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Neutropix Review Summary

This is just another case of a product hiding a weak formula behind a proprietary blend.

Neutropix’s 8 ingredients are all lumped together in a single 777mg proprietary blend. Some of these ingredients require more than 300mg to really have any positive effect on cognition. Others could easily act as cheap fillers, allowing the manufacturer to keep costs low while making it appear as though the value is high. 

If manufacturers don’t want us to make such assumptions, they should tell us exactly what we’re getting in each serving. If you’re looking for a natural, reliable nootropic stack representing good value for money, look elsewhere.

Where To Buy Neutropix

If possible, always buy directly form the manufacturer. Buying from third party merchants like Amazon leaves you open to all sorts of troubles. 


Full Neutropix Review


Neutropix is made by Nutratech, producers of the immensely popular AtraFen weight loss pill, along with a wide range of other supplements. At the time of writing, their range includes male enhancement pills, joint relief supplements, probiotics, and sleep aids.

Neutropix is one of two dedicated memory and focus supplements offered by Nutratech; the other is called Ampedrin, which we will review in due course. Since their other products have received so much attention (a lot of it negative) from professional review sites of various sorts, we thought it was about time we did a comprehensive Neutropix review. 

So what is Neutropix all about?


Nutratech Neutropix Review


According to Nutratech, Neutropix is a “meticulously researched, developed, and perfected stimulant free concentration and mental performance supplement”. 

The manufacturers make some more specific claims about what Neutropix is able to do on the product’s dedicated merchant page. According to them:

“Neutropix works quickly at first dose to display noticeable benefits as well as gradually over time to positively affect memory, concentration, focus, alertness, reduce brain fog and support general mental function and health long term.”

Our regular readers will know full well that no natural nootropic substances begin to produce significant benefits right away. That’s just not how they work.

Sure, some caffeine pills give you an instant kick, and that’s fine.

But things like memory, learning capacity, attention span; all of this takes time to develop.

The supplements that actually support these cognitive functions also take a long time to really make a significant difference. You don’t even know that they’re working at first, but when you compare yourself to how you were 3-6 months down the line, the difference can be huge.

Neutropix seems to be focused more than anything on focus and concentration, but it claims to do so without using stimulants.

If they can really deliver on this, then that would be impressive.

So let’s find out if Nutratech can back up their claims. Can Neutropix really deliver immediate improvements in focus, clarity and memory?

Does it also promote long term cognitive enhancement?

Is it worth the price tag?

Most importantly, is there anything better out there?

Here is our full Neutropix review. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section below and we will endeavor to get back to you within a few days.


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Neutropix Formula Review

The first place we look when evaluating a product’s worth is the formula. You can hype a supplement as much as you want, but if the ingredients aren’t there to back it up, then you can put it back on the shelf and keep looking. 

Here is the Neutropix formula as it appears on the label:


Nutratech Neutropix Formula Review


Neutropix uses a gelatin capsule, and as such, it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Using vegetable cellulose isn’t expensive any more, so why manufacturers continue to use gelatin is beyond us.


That’s right; yet another small, over-stretched proprietary blend.

Neutropix is the latest in a long line of natural nootropic stacks we have reviewed recently which have chosen to list their formula as a single, homogeneous proprietary blend. 

Such is the sorry state of today’s brain supplement industry.

What’s the problem with proprietary blends? 

There are several problems with supplements that fail to divulge their individual ingredient serving sizes.

The most fundamental is the fact that all ingredients are dose dependent. We’ll use a Neutropix ingredient to explain.

Bacopa monnieri can have a profound effect on memory function, but only if you take about 150mg per day or more, and that is assuming that the bacoside levels are high. 

If you take 100mg per day, the effects will be less pronounced.

If you take less than 20mg per day, you are unlikely to notice any positive effects at all. 

As Neutropix lists its Bacopa monnieri content as part of a proprietary blend, we have no idea how much we are getting per serving, so we have no way of predicting how well the ingredients will work for us. 

Neutropix uses a bacopa extract which is 20% bacosides (the things which make bacopa such a powerful natural nootropic. Some of the leading stacks use an extract that is more than double that strength. So much for Nutratech’s commitment to using only the highest quality, purest ingredients!

Another problem is that proprietary blends prevent you form using your past experiences to make buying decisions today.

Say for instance you had some very severe side effects when using 100mg of Ginkgo biloba. But you found that 50mg produced no side effects whatsoever. You know that any more than 50mg will give you side effects.

You have no idea how much is in Neutropix, so you can’t make an informed, reasonable buying decision. 

Likewise, they prevent you from learning anything form your current stack, because you don’t know what the main ingredients are!


Nutratech Neutropix Proprietary Blend Review


There are literally thousands of supplement manufacturers who manage to list every ingredient’s serving size on the label. They don’t go out of business, nobody steals their formula, and they make a lot of money each and every year.

So why do some manufacturers use them still?

More often than not, the answer is to hide how cheap their supplement really was to produce. Which leads us neatly on to glutamine…


Glutamine As ‘Filler’ In Neutropix?

Any genuinely honest Neutropix review needs to address the presence of potential filler ingredients in the formula. 

The Neutropix proprietary blend contains both Glutamine and Carnitine (as ALCAR). 

These two amino acids do indeed have some really interesting properties relating to cognitive function. They are common ingredients in health supplements today, and many people take them independently for various reasons. 

Yet the presence of these two ingredients in a single, large, over-stuffed proprietary blend really does worry us, which is why we are keen to make a big point of it in our Neutropix review. 


Neutropix ingredients glutamine and alcar


Both ALCAR and Glutamine need to be taken in large amounts in order to have any noticeable effect on cognitive performance.

Because they are usually taken in amounts ranging from 500mg to 2.5g, they are both relatively cheap to buy in large amounts. Glutamine is actually sometimes taken in amounts as large as 5g (for bodybuilding purposes). It is very cost-effective to buy glutamine in bulk. 

It is therefore easily possible for both of these ingredients to be used as ‘filler’ ingredients. We explained above how manufacturers sometimes use proprietary blends to disguise the fact that their supplement is 90+% filler. When we see a proprietary blend (especially such a small one), and both ALCAR and Glutamine listed in the formula, we become very skeptical. 

Taking less than 500mg of either of these ingredients is practically pointless. The entire Neutropix blend size is 692mg. You do the math.


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Neutropix Ingredients – Do They Work?

As we say at every given opportunity, whether or not an ingredient will work and how well it works depends on how much we are talking about.

Will 100mg of caffeine anhydrous give you a sharp energy kick? Certainly.

Will 1mg? Of course not.

So does caffeine boost mental energy? Yes and no; it depends on the dose in question. 

In any case, we’ll discuss some of the Neutropix ingredients in more detail so you can get a feel for what this supplement could in theory deliver.

To its credit, Neutropix contains some good natural nootropic substances.


Neutropix ingredients review Bacopa monnieri


Bacopa monnieri is known to significantly improve memory function in as little as 6 weeks (assuming dosage is correct).

Ginkgo biloba improves cerebral blood flow, allowing for greater, more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells.

Ginkgo’s ability to improve brain blood flow without raising systemic blood pressure is why it is now being studied by researchers interested in age-related cognitive decline. Many people believe that age-related memory loss is in some cases partly related to poor blood flow to certain areas of the brain. Substances like Ginkgo biloba could help attenuate symptoms. Of course, more research is needed here. 

Phosphatidylserine is another great ingredient. 

This fat-like amino acid derivative is found in large concentrations in the human brain. Ensuring that you consume enough of the raw building blocks of neural tissue is a very good way to ensure long-term brain health

There are, however, things we like less about the ingredients in Neutropix.

DMAE is nowhere near as effective a cholinergic as, say, CDP-Choline, or even choline bitartrate.

St. John’s Wort is thought to help reduce anxiety, as well as alleviating some very mild feelings of depression. However, we have never seen any convincing evidence for this. Clinical trials looking at St. John’s Wort’s efficacy in this regard are thin on the ground. We suspect it is over-hyped. 

And then of course, there’s glutamine, which we discussed above. 

Even without the proprietary blend, the Neutropix formula could be a whole lot better.


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Neutropix Side Effects

It’s ridiculous to try to talk about likely side effects when we have no idea how much of each ingredient is in Neutropix. 

Just as the effectiveness of a substance is dependent on its serving size, so too is the likelihood of it causing you unwanted side effects.

Neutropix contains substances which could feasibly cause side effects. It is unlikely that any of the most potent ingredients takes up more than half of the formula (because then the manufacturer would surely want us to know that), but it is still possible. 

DMAE in particular has the potential to cause side effects if the dosage is too high. User reports regarding DMAE have been very inconsistent. Some people report no ill-effects whatsoever, others report very pronounced effects. Others still report no effects whatsoever. 

Obviously, dosage here is key, and dosage is what we don’t know. 

When it comes to user safety and comfort, uncertainty is always to be avoided. 

It is absolutely imperative that you talk to your doctor when you start any new supplementation protocol. This is even more important when taking a supplement containing unknown quantities of strange, exotic herbal extracts that you are unlikely to have encountered before. Should you have a severe adverse reaction, your doctor needs to know what’s going on.

Never rely on medical advice you read online. Supplement manufacturers don’t know you or your body. Your regular family physician knows best.


Neutropix Review Conclusion

For those of you that have read our Neutropix review in its entirety, it wont come as a surprise to learn that we won’t be recommending this natural nootropic to our readers. 

We have read several Neutropix reviews in researching our own, and we don’t think many professional supplement review websites take the problems of a proprietary blend seriously enough. 

The Neutropix formula is 8 ingredients, some of the good, some not so good. The entire blend size is 777mg. The chances of more than one ingredient being dosed properly is very low. The chances of more than 2 ingredients being dosed sufficiently is almost 0. This problem is made worse by the presence of ALCAR and Glutamine; two potential ‘filler’s. 

All-in-all, this isn’t the supplement Nutratech made it out to be. 

Even the extract concentrations are sub par; Nutratech explicitly claim otherwise on the Neutropix merchant page. 

If you’re looking for a genuinely effective supplement to help with memory, focus and concentration, then Neutropix probably isn’t what you’re after. If you want good value for money, check out our current top 3 rated supplements. 

Nutratech Neutropix Review – Does It Really Work?
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