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  • Good ingredient selection on the whole


  • Very imbalanced formula
  • Large stimulant content delivering most of the benefits
  • Bilberry fruit extract does nothing

Fused Focus Review Summary

It was actually very difficult writing this Fused Focus review.

On the one hand, this stack contains mostly effective, potent, scientifically-proven nootropics. On the other hand, the formulas relies too heavily on caffeine (too much caffeine in our opinion). The best ingredients are left under-dosed, with the exception of Bacopa monnieri. 

Overall, it looks like a genuinely effective brain booster, albeit with a slightly higher risk of side effects than we are comfortable with. There are stacks out there with more balanced formulas, lower risk of side effects, but which will provide the same benefits as Fused Focus. 


Where To Buy Fused Focus

If you were looking for a Fused Focus review, chances are you found the product on Amazon. Wherever possible, we advise people to buy directly from the manufacturer. Check out the VitalFuse online store before purchasing.


Full VitalFuse Fused Focus Review


VitalFuse Fused Focus is a relatively new product to the market but it has already received its fair share of attention from the online nootropics community.

Over the next few months more and more people will be hearing about Fused Focus and wonder if it’s the right supplement for them. So we thought we had better get a comprehensive, impartial Fused Focus review out there to help you make the right decision. 

For starters, who are VitalFuse?


VitalFuse Fused Focus Review


VitalFuse are clearly just starting out as supplement manufacturers. At the time of writing, we could see two other products aside from Fused Focus currently on offer: a stress-relief supplement, and a hair loss support supplement. 

According to the bottle, VitalFuse Fused Focus is a supplement designed for focus, energy, and clarity. 

More specifically, we are told that Fused Focus delivers some extensive nootropic benefits:

  • Boosts mental and physical energy
  • Supports energy without jitters
  • Supports a positive mood
  • Increases motivation to exercise
  • Improves perceived focus and concentration

Those of you with some experience using natural nootropic stacks will recognize many if not all of these claims. Every focus and memory supplement which comes to market now claims to offer all of these things and more. Unfortunately, few of them deliver. 

If we look at some of the marketing literature accompanying Fused Focus, we see that VitalFuse explain in detail how they think their product works:


How Fused Focus nootropic supplement works


This is nice and specific. Too many manufacturers make vague, abstract claims about their products. With definite claims like this, we can look at the ingredients and know if Fused Focus is actually going to deliver or not. 

So that just leaves us with one key question: does Fused Focus actually work?

Here is our full Fused Focus review. If you have any questions, simply post them in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 


Fused Focus Formula Review

Let’s take a look at the Fused Focus formula and see if the ingredients (and their doses) can possibly deliver on the claims made by VitalFuse. Here is the formula as shown on the label:


VitalFuse Fused Focus Formula Review


Fused Focus is not suitable for vegetarians. Cellulose capsules are now very easy to acquire. In this day and age there is no reason why all manufacturers can’t make their supplements suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


As you can see, the Fused Focus formula is very simple and straightforward; just how we like it. 

There’s very little wastage in here. As far as ingredient selection goes, VitalFuse have done an excellent job on the whole. 

Let’s go through the ingredients one by one, giving a brief outline of what they do, and whether we think they could be better.


Bacopa Monnieri

As far as we’re concerned, bacopa monnieri should be in every natural memory supplement. We have written extensively about this substance elsewhere; if you want to learn about it in more detail, check out our dedicated bacopa monnieri article

To put it briefly, bacopa monnieri is an incredibly effective memory enhancer. Several clinical trials have shown that it is able to improve scores on memory recall tests in a matter of weeks. Typically, benefits become most pronounced between 6 and 12 weeks of consistent supplementation. 

The 300mg in Fused Focus is more than enough to deliver the benefits associated with bacopa monnieri. In fact, no more than 150mg faily is needed in our opinion, but 300mg isn’t so high that side effects will become a major concern (the only side effect associated with bacopa usage at high doses is intestinal discomfort, and it is rare).


Caffeine Anhydrous

This is simply caffeine with all water molecules removed. This process makes it more potent than regular caffeine on a weight for weight basis; you’re getting caffeine molecules and nothing but caffeine molecules.

Generally speaking, we prefer stacks that do not rely on stimulants to deliver cognitive improvements. Stimulants are short-lived, and they do not actually improve the quality of your focus, learning, or thought clarity. They simply give you a mental energy kick. There’s nothing wrong with that of course; some people require short-term nootropics designed for irregular use. 

However, the 150mg of caffeine anhydrous in Fused Focus might be a little excessive. It certainly makes it unsuitable for repeated, daily, long-term usage. This significantly reduces the potential benefit you might receive from the bacopa monnieri. Using bacopa monnieri every now and then wont have much of an impact on memory function. 

Some stacks designed specifically for immediate, short-lived nootropic boosts use just 100mg of high quality caffeine with excellent results. 



Theacrine is an alkaloid with a very similar structure to caffeine. It acts on many of the same pathways as caffeine, and is thought to produce practically identical effects. In fact, this is how similar they are:


Theacrine caffeine comparison Fused Focus ingredients


The presence of theacrine in Fused Focus is why VitalFuse claim this product acts on adenosine receptors; it is indeed an adenosine receptor antagonist. This is why the effects are very similar to caffeine, which acts on dopamine receptors. 

Yet it is thought by many to lack the crashes of caffeine, as well as many of the side effects. As far as we can tell, this is mere conjecture. In fact, users seems to retain a very low tolerance to theacrine; the body does not build any kind of immunity to it as it does with caffeine. 

The 65mg of theacrine in conjunction with 150mg of caffeine anhydrous makes for quite a potent stimulant cocktail; something you will need to bare in mind if you plan on keeping a solid sleep cycle, maintaining calm, steady focus, and avoiding the jitters. 


Theacrine Fused Focus Ingredients Review


Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC is one of the best cholinergics on the planet. 

A cholinergic is a substance which confers choline to the body. Properly supplementing with choline raises choline availability in the brain, which in turn raises acetylcholine availability. Acetylcholine is a key neurotransmitter involved in numerous neurological processes, from learning to muscle contraction. 

Simply taking choline is an inefficient way of raising choline availability in the brain. Much more efficient is to take a choline analogue. of these, Alpha-GPC is one of the best. We have written about Alpha GPC in great detail in this article, which you should read if you want some in-depth knowledge on this common nootropic.

However, 50mg is nowhere near enough. 

The leading natural nootropic stacks all use some form of high quality cholinergic in their stacks. If using something like CDP-Choline or Alpha-GPC, they will use as much as 250mg. Unfortunately, 50mg is unlikely to have a significant effect on cognition. Even if used for a very long time (which Fused Focus is unsuitable for), effects will be limited. 


Bilberry Fruit Powder

We have no idea what this is doing in an otherwise serious nootropic stack. 

The supposed health benefits of bilberry fruit extract are many, but as usual, evidence for these claims is practically non-existent. 

Of all of the supposed benefits of taking this extract, enhanced cognition isn’t one. The only claim with seemingly any credence is that this stuff helps improve eye sight, and even then most of the “evidence” is anecdotal. Many claim that it decreases inflammation, but according to these health bloggers every plant, berry and seed reduces inflammation, so there’s nothing special there.


Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a very reliable, effective natural nootropic with plenty of robust scientific evidence to back it up. 

It improves cerebral blood flow without raising systemic blood pressure; something very few substances can claim to do. 

This in turn allows for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to brain cells which might otherwise be left hungry. Capillaries can become restricted for various reasons, which is thought to be one contributing factor to age-related cognitive decline. 

Side effects from Ginkgo use, especially at the dose found in Fused Focus, are quite rare. However, at such a low dose, positive effects may also be limited. Many run-of-the-mill health stores offer 60mg capsules as standard. These are cheap and widely available. 


Fused Focus ingredients review ginkgo biloba


Thoughts On The VitalFuse Fused Focus Formula

The Fused Focus formula is full of superb natural nootropics (with the exception of bilberry fruit extract). However, it is undoubtedly a very imbalanced formula. 

Most of the effects you are likely to feel from using VitalFuse Fused Focus will come from the combination of caffeine anhydrous and theacrine. 

Both of these substances act in the same way, and they are dosed much higher than we would like to see. At this dosage, side effects are likely, particularly if you have a caffeine sensitivity or you drink a lot of tea and coffee throughout the day anyway. 

Ideally, we would like to see more Alpha-GPC, more Ginkgo biloba, and much less theacrine and caffeine. 

Since the stimulant content is so high, Fused Focus is not suitable for long-term, everyday use. But the one ingredient dosed perfectly, the bacopa monnieri, needs to be taken consistently for several weeks before its benefits will really take effect. This is a major problem. 

To put it in a single sentence: great ingredient selection, poor execution. 

Fused Focus Side Effects

Obviously the main concern here is the 150mg of caffeine and the 65mg of theacrine per serving. 

Even for those of you with a good caffeine tolerance, this is a lot of stimulants to be consuming in a single serving.

If, like most of our review team, you consume several cups of tea and coffee throughout the day, then this will be far too much.

Theacrine is not caffeine, but it does act on many of the same pathways as caffeine, and its effects are almost identical. As such, the side effects it produces are likely to be identical, as many of the side effects of caffeine are simply its effects taken to extremes. 

Many claim that it is like caffeine “but without the crash or jitters”. We have seen no evidence that this is true.

In fact, it seems that people do not develop a tolerance to theacrine as easily as they do to caffeine. That means that each dose will hit you just as hard as the last. 

This is not doubt why we see this on the Fused Focus merchant page:


Fused Focus side effects theacrine intolerance


There is a strong chance that using Fused Focus for a prolonged period, perhaps 2 weeks or more, will lead to some relatively pronounced side effects. These side effects are likely to be those classically associated with over-consumption of caffeine: anxiety, insomnia, irritability, lack of focus, and the ‘jitters’.

Always consult with your doctor when you are going to start taking a supplement containing stimulants, particularly in amounts of this magnitude. A qualified physician is in the best place to advise you on what is and isn’t safe, not a supplement manufacturer!


What Are People Saying About Fused Focus?

There is only so much you can learn from online, user generated Fused Focus reviews. You never know the individual’s particular circumstances; what else they have been doing to improve cognitive performance, their routine, or whether they have a valid point of reference (i.e they have used other stacks in the past). 

Both positive and negative user reviews can be down to the placebo effect. 

That said, it is worth looking at some of them to get a flavor of what you can expect from using Fused Focus. Here is a selection taken from Amazon:


Verified Customer Fused Focus Reviews


Negative Fused Focus user reviews


VitalFuse Fused Focus Reviews From Customers


As we said, there’s only so much you can learn from these types of reviews. No doubt some of them aren’t totally legitimate. Such is the supplement business these days. Make of them what you will. 


VitalFuse Fused Focus Review Conclusion

As we explained in our formula review, we think Fused Focus is a very imbalanced supplement. 

It is far too reliant on caffeine anhydrous and theacrine to deliver results. Both of these substances are similar to one another, with the exception that theacrine tolerance remains low regardless of how many times you use it. 

The caffeine anhydrous dose is large as it is; with theacrine thrown in, the stimulant content becomes far too large. 

Much more attention should be given to the substances that actually improve the quality of your cognition.

The one ingredient which has the potential to improve memory function in a deep, lasting way (bacopa monnieri) needs to be taken every day for several weeks to have a significant effect. However, since the stimulant dose is so large, Fused Focus probably shouldn’t be taken every day for a prolonged period. 

Then we have bilberry fruit extract; an ingredient with no nootropic properties at all. 

On the whole, VitalFuse selected some great ingredients for Fused Focus. it was how they balanced their formula that really lets this product down. 

If you want value for money, check out a simple caffeine and theanine stack. You will get many of the same benefits as using Fused Focus but without the price tag. If you want a genuinely effective nootropic, check out our current top rated stacks.

That’s why the conclusion to our Fused Focus review can only be: better stacks are out there. 

VitalFuse Fused Focus Review – Is It A Legit Brain Supplement?
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