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  • Contains some potent natural nootropic substances


  • True caffeine content undisclosed
  • Main ingredients lack any real 'punch'


Procera XTF Review Summary

Procera XTF is an incredibly popular nootropic supplement at the moment, and we have absolutely no idea why. Procera XTF is essentially a re-hashing of the companies leading nootropic, AVH. They have used the same ingredients and added on an appallingly weak proprietary blend which is supposed to deliver “extreme focus” alongside general cognitive enhancement. 

The main ingredients are unlikely to produce any significant improvement in cognitive function, while the “extreme focus blend” will inevitably leave some or all of the key ingredients significantly under-dosed. If you’re looking for a reliable, safe nootropic representing good value for money, Procera XTF is not what you need. 


Where To Buy Procera XTF

As always, we strongly advise you to buy products directly form the manufacturer. This gives you some extra protection when it comes to complaints or refunds, as you know exactly who to complain to!


Full Procera XTF Review


Procera XTF is one of the most sought-after nootropic supplements on the market today. This is largely down to the fact that it is a very well-marketed, widely advertised product. It is also regularly a “featured product” on Amazon, which is no doubt why many of you have ended up on this page. 

Made by Procera Health, XTF is part of an extensive brain-centered supplement line. Procera also produce specific supplements for memory, focus, and mood independently of one another. They also offer berry extracts, a vision enhancer, and a brain detox formula. 


Procera XTF Review


Procera XTF is essentially a re-hashing of their first major nootropic supplement: AVH.

When AVH was first launched, it received a great deal of attention from professional review sites such as this one. Why that is, we have no idea. AVH contains just 3 ingredients lumped together in a 1,515mg proprietary blend. Hardly the most interesting stack to come to market in recent years. 

Procera XTF retains those same ingredients, but it combines them with a handful of vitamins and an “extreme focus blend”.

The idea seems to be that you get all of the cognitive enhancement of the original product, as well as a significant mental energy and focus boost. 

More specifically, we are told on the official merchant page what we can expect while using Procera XTF. This includes:

  • Increased neurotransmitter function
  • Improved blood flow to the brain
  • “Sustained performance”
  • “Enhanced cognitive function”

These last two promises are very vague, but that is par for the course for nootropics nowadays. 

We are also told that Procera XTF supports brain health. This is something we expect to see in any nootropic which wants to be taken seriously.

This all sounds very promising. If Procera XTF can really do all of this, then it will be without question one of the best nootropics available right now.

The question is, can it?

Is this all just hype and marketing, or can this stack really deliver enhanced cognition, “extreme focus”, and brain health support all at once? Can it do any of them?

What about safety: will it cause side effects for you?

Most importantly, is there anything better on the market for a similar price?

We’ll try to answer all of these questions below. Here is our full Procera XTF review. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the comments section below. We try to get back to all comments within 7 working days. 


Procera XTF Formula

The most important thing to look at when it comes to appraising supplements is the formula. 

It is too easy to be swayed by the spectacular claims to the manufacturers, and it is all too easy to be swayed by the experiences of others. 

But if you look at the formula properly, examining the ingredients and their doses, you can really tell the wheat form the chaff. 

Here is the Procera XTF formula as it should appear on any bottle that you purchase:


Procera XTF Nootropic Formula Review


Well as you can see, the manufacturers have opted to make their ‘Cognitive Blend’ transparent, but their ‘Extreme Focus Blend’ a proprietary blend.

This is really disappointing. The whole purpose of the XTF is the extreme focus blend, so to see it hidden like this is a major let down. 

Since the formula is split into three sections, we’ll deal with each of them separately. 


Cognitive Blend

The cognitive blend contains some very good natural nootropic substances. 

It will no doubt contribute to improved memory, clarity, and focus. However, these ingredients are very much what we call “supporting ingredients”.

They should not form the backbone of a nootropic stack. They do contribute to enhanced cognition in different ways, but as main ingredients they don’t pack the ‘punch’ we look for in serious nootropics. 

Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Acetylcholine is an immensely important neurotransmitter. The availability of acetylcholine in the brain can affect everything from muscle firing to attention span. 

Acetylcholinesterase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down acetylcholine. By inhibiting the production of this enzyme, Huperzine A is able to indirectly increase acetylcholine availability in the brain, leading to more clarity of thought, more focus, and longer attention spans.

The problem?

Huperzine A requires regular cycling to allow your acetylcholine levels to return to normal.

Taking cholinergics to maximize acetylcholine levels is one thing; interfering with the brain’s acetylcholine regulation systems is quite another.

Long-term, uninterrupted Huperzine A use is associated with side effects including headaches, drowsiness, lack of motivation, and poor focus. These side effects get worse the longer you use it for without a break, and they are more pronounced at higher doses. 

This isn’t a serious issue, but it does mean that you need to stop using Procera XTF every 4-5 weeks for 7 days to allow your acetylcholine regulation to kick back in. 


Huperzine A Procera XTF Review


Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is another effective natural nootropic.

It is intimately involved in energy metabolism. It supports the function and integrity of your mitochondria; the engines of your cells. That means more efficient energy metabolism for your brain cells, which in turn means enhanced cognitive function. 

However, this is very much a background, supporting ingredient. You will not notice significant improvements in memory, mental energy, or mental stamina from 750mg of ALCAR. Many supplementation advisers recommend using as much as 2g per day to achieve desired results. 

Of course, 750mg is better than the serving we get from most nootropic stacks. Yet in our opinion it is a poor choice for one of the three main ingredients in a stack designed to deliver significant cognitive improvements.


procera XTF ALCAR content


Vinpocetine is a very interesting ingredient found in a growing number of brain supplements.

It is not a new substance by any means; it has been used for various purposes for hundreds, if not thousands of years. But its nootropic properties are a relatively recent discovery, and they seem to be really quite potent. 

For instance, this study found that 10-40mg of vinpocetine taken twice per day was able to reduce reaction time in healthy, female volunteers.

Interestingly, the researchers from this same study also looked at the effect Vinpocetine had on memory, and concluded: “memory as assessed using the Sternberg technique was found to be significantly improved following treatment with vinpocetine 40 mg when compared to placebo”.

Studies looking at Vinpocetine and cognitive decline have found that the herbal extract is able to attenuate some symptoms of age-related memory loss. At least one study has looked at patients suffering from poor cerebral circulation in particular, and vinpocetine was found to help significantly. 

Again though, we have a dosing problem. 

The 7.5mg found in Procera XTF is miniscule compared to the doses being used in these studies.

This may be acceptable if Vinpocetine is acting as a peripheral, supporting ingredient, but in Procera XTF it is one of the three main ingredients. 


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Extreme Focus Blend

The extreme focus blend sounds incredibly potent, but it is anything but in reality. 

This blend is 300mg in total, which needs to be split between 4 ingredients. It mostly contains ingredients that have been picked for their caffeine content.

So why not just use caffeine itself and tell us how much we get from each serving?

All we are told is that the green tea extract is standardized at 50% caffeine, while the green coffee bean extract and the guarana seed extracts are both standardized at 36% caffeine. 

Caffeine is caffeine.

We cannot make this point clearly enough.

It doesn’t matter if it’s from green tea, or coffee, or guarana; it’s the same compound, with the same structure, and it works in exactly the same way.

Procera XTF review guarana content

If it didn’t have the same structure, it wouldn’t be called caffeine. 

The caffeine you get from guarana is no different to the caffeine you get from green tea. Guarana contains more caffeine on a weight for weight basis, sure, but that is completely irrelevant when selecting ingredients for a supplement. What matters then is the potency and the amount being used.

In any case, since none of the ingredients are 100% caffeine, and the total blend size is 300mg (with rhodiola rosea to account for too), you are unlikely to get a serious energy boost from Procera XTF. 

Some very high quality nootropic energy supplements contain 150mg of straight caffeine.

This is more than could feasibly be in Procera XTF, with the added bonus that you know exactly how much caffeine you are consuming each day. 

That you have no idea how much caffeine you are actually consuming each time you take Procera XTF is a serious problem. The main issue is that it makes the side effects risk completely incalculable. Another issue is that it prevents you from learning about your own caffeine tolerance. We will discuss this more in the side effects section.

Any genuinely neutral Procera XTF review needs to recognise that this “extreme focus blend” can only conceivably deliver 100mg or so of caffeine. This is just slightly more than a large cup of coffee. The likelihood of them actually providing even this much is low; why else would they hide it?

That the caffeine comes from 3 sources is irrelevant. 

The Rhodiola Rosea content should help keep you calm during times of peak stress and cognitive demand. If you are likely to be in a stressful, mentally strenuous situation, rhodiola rosea has been shown in numerous clinical trials to be effective at keeping anxiety levels low. Since anxiety seriously hinders cognitive performance, this is a major benefit.

But like all natural nootropics, rhodiola rosea is dose-dependent. 

50mg will make a huge difference to your cognitive function. 

5mg will do very little. 

Great, so how much is in the Procera XTF “extreme focus blend”?

Your guess is as good as ours. 


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Procera XTF Side Effects

It’s difficult to talk about the likely side effects of any supplement which masks its true formula behind a proprietary blend.

The chances that a substance will cause side effects in any user is dependent on the quantities in question. That much is obvious to anyone, including the manufacturers.

They know full well that caffeine doesn’t necessarily cause side effects, the same way alcohol wont necessarily make you drunk. A small sip of light beer wont get you hammered. A small cup of tea wont give you insomnia. Serving sizes matter. 

Procera XTF contains caffeine (from various sources), but we have no idea how much. 

Granted, one of the main problems with this supplement is how weak it seems to be. It is highly unlikely that the “extreme focus blend” contains enough caffeine to give you a significant energy kick.

But there is still a great deal of uncertainty there. When it comes to user safety and comfort, uncertainty is a terrible thing. 

The Huperzine A content also makes the risk of side effects greater. 

Huperzine A requires regular cycling. If you do not take regular breaks to let your acetlcholinesterase levels return to normal, you will begin to experience a range of side effects, including headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, and diminishing cognitive function!

Most of the Procera XTF reviews we have seen neglect to mention this, and the box itself makes no mention of regular breaks from usage. 

There is always an element of risk when using natural nootropic substances. Nothing is 100% safe. Everyone has their own intolerance levels, allergies, and so on. Talk to your doctor before using a new supplement, particularly when it contains indeterminate amounts of caffeine, or substances which interfere with enzyme production. Procera XTF contains both, so take care!


Procera XTF Review Conclusion

We knew how our Procera XTF review was going to end when we realized that the product was essentially a re-packaging of AVH. 

The three main ingredients in this supplement are effective natural nootropic substances when dosed and used correctly. 

However, they are not what we would call ‘main ingredients’. They have limited power when it comes to genuinely enhancing memory, focus, clarity, and mental stamina. 

There is no cholinergic. Huperzine A is used for raising acteylcholine levels, but this substance requires regular breaks and has an elevated side effects risk. Any standard cholinergic would have been a better choice for this stack. 

There is nothing extreme about the “extreme focus blend”.

It is simply caffeine collected from various sources for seemingly no reason other than to make the blend sound more exotic or complicated than it really is, or rather, than it needs to be.

Caffeine is caffeine, and we would prefer to know how much caffeine we’re getting in each capsule. So would every intelligent supplement user.

To put it into a single sentence: this supplement is unlikely to give you what it says it will. 

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and effective natural nootropic, check out our top rated stacks. Procera XTF seems to be all bark and very little bite. 

Procera XTF Review – Extreme Focus Nootropic?
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