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  • Contains a great serving of rhodiola rosea
  • Contains a lot of bacopa monnieri


  • Only 2 genuine nootropics in stack
  • Vitamin stack is nothing special
  • Perhaps overpriced for just 2 nootropics


Thrivous Clarity Review Summary

Thrivous Clarity is billed as a “daily” nootropic stack. It is supposed to support memory, focus, mood, and pretty much every aspect of brain function. As such, it claims to be in the same league as the best nootropics on the market today. 

After conducting a full Thrivous Clarity review, we think it’s fair to say that it is not a terrible supplement by any means, but that it is also far from being a complete, comprehensive daily nootropic stack.

There are really only two genuinely nootropic ingredients in here; the rest are simple vitamins and minerals which you would get from a cheap daily multivit or some fortified juices. The two nootropic ingredients it does contain are great brain boosters, but they are not enough to really deliver the kind of results we expect from today’s professional brain supplements. 


Where To Buy Thrivous Clarity

Thrivous have an extensive online store. The website seems to be in working order, and Thrivous seem like an upstanding manufacturer. We always advise buying directly from the manufacturer whenever possible. 



Full Thrivous Clarity Review


We have actually known about Thrivous for some time. However, this Clarity review will be the first we have done on a Thrivous product. 

Thrivous produce a range of nootropics, each designed for a very specific purpose. They have a nighttime nootropic, an acute, fast acting nootropic, and a long-term focused nootropic. Many of their products share ingredients and purposes, but they are all slightly different from one another.

Clarity is their standard “daily” nootropic stack. 



Thrivous Clarity Review


It seems to be designed for all-round brain enhancement. Like many of our top rated nootropics, Thrivous Clarity claims to be a comprehensive nootropic, improving every aspect of cognitive function. 

According to the official merchant page for Clarity, using this product daily provides the following benefits:

  • Improved focus
  • Elevated mood
  • Better memory function
  • Faster learning ability
  • More mental energy

That is indeed quite a comprehensive list of benefits. Very few nootropic stacks actually improve brain function; even fewer do so while improving mood and mental energy. 

If Thrivous Clarity actually delivers on these promises, then we will have a truly superb brain booster on our hands.

So…does it?

Is this genuinely a great natural nootropic stack?

Or is this just hype from the manufacturer? 

Can Thrivous Clarity improve memory and mood? Or is it another dud brain pill?

Is it safe?

Is there anything better out there?

We’ll answer all of these questions below in the course of our full Thrivous Clarity review. If you get to the end of the review and you still have questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section at the bottom. We always endeavor to reply to comments within 48 hours of receiving them. 


Thrivous Clarity Formula

Here is the Thrivous Clarity formula. The full formula details can be easily found on the official website:


Thrivous Clarity Formula


Not only is the full formula revealed here, with every ingredient listed alongside its respective dose, but the capsule is made out of cellulose. That means Thrivous Clarity is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. While a minority of our readers are vegan, we like supplements that are suitable for as many people as possible. The only reason to use gelatin in a capsule is to keep costs down.

As you can see, the vast majority of the ingredients in Thrivous Clarity are vitamins and minerals. There is nothing remarkable about the vitamins and mineral stack in Clarity; you will get the same ingredients and doses from a cheap multivitamin, or even from some fortified drinks. 

Yes, the B vitamin complex will contribute to greater mental and physical energy levels. 

Yes, the folate may help stave off age-related cognitive decline

But the vitamins and minerals here are not going to make a meaningful difference to your day-to-day cognitive function. They certainly wont make a noticeable impact on your memory function, even in the long-term. They may help, but not a great deal. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive nootropic supplement, then a vitamin top-up is not what you are after. You want a serious kick to your cognitive abilities. 

There are only two genuinely nootropic ingredients in Thrivous Clarity; Bacopa monnieri and Rhodiola rosea. 


Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is quite simply one of our favorite natural nootropic substances. 

If we were building a stack with just 2 or 3 ingredients, then we wouldn’t think twice about including Bacopa monnieri.

It has been observed in independent clinical trials to bring about significant improvements in memory recall and retention in as little as 12 weeks of supplementation. 

This memory-enhancing effect has been observed in several studies. It does not work like caffeine or theanine; the improvements in memory do not just come from making you more awake. Rather, it seems to make deep and lasting improvements in the brain itself.  



Bacopa monnieri in Thrivous Clarity


Time and again, bacopa monnieri supplementation proves to be a safe and effective way of enhancing your memory in the long-term. 

The amount of bacopa monnieri needed to get results varies according to extract quality. 

With an extract of 25% but a serving size of 600mg, Clarity provides more than enough bacopa monnieri for users to experience results. 

The only problem is that, at doses this high, stomach discomfort may occur in a small number of users. 

Typically, we prefer to see much less bacopa monnieri being used but with a much higher potency. That said, there is more bacopa monnieri in Clarity than in almost all other stacks of this sort. 


-Ingredient Guide: Bacopa Monnieri-

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a fantastic addition to anybody’s daily supplement stack. 

There is almost nobody who can’t benefit from introducing even a small amount of rhodiola rosea into their daily regimen. 

Rhodiola rosea works primarily by improving cognitive function while the brain is under acute stress. 

It significantly reduces feelings of fatigue, and it can very quickly counter feelings of mental (and to a lesser degree physical) exhaustion. This in turn allows you to focus for longer and to think with better acuity during times of serious strain. 



Rhodiola rosea in Thrivous Clarity


This makes rhodiola rosea the go-to natural supplement for contractors, busy creative professionals who often work deadlines, and students during exam season. 

The 300mg provided by Clarity is more than sufficient to deliver all of the benefits associated with rhodiola rosea use. 



Our Thoughts On The Formula

The two main ingredients in Clarity both pack some serious punch with regards to enhancing brain power. 

Bacopa monnieri is the most reliable and effective memory-booster that we know of. A memory supplement without bacopa monnieri is little more than a pretender in our opinion. 

Rhodiola rosea should, in our opinion, feature in every serious nootropic. 

These two ingredients together can have a profound and lasting impact on your cognitive performance. Using both of these substances together on a daily basis will no doubt make a discernible, palpable difference to your day-to-day mental performance. 

They will be particularly useful with regards to stress and short-term memory function. 

However, these two substances alone do not constitute a comprehensive, professional-quality nootropic stack. 

Leading brain supplements today provide bacopa monnieri and rhodiola rosea alongside an array of other proven nootropic substances. 

If you look at some of our current top rated supplements, you’ll notice that they almost all utilize these two ingredients as well as 5-7 other powerful focus boosters, mood enhancers, anxiolytics, and energy boosters like caffeine or theanine. 

While we don’t want an over-stuffed, over-stretched supplement, we expect to see more than 2 ingredients in a premium nootropic stack these days. 


-See Our Full Ingredient Guide-


Thrivous Clarity Side Effects

Thrivous Clarity seems like a very safe supplement overall. 

The ingredients it uses are not usually associated with side effects; certainly not any serious side effects at least.

Users should of course be wary, but it is unlikely that the vast majority of you would experience anything negative while using Clarity. 

Of course, it is impossible to predict how your own body will react to unusual, exotic herbal extracts. While most people use bacopa monnieri and rhodiola without incident, your body is unique. 

Thrivous Clarity comes with the following warning label, which you should heed:


Thrivous Clarity side effect warning


It is crucial that you talk to your doctor before using Thrivous Clarity. The opinion of a medical professional is worth so much more than countless user reviews, and your doctor needs to know if you are consuming anything strange in case there is an emergency.


Thrivous Clarity Review Conclusion

It is actually quite difficult to come to a solid conclusion about this product.

Those of you who have read the whole Thrivous Clarity review will know that this product has a major strength in the fact that it only uses high quality, effective, scientifically proven nootropic ingredients.

You will also know that it has a major weakness in the fact that it only contains 2 genuine nootropic ingredients. 

Clarity provides an extensive vitamin and mineral stack, but this is nothing that we wouldn’t get from a cheap supermarket own-brand multivitamin. There are off-the-shelf fortified drinks with a similar vitamin and mineral profile. 

If you are looking for a product like that which Clarity claims to be, then you are not interested in vitamins and minerals. You are more interested in potent, reliable, proven nootropic substances. 

While the two nootropic ingredients  used in Clarity are indeed very good ingredients (two of the best in fact), we don’t think they constitute a comprehensive, premium brain boosting stack.

Many nootropics today provide both bacopa monnieri and rhodiola rosea alongside several other powerful memory, mood and focus boosters. We have to hold Thrivous Clarity by their standard. 

There is no reason why you should avoid trying Thrivous Clarity if you want to support your memory function or if you have some serious deadlines coming up.

However, if you do want a genuinely comprehensive nootropic stack designed to encourage lasting improvements in all aspects of brain function, look elsewhere. 

Thrivous Clarity Review – Does This New Daily Nootropic Work?
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3 thoughts on “Thrivous Clarity Review – Does This New Daily Nootropic Work?

  • 2017 at 6:26 am

    Thanks for reviewing Thrivous Clarity.

    Your assessment of the Vitamin B Complex is not thorough enough. If you dig in deeper, you’ll find that Thrivous includes a unique set of bioavailable B vitamers that you cannot find in other nootropics, and are rare in nutraceuticals generally. This is a premium blend that, even without the Bacopa and Rhodiola, would be a relatively expensive standalone B Complex.

    I don’t think your critique of the number of ingredients in Clarity is helpful to your readers. There are many nootropic products on the market that contain large numbers of ingredients that have little or no evidence for nootropic effect, or that are dosed well below dosages that clinical studies on humans have demonstrated to be effective. You are featuring one such product, Mind Lab Pro, which contains several good ingredients, but almost all of them are dosed much lower than dosages used in clinical studies. The number of ingredients is not what should matter most to your readers. The science, and the product’s reflection of the science, is what should matter first. And then price should matter, and that’s another place that Thrivous Clarity far outshines Mind Lab Pro.

    I hope you feel that your readers deserve to have this information.

    • 2017 at 12:35 pm

      Hi Lincoln, thanks for commenting.

      “Your assessment of the Vitamin B Complex is not thorough enough.”

      Believe it or not, we don’t particularly feel the need to adhere to your standards of what is or is not a thorough assessment. Very presumptuous.

      In any case, we disagree; anybody can pick up a B vitamin complex from the checkout at a supermarket for very little money. It’s nothing to be proud of.

      “I don’t think your critique of the number of ingredients in Clarity is helpful to your readers.”

      We do. That’s why we wrote it. We’ll forward any editorial concerns we have straight to you Lincoln, don’t worry. In the meantime, let us be the first to welcome you to the internet. Here you are free to be as helpful as you like in whatever way suits you best. Go nuts.

      “There are many nootropic products on the market that contain large numbers of ingredients that have little or no evidence for nootropic effect”

      Pointing out the flaws in other products is not a defence.

      “I hope you feel that your readers deserve to have this information.”

      Indeed they do. They should also be very aware that you work for Thrivous, that you appeal to whataboutism to defend your product, and that you think a B vitamin complex is something to get excited about.

  • 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Wow. That’s great! I’m accustomed to nootropic review websites hiding information. Thanks for publishing it.


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