Brain Doctor

Brain Doctor

Value for Money

4.0 /10

Formula Rating

3.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

4.0 /10


  • Generic white label formula
  • Low quality prop blend
  • COuld be 99% licorice for all we know!


Optimal Life Brain Doctor Review Summary

This product uses the exact same formula as our recently reviewed Prime Labs Advanced Neuro Plus, as well as Huntington Labs Neuro Health. In fact, it uses the same formula as tens of other nootropics sold through Amazon.

Why? That’s simple. They’re all buying their blends ‘off the rack’, ready-made, for ‘private label’ use.

A wholesaler somewhere has some ingredient lying around that nobody wants. They’re using private label blends to get rid of them. Individuals are using them to grab your cash. Don’t fall for it!


Where To Buy Optimal Life Brain Doctor

Like all nootropics obviously following the ‘Amazon Method’, Optimal Life Brain Doctor is sold exclusively through Amazon. You wont find this in your local supp store!



Full Optimal Life Brain Doctor Review


Optimal Life Brain Doctor is a nootropic supplement that has just appeared online.

It isn’t very popular right now. As far as we can tell, it has only just been listed on Amazon, where it seems to be sold exclusively. It isn’t widely used, and there aren’t many professional Optimal Life Brain Doctor reviews out there (and no good ones in our opinion).

So what’s this stack trying to achieve?

What does Optimal Life Brain Doctor claim to do?



The bottle says that Brain Doctor “supports brain, memory, and focus”.

The Amazon merchant page lists the following key benefits:

  • Boost intelligence
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Improve mood
  • Support memory
  • Provides the brain with optimal nutrients

The first claim here is completely misleading.

No supplement can “boost intelligence”.

If intelligence is understood as a measurement of IQ, then your intelligence is going to stay pretty much stable over the course of your life.

Significant increases in IQ aren’t thought to be achievable (although a serious head injury might be a good way to significantly¬†lower your IQ).

As such, the “real life Limitless Pills!” you see advertised online are all fake, as we explain in this article.

But a high quality nootropic supplement can support memory function, improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and boost energy.

So is Optimal Life Brain Doctor able to do any of these things?

Does it work safely?

How does it compare to our current top rated nootropics?

Find out by reading our full Optimal Life Brain Doctor review below. We’ll start, as always, by looking at the ingredients, the serving sizes; only then can we see what’s really going to happen when people use this stack.



Optimal Life Brain Doctor Formula

Here is the Optimal Life Brain Doctor formula:





Lots of nootropics use this exact same formula.

Check out our recently reviewed Huntington Labs Neuro Health, for one example.

We have explained multiple times before what is going on here, and we have gone into it in great detail in this article.

We strongly advise you to read our full article on private/white label scams before continuing.

There are many private label formulas on Amazon at the minute, and knowing how to spot them can really help save you time and money.

But to give a brief explanation, individuals are purchasing pre-made blends from wholesalers for very little money. They’re buying them ‘private label’, which is when you can use your own branding on the product.

They are having the manufacturer apply their labels as the bottles roll off the production line, and then just shipping them to an Amazon warehouse.

You pay premium prices for a generic blend full of ingredients a manufacturer wanted to get rid of.

Not good!



Brain Doctor Formula

As we’ve discussed this formula at length literally dozens of times now, we wont get into it in too much detail here.

The prople who sell this blend in one form or another all point to the fact that it contains some great brain boosters.

Indeed it does, but we have no idea how they are dosed.

For instance, for Bacopa monnieri to work properly, it would need to be dosed at about 150mg – and that would be assuming a high quality extract.

Do you think this one ingredient is dosed at about a quarter of the whole blend size?

If it is, what does that mean for the other ingredients?

These questions don’t have good answers.

Things get much worse when you realize that most of the ingredients in here are utterly useless for boosting cognitive function.

A lot of them are useless full stop.


Brain Doctor ingredients largely useless


There isn’t a single reason to believe that Olive Leaf can help your memory, mood or focus.

There aren’t any studies even examining Olive Leaf for this purpose, let alone proving that it works!

For all we know, the vast majority of this formula could be Olive Leaf.

Why would you risk paying good money for 600mg of ground-up Olive Leaf?

Or Licorice Root?

Or Bilberry Fruit?

Prop blends never make for a wise choice when so many other stacks display their individual ingredient serving sizes on the label for all to see.

When they contain garbage like this, you should stay well away!


-Why You Should Meditate For Cognitive Function-


Optimal Life Brain Doctor Review Conclusion – Worth A Try?

This is, in our opinion, a terrible choice for anyone looking to ehance their cognitive performance through supplementation.

If you haven’t read our full Optimal Life Brain Doctor review, then we urge you to at least go and check out the section on white/private label rip-off blends.

This blend is used by tons of nootropics; all of them sold exclusively through Amazon.

All of them are rip-offs – don’t fall for it.

Prop blends are a bad choice at the best of times. This blend in particular is terrible.

Useless ingredients.

Mass produced.


We think you can do a lot better. If you want to genuinely improve your memory, give your mood a lift, and increase your concentration, then opt for a more professional nootropic stack, check out some of our advice articles, and stay away from garbage like this!

Optimal Life Brain Doctor Review – Scam Brain Pill
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