relaxed; quite the opposite.

        We are also told on the Vyderal website that the supplement “is not a strong stimulant!” We are instead supposed to get an increase in mental energy and focus without being particularly aware that anything has changed.

        This is exactly how good nootropic supplements are supposed to work. However, I’m skeptical as to whether Vyderal can achieve this judging by their ingredient list, which contains an awful lot of stimulants.


        -Current Top 3 Nootropic Stacks-


        Vyderal ingredients

        Vyderal contains some nootropic ingredients that you will probably recognise from existing, high quality brain and memory supplements.

        However, there are also a massive amount of stimulants in there. Not only that, but the stuff that is usually to be welcomed in a nootropic supplement is all found in dosages that are far too small to have a huge effect. Take a look at the label and I’ll explain in more detail:


        Vyderal Review - brain supplement capsule ingredients


        So, there’s some form of choline, although not the most efficient form for supplementation, and some Vinpocetine.

        Both of those compounds are usually hallmarks of a good quality nootropic.

        However, since the other ingredients only allow for you to take one capsule per day, you only get 15mg of Vinpocetine, which is typical of some nootropics but much weaker than others.

        Much more worrying is the Choline bitartrate content. A typical nootropic user might aim for around 400mg of choline per day in order to keep them operating at an optimal level, and that is pretty much the minimum amount that I look for in my nootropic supplements.

        200mg is nowhere near enough, especially as this form of choline is much less efficient than raising choline levels through citicoline or Alpha GPC, and especially since there is no Huperzine A to help things along.

        But what about the rest of the ingredients?

        Here it becomes clear what Vyderal is all about. If we take all the other ingredients together and add up their caffeine content, we get about 90mg.

        That isn’t a lot compared to some strong energy drinks, which can contain anything up to 160mg of caffeine in a 470ml can. It is, however, slightly more than we would find in a solo espresso.

        Theacrine/Teacrine compare with caffeine stimulants

        That doesn’t sound like too much to handle. That is, until you realise that Vyderal also contains 200mg of the powerful stimulant Theacrine.

        While Theacrine, or in this case the branded TeaCrine™, has many more benefits than simple caffeine, it acts in very much the same way in terms of increasing heart rate, alertness, and focus.


        But what about L-Theanine? 

        Usually, in supplements that contain a lot of caffeine, the manufacturers will also include L-Theanine to help take the edge off slightly. L-Theanine helps you stay relaxed, but without hindering your focus. It therefore works well with caffeine.

        However, I don’t think 50mg of L-Theanine is going to cut it with this stack. Interactions with caffeine have been noted when the dosages are about equal. In my opinion, the caffeine in Vyderal is bound to be overpowering.


        Too much B vitamins?

        On top of that, we have almost 12,000% of our recommended daily dose of vitamin B12. People suffering from pernicious B12 deficiency often take doses lower than 700mcg, so there seems little need to include it in the formula in that amount.

        Taking a sizeable amount of caffeine at the same time as these compounds designed to increase physical energy seems like a terrible idea if you’re about to enter a very important meeting, or if you’re working on a project that requires careful, calm consideration.


        My thoughts on Vyderal 

        Vyderal strikes me as more of a physical energy pill than a brain-promoting nootropic.

        It is also one of the first natural nootropics I have come across that I think will probably cause some unpleasant side effects in a significant amount of users.

        I completely understand why they recommend taking this stuff with a meal.


        Vyderal Review - capsule side effects


        The amount of Theacrine and caffeine in this nootropic leads me to believe that it will cause some serious jitters. Some other common side effects of consuming too much caffeine are jitters, over-heating, and an elevated heart beat.

        Considering Theacrine acts in a very similar way to caffeine in the human body, it is likely that taking this stuff on a regular basis alongside your normal intake of caffeinated drinks will cause some unwanted side effects.

        I’m not trying to be sensational. The effects will not be like taking a load of speed or anything. I just don’t think that being jittery and fidgety is what we want from a nootropic, and I think the B12, Theacrine and caffeine in Vyderal will produce those side effects.

        As far as nootropic effects go, I can’t see a great deal in Vyderal to get excited about. There’s no real nootropic content here. As mentioned above, it’s unlikely that Vyderal will significantly boost your acetylcholine levels just by giving you some extra choline bitartrate.

        There’s a little vinpocetine, which is always to be welcomed. But apart form that, there are no serious, tried and tested nootropic ingredients here.

        After closely examining the ingredients list, I can only conclude that this stuff will give you a decent kick in terms of mental and physical energy, but it will do little in terms of focus, mental acuity, and memory. There is a time and a place for caffeine and theanine pills, but that isn’t what we’re after.


        Side effects of Vyderal capsules

        Apart from some mild jitters from the caffeine content (especially if you’re a coffee fanatic), it’s possible that you might get a reaction to the huge amounts of vitamin B12 in Vyderal. Not life threatening serious, of course. But noticeably irritating.

        Side effects of taking too much B12 include dizziness, muscle fatigue, headaches, and rashes. There are many more, ranging up and down in severity. While the amount of B12 in Vyderal is not necessarily “toxic”, taking a large amount for long periods of time is not advisable.

        And taking nootropics regularly over long periods of time is exactly what we want to be able to do!



        For what you get, Vyderal capsules are very overpriced. It isn’t really strong enough (from a nootropics perspective) to be worth parting with serious cash, and you can’t up the dosage because because the stimulants in it will make for a very uncomfortable few hours.


        Vyderal Review Conclusion

        After doing a thorough review of Vyderal’s formula, I don’t think this supplement is likely to be the “most powerful nootropic on the market”.

        There are few nootropic ingredients in the formula. The main ingredients actually seems to be caffeine, and B12, making Vyderal hugely overpriced in my opinion.

        The effective ingredients that Vyderal does contain are probably far too weak to make a significant difference to your day.

        The stimulants are likely to be overpowering for most users(especially if you drink coffee), and the 11,000% RDA of B12 content is just unnecessary.

        Personally, I would not recommend this “ultimate brain and memory supplement” to people looking for a comprehensive, balanced nootropic stack.


        Vyderal Review
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