Have You Ever Heard Of A Nootropic Drink?

Well You Soon Will! Here Are Our Top 3 Instant Nootropic Drinks


Nootropic drinks are currently a small market. But they are growing, and growing fast. At this point, it’s clear that nootropic drinks are set to be huge part of the nootropics industry in years to come. 

With a market that is still in its infancy, it can be really hard to know what you’re doing.



Top 3 Nootropic Drinks Today


Manufacturers will soon begin popping up every other week. Some of these will be superb supplement producers, offering legitimate nootropic drink products. Others will claim to deliver all sorts of amazing, almost unbelievable benefits, but in reality they’ll just be scams. You know the old saying: “if it sounds too good to be true, it is”. 

To help you navigate this new and steadily growing minefield, we’ve compiled a short list of what we think are the best nootropic drink products on the market today. 

We will keep this post updated regularly as new products come onto the market. In the meantime, if you see any products that you think deserve a spot here, let us know in the comments section below and our review team will take a look. 


What Are Nootropic Drinks?


Nootropic drinks can essentially be thought of as supercharged, cutting-edge energy drinks.

Energy drinks have been the go-to tool for university students, programmers, and contract workers for the past decade. If you have a deadline at 9am and more code to write than you’ve ever written before, then the prevailing logic is that you need caffeine, taurine, and sugar.

Nootropic drinks are changing that.



Best Nootropic Drink Products Today


Instead of simply providing you with far too much sugar, far too much caffeine, and all sorts of other things which will just end up hampering your cognition, nootropic drinks try to go deeper. They seek to provide both an energy lift, and support for better cognitive functioning.

They don’t simply try to give you more mental energy; they try to improve your mental performance. That is your memory, focus, reaction time, attention span, and learning capacity.   

The main problem with energy drinks is that they always actually end up working against you. 

The sugar rush you get from drinking 2 Red Bulls quickly turns into a crash.

The caffeine overload you get from some energy drinks will eventually ruin your ability to focus. Caffeine over-consumption begins to almost reverse all of the good effects of caffeine consumption; lack of focus, irritability, anxiety, and so on. And while staying awake is one thing, you aren’t going to be on top form the next day if you simply can’t get to sleep after all the work is done. 

Most of our review team have been there: you work on an assignment in the library until 2am, only to go home and be unable to get to sleep until 5.30am because those 4 cups of coffee are still in your system. Getting up to make a 9am hand-in will never be harder. 

Enter nootropic drinks. 

Generally speaking, we don’t think that nootropic drinks provide a long-term solution to addressing lagging cognitive function.

If you really need to be on top of your game mentally each and every day, be it because your job is mentally taxing, because your hobby requires you to focus intensely for a long period of time, or because you have a hectic schedule, then the best solution is still a daily natural nootropic supplement.

Nootropics, true, genuine nootropic supplements, are designed for long-term, continual use. You can’t improve your memory overnight by taking some magic pills, no matter what the latest infomercial tells you. You need to support your brain’s ability to function optimally for the long-run. 

Nootropic drinks are decidedly short-term, one-off supplements. 

However, used correctly, they do a job. They are no doubt exactly what many people have been looking for. 


Current Top 3 Nootropic Drinks


#1 – NEU Nootropic Boost


Top 3 Nootropic Drink NEU Boost


This stuff hasn’t been on the market for very long at all, but already it’s establishing itself as the most serious, innovative and potent nootropic drink there is. 

It contains a range of effective nootropic ingredients, each of which contributes to enhanced cognitive function. 

Unlike some drinks, NEU is a genuine nootropic. It contains ingredients which contribute to improved memory, focus, clarity and mental energy. it does not simply rely on stimulants and sugar to deliver a perceived lift in mental activity. As discussed above, energy drinks might make you feel like your brain is working better, but the quality of your mental activity is unaffected. You just have more energy.

The big downside of NEU is the overload of cholinergics. It contains much CDP-Choline than we would expect to see in a top-of-the-line nootropic stack, as well as over 100mg of DMAE.

This is simply too much in the way of cholinergics. At this levels, the risk of side effects is elevated. 

There is also probably a little too much caffeine in here, even for a nootropic drink designed for a quick, powerful energy boost. The 125mg in each serving of NEU is more than you would find in a large cup of strong, black coffee. That said, there’s theanine in there too to take the edge off any side effects. 

Our final reservation is the B12 content. Yes, there is no safe upper limit established for B12. Yes, there is such a thing as too much. At 16,000% of your RDI, NEU’s B12 content is perhaps a little excessive. 

Our Rating: 6.8

Main Benefit: Comprehensive, generously-dosed ingredient selection

Main Drawback: Too many cholinergics, and maybe too much caffeine for some users

Full Review: NEU Nootropic Boost

#2 – Neuro GASM


Neuro GASM Review


Neuro GASM is a relatively unknown product, like all nootropic drinks of this kind, but it is potentially poised to become the most widely used supplement of its kind. We believe this is true partly because of the brilliant marketing behind the product, and partly because of the way it fits into the Neuro drinks range. 

The product itself is a very mixed bag for us.

For one thing, it contains some great ingredients. The choice of cholinergic is ideal for this kind of product, as Alpha-GPC is relatively fast acting, powerful, and long-lasting. 

We are given the caffeine dosage, which again seems dead on for a nootropic drink. 

The rest of the formula selection, with the exception of bilberry fruit extract (really?) is excellent. Theanine, citrulline, and carnitine will all work together to make you feel fresh, energized and ready to take on the day ahead, while resveratrol will contribute to overall good health and longevity. 

That said, this product has some big downsides. 

For starters, we aren’t given the serving sizes for all of the ingredients. This is a major problem. 

Nootropic substances are always dose-dependent. What an ingredient can do tells us nothing of use if we don’t know its minimum effective dose and how that compares to the amount in a given supplement.

Proprietary blends reduce efficacy and side effect forecasting to little more than guess work or imagination. 

They also prevent us from learning about how we respond to certain ingredients at certain dosages. 

While we always come down hard on nootropic stacks that don’t detail ingredient servings, we’re currently a little more forgiving of nootropic drinks that do the same thing. This market is in its infancy, so there is some credence to the claim that manufacturers need to protect their formulations.

This is in good faith of course; as the market matures, we will become less and less forgiving of products that hide behind a propriety blend. 

The Neuro GASM proprietary blend has its own specific problems, which we detail in our full review. 

Even so, out of the few nootropic drinks currently available, Neuro GASM is easily one of the most interesting. 

Our Rating: 5.8

Main Benefit: Ingredient selection is excellent

Main Drawback: Proprietary blend (although caffeine dosage given)

Full Review: Neuro GASM


#2 – Mental Mojo


Best Nootropic Drink Top 3 Mental Mojo


Mental Mojo is another relatively new supplement to hit the shelves (so to speak), but once again it has been quick to make its mark on the market. 

Mental Mojo is sold as boxes of sachets which you can take with you and drink whenever you need a fast-acting “nootropic boost”. The idea is that you just empty a packet into a shaker bottle, a blender, or just a cup that you mix with a spoon, and away you go. 

The ingredients in Mental Mojo are, without exception, excellent natural brain boosters. 

The only problem is, we currently don’t have any details on the formula specifics. As we have said again and again on this site, a formula is only as good as its ingredients, and ingredients are only as good as their doses. Hence the rather poor rating we have given Mental Mojo for the time being.

At the time of writing, the Mental Mojo formula details have still not been revealed. However, we note that the product is apparently ‘patent pending’. We hope that once the patent is granted, the manufacturers will reveal their individual ingredient serving sizes in full. 

We always give proprietary formulas a low rating on this site. But it needs to be said that Mental Mojo contains only tried and true nootropic ingredients. if the amounts are right, it will be a great product. Time will tell if we need to bring their rating up or push it right down. 

Our Rating: 5.3

Main Benefit: Great ingredient selection

Main Drawback: No information on formula specifics

Full Review: Mental Mojo

Top 3 Instant Nootropic Drinks
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