8.0 /10


7.8 /10

Side Effects

7.5 /10


  • If consumed sensibly then side effect risks will be low
  • Contains some very good ingredients at reasonable doses
  • Should boost cognition significantly above baseline


  • Very low dose of Alpha-GPC for a "piracetam alternative"
  • Huperzine A means cycling is necessary - breaks limit potential of other ingredients
  • Re-branded NooCube!


Piracetol Review Summary

Piracetol is absolutely identical to NooCube; a popular natural nootropic stack that remains a big player in the nootropics market today. These two products are made by the same company: Wolfson Berg Ltd.

Piracetol is simply taking this successful formula and trying to reach a new market by associating their product with Piracetam; a powerful, synthetic brain drug.

This kind of marketing, where you make your prodcut sound like an illegal substance, is pretty cynical in our opinion. However, it is definitely good to see industry actors trying to get peopel away from harmful synthetic smart drugs.

Where To Buy Piracetol

Piracetol has a dedicated website you can purchase from. If you were contemplating buying Piracetol, you might want to check out NooCube first – the original!

Full Piracetol Review

With a name like Piracetol, we’re immediately aware of what we’re dealing with here.

Clearly, the name is supposed to draw an immediate association between this supplement and Piracetam. That is what the manufacturers are hoping people do at any rate.

Indeed, if we visit the Piracetam website, we see that it is sold as a “safe piracetam alternative”.


Piracetol review


The website stresses that Piracetol is a safe, all-natural, side effect free nootropic that provides similar benefits to Piracetam but without the risks (short or long term).

More specicially, the manufcaturers make some specific promises on the website:

  • Heighten concentration and focus
  • Improve memory and learning
  • Enable better communication
  • Improve multitasking
  • Increase mental energy

Who is Piracetol supposedly for?

Well, as you might imagine, the website claims that it is ideally suited to everybody, especially people who may be considering Piracetam:



Piracetol piracetam replacement claims


This does certainly sound impressive.

We think it is indeed very commendable to try to get people to consider a natural alternative to Piracetam.

Associating your product with such a nasty and potentially dangerous supplement isn’t ideal, of course. It’s usually a dirty trick meant to spin a fast buck out of gullible people.

But we don’t think that’s what’s happening here.

We think these guys are genuinely trying to get people to use a safer, and potentially just as effective, alternative to things like Piracetam and Noopept.

Substances like Noopept and Piracetam may be incredibly popular, but they are also extremely dangerous. We strongly advise you to read our decdicated articles on both Noopept and Piracetam before you consider using these suynthetic brain drugs.

So, all we need to find out now is if these claims are legit!

Does Piracetol work?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to other stacks on the market today?

Find the answers to these questions and more in our full Piracetol review below! If you ahve any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section at the end.

Piracetol Formula

Here is the Piracetol formula as it appears on the label:


Piracetol formula


Look familiar at all?

It might look extremely familiar if you were aware of the most exciting stacks that came out last year.

We noticed right away that this formula looks a lot like another natural nootropic.

Then we checked and saw that it wasn’t “a lot like” it at all; it is identical to the NooCube formula.

See for yourself – here is the NooCube formula:


Piracetol NooCube formulas identical


See, absolutely identical.

This isn’t one of those scam private label supplements though. not at all.

If you look closely at the label, you’ll see that both Piracetol and NooCube are made by the same company; Wolfson Berg Ltd.

These guys are based in Cyprus, and it seems that they only offer two nootropics; NooCube and Piracetol.

Why would these guys do this?

Why not just focus all efforts on one supplement?

Well, there could be a very good and a very worrying answer to that question.

The worrying answer would be to try again with the same product after your first attempt failed.

But we don’t think this is what’s happening here because NooCube is still doing well.

Much more likely is that the manufcaturers have realized that many people are currently using Piracetam, Aniracetam, and Noopept, when they have no real need to.

There are lots of people who use dangerous synthetic brain drugs when everything they are hoping to achieve can be achieved with well-formulated natural nootropic stacks.

These people may be put off stacks like NooCube because they sound too flimsy, when in fact they can deliver real, noticeable, lasting benefits.

Rebranding the stack as Piracetol is therefore a very clever way to reaching this niche audience.


-Can You Boost Creativity Naturally?-

What About The Piracetol Formula? Is It Any Good?

Since we’ve covered the formula in great detail in our NooCube review, we suggest that you simply check that out if you want to learn about Piracetol’s ingredients, how they work, and how the formula could be better.

We’ve outlined our favorite things about this formula and the areas we think it could improve in our NooCube review.

Check it out before you dive right into Piracetol.


-Why Natural Nootropics?-

Piracetol Review Conclusion

Piracetol is absolutely identical to NooCube.

This isn’t an instance of private label scamming again.

The two supplements are actually owned by the same company.

What is most likely happening here is that the manufacturers are trying to expand their products appeal without changing the formula or without offering a complrely new formula.

Indeed, it would be silly to change the immensely popular NooCube formula to make it more appealing to a few extra people.

While we don’t like it when manufacturers try to trick customers into thinking that their products are like illegal, synthetic drugs when they aren’t.

However, Piracetam has very limited potential for most people, and it can be counter-productive.

So NooCube would indeed be a very good alternative to Piracetam.

Offering both NooCube and Piracetol, and marketing them through different channels, is therefore a cynical but undeniably clever tactic.

If you want to learn more about Piracetol, its formula, what it contains, the doses, and the dangers, then check out our NooCube review. The formulas are identical so there is no point repeating the review here again.

Piracetol Review – Natural Piracetam Alternative?
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