Value for Money

7.5 /10

Formula Rating

8.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

8.0 /10


  • Uses top quality ingredients
  • Ingredient selection could not have been better
  • No fillers


  • Some ingredients under-dosed
  • Missing some key aspects of a pro nootropic
  • Could be more 'full spectrum'


Vi-BRAIN Review Summary

After doing a full Vi-Brain review, we think it’s fair to call this a very average natural nootropic supplement. It certainly has plenty of strengths; good quality ingredients, a focused formula, and no real wastage. 

But it also has no shortage of weaknesses. On the whole, Vi-Brain is a pretty boring nootropic. The ingredients are dosed fairly low across the board, and you don’t get anything that you wouldn’t get from one of the leading stacks on the market today. The difference is that a more comprehensive nootropic will provide similar ingredients AND a whole lot more. 

That is not to say that this is a bad supplement; it isn’t by any means. It is undoubtedly capable of delivering real cognitive improvements for pretty much anybody that wants to use it. It is just that we have seen and reviewed much more comprehensive and potent supplements on this site. 


Where To Buy Vi-Brain

We first came across Vi-Brain on Amazon. If possible, we think it is best if you buy it directly from the manufacturer.



Full Vi-Brain Review


Vi-Brain is a natural nootropic supplement made by RCT Labs. These guys are based in the UK, and the supplement is made in the UK. It is not surprising to see just how popular this stack has become in Britain when you see that it is featured on 

While this stack is yet to replace Modafy as the UK’s premier nootropic, it is certainly going to give it a run for its money. 

So, who is Vi-Brain designed for?

What is it supposed to do?


RCT Labs Vi-Brain review


According to the official RCT Labs Vi-Brain page, this product ” is a bespoke stack containing 9 synergistic active nootropic ingredients formulated to compliment each others benefits and life cycle.”

The official merchant page lists a number of specific benefits which users can expect from using Vi-Brain:

  • More mental energy
  • Greater clarity
  • Renewed physical vitality
  • Long term “neuro health”

This very much sounds like a kind of all-round daily nootropic supplement.

Those of you who read our reviews regularly will know that this is exactly what we look for from a high quality natural nootropic; something that looks at the big picture and is in it for the long-haul. 

That is the only approach to take if you want to see actual cognitive enhancements. It is possible to increase energy levels overnight, but you can’t achieve significant improvements in memory function or recall speed in that time. Doing that takes weeks, months, even years of targeted nutrition and exercise (physical and mental). 

So this certainly sounds like it’s going to be a great stack. The market could definitely do with more options in the way of daily, full spectrum nootropics.

The question is, does Vi-Brain back up all this bluster with results?

Can it really deliver on these promises? Or is this another over-hyped, bogus memory supplement?

Is Vi-Brain safe? What are the side effect risks?

Most importantly, how does it compare to the other stacks on the market today?

You can find answers to all of these questions in our Vi-Brain review below. We look at the ingredients, doses, and safety concerns. We also take a look at what other people have been saying about this brand new nootropic. Finally, we tell you whether or not we would recommend RCT Labs Vi-Brain to our readers. Please post any questions to the comments section at the end!


Vi-Brain Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the RCT Labs Vi-Brain formula:


Vi-Brain Formula


As you can see, RCT Labs have decided to use vegetable cellulose as their encapsulating agent rather than gelatin. This means that, as far as we can tell, Vi-Brain is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.


That is a very good lineup of ingredients.

Without going into too much detail here, our first impression of the Vi-Brain formula is positive. We can see plenty of effective, high quality ingredients, there’s no proprietary blend, and there aren’t any ingredients known to cause serious side effects. 

There’s nothing terrible jumping right out at us here. 

The ingredients we do see, on the whole, we like. 

But that isn’t to say that this stack is perfect. This is far from a market leading supplement.

While there isn’t anything dangerous or suspicious in here. Instead, the main problems with Vi-Brain lie in what it has left out of the formula.

By that, we mean two things really: 1) that the Vi-Brain formula could cover a lot more bases than it is, and 2) that some of the best ingredients are slightly under-dosed, making them less effective than they could be. 

That is very general though. Let’s go into this in greater detail. Here is an overview of the main points we like about this product, and the main problems we have with it.


What We Like

The ingredients used in Vi-Brain are almost all absolutely top quality natural nootropics. 

In almost every case, RCT Labs couldn’t have chosen more effective ingredients to achieve the purpose they have clearly been selected for. 

For example, every natural nootropic needs a cholinergic. Without a reliable and effective way of elevating acetylcholine levels, a nootropic stack is missing something. 

Vi-Brain contains one of the most potent cholinergics available: Alpha-GPC. This is without question a superb natural nootropic. It can raise acetylcholine levels very quickly after supplementation, and it has many peripheral benefits too. The only cholinergic that rivals it is CDP-Choline. You can read a comparison between the two here

The same is true of Vi-Brain’s real memory-boosting component: bacopa monnieri


Vi-Brain ingredients bacopa monnieri


Just like a cholinergic, a standalone memory-booster is absolutely essential if a stack wants to reasonably call itself a comprehensive daily supplement. 

Some stacks try to do this through raising dopamine levels, but we think Bacopa monnieri is a much more targeted intervention. 

Bacopa monnieri has been shown in numerous clinical trials to improve memory recall and retention. It is reliable, safe, and the results speak for themselves (you can learn more about Bacopa from this article).

As far as we’re concerned, you can’t get better than Bacopa monnieri if your goal is long-term, deep, lasting memory enhancement. 

And why would that not be your goal?!


What We Don’t Like

Our main problems with this formula center on what it doesn’t provide, rather than what it does.

There is nothing in Vi-Brain, for example, to really help with stress management round the clock

There is some Tyrosine, which will help keep you focused during times of acute stress. But there isn’t a lot of it, and ideally we would like to see something to help with mood and anxiety 24/7.

That is why the most comprehensive stacks on the market today contain some combination of Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, and Ashwagandha. 

Vi-Brain would be so much better if it contained some Rhodiola rosea or about twice as much Tyrosine. 

There is also no big anti-oxidant content to Vi-Brain.

This may seem like a minor issue, but it is worth pointing out that reducing oxidative damage should be a priority if long-term brain health and optimal function are your concern. 

It is easy to add a concentrated, powerful anti-oxidant to a daily nootropic stack. Doing so would help keep your brain functioning optimally for the long-haul. 

One major flaw with Vi-Brain, in our opinion, is the lack of any ingredient to encourage the brain to make deep physical adaptations

If you’re new to nootropics, this might sound a little strange. But it can be done.

Some substances are known to promote the release of certain neurotrophic factors which stimulate actual brain cell proliferation. 

Put more simply, certain natural substances elevate the output of signals which tell your brain to grow more neuron cells.

You don’t need to be a neuroscientist to realize the potential this has for enhancing cognitive function. 

The best stacks on the market today contain large doses of substances able to promote neurotrophic factors. A prime example of this is Lion’s Mane Mushroom. This stuff stimulates Nerve Growth Factor, which makes your neuron dendrites grow, which improves brain cell communication. Bang: higher cognitive function in the long-run. 

That Vi-Brain, a nootropic supplement designed to be a full spectrum, daily, comprehensive nootropic, doesn’t contain anything to promote long-term brain growth is a real let-down. 


Panax Ginseng Vi-Brain ingredients


There is only one ingredient that we have a bit of a problem with, and that’s Panax Ginseng.

This stuff is used by lots of natural supplements, but it is very rarely found in a nootropic stack.

That is largely because it has no nootropic properties; a good reason not to add it to a brain supplement, right?

Panax Ginseng is usually used by natural testosterone boosters. It is thought to elevate natural testosterone levels in a safe, controllable manner. The evidence supporting this notion is actually pretty thin. But that’s besides the point; we haven’t seen a single study showing that Panax Ginseng having a positive effect on cognition. It doesn’t seem to affect memory, focus, clarity; anything. 

If it can elevate testosterone levels then it would help men with mood stabilization and their sense of well-being. It would also help with energy levels. But as we said, the science isn’t exactly conclusive here.

We would prefer a nootropic stack to limit itself to genuine nootropics. 


-See Our Ingredient Guide For More-


RCT Labs Vi-Brain Side Effects

There isn’t anything in Vi-Brain that makes us seriously concerned about side effects. 

The ingredients are all natural, they are widely used, and they are well-understood. 

As far as supplements go, we think it’s fair to say that Vi-Brain is pretty safe.

That does not mean that it is completely side effect free, of course.

There is at least one ingredient which you need to be careful when using, and that is caffeine. 

We generally advise people not to use a daily nootropic stack containing caffeine. Consuming higher levels of concentrated, purified caffeine over a long period of time can have some negative consequences. 

The short term side effects of consuming too much caffeine include insomnia, irritability, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, light headedness, and so on. 

One long-term consequence is that you become tolerant to caffeine, so you require larger and larger quantities just to stay at baseline. Caffeine is in many ways highly addictive. That means that if you consume large amounts of caffeine over a long period of time, eventually you will require caffeine to operate properly. This is not an ideal situation at all. 

There are some links between caffeine consumption and heart attacks. While we aren’t dealing with a large amount here, you still need to take that into consideration if you also drink lots of tea and coffee throughout the day.

The reason we don’t like nootropic stacks which contain caffeine is because we like to consume our nootropics in the morning along with a cp of coffee. 

Adding in purified caffeine on top of your regular caffeine consumption can be very dangerous. 

We like to drink tea and coffee, so we leave supplements containing caffeine well alone. But if you don’t usually consume much caffeine in your day-to-day life, then this isn’t much of a concern. 

It is absolutely vital that you talk to your doctor about what you plan to put in your body before you do so. This is even more important when it contains stimulants like caffeine. Consuming large quantities of caffeine at once can have serious consequences for your health. Talk to a doctor no matter how safe you think a supplement is.


Vi-Brain Review Conclusion

If you’ve read the full Vi-Brain review, then you will note that we have some problems with this nootropic supplement. 

But we don’t want you to get the wrong impression. We do think that Vi-Brain could be better, but it could also be much, much worse. 

This supplement has many strengths. It contains some absolutely superb ingredients and the doses are fair. 

It is capable of supporting cognitive function in both the short and long term. It should deliver tangible benefits for pretty much everybody who uses it.

But we do also think that it is fair to say that Vi-Brain could be much better. 

It lacks a lot of the special ‘punch’ that makes today’s market leading stacks really stand out. 

It lacks any round-the-clock stress management, it lacks any long-term brain adaptation support, and it lacks any potent anti-oxidant content. 

There are nootropics on the market today that are capable of delivering everything Vi-Brain does, and then a lot more on top. 

That said, this is a very good nootropic. We think anyone looking for some memory, focus and clarity support should consider giving Vi-Brain a try. 


Vi-BRAIN Review – New Stack From RCT Labs
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