Neuro Factor

Neuro Factor

Value for Money

4.0 /10

Formula Rating

4.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

5.0 /10


  • White label proprietary blend
  • Terrible ingredients
  • Side effects risks due to use of DMAE & Hup A


Neuro Factor Review Summary

Vitamin Bounty Neuro Factor review centers on the fact that this is another private label, scam nootropic born of the Amazon Method. 

We have seen this exact formula many times before, and we will no doubt see it many times again. It is a pre-made formula available for purchase off-the-rack. You are not buying a specially formulated brain supplement, but a bargain basement blend. 

The formula itself is full of problems. We don’t think you should spend any of your hard-earned cash on cheap, nasty supplements like this one. 


Where To Buy Neuro Factor

If you really want to buy this stuff, you will get the cheapest prices from Amazon. 


Full Vitamin Bounty Neuro Factor Review

Neuro Factor is a natural nootropic supplement from Vitamin Bounty. We have never heard of this supplement manufacturer before, but on closer inspection, that’s just because they aren’t a major player.

At present, they do offer a pretty respectable range of products.

The Vitamin Bounty range includes pro-biotics, pre-workouts, and a sleep aid. They are all sold through the Vitamin Bounty online store as well as through third-party merchants like Amazon.

But none of these products are particularly well known, widely used, or even popular.

So what about Neuro Factor?

Is this the nootropic that will make these guys a well-known supplement manufacturer?

What is this supplement supposed to do?


Neuro Factor review


Neuro Factor is described on the bottle as “brain function support”.

It is described as a “memory and focus” supplement.

The bottle explicitly states that it is an advanced and powerful formula.

It is described as a caffeine-free cure for mental clarity and energy.

Not only that, but it all comes backed by a money back guarantee.

This all sounds great right?

But the problem is, we have no way of knowing if Neuro Factor is able to deliver on any of these promises.

Does Neuro Factor really work?

Is it safe?

Is it an advanced and powerful formula when compared to other stacks on the market today?

We answer all of these questions and more in our full Neuro Factor review below. We look at ingredients, doses, and potential side effects. In the end, we tell you whether or not we would recommend this product to any of you, our loyal readers.

If you have any questions, or if you think we’ve missed something important about Neuro Factor, let us know in the comments section.

Neuro Factor Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the Neuro Factor formula:


Neuro Factor formula


Well, well, well. Look what we have here.

We have here yet another private label scam supplement.

We have seen this formula many times before. As we explain in this article, this formula is clearly being licensed out by a wholesaler for a very low cost. Individuals are then buying pre-made units, slapping on their own labels, and hoping Amazon picks up enough volume to make them some fast cash.

Since we’ve explained this in depth elsewhere, we won’t get into it too much here.

We will, however, do a quick run-through of the ingredients themselves. After all, this wouldn’t be much of a Neuro Factor review without a good look at the formula itself.

Even though you are fundamentally being ripped off here there is still a chance that the formula is still good.

So is it?



Problems With The Neuro Factor Review

There are plenty of problems with the Neuro Factor formula.

For starters, look at the large helpings of totally useless ingredients in here.

In our opinion, the main ingredients in here have absolutely no chance of making a difference to your cognitive function.

St. John’s Wort is widely believed to be an amazing natural cure for anxiety. People even sometimes turn to it as an alternative or to anti-depressants (we advise following proper medical advice if you have a serious condition like depression) or as a complimentary treatment alongside anti-depressants.

Yet we have seen absolutely no convincing evidence that St. John’s Wort reduces anxiety.

Glutamine is an amino acid found in great abundance in your natural diet.

Supplementation can have a wide range of effects, the most notable of which is assisting with muscle repair.

But there are two problems here.

The 100mg in Neuro Factor will do absolutely nothing. Since it is found in such great abundance in the human diet, the body is not ging to respond to such pitiful amounts.

For any purpose, we’d say starting with a mimimum of 1g of Gltuamine is being overly cautious.

A bigger problem is the fact that glutamine is not known for its nootropic properties. It is not a powerful nootropic at all.

For the second-biggest ingredient in Neuro Factor, this is a serious let down.


-Does Brain Training Work?-

Neuro Factor Side Effects

The fact that this formula is so widely used is surprising given the fact that the side effect risks are so serious.

Neuro Factor contains DMAE, which is usually used for its ability to raise acetylcholine levels. Yet not only is it not particularly great as a cholinergic, it also has a relatively high risk of causing side effects.

Some DMAE users have reported a range of worrying side effects.

These range from hyperactivity, loss of ambition, and even memory loss!

It is also known to cause headaches, insomnia, and a tenderness in the muscles.

Perhaps most worrying of all, when DMAE was fed to pregnant rats their offspring had some pronounced birth defects.

Many people use DMAE for long periods of time without issue. But just because they tell you that it is safe does not mean that it is safe for you.


Neuro Factor ingredients DMAE


Another serious side effect risks is presented by the presence of Huperzine A.

Huperzine A is a potent nootropic. But as we explain in this article, it needs to be cycled regularly in order to be used safely.

Failing to properly cycle Huperzine A will cause some serious side effects in both the short term and the long term (assuming you use Huperzine A continuously over time without a break).

Talk to a qualified health professional before you use a nootropic supplement like Neuro Factor. Vitamin Bounty may tell you that it is safe, and they may well believe so, but everybody is different. Talk to a dcotr before continuing.

Vitamin Bounty Neuro Factor Review Conclusion

This is another scam nootropic; a product of the ‘Amazon Method’ that we have seen a dozen times before now.

Do not waste your money on cheap, mass-produced, generic formulas.

Neuro Factor is not a powerful and advanced formula like Vitamin Bounty claim. It is a blend offered by a wholesaler that they have just slapped their branding onto after production.

If you want real results, use a real nootropic.

If your goal is comprehensive, long-term cognitive enhancement, then you should use a professionally-formulated, unique nootropic blend catered precisely to your needs.

Check out our current top 3 stacks and see if any of these take your fancy.

Vitamin Bounty Neuro Factor Review – Does It Really Work?
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