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4.0 /10

Formula Rating

3.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

4.0 /10


  • Pathetic mineral stack
  • Scam private label formula
  • Nootropic blend full of obvious fillers


NeuroVault Review Summary

This is a scam nootropic – there’s no other way to say it. It’s not hard to spot all the products using the same formula anymore, since most of them use exactly the same label too! NeuroVault contains the same pathetic vitamin and mineral blend as dozens of other nootropics sold through Amazon. The rip-off proprietary blend contains useless herbal extracts that do nothing for cognition. For all you know, they could make up 90% of the blend.

Needless to say, the full NeuroVault review you’ll find below is not positive. We think this is a terrible option for anybody, regardless of what you’re trying to achieve. Even if for some reason you liked the formula, you could probably just buy the same formula elsewhere for a few dollars less. But we think it should be avoided full stop.


Where To Buy NeuroVault

All of these generic, private label scam nootropics are sold through Amazon as it makes storage and delivery easy without the need to invest int he product. 



Full NeuroVault Review


The vast majority of you will have found your way to this NeuroVault review after seeing this nootropic stack on Amazon. It isn’t sold in any major supplement retail stores, and it isn’t advertised independently. That is normally a pretty bad sign, but we’ll stay open minded.

So what is NeuroVault supposed to do?

How does it differ to every other stack on the market right now?


Oasis Herbals NeuroVault review


The Amazon merchant page is run by Oasis Herbals. They don’t have an official website, so we’ll use the Amazon merchant page as the most reliable source of information.

The motto of NeuroVault is “unlock your code”. Kind of meaningless, but whatever. If we look at the merchant page, we see that this stack is said to deliver a range of key nootropic benefits:

  • Razor sharp focus
  • Enhanced memory function
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • “Enhance mind IQ”

Now, we don’t know what “mind IQ” is or how it differs from regular IQ, but we’ll assume Oasis Herbals are just a bit confused here and they mean the same thing. 

Increasing your Intelligence Quotient is practically impossible. IQ seems to be a very stable trait over the course of a life time. You can make yourself more disciplined, better read, and you can learn to use your intellect properly. But actually increasing your IQ is out of the question as far as modern neuroscience is concerned. There is no such thing as a “pill that makes you smarter“.

But we’re not going to come down too harshly on a bit of liberal marketing.

Oasis Herbals also make a bit deal out of the anti-depressant properties of NeuroVault:


How NeuroVault nootropic works


Sounds very interesting. To our knowledge, there are very few effective, natural anti-depressants out there. Of course, if you actually have clinically diagnosed depression, you should follow the advice of your doctor. But if you are just experiencing some anxiety and stress, which in turn is killing your mood, some natural supplements can help.

But can NeuroVault?

Does this nootropic work as described?

Is it safe?

Is NeuroVault worth the money? How does it compare to other stacks on the market right now?

Below you will find a thorough review of Oasis Herbals NeuroVault. We begin, as always, by looking at the formula; what ingredients does it contain, how are they dosed, and how well do they work together? If you finish the review and have any questions, please post them in the comments section at the end.



NeuroVault Formula

Check out the NeuroVault formula:


Analysis NeuroVault formula



Scam Alert!

We’re sorry to say that NeuroVault is a scam nootropic.

This supplement is a product of the ‘Amazon method‘ – a get rich quick scheme whereby you purchase the right to add your labels to a pre-made formula and utilize the “Fulfilled by Amazon” program.

So you pay a wholesaler to add your custom branding to the labels as they roll of the production line (5 minutes with Photoshop can do it). The wholesaler will deliver the bottles to Amazon, who handle storage, ads and shipping. You can then just wait until you sell out and have another order automatically placed with the wholesaler.

The giveaway is that the wholesalers offering up these ‘private label’ blends will sell them to an unlimited number of different people. So we end up with countless nootropics all using the same cheap, low quality, mass produced formula.

All of them pretend to be unique products.

All pretend to be “premium” nootropics.

And they’re all lying.

Some examples should show you exactly what we’re talking about.

Take a look at the Advanced Neuro Plus formula:


Advanced Neuro Plus formula


And the formula for Optimal Life Brain Doctor, which we recently reviewed:



Not only are these stacks all using the EXACT SAME formula.

They’re using the same labels too! This is an obvious hallmark of the ‘Amazon method’ – wholesalers will ask for custom branding to put on the empty space of the label, but they’ll keep the label template the same. That makes things nice and easy (and cheap) on their end.

Needless to say, you should stay well away from scam stacks like these. In buying NeuroVault all you’ll be doing is lining the pockets of some kid sitting on a beach in Thailand and lumbering yourself with a cheap, generic stack.



What About The Ingredients?

If a wholesaler is willing to sell a pre-made blend to literally anybody for ‘private label’ use, do you think it is going to be a market-leading product?

Of course not.

Do you think their pre-made blend is going to be the highest quality product they’re capable of producing?


We think it’s much more likely that private label blends are a wholesalers way of getting rid of excess product.

They are a good way to make sure that you don’t end up with spoiled stock.

They’re a good way to establish market share without giving away the premium blends that will make you the most money.  

These assumptions fit very well with what we see when we look at the NeuroVault label.


Copper dosing NeuroVault flaws


For example, just look at the laughable vitamin and mineral blend.

Each serving of NeuroVault provides 12% of your RDI of Magnesium.



Your brain will be shifting into 5th gear in no time with that kind of dosing.

Magnesium isn’t thought to have any nootropic properties to speak of. It isn’t a particularly important mineral for brain function (although it has other uses of course). But even if it did, 12% of your RDI isn’t going to do anything.

The same thing could be said about many ingredients in NeuroVault’s vitamin and mineral stack:

  • Iron – 6% of RDI
  • Copper – 3% of RDI
  • Vitamin D – 25% of RDI

Absolutely pathetic doses. 


Cinnamon bark NeuroVault ingredients


The actual nootropic blend is even worse.

You should avoid proprietary blends at the best of times. There’s no good reason to use them – the only time manufacturers hide their individual ingredient serving sizes is when they know they’ll put you off buying the product.

But you should definitely avoid prop blends that contain totally useless ingredients which could easily be used to ‘bulk out’ or fill up the blend at very little cost.

Just look at some of the garbage in this blend; Licorice Root; Olive Leaf; Cinnamon…

Sounds more like a recipe than a nootropic stack!

None of these ingredients are known to have nootropic properties.

They don’t enhance cognition in any way.

Licorice root doesn’t do anything at all for memory, focus, or mood, and yet it could easily make up 99% of the NeuroVault nootropic blend.

The same is true of so many ingredients in NeuroVault.

Even if no single ingredient constitutes the majority of the blend, there are so many useless ingredients in here that together they could easily make up 90% or more of the nootropic formula.

This should be a no brainer.


-How Does Cholesterol Hurt Cognitive Function?-


NeuroVault Review Conclusion – Total Rip-Off

If you’ve read our full NeuroVault review, then you really shouldn’t have too many questions about this one. 

What we have here is a cut and dry scam.

NeuroVault is not a unique nootropic stack. It isn’t the premium memory and focus enhancer that Oasis Herbals want you to believe it is. 

It is a total rip-off. 

The NeuroVault formula is a private label product which you can buy from a wholesaler at very low cost and just apply your own branding to afterwards. We’ve explained this in more detail above. Oasis Herbals are probably some guy, perhaps the same guy behind the other nootropics using this formula. Who knows?

What we know is that the formula itself is of very poor quality.

It won’t enhance memory.

It won’t reduce anxiety.

It won’t boost your focus, mental clarity, or anything else.

It is not good value.

The mineral blend is a joke, and the nootropic blend contains several extracts that are clearly acting as ‘fillers’ – bulking out the formula to keep the costs to a minimum. 

Why else do manufacturers use a prop blend?


Oasis Herbals NeuroVault Review – Scam Nootropic!
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