Value for Money

7.0 /10

Formula Rating

8.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

8.0 /10


  • High quality ingredients
  • Low side effect risks


  • Contains some dead weight
  • Missing features of the best nooropics


SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE Review Summary

We’re actually pretty impressed with this simple, minimalist, but potent nootropic.

SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE contains just 8 ingredients. Of those, we think 4 are likely to affect your cognitive function. But the potency of the ingredients and their healthy doses mean this effect will be significant.

There are plenty of ways this nootropic could be better, of course. For a discussion of the side effect risks, the notable absences, and the main issues, read our full SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE review below. All in all though, not a bad nootropic at all.


Where To Buy SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE

Activate can be bought directly from the SmarterVitamins online store.

Full SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE Review

Despite only being on the market for a short while, SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE is quickly becoming one of the most talked about nootropic stacks on the market.

Whether this is driven by its visibility on Amazon or through the marketing efforts of SmarterVitamins, we don’t know. But we do know that there are already some very positive SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE reviews online.

Professional supplement sites are raving about this stack, and users are saying good things too.

So let’s find out how much of this we can really believe.


SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE review


Is this brain support supplement all it’s cracked up to be?

According to the bottle, ACTIVATE provides “brain support”. There isn’t much information on the official website, but we are told that it is a “daily-use brain function supplement”.

Much is made of the quality of their ingredients:

And they talk a lot about the purity of their ingredients:

We still don’t know what this stack is supposed to do exactly, besides promoting “optimal brain support and brain health” – sloppy English is never a good sign.

After all, your definition of “brain support” might just be keeping your stress levels down. Mine might be promoting energy levels early in the morning.

We need specifics really.

But anyway, we don’t really need promises to evaluate a supplement. We just need to delve deeper into the formula. Below you will find our complete SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE review. We start by abalyzing the ingredients the doses, and how the formula works as a whole.

If you finish the review and still have questions, please let us know by posting them in the comments section at the end. We love hearing from our readers – collectively you know more about nootropics than we do!



SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE Formula

Check out the SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE ingredients label:


SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE formula analysis


As mentioned in the intro, SmarterVitamins have gone to great lengths to ensure the purity and quality of their ingredients. They have also used a natural, purely plant-based capsule – great news for vegans!

Not bad at all.

It’s always nice to see a formula that actually stands a chance of doing what it says it will.

So often manufacturers promise the world and then deliver a blend of useless herbs. Well, not SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE.

What we have here is a collection of proven, potent natural nootropics.

There are 8 ingredients in total, and of those, 4 are highly effective – together these 4 ingredients can significantly enhance focus, memory, and support mood.

There’s no proprietary blend, so the presence of less effective ingredients is unfortunate but not a deal-breaker.

The less effective ingredients are also harmless; they certainly wont inhibit cognitive function, as so many bogus ingredients do in reality. On the whole, we think side effects here will be very rare.

There are obviously things we’d change.

There’s a lot missing here.

Plus, dead weight is dead weight.

The presence of ingredients that have no notable nootropic effects is a problem, even if the rest of the formula is good.

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer – let’s get into it.


What We Like

The best thing about SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE is that it really covers the basics well.

A lot of stacks try to be too clever, using dozens of obscure ingredients, and ultimately neglecting the important stuff.

SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE makes sure that it gets the basics right.

Memory is taken care of by the hefy Bacopa Monnieri dose.

Each 3-capsule serving provides 300mg of Bacopa monnieri. The extract used here is of very high quality – it is 50% bacosides (strictly speaking, bacopasides are different compounds to bacosides, but they are used interchangeably in the nootropics industry).

That is far more potent than almost every other nootropic on the market.

Typically, nootropics will use a bacopa monnieri extract that is 20% bacosides. A handful use 45% or more. Some, like Mind Lab Pro, use a Bacopa monnieri extract that contains only the 9 most bioactive bacosides.

The Bacopa in SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE will significantly enhance memory function after 6-12 weeks of consistent supplementation.


Bacopa monnieri ACTIVATE ingredients


We also have a very healthy serving of Alpha-GPC in this stack to take care of focus.

Alpha-GPC is a cholinergic, which means that it confers choline to the brain. The brain then uses this choline to form acetylcholine, also known as ‘the learning neurotransmitter’.

Higher levels of acetylcholine in the brain leads directly to higher levels of cognitive function. Focus, mental clarity, and your ability to process information are all affected by acetylcholine availability.

Normally, high quality nootropic stacks provide about 250mg of a high quality cholinergic.

SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE gives us 300mg.

And once again, the extract quality is extremely high – 50% active material.


Tyrosine ACTIVATE nootropic ingredients


We’re also pretty impressed with the addition of the two amino acids Theanine and Tyrosine.

These two fairly common amino acids do not have serious nootropic firepower, but they are good additions to a formula that has some punch already.

Theanine and Tyrosine have very different properties, but both work to similar ends.

Theanine works synergistically with caffeine, helping to take the edge off its worst effects (jitters, anxiety, etc) while amplifying its best (increased energy, brain fog reduction, increased motivation).

If you’re consuming a lot of caffeine throughout the day – and let’s be honest, we all are – then you want to seriously consider adding theanine to your daily supplement regimen.

Tyrosine helps to reduce anxiety.

Several studies have looked at Tyrosine and found that it can reduce acute symptoms of performance anxiety.

It works because it is a precurosr to noradrenaline and dopamine; two neurotransmitters which keep you motivated, calm, and focused.

This study, for example, found that high doses of Tyrosine were able to “significantly decreased symptoms, adverse moods, and performance impairments in subjects who exhibited average or greater responses to [severe cold and hypoxia].”

Basically, if you are placed under serious external stressors, Tyrosine can help keep you calm and concentrated.

On its own, Tyrosine can’t be said to be a potent nootropic. But when added to a comprehensive stack, it is a great supportive ingredient.


What We Don’t Like

Despite the many strengths of this supplement, we don’t think it comes close to being on of the best on the market right now.

Dead weight is dead weight, and there’s a fair bit of it here.

For example, we really don’t need ALCAR in a nootropic stack.

We certainly don’t need 450mg of the stuff!

ALCAR is usually found in weight loss supplements and pre-workouts because of its ability to increase physical energy levels.

If you’re in the market for a focus and memory supplement, chances are, you aren’t focused on improving your running.

ALCAR doesn’t affect mental energy levels at all. It has no notable nooropic effects, so it really has no business being in a stack that is sold as a brain support supplement.


SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE price


According to the website,¬†ACTIVATE had an original price tag of $70. It is supposedly “on sale” now at just under $40. When we see dead weight in a stack we really need to look closely at the price and see if it’s justified. While $40 isn’t bad, paying $70 for some ingredients we don’t want would be hard to swallow.

We also see that SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE contains Mucuna Puriens.

Now this one is useless here.

Mucuna Puriens in a nootropic is dead weight, no question about it.

Commonly used in natural bodybuilding supplements, Mucuna Puriens has absolutely no effect on memory, mood, or any aspect of cognition for that matter.

It doesn’t protect brain cells from damage.

It doesn’t encourage brain cell proliferation.

It doesn’t do anything we’re interested in.

That is another 150mg wasted on an ineffective ingredient.

We don’t know what SmarterVitamins were thinking with this one; it’s possible they just got excited and borrowed ingredients from other confused stacks.

It’s possible they want to do far too much.

But whatever the reason, this really has no place in a modern nootropic.

These days, we know better than to use ingredients with no scientific backing.


-The Best Natural Anxiety Cures-

SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE Side Effects

There aren’t any serious side effect concerns with SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE.

The ingredients used are all thought to be generally very safe for the vast majority of users.

They are widely used, well understood, and have been thoroughly studied at a range of doses.

As far as we know, there’s very little chance of users falling seriously ill with this one.

That said, the 300mg of Bacopa monnieri might cause some stomach problems for a small minority of users.

Large doses of Bacopa monnieri have been shown to cause:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Excessive gas

This is why we prefer to use a smaller overall dose of Bacopa monnieri while keeping the potency high. A 150mg dose that has been standardized to contain a lot of useful bacosides is better than 300mg of whole plant matter.

The potency of the extract used in SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE is high, but we still have that big load of plant matter too.

Aside from that, few problems should arise.

But please remember: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS!

This isn’t medical advice – all we can do is point out the obvious danger spots as and when we see them.

It is vital that you do your own research and that you consult a medical professional to get a thorough assessment of the side effect risks to you.

If you do experience any side effects while using this nootropic, seek medical attention right away and stop using the product. If possible, share your experiences below!

SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE Review Conclusion

After doing a thorough review of the SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE formula, we think it’s fair to say that this nootropic is better than most.

Significantly better than most.

It really gets the basics right – it should deliver good improvements in memory, focus, and anxiety-reduction for most users.

Side effects will be rare (except for some potential stomach cramps from the large dose of Bacopa).

However, it does still have some useless ingredients, and you’re paying for them!

It also doesn’t have many of the things that make for a truly comprehensive, powerful daily noortropic.

While you will no doubt get good benefits from SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE, you will undoubtedly get better results using a more carefully balanced, streamlined stack.


SmarterVitamins ACTIVATE Review – Simple But Effective
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