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        • Half the formula is good and well dosed


        • Half the formula is poorly chosen and under-dosed
        • St. John's Wort is largely un-proven
        • DMAE a poor choice of cholinergic


        Nootrolux Brain Boost Review Summary

        We were really excited when we began our Nootrolux Brain Boost review, as the formula seems like a very strong one at first glance.

        However, when we had a closer look, we found that the formula was sharply split between great nootropics at good dosages, and substances that either have no real need to be there, substances that have little to no proven nootropic properties, or substances that simply create problems of their own.

        In our opinion, your money could be better spent. 

        Where To Buy Nootrolux Brain Boost

        Nootrolux seem like a reputable manufacturer. You will always be better off buying directly from source, even if you could save a few dollars going through a third party. 


        Full Nootrolux Brain Boost Review


        Nootrolux Brain Boost is a brand new natural nootropic stack. At the time of writing, you wont find many other Nootrolux Brain Boost reviews out there.


        Nootrolux Brain Boost Review


        That’s because Nootrolux actively reached out to us and asked us to take a look at their product. Obviously, we love this kind of active, positive marketing, so we were only too happy to oblige. 

        So what is Nootrolux Brain Boost exactly?

        It is a comprehensive nootropic stack designed to help you “unleash your brain’s potential”, to use the manufacturer’s words. 

        According to the official Nootrolux Brain Boost website, this stack is able to positive affect focus, clarity, and memory. 

        Most stacks today promise to do exactly the same thing, but only a handful can actually deliver. So is Nootrolux Brain Boost one of them?

        Can this stack really improve memory function, focus and clarity? Can Nootrolux Brain Boost deliver benefits without causing side effects?

        Let’s take a closer look to find out. Here is our full Nootrolux Brain Boost review. As usual, we’ll start in the most important place; the formula itself. 


        Nootrolux Brain Boost Formula Review

        Let’s take a good look at the Nootrolux Brain Boost formula. Here is the ingredients list as it should appear on the label of any bottle that you buy. If your bottle appears to be any different, you should get in touch with the manufacturer immediately:


        Nootrolux formula analysis


        Note the gelatin capsule. Unfortunately, if you’re vegetarian, then Nootrolux Brain Boost isn’t for you. Using vegetable cellulose isn’t particularly expensive, so we really dislike it when manufacturers exclude a large portion of their potential market.


        On the whole, this looks like a solid supplement. However, there are a few things we would like to draw attention to which stop this product from being a genuinely top class nootropic. 


        The Good

        The most effective nootropic ingredient here is undoubtedly Bacopa monnieri, of which there is 100mg (20% bacosides). 100mg is a little less than we would hope to see in a top nootropic stack. 

        The low Bacopa dose is made worse by the fact that the extract is just 20% bacosides. Professional quality nootropic stacks such as Mind Lab Pro use Bacopa that has been standardized at 45% bacosides. 

        This is more important than you may realize; it’s the bacosides that give Bacopa its memory-enhancing properties. 

        We have written extensively about Bacopa monnieri on this site if you want to learn more about this amazing natural memory enhancer.

        We also have 50mg of Ginkgo biloba, which is enough to deliver improved blood flow to the brain but not so much that side effects are a serious concern. This is a great addition to the formula. 

        Nootrolux Brain Boost Nootropic Stack Contains PhosphatidylserineThe 125mg of Phosphatidylserine is also a very welcome sight. Phosphatidylserine is a phosopholipid. It is an integral component of cell membranes; that applies to brain cell membranes too. While we do get some from our diet, supplementing with phosphatidylserine is a good way to ensure that your brain has everything it needs to maintain and replenish its cells. 

        We also need to mention Vinpocetine in this section. Most of our review team were quite skeptical about this stuff at first, but over the years we have become more and more interested in its potential. 

        Vinpocetine is known to act as a powerful anti-oxidant. This alone makes it a welcome inclusion in a comprehensive nootropic stack.

        But it also has specific nootropic properties; namely, the ability to improve blood flow in a manner similar to Ginkgo biloba. It is currently very under-studied but it does seem to be effective at improving memory function. 

        The 2.5mg found in Nootrolux may be a little small, but large doses of Vinpocetine seem to be unnecessary. It is still a good inclusion. 


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        The Not So Good

        The remaining ingredients each pose their own problem, so we will deal with them separately. 

        First, we have St. John’s Wort

        That this stuff can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety is now taken as a matter of indisputable fact by many people. Supplement manufacturers and alternative medicine practitioners alike claim that St. John’s Wort is an extremely effective anxiolytic. Some go as far as to say that it can work as an anti-depressant. 


        Nootrolux Brain Boost Formula review - St John's Wort


        However, we are yet to see a shred of hard, scientific proof that St. John’s Wort is a reliable stress treatment for human beings.

        Most of the studies cited to prove its efficacy dealt with rats and used extremely large doses of very concentrated St. John’s Wort extract (reference). We need more than this before we let ourselves buy into the hype. 

        Next, there’s the Huperzine A content.

        Huperzine A is an incredibly effective natural nootropic. It inhibits the production of acetylcholinesterase, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down acetylcholine. If you’ve only just started getting into nootropics, you may not realize how important acetylcholine is. 

        Acetylcholine is a really important neurotransmitter. It is responsible for lots of processes, from signalling muscle contraction to learning, working memory, and focus. 

        By stopping acetylcholinesterase, you get more acetylcholine. More acetylcholine means more brain power, right?

        Well, not quite. 


        Huperzine A Influences Acetylcholine


        It isn’t healthy to permanently inhibit acetylcholinesterase (hereafter known as ACE) production. 

        If you simply increase your acetylcholine levels by taking something like CDP-Choline, then your body can regulate the amount if there is eventually too much. It can release ACE to keep acetylcholine levels to within normal bounds. 

        Inhibiting ACE is like taking away your safety valve. You therefore need to take regular breaks when using Huperzine A, allowing your brain to bring acetylcholine levels back down to normal, and to get you ready for your next cycle. 

        The problem is that this interrupts with the working of the other ingredients in Nootrolux Brain Boost.

        To really work properly, the likes of Ginkgo biloba and Bacopa monnieri need to be taken on a daily basis for many weeks.

        The best results really only set in after 6-12 weeks of straight supplementation.

        The benefits of stopping use for a week after 6 weeks are not lost per se, but experiencing the full potential of these substances really does require more continuous use.  

        This is not a problem unique to Nootrolux Brain Boost, but it does definitely undermine the stacks effectiveness. 

        Then we come to the Glutamine and ALCAR content. 

        To put it quite simply, we have no idea why these two ingredients have been included at all.

        Both glutamine and ALCAR do indeed have something to offer someone looking for improved cognitive function. But when taken to enhance memory, focus, or brain health, they are usually taken in amounts ranging from 300mg-600mg or more. 

        Glutamine in particular is a concern. Glutamine is found in great abundance in most people’s diet. It is found in meat, milk, eggs, bread, pasta, many vegetables; basically, you have to try to avoid it. 

        So when people use it as a supplement, they need to use larger doses. Some people take as much as 5g of Glutamine daily. This dose is normally used to boost physical performance. When taking it to boost brain power much less is needed, but you take our point. 

        The 150mg of Glutamine found in Nootrolux Brain Boost seems completely futile. 

        Finally, we come to DMAE

        We’re not huge fans of DMAE on this site, largely because we don’t think it’s as yet been proven to be a cholinergic of the same caliber as the likes of Alpha-GPC, CDP-Choline, or even Choline bitartrate. Yet it seems to carry a relatively greater risk of side effects, as well as producing other concerns such as those explored in the cited thread. 

        Those concerns may turn out to be unfounded, but they are not associated with use of more effective cholinergics. That makes the choice between DMAE and the above mentioned cholinergics a no-brainer for us. 


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        Nootrolux Brain Boost Side Effects

        The overall risk of experiencing side effects from using Nootrolux Brian Boost seems to be quite low. But that said, there are a few things to be wary of.

        First of all, you need to take regular breaks from using this nootropic stack. Nootrolux Brain Boost contains Huperzine A, which needs to be cycled for reasons explained above.

        If you fail to take a break of about a week or so to let your acetylcholine levels return to normal, you will almost invariably experience side effects ranging from mild headaches, cramping and drowsiness to impaired cognitive function and slurred speech. 

        As explained above, it is also important to monitor how you react to DMAE. If you experience any side effects resulting from DMAE use, no matter how small, you should discontinue use immediately. 

        The makers of Nootrolux Brain Boost provided some extra reassurance on their website in the form of guarantees and assurances:


        Nootrolux Side Effects Safety


        As with every new supplement, what you put into your body can have a profound effect on the way it functions. It is imperative that you tell your doctor what you are taking so that they know what’s going on should anything serious happen. You should also seek their advice on new supplements; never just take the internet for its word!


        Nootrolux Brain Boost Review Conclusion

        Overall, Nootrolux Brain Boost looks like a fairly middle-of-the-road natural nootropic. As far as ingredient selection goes, it’s a very mixed bag. If you’ve read our entire Nootrolux Brain Boost review, you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

        Half of the formula is composed of superb ingredients. Their dosages are, on the whole, great, striking a good balance between effectiveness and side effect avoidance. 

        The other half of the formula is composed of ingredients that either may as well have not been included, or which pose their own, unique problems. 

        The fact that the only cholinergic is DMAE, not to mention the fact that this is dosed at just 50mg, really holds this supplement back. 

        If you’re looking for a comprehensive, safe, reliable nootropic that will deliver real, lasting, palpable improvements in cognitive function, then your money will probably be better spent elsewhere.

        Nootrolux Brain Boost Review – Does It Really Work?
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