Brain Health Supplement

Brain Health Supplement

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  • Good ingredients
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • Cheap


  • Small proprietary blend
  • DMAE only cholinergic
  • Huperzine A and DMAE dosages not given


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement Review Summary

Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement is similar to a lot of products reviewed on this site. It claims to deliver an amazing array of cognitive enhancements, affecting memory, energy, and mental clarity. 

However, it is guilty of the same sins as countless products of its sort: it throws all of its best ingredients into a single, small proprietary blend along with other, less useful ‘filler’ ingredients. It seems to have favoured number of ingredients over potency, and some of those ingredients have dubious utility in a serious nootropic stack. 

At the time of writing, this supplement doesn’t appear on the Vimerson Health website. This doesn’t scream reliability. We think those seeking a professional, high-spec brain booster should look elsewhere. 


Where To Buy Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement

We almost always recommend that you purchase your nootropic stacks directly from the manufacturer. Vimerson Health seem to be a reputable manufacturer so we don’t expect you to have any serious difficulty buying from them. However, this product seems to be exclusively available for purchase on Amazon.  


Full Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement Review


If you have been browsing Amazon for nootropics lately, you will have probably come across Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement.

This stack is currently being splashed across the top of Amazon’s nootropics search results page.

We decided to look into this supplement, but we found that Vimerson Health’s website contained absolutely no mention of ‘Brain Health Supplement’. 


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement


This is definitely unusual. Vimerson Health have a wide range of products, including a Tumeric supplement, blood sugar support, krill oil capsules, multivitamins, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

By looking at their product range, you can tell that Vimerson Health are both a serious, sizeable outfit, and that they focus on delivering supplements that support overall health and longevity.  

So why isn’t ‘Brain Health Supplement’ featured?

Perhaps it has simply yet to be uploaded onto the site.

Perhaps it was designed for exclusive release through third party merchants.

At the time of writing, we simply don’t know and it is pointless to speculate. 

All we can do is look at the information available on Amazon and deduce from that what we can. 

It is clear that Vimerson Health endorse the information available on Amazon:


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement Review


Since they paid for the banner ad, we can assume that they are purposefully letting Amazon pull the weight on this product. This isn’t a bad thing; ours is not to question the way that a manufacturer brings their products to market. There is nothing inherently suspect about a manufacturer offering Amazon or any third party merchant site exclusivity for a single product. 

Our task is to examine the supplement on its own. We need to look at the formula, the use guidelines, and what others are saying about it in order to develop a good picture of its likely effectiveness. Only then can we advise you on whether or not this stack is worth your money. 

So, what is Vimerson Health’s Brain Health Supplement supposed to do?

According to the manufacturer, this product can:

  • Enhance memory and focus
  • Help replenish neurotransmitters
  • Increase metabolism and energy
  • Improve blood flow

These are not novel claims. They are really par for the course now in the world of natural nootropics. Yet we must take these claims seriously in each individual case.

Some supplements are indeed capable of delivering improvements in memory and focus, even if others are totally unable to do so.

So what about this stack? Is Vimerson Health’s Brain Health Supplement really able to come good on all of these proclaimed benefits? Or is it likely to do very little for your cognitive performance? There’s really only one way to find out.

Here’s our full Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement review. 


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement Formula

Before we can properly begin discussing the pros and cons of the supplement’s formula, you need to know what we’re talking about. Here is the product label, as it appears on the bottle (this image has been taken from Amazon rather than from the official website for reasons explained above):


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement Formula


The layout of this type of formula is probably familiar to lots of you by now, which is not something we’re glad to say. The first things we notice here are the weak vitamin and mineral blend, a few milligrams of GABA and ALA, and the rather small proprietary blend.


Proprietary Blend Analysis

This is a bit of a classic case of a potentially great supplement being ruined by the use of proprietary blends.

It is nowhere near the worst case of this that we have come across.

Some products reviewed on this site, such as BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost, have proprietary blends that make it almost impossible for the supplement to offer real value to users.

Other supplements, such as NooCube, don’t even provide the total serving size.

Yet this supplement definitely falls into the same category as some of the worst nootropics reviewed on this site.

Brain Health Supplement’s total proprietary blend size is 840mg. The blend contains 7 ingredients. One of those ingredients is Huperzine A, which is typically dosed in the micrograms, not milligrams. 

We also have Vinpoectine, which is usually taken in doses ranging from 5-15mg. 


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement Ingredients


That leaves us with 5 ingredients which require a decent portion of the blend to really be of any use. 

So, how much of each ingredient is in each serving exactly?

Well, that’s the problem. We don’t know. 

Dividing the blend equally among the ingredients isn’t a good way to gauge how much of each ingredient is likely to be in a stack. 

If we ignore Huperzine A and Vinpocetine altogether and divide the stack equally between the remaining ingredients, we get 168mg each. 

But each ingredient is highly unlikely to be dosed equally. Each ingredient has a different ideal serving size (depending on your goals and the user).

When taken in combination, the amount of any ingredient you need to take to achieve particular goals can change. 

Take Eleuthero Root Extract for example.

To achieve the supposed benefits of Eleuthero Root Extract, users are typically advised to take anywhere between 300mg and 1,200mg. 

In fact, the only study really attesting to this substance’s efficacy as a nootropic used 300mg daily, and even then, the results were not particularly overwhelming. 

You can see then how unwise it is to make suppositions about how much of a given substance is in a blend. Theoretically, the majority of the blend could be taken up by Eleuthero Root Extract, the potency of which is debatable. 


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Could The Blend Deliver?

The most frustrating thing about Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement is that it could in theory be a good natural nootropic.

If the majority of the blend was composed of Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylcholine, and Ginkgo biloba, then it could well deliver significant improvements in memory and mental performance in a month or two. 

But we do have to wonder why the exact ingredient serving sizes remain hidden. 

If the majority of the blend comprised these excellent (and expensive) natural nootropic substances, why not tell your potential customers that? 

We’re not saying that Vimerson Health are necessarily trying to disguise a cheap formula. But since other nootropic stacks can tell us that they are definitely composed of just high quality ingredients with no ‘filling’ going on, we have to judge Brain Health supplement by that standard. 

Faced with one product that you know is giving you 150-200mg of Bacopa monnieri and one that might be giving you 200mg or might be giving you 20mg, you simply have to choose the former. 



There are two very interesting nootropic ingredients listed on the Vimerson health Brain Health Supplement label. They are GABA and ALA. 

GABA is one of he most important neurotransmitters in the brain, if not the most important. 

Essentially, GABA and Glutamate moderate brain function in a kind of balancing act; glutamate is the ‘upper’, and GABA is the ‘downer’. 


GABA Brain Health Supplement Content


By ‘downer’ here we do not necessarily mean that it acts as a depressive. Rather, it merely tempers the effects of glutamte, and contributes to your state of physcological equilibrium. 

However, supplementation seems to be completely futile.

There are substances which affect GABA significantly. The most obvious one which springs to mind here is alcohol.

But simply consuming GABA as part of a supplement seems to do nothing to GABA levels in the brain. The body is highly adept at regulation; excess GABA is merely disposed of.

ALA is a different story. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a fatty acid found in every single cell in the human body. Its main role within the cell is to help ‘turn’ glucose into energy.

As such, it is a vital part of your metabolism; ensuring your ALA intake is sufficient is a reliable way to make sure you can maintain good energy levels throughout the day.

This applies as much to mental energy as it does to physical energy. In fact, the distinction between these two is too often overplayed. Brain cells and muscle cells both need energy; no energy, no action. 

ALA can pass easily into the brain, where researchers believe that it may help to protect brain cells and prevent damage following a trauma. Research here is on-going however, and no conclusive evidence has been published on this as of yet.

So it is a good addition to this supplement, right?


First things first: if you’re a healthy adult with a good diet, your body can make all the ALA you need. 

Secondly, for what you might vaguely define as nootropic purposes, people will take as much as 600mg on a daily basis. Studies have used as much as 1,200mg daily. 

That really puts the 16mg in this product into perspective. 


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Vegetarian Capsule

This is one great thing about Vimerson Health’s Brain Health Supplement that we need to point out: they have used a vegetarian capsule. 

If you aren’t a vegetarian, then you will probably never notice whether or not a product comes in a gelatin capsule or a cellulose one. 

But we do. 


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement Vegetarian Capsule


Using vegetable cellulose to encapsulate your formula is a relatively cheap, easy thing to do as a manufacturer. once you set the process up, you never have to think about it again. Yet it will make a huge difference to some of your potential customers. 

The best natural nootropics usually go the extra mile like this, so we always like to point it out when others do too. 


Brain Health Supplement Side Effects

It is hard to say with any degree of certainty whether or not Vimerson Health Brain health Supplement will cause side effects. 

The single biggest cause for concern is the Huperzine A content. 

It is highly unlikely that Vimerson Health have included a dangerous dose of Huperzine A in their supplement. They are a reputable manufacturer, not a fly-by-the-night operation. They clearly want their customers to keep coming back, and many people clearly buy their supplements on a regular basis. 

That said, we still don’t know exactly how much Huperzine A is in each serving, and if you’ve found that you’ve had some bad reactions to Huperzine A in the past, then that’s a big problem. 

We also can’t really gauge how often we should take a break from this stack since we don’t know the Huperzine A dosage. If it’s just a few micrograms, then we can get away with longer prolonged use. If it’s a lot, then we need to take a break every 3-4 weeks or so. 

This stack also contains DMAE bitartrate, our reservations about which we have discussed extensively in other reviews.

Many people use DMAE on a regular basis and experience no ill-effects. But others do experience side effects, particular if the dosage is too high.

Since we are skeptical about DMAE’s efficacy as a cholinergic, we always look unfavourably on stacks that use this compound. 

You should book an appointment with your regular doctor and get their opinion before taking any new supplements such as nootropics, even if the ingredients are 100% natural. This is even more important if the exact serving sizes are unclear, as in this case.


Brain Health Supplement Review Conslusion

All-in-all, Vimerson Health’s Brain Health Supplement seems to be a poor choice for someone looking for a reliable way to significantly increase brain power over the long term. 

It may well work well for a lot of people, but since the manufacturer is reluctant to tell us how much of each ingredient is in a single serving, we can only assume that better value is to be found elsewhere. 

Vimerson Health make lots of supplements. We don’t think this is another case of a scam nootropic, full of glutamine and sugar. No, we think this is a serious attempt at making a brain health supplement. 

But most visitors to this site will be looking for something more than this. They will be searching for a way to enhance their cognitive performance, be it their memory, learning, or mental energy levels.

It’s our job to point them in the direction of natural supplements that can help them achieve this goal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement is such a product. 


Vimerson Health Brain Health Supplement – Does It Work?
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Looking For A Serious Nootropic?
Check Out Our Current Top Rated Stack!

We have reviewed hundreds of nootropics and this supplement is still the most impressive. Our review team used this product for months and all experienced:

  • Heightened focus
  • Enhanced memory function
  • More mental energy
  • Better mental performance under stress

Read our full review to find out if this is the nootropic you have been looking for.


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