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        NootropX Review Summary

        A large and undifferentiated proprietary blend containing potential “filler” ingredients is never a good sign. Nor is not having a dedicated merchant or manufacturer website. 

        The Amazon reviews may well be legitimate, and this might work wonders for some people, but I would not advise anyone to invest in a nootropic stack that doesn’t give you even a rough idea of serving sizes. 

        This product contains DMAE, which is known to cause birth defects in rats. The same process may, in theory, apply to humans. It seems to be safe for users who are not breastfeeding or pregnant.


        Where To Buy NootropX

        It is only available on Amazon, which is mildly disconcerting. 


        Full NootropX Review

        This is another increasingly popular nootropic on Amazon. It’s received lots of 5-star reviews, and some of our readers are beginning to notice it pop up more-and-more in the ‘suggested items’ box. 

        Obviously, then, we need to do a thorough NootropX review. 

        According to the product’s Amazon listing, NootropX is manufactured by the Neuro Research Institute. As always, I tried to do some research on the manufacturer to see if they are a legitimate operation. 


        NootropX Review


        We simply did a search on Google maps for the address given on the bottle, and I was swiftly directed to a UPS store on a small retail park in Wilmington. 

        Some nootropics review sites have confused the Neuro Research Institute with the Neuroscience Research Institute; a Santa Barbara-based group that tries to facilitate the sharing of advances in neuroscience. 

        These are not the same two organisations. Not by any stretch of the imagination. 

        So far, things don’t look too promising for NootropX.

        However, for a lot of people, the provenance of a product doesn’t make a huge amount of difference. They don’t care if the company doesn’t have a website, nor about premises. As far as they’re concerned, all that matters is whether or not it works. 

        So, let’s take a look at NootropX, what it claims to do, and whether or not it is likely to deliver based on its formula.

        Here’s our full NootropX review. 


        NootropX Ingredients

        As I explained above, it’s actually fairly difficult to get reliable formula information about NootropX, as there is no dedicated official website and the manufacturer doesn’t appear to have an official website either. 

        So, all we have is the Amazon page. 

        Here is the formula as displayed on Amazon. It seems to be an image of the bottle’s label, so you should expect the two to match up if you buy any:


        NootropX Ingredients Review



        NootropX’s ingredients are all lumped together in on large proprietary blend. 

        This means that we can’t tell how much of each ingredient is in each serving, apart from the vitamin B12, for which precise dosage is provided. 

        Huge, homogenous proprietary blends are invariably a sign of a terrible supplement, regardless of who good some of the ingredients are, and regardless of how much a manufacturer insists that the formula is of a high quality. 

        More often than not, proprietary blends are used to disguise a paucity of effective (and expensive) ingredients, and a relative abundance of cheap, common-place or impotent “filler” ingredients. 

        Obviously, this isn’t necessarily the case with all supplements that only disclose their ingredients as a proprietary blend. It is, however, often the case that an overpriced supplement will use a proprietary blend to hide cheap production costs from the customer. 


        NootropX Nootropic Stack Supplement


        But even if a supplement was in fact full of high quality, effective nootropic ingredients worth spending your hard earned money on, it still doesn’t make any sense to buy it if all we don’t have any indication of serving sizes.


        This is true for two main reasons.


        The first, and probably the most important reason, is that you can’t use your previous experiences to inform your purchasing decisions. 

        Nootropics are fundamentally a very subjective thing; what works great for one person might not work as well for another. This is true of substances and dosages. 

        For instance, we both might respond very well to Bacopa monnieri. However, you might have tried 150mg for 6 weeks and got no benefit; you might require 250mg for a minimum of 12 weeks. 


        -Read Our Latest Nootropic Stack Reviews-


        I, on the other hand, might have used 150mg for 6 weeks and felt significant improvements in memory, recall speed, and all-round cognitive function.

        I might have tried 250mg in the past, and found that it gave me some stomach problems. 

        So while the substance works well for most people, different people, with different physiologies, might need different amounts of each substance. 

        So when looking for a pre-made nootropic stack, to use the example above, I would obviously only look for a supplement containing a minimum of 150mg and no more than 250mg. But with a proprietary blend, I can’t do that. It doesn’t mater if the manufacturer thinks the dosing is ideal, because he doesn’t know that I react poorly to over 250mg of Bacopa. I have no way of knowing if the stack is going to give me immediate digestive discomfort or not, which is ridiculous since I know exactly what my body needs through previous trial and error. 


        Nootropx Review from Natural Nootropic


        The second reason is closely related to the first; if I don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is in each serving, then there is no way to learn from my experience with that natural nootropic stack. 

        If you get great results from this stack, then you won’t properly understand why. Similarly, if you get no benefit from supplementing with NootropX at all, then you won’t know precisely why either, because you have no way of knowing which ingredients make up the bulk of the stack, and which are only present in negligible amounts. 

        Imagine you get no benefit whatsoever: Is it because you aren’t taking enough choline? Is it because theanine doesn’t do much for you? Your guess would be as good as mine. 

        If, however, you had a stack that clearly disclosed its ingredient dosages on the label, then you could use your experiences to guide future nootropic supplementation. 

        So if your memory improved slightly but you still felt tired, you could look at how much Bacopa you were taking and how much caffeine, and see if upping either of them made a difference. If your memory only improved slightly again, then you could see if there was any room to introduce more powerful cholinergics into your stack. 

        By providing only a large, undifferentiated, homogeneous proprietary blend full of potential “filler” ingredients, the makers of NootropX are really depriving their customers of something very important. 

        This product contains DMAE, which is known to cause birth defects in rats. The same process may, in theory, apply to humans. It seems to be safe for users who are not breastfeeding or pregnant.


        Should I Buy NootropX?

        A positive NootropX review is not difficult to come by on Amazon. Plenty of people are saying that this pre-made nootropic stack has worked wonders for them. I think many of these reviews will actually be real, honest people expressing a sincere appreciation for a product. 

        However, I think for most people, this stack would not be an ideal purchase. 

        Even if it works amazingly well for some, there are still too many problems with it to make it a sound purchasing decision. For one thing, a proprietary blend is usually an indicator of a cheap supplement. Even if that is not the case in this instance though, a proprietary blend would still count heavily against this product, as it limits your ability to learn from your experience with the substances contained therein.

        Not only does a proprietary blend rob you of important information that is of fundamental value to a nootropics user, but the blend itself seems poorly conceived. 

        There are plenty of stacks on the market that do tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you are taking.

        There are plenty of stacks that do have reputable merchant websites.

        And there are plenty of stacks with more balanced, effective, and in my opinion, much better formulas.

        I would advise anyone looking to enhance their cognitive performance, or to enhance their memory, to seek only the best natural nootropic substances to achieve that aim. Unfortunately, NootropX is not one of them.


        NootropX Review
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