Nootropeak ATTACK

Nootropeak ATTACK

Value for Money

6.0 /10

Formula Rating

7.7 /10

Risk of Side Effects

4.5 /10


  • Contains some good ingredients
  • Alpha-GPC one of the best cholinergics we know of


  • Doses could be better in key areas - Alpha-GPC dose too low!
  • Serious side effect concerns
  • Limited in scope; could do more!

Nootropeak ATTACK Review Summary

Nootropeak ATTACK is described as an “extreme cognitive enhancer”. If you read our full Nootropeak ATTACK review, however, you’ll learn that this isn’t a fair description.

Nootropeak ATTACK contains some great nootropics, but there is nothing extreme about it. The doses could be more generous in some areas, and it could touch on more aspects of cognition.

The ingredients in here are good, but they are found in lots of stacks on the market today. Many of our top rated supplements provide these ingredients and a lot more on top.

Where To Buy Nootropeak ATTACK

We recommend buying Nootropeak ATTACK directly from the manufacturer.


Full Nootropeak ATTACK Review

We haven’t touched on any Nootropeak products on this site yet. This Nootropeak ATTACK review will be the first of their line to receive our attention.

We certainly should have covered these guys before now. They have been around for a little while, and they have a relatively popular, fairly diverse range on offer.

We can’t find an independent website for Nootropeak, which is a little worrying.


Nootropeak ATTACK review


We detect some immitation of Nootrobox in their branding. Their name is similar, their packaging is similar, and their product range seems remarkably similar.

That is all we’ll say on that matter. We don’t want to get involved in any future spats between the two companies, should they arise!

Nootropeak ATTACK is described as an “extreme cognitive enhancer”.

According to the official Amazon merchant page, it is able to deliver the following cognitive enhancements:

  • Increased focus
  • Greater motivation
  • Better memory function
  • More mental drive

These are all great benefits. But can Nootropeak ATTACK really give you all of these enhancements at the same time?

What are the side effect risks like?

Is there anything better able to deliver these benefits?

Find out by reading our complete Nootropeak ATTACK review below. We start off by looking at the formula, the doses used, and how the ingredients will interact with each other. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section at the end.

Nootropeak ATTACK Formula

Here is the Nootropeak ATTACK formula. We took this image from the official, Nootropeak-run Amazon merchant page:


Nootropeak ATTACK formula analysis


That’s quite an encouraging site right off the bat.

Straight away, we can see that Nootropeak ATTACK is composed entirely of proven, effective natural nootropics.

Every ingredient in this stack has serious brain boosting power.

Each of them have their own, independent nootropic properties, and they all work in slightly different ways.

When consumed together, they will no doubt bring about significant improvements in focus, mental clarity, memory function, and mental stamina.

That said, this formula is also far from perfect.

The main problem lies in the poor doses used.

The stack doesn’t touch on a lot of areas that we think every nootropic supplement should cover.

Nootropeak make a lot of claims about ATTACK, yet their formula is very limited in scope.

There are also some pretty serious side effect risks with this stack.

Let’s deal with these points individually.

Poor Dosing

There are some absolutely awesome ingredients in Nootropeak ATTACK, yet low doses prevent them from realizing their true potential.

We’re talking mainly about Alpha-GPC here.

This stuff is an incredibly short to medium term cognitive enhancer.

Alpha-GPC’s main benefit lies in its ability to confer choline to the brain. This leads to higher acetylcholine availability, and with that, higher cognitive functioning.


Alpha-GPC Nootropeak ATTACK poor dosing


Alpha-GPC has other benefits too, which we have discussed at length in this article.

This is one of the best natural nootropics out there. If we were making our own stack, we would be using spades of either this or CDP-Choline.

However, there isn’t nearly enough of the stuff in Nootropeak ATTACK.

We only get 150mg per serving.

Ideally, we’d be getting more than 200mg. Anywhere from 200-250mg would be a perfect dose to take in combination with other cognitive enhancers.

Limited Range

There’s a lot missing from Nootropeak ATTACK.

Nootropeak ATTACK works primarily by boosting acetylcholine levels and giving you a short term energy boost from caffeine.

That isn’t a bad way to appraoch cognitive enhancement, but it is certainly not the best way to appraoch it.

It is not a complete, hollistic approach; tackling multiple aspects of cognition is, in our opinion, much more effective than just ging after a single facet.

For example, there’s nothing in Nootropeak ATTACK to help combat stress.

We’re sure you’ve all suffered from performance anxiety and stress-induced brain malfunction before.

You therefore undertsand the power that anxiolytics can have; the effect they can have on your mental performance.

That Nootropeak ATTACK doesn’t provide any Tyrosine, Rhodiola rosea, or another anxiolytic is really disappointing. It would be a much stronger supplement if it did.


-Everything You Should Know About Rhodiola Rosea-

Nootropeak ATTACK Side Effect Concerns

There are some side effect concerns here.

Perhaps the most serious is Huperzine A.

Huperzine A works by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase.

This enzyme is responsible for breaking down acetylcholine; the neurotransmitter mentioned above.

it is good to elevate acetylcholine, but your brain really needs to be able to get rid of excess if levels get too high.

That is why Huperzine A needs to be carefully cycled. Users are advised to only take Huperzine A for a few weeks before taking a prolonged break. Each cycle length depends upon the dose being used and what else you are consuming.


Nootropeak ATTACK ingredient analysis Huperzine A


100mcg of Huperzine A is a pretty big dose, so cycles will need to be kept short and your breaks long.

For more information on Huperzine A and how to take it safely, read this article.

The combination of this much Huperzine A with 150mg of Alpha-GPC will just exaccerbate the problem unfortunately.

Your acetylcholine levels will rise rapidly after a few days of supplementation, and your brain will have no way to keep them under control.

This is why we generally advise using EITHER Huperzine A OR a strong cholinergic like Alpha-GPC.

Nootropeak haven’t approached the formulation of ATTACK very carefully here.

Nootropeak ATTACK also contains a hefty serving of caffeine.

We can’t overstate the potential dangers of caffeine.

Caffeine overdose can be fatal.

Caffeine raises your blood pressure and elevates your heart rate. It can cause heart arrhythmia, stroke, or cardiac arrest if you have an underlying condition making those events likely.

Less severe but equally worrying side efefcts of consuming too much caffeine include jitters, irritability, anxiety, headaches, nausea, light headedness, and insomnia.

The 100mg of caffeine in each serving of Nootropeak ATTACK is more than enough to cause side effects regardless of how high you think your tolerance may be.

If you already consume a lot of caffeine, you may want to stay away from supplements giving you even more concentrated caffeine.

We think it absolutely essential that you talk to a doctor before using a supplement like Nootropeak ATTACK. It contains unusual extracts, as well as some potentially side effect producing ingredients. Talk to a doctor before proceeding!

Nootropeak ATTACK Review Conclusion

This isn’t a bad supplement by any means.

If you’re looking for a quick focus and mental clarity boost, then Nootropeak ATTACK could be just what you’re looking for. You can certainly do a lot worse.

But as you’ll learn if you read our full Nootropeak ATTACK review, you could also do a whole lot better.

The Nootropeak ATTACK formula has quite a few weaknesses: poor dosing in a vital area, side effect risks, and a limited range of effects.

Anyone who stands to benefit from Nootropeak ATTACK would stand to benefit even moreso from a more complete, potent stack that has fewer side effect risks.

Better stacks are out there.

Nootropeak ATTACK Review – Could Be Better!
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