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Vintage Bright is a daily nootropic supplement by Old School Labs. It claims to enhance cognitive function while improving mood and energy levels. After doing a full Vintage Bright review, we think this supplement could indeed help you get a mental edge.

It contains some good ingredients which have been shown in robust clinical trials to improve focus and memory. It should boost energy levels while promoting calmness. 

However, Vintage Bright has its shortcomings, which we go into in great detail in this review. The main issue is that the stack contains some rather ineffective ingredients. There are also several aspects of cognitive function not represented in the stack. There is nothing to help you perform under stress, nothing to help you sleep, and nothing to encourage long-term brain adaptations. 


Where To Buy Vintage Bright?

Old School Labs have a very extensive online store. Buying from their official merchant site is the way to go; you have extra protection this way and you might pick up some multi-purchase deals. 

UPDATE: It seems that the Vintage Bright merchant page takes you to Amazon to complete the purchase. Not a good sign. 


Full Vintage Bright Review


Vintage Bright is a natural nootropic stack made and sold by Old School Labs; a leading manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements. While we don’t usually concern ourselves with bodybuilding supplements, we certainly think it necessary to do a full and proper Vintage Bright review, as this is a true nootropic supplement. 

Old School Labs have established themselves as one of the pre-eminent suppliers of testosterone boosters, pre-workouts, and fat strippers in recent years. Now they are expanding into ‘general health and longevity’ supplements. Vintage Bright is the result of this expansion. 

So what is this stack all about? Who is it designed for? 


Vintage Bright Review


According to Old School Labs, Vintage Bright is part of their effort to create a holistic supplement company which addresses every aspect of health, including physical and mental performance as well as long-term well-being. 

To quote the merchant page:

“To be at your best, both in the gym and in your daily life, you need to be firing on all cylinders. That’s why we created Vintage Bright™. It is designed to boost cognitive ability, as well as enhance your focus and energy. It helps you to be more productive and turns you into the best version of yourself – inside and outside the gym.”

According to the bottle, Vintage Bright provides the following key benefits to users:

  • Greater energy levels
  • Improved & sustained focus
  • Enhanced memory
  • Better long-term brain health

There’s no mention of mood there, but then we can expect there to be carry-over reductions in stress and anxiety if energy levels increase and cognition improves. 

These are some impressive benefits. Should Vintage Bright deliver on all of these promises, it will find itself as one of our top recommended products. 

But does the formula stack up to these ambitious claims?

Can Vintage Bright really do all of these things at once? Or is the manufacturer engaging in a bit of hyperbole?

Is Vintage Bright safe? What are the side effects likely to be?

Let’s find out together. Below you will find our full Vintage Bright review. As always, we’ll spend the majority of our time dissecting the formula. If you get to the end of the review and you still have questions, please just let us know in the comments section at the bottom. 


Vintage Bright Formula

The most important thing to look at when evaluating a supplement of any kind is the formula itself. Too many people get distracted by the fantastical claims made by the manufacturer, the celebrity endorsements, and so on. But the quality of a product lies entirely in its formula.

Here is the Vintage Bright formula as displayed on the website:


Vintage Bright formula


The Vintage Bright capsule is made out of cellulose. This means that it is suitable for vegans (as well as those who just think gelatin is disgusting). The only reason manufacturers sometimes opt for gelatin is to cut back on costs, but this excludes many customers. It’s always good to see profits being sacrificed for inclusiveness.

At first glance it looks like the Vintage Bright formula is divided into proprietary blends. We were really disappointed by this, until we realized that each ingredient’s serving size was shown clearly within the blend. 

The blends shown on the ingredients list above are just grouped together to help you understand what they do. 

Thankfully there’s nothing underhand going on here.

There are good things and bad things about this formula. 

To make it easy for you to take this in, we’ll split our review of the Vintage Bright formula up into the positive and negative aspects. We’ll then comment on the formula as a whole at the end. 



We get 180mg of Ginkgo Biloba per serving of Vintage Bright. 

Ginkgo biloba is a great natural nootropic. It works by improving cerebral circulation, thereby allowing for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to brain cells. Importantly, it does this without raising systemic blood pressure; instead, it seems to help open up blood vessels in the brain. 

Cognitive impairment is in many ways tied to brain cell oxygenation. It seems increasingly likely that age-related cognitive decline is at least part related to the degradation of your ability to feed brain cells properly.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, to learn that consuming ginkgo biloba on a regular basis is known to help improve memory and focus. Preliminary trials seem to suggest that it may also help reduce the severity of age-related memory-loss (but more work is needed here). 

Most stacks provide just 75mg of Ginkgo biloba. That is the standard dose you will find in generic ginkgo supplements bought from health food stores. While 180mg isn’t necessary in our opinion, it is certainly generous. 


Vintage bright ingredients Ginkgo biloba


We also get 150mg of bacopa monnieri in each serving of Vintage Bright. 

We have written extensively about bacopa monnieri and its ability to enhance memory function. As such, we won’t go over it in too much detail here (you should read the cited article if you are interested). 

If a nootropic doesn’t contain bacopa monnieri, it is not a memory supplement in our opinion. Bacopa is the best natural nootropic we have when it comes to enhancing short-term memory retention and recall speed. Without it, a memory stack is relatively impotent. 

The 150mg in Vintage Bright might be a perfect dose, so long as the extract is of good quality.

It is the bacosides in bacopa monnieri that make it so powerful; if the bacopa used by Old School Labs is 40% bacosides or over, then 150mg is great. If it is the usual 20% bacoside extract we see used in cheaper stack, 150mg will not cut it.


Vintage Bright ingredients caffeine


We also really like the ‘Focus Heightening Group’. 

This blend provides 200mg of caffeine and 200mg of theanine

If taken in one dose, 200mg of caffeine will be too much for most people. 

However, if taken in two equal 100mg doses spread evenly throughout the day, 200mg of caffeine is ideal for a swift pick-me-up. 

This is particularly true in this case because we have 200mg of theanine to help take the edge off the unwanted side effects associated with caffeine consumption. 

Theanine works in synergy with caffeine, heightening its focus and motivation boosting effects while attenuating things like anxiety and jittery feelings. 

We always advise people to match their caffeine dose with theanine if using it in supplement form. That’s exactly what we get here. 

Theanine does not make caffeine completely side effects free. We will discuss the dangers of consuming this much caffeine (especially in pill form) in the side effects section.


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The main problem with Old School Labs Vintage Bright is not to do with what it contains. It is to do with what it doesn’t contain.

The main issue with this stack is that it is lacking in key areas.

For example, Vintage Bright doesn’t contain any natural substances known to help improve mental clarity and calmness while under severe mental and physical strain. 

Many of the best stacks on the market today address cognitive performance under stress by including things like Rhodiola Rosea, Tyrosine, and so on. 

We don’t get any of this in Vintage Bright. There is no ingredient capable of improving mental performance under stress. This means that students facing a tough exam season and professionals looking at some looming deadlines may not get what they need from Vintage Bright. 

Improving cognition in the face of mental and physical stress is a key aspect of nootropic supplementation. The fact that Vintage Bright fails in this area is a serious weakness. 


Vintage Bright negatives no anxiolytic content


There is also nothing in Vintage Bright to encourage long-term brain adaptations.

This may not seem like a fair criticism, because right now only the most advanced, comprehensive, professional-quality nootropics provide some kind of long-term brain development support. 

But we need to hold everyone by the same standard; if one can do it, then so can you. 

Vintage Bright may well support enhanced memory function in the short term. It may well provide a quick energy and focus boost. But it does not encourage your brain to grow and adapt to this higher level of functioning in the long-term. 

For this, we would need to see something that encourages Nerve Growth Factor or Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. 

For the former, something like Lion’s Mane Mushroom would be ideal. 

For the latter, we actually usually recommend people follow an intermittent fasting-style protocol. But we are sure there are dietary ways to stimulate this crucial neurotrophic factor. 

In any case, Vintage Bright is lacking in this area, while supplements such as Modafy and Mind Lab Pro manage to provide support. 


-Lion’s Mane Mushroom: What Is It & How To Use It-


Finally, we come to a less important but still fairly serious issue with the Vintage Bright formula; the use of ineffective and unproven substances. 

To put it bluntly, there are two ingredients in the Vintage Bright formula that seem to us to be totally useless at doing much of anything. 

We’re talking about Ginseng Extract and Blueberry Extract

A big problem in the supplement industry is that manufacturers are able to use affiliated websites to convince people that certain substances are effective despite there being absolutely no scientific evidence to support those claims. 

All they need to do is get enough bloggers to repeat these claims and no concrete evidence is needed; it just becomes common ‘knowledge’. 

This seems to have happened with Ginseng Extract. 

Some people claim that this stuff can do just about anything; from boosting testosterone to increasing brain blood flow. 

As it stands, we are yet to see a single robust study showing that ginseng extract can do anything at all with regards to cognition (or fitness for that matter). 

Similarly, we have never seen any evidence that blueberry extract provides benefits beyond those provided by eating more fruits like blueberries. 

There is certainly no significant cognitive benefits to be had. Sure, consuming more blueberries will increase your antioxidant and vitamin intake. But that is not going to make a significant difference to your day-to-day cognitive function. 

You should consume plenty of fruits and vegetables anyway; if you rely on fruit extracts, you need to make a serious change!


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Vintage Bright Side Effects

Generally speaking, Vintage Bright looks like a very safe formula. We think very few users will experience side effects, and then they will almost always be mild in nature. 

That said, we don’t think Vintage Bright is 100% safe (no supplement is, of course).

It contains 200mg of caffeine. This will be far too much for some users, particularly if dosing is not spread out evenly throughout the day. 

The Vintage Bright bottle says that using 2 capsules immediately before intense mental activity is fine. We think 400mg of caffeine is excessive; it is the same as 4 strong, large black coffees in one go. 

The side effects of consuming too much caffeine can range from almost unnoticeable to severe. They can include jitters, anxiety, elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, headaches, nausea, insomnia, and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. 

Vintage Bright also contains substances which, while not normally associated with side effects, could cause an adverse reaction. You will not be used to consuming some of these susbtances through your normal diet, and you never know how you will react. 

That is why it is imperative that you let your doctor know what you are planning to put into your body.

Book an appointment with a qualified health professional before you take Vintage Bright and get their opinion first. Do not gamble with your health, Just because this product was safe for one person does not mean it will definitely be safe for you!


Vintage Bright Review Conclusion

Those of you who have read the full Vintage Bright review will know that there are some good things about this brain supplement, but that overall it is not in the same league as today’s leading natural nootropics. 

The Old School Labs Vintage Bright formula contains some really good nootropics which will no doubt lead toe improvements in brain function for most users. 

However, it does contain a few ingredients that are unlikely to have any effect on cognition at all. 

But the biggest problem with Vintage Bright is what it does not contain. 

There is nothing to encourage long-term brain adaptation. 

There is nothing to promote calmness while under acute stress.

There is nothing to help prevent mental fatigue beyond the caffeine content. 

Most importantly, there’s nothing to increase choline availability. That means that, unlike many top quality nootropics, Vintage Bright does not supercharge your brain’s focus and learning capacity in a deep, meaningful way. 

This is not a poor supplement. Not at all. 

It is just not quite up to scratch with some of the other nootropics we have reviewed on this site. With a few more ingredients (and fewer useless ones), this could be an incredible daily brain booster. As it stands, it is a fairly mediocre stack. We wouldn’t warn people off it, but we wouldn’t go out of our way to recommend it either. 


Old School Labs VINTAGE BRIGHT Review – Does It Deserve The Hype?
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