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  • Ginkgo massively over-dosed
  • Other ingredients have no scientifically-proven nootropic properties

Neuro ZT Review Summary

Despite being a seemingly popular product on Amazon, finding a full and detailed Neuro ZT review online is fairly difficult. At the time of writing, there are more reports of the product being a scam than there are praising its effects.

After reviewing the Neuro ZT formula in some detail, we can only conclude that this is a rather impotent nootropic stack. 

Its two main nootropic ingredients (DHA and Ginkgo Biloba) are really effective at improving cognitive function and brain health, but taken by themselves, they don’t deliver quite the same punch that other pre-made stacks do. Not only that, but Ginkgo is dosed at 4g; far too much for our liking! 

The product does not appear on the Vivanta website. It now only seems to exist on Amazon. Whether this is a temporary retraction or not, I cannot say.


Where To Buy Neuro ZT

As far as we can tell Neuro ZT is only sold on Amazon, and the manufacturer’s website doesn’t list the product. That is never a good sign!


Full Neuro ZT Review


Neuro ZT has had plenty of reviews on Amazon, so clearly some people have been buying it. It is therefore strange that coming across as full and detailed Neuro ZT review is so rare. 


Neuro ZT Review Natural Nootropic


There are of course a few, but usually when supplements feature highly on Amazon, every respectable supplement review site scrambles to publish their take on the product. 

But, you probably don’t care about any of that. You just want to know what this stuff is and whether it is worth your money or not!

So what is Neuro ZT?

It is a pre-made nootropic stack, manufactured by Vivanta Nutrition. According to their website, Vivanta are part of the Euro Nutrition Group, who have their base in London. The also state that all of their supplements are manufactured in the UK, which means that they comply with all UK and EU regulations. 

Vivanta are a seemingly very successful supplement company. They have quite a good range of products, and their ethos of producing all-natural supplements “backed by science and made with integrity” is very commendable. 

The Neuro ZT bottle states “focus”, “concentration”, and “reduced fatigue”, obviously implying that all of these things come as a result of taking this stuff. 

But can this product really deliver?

There’s no point looking at merchants or advertising when trying to figure that out. The only thing you can do to figure out if this is the supplement for you is to check out the formula. 


Vivanta Nutrition Neuro ZT Ingredients

This product no longer appears on the manufacturer’s website, so getting hold of reliable information on the exact formula is going to be tricky from the start.

The only information I can get regarding Neuro ZT’s formula is on Amazon and a few independent merchant sites, and even these are giving me conflicting information. 

For instance, here is one ingredient label I managed to find on Amazon:


Vivanta Nutrition Neuro ZT Review



There’s definitely some really good things about this formula, but that good is unfortunately outweighed by the bad. Some of the ingredients are excellent natural nootropics, but their dosages are less than ideal. Some of the other ingredients don’t have any scientifically proven nootropic benefits at all.

Let’s discuss the most important points about the formula in more detail.


Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a great natural nootropic substance. 

It improves blood flow to the brain, meaning that more nutrients can be delivered to your ravenously hungry brain, and cells receive more of the oxygen they need to function properly. As more evidence emerges suggesting that cognitive decline is linked in some cases to poor brain cell oxygenation, this ingredient seems set to become increasingly important to natural nootropic users. 

However, we have never come across a supplement containing 6,000mg of Ginkgo Biloba. 


The amount of Ginkgo usually found in off-the-shelf Ginkgo extract supplements is around 30mg. 

Yes, that’s right: the amount found in Neuro ZT is 20 times the amount found in usual Ginkgo Biloba supplements. 

Natural nootropic stacks will obviously contain amounts differing from the amount found in generic extract tablets from health-food stores. Yet this difference in size is staggering. 

Clinical trials looking at the effectiveness at Ginkgo usually don’t go above 250mg. One study, which found that Ginkgo Biloba had palpable nootropic benefits, gave participants just 240mg per day!

We can’t help but think that the amount of Ginkgo Biloba in Neuro ZT is likely to cause side effects in a lot of users. The amount usually taken in clinical trials is around 200mg, and most Ginkgo supplements provide under 100mg.



DHA is another fantastic natural nootropic substance. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it is one of the most reliably effective natural nootropics around, with significant, long-lasting, albeit subtle effects being felt by most users.

However, it is very rarely found in pre-made, professional quality natural nootropic stacks. 


Neuro ZT Ingredient Review DHA powder


This is because many people get plenty of this omega-3 fatty acid from their diet. Most nootropics enthusiasts will already consume oily fish numerous times per week.

If they don’t, then people usually take a separate EPA/DHA supplement. These are usually pretty cheap, and the amount of EPA and DHA you get in each capsule is normally quite large.

For instance, I use a DHA supplement derived directly from algae (where Cod fish get their DHA from). This supplies me with over 250mg of DHA each day. Other algae-derived supplements deliver over 300mg of DHA. These supplements are cheap, and their strength means that you don’t really need to take more than one per day. 

It is therefore a bit of a waste when included in pre-made, natural nootropic stacks. The 250mg reserved for DHA could go to an ingredient not so readily available to the vast majority of people (e.g Bacopa monnieri). 


-Learn More About Nootropic Ingredients From Our Dedicated Guide-



Caffeine is without a doubt an immensely powerful nootropic substance. 

It is a stimulant, and a strong one at that. It is used throughout the world for a wide range of purposes, and you are no doubt aware of its effects already (unless of course you have gone your entire adult life without ever trying tea or coffee). 

Caffeine keeps you focused and motivated for extended periods of time. It significantly reduces the perception of fatigue, and helps keep you awake for hours longer than you otherwise would be able to. Anyone who has worked through the night to make a deadline knows what caffeine can do!

The 75mg in Neuro ZT is roughly equivalent to just under 2 regular cups of coffee. 

While we don’t usually like nootropic stacks that contain caffeine (we drink a lot of coffee), they certainly have a place in the arsenal of people who don’t drink as much tea and coffee as we do, and who don’t have caffeine tolerance issues. 

But there is very little point including just 75mg of caffeine in a professional quality stack. For the same effect, you may as well just drink a large cup of black coffee. It will give you heightened focus as well as a delicious flavour!


What About The Other Ingredients?

There is very little in the rest of the formula to make us optimistic about the potential this stack has to boost cognitive performance.

There are two ingredients which many of you will have never come across before: korean ginseng and griffonia seed. To our knowledge, the latter has never been mentioned on this site before.

Vivanta Nutrition Neuro ZT ingredients ginseng analysis

Korean ginseng is found in lots of supplements these days, owing to its supposed ability to improve working memory function, as well as improving mood and subjective well-being. When you see Korean or Siberian ginseng, you are basically looking at the same thing, much like when you see Italian or Spanish tomatoes. The properties of the substances are very similar in most strains. 

But again, the amount used in most clinical trials is around 300mg. For instance, this trial, which found ginseng to have good benefits for cognition, used just 200mg.

Neuro ZT contains 4,000mg of ginseng. This is very unusual. With nootropics, it is not always a case of ‘the more the better’. In fact, in most cases, you will quickly reach a point of diminishing returns, where more of a certain substance produces less and less results.

In some instances, side effects become increasingly likely as dosage increases, while benefits diminish and ultimately disappear. 

We aren’t aware of any respectable clinical trials that have used 4,000mg on humans. We have no idea how someone’s body would react to this much ginseng, and we don’t know if any of the benefits usually attributed to ginseng will become apparent at such a high dosage. 

On to griffonia seed. 

This stuff is known to contain a compound called 5-HTP. 

5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin; one of the ‘happy hormones’ responsible for feelings of empathy, euphoria, and togetherness. Many people supplement with 5-HTP to help keep their serotonin levels high. Unlike the drug ecstasy, 5-HTP does not force your serotonin levels through the roof, but rathr makes sure that your brain has the raw materials it needs to synthesize enough serotonin. 

The griffonia seed in Neuro ZT is standardized to 98% 5-HTP, which is really very good. 

But the question we need to ask ourselves is: do we want 5-HTP in a general-purpose nootropic stack?

Anyone who genuinely thinks their serotonin levels are systemically low really needs to go and speak with a doctor. Having low or imbalanced serotonin levels is linked to a number of psychological conditions, and should be taken seriously.


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Increasing serotonin levels is not necessarily conducive to improving cognitive function. Neuro ZT has the words “focus” and “energy” on the bottle, but making you feel more empathetic to others has nothing to do with either focus or energy. 

In fact, taking sizeable amounts of 5-HTP on a daily basis can create problems. Having unusually high serotonin levels can be just as damaging as having unusually low serotonin levels. Over time, your HTP receptors (which are acted on by serotonin) can become worn out. Less serious but still problematic is the fact that high serotonin levels can make you feel overly optmistic, leading to bad judgments and clouded thinking. 

The rest of the formual is largely made up of ingredients that you either get from your diet, or which can be found in any run-of-the-mill multivitamin. We don’t want a professional-grade nootropic devoting valuable formula space to basic vitamins and minerals. 


Vivanta Neuro ZT Review Conclusion

We were very wary of this supplement after finding out that it had been removed from the Vivanta website. However, plenty of Neuro ZT is still available on Amazon, being sold by what appears to be third party merchants. So, we knew we would have to do a full Neuro ZT review. 

When we took a closer look at the Neuro ZT formula, we were very disappointed. 

The formula as a whole seems to be poorly thought-out, with many ingredients providing nothing that a good, balanced diet cannot. More than one ingredient has been enormously over-dosed. In fairness to Neuro ZT, this is rare for a nootropic – most poor formulas suffer from under-dosing.

But nootropics are not substances for which ‘the more the merrier’ always applies. Many nootropic substances, albeit natural and usually safe, may cause side effects at very large doses. For substances that are still safe at high doses, you get what we call diminishing returns, where higher serving sizes do not translate into better results.

And why would you pay for more of a substance when you derive no benefit from it?!

All-in-all, we think people looking for a reliable, effective nootropic that will help increase your mental performance in the long-run should take a look at our top rated nootropic stacks.

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