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        • Contains Ginkgo biloba and Bacopa monnieri


        • Proprietary blend!
        • Blend potentially stuffed with glutamine
        • Poor choice of cholinergic


        NootroBoost Review Summary

        The 727mg, 7 ingredient proprietary blend really lets this supplement down. A lot of the other NootroBoost reviews out there that you might have read do talk about the rather small proprietary blend, and this NootroBoost review is no different. 

        The ingredients in NootroBoost are, generally speaking, very good. But the presence of glutamine makes it very difficult to even guess what some of the serving sizes may be. I can’t tell you whether there is 1mg or 100mg of Bacopa monnieri in this stack, so it is pointless to begin speculating about how well it is going to work. 


        Where To Buy NootroBoost

        You are always going to have more protection as a consumer when buying directly from the manufacturer. You can order bottles of NootroBoost from the merchant page.


        Full NootroBoost Review


        NootroBoost is a brand new natural nootropic stack. It has only just come on the market, but already you will find a NootroBoost review on most of the respected nootropics review websites. That’s because the makers of NootroBoost are really investing a lot of time and money in getting their product in font of people as soon as possible. 

        That’s the kind of confidence we like to see in a nootropics manufcaturer. 

        But enough about the makers; we’re interested in NootroBoost itself. So what is NootroBoost exactly?


        NootroBoost Review


        NootroBoost is a holistic, all-in-one kind of nootropic stack. You get a clear idea of this when you look at the NootroBoost slogan: “Boost your Brain. Boost Your Life.”

        As you can see on the bottle, taking NootroBoost is supposedly able to:

        • Boost focus & concentration
        • Increase cognitive function
        • Enhance memory & clarity

        The idea is that NootroBoost will address the various aspects of cognitive function, including mood, energy, and memory, producing an overall improvement in how your brain works. 

        While it is common practice for the makers of nootropic supplement to claim that their product can improve absolutely everything about how your brain operates in a matter of hours, some products can indeed deliver all of these benefits at once. 

        Making a product that enhances memory, focus, energy, and your mood certainly takes some doing, but it is possible if you get the right substances in the right combination. 

        The question is whether or not NootroBoost has achieved this.

        Does NootroBoost really do the things it says it does? Can it really enhance memory? Will it boost your focus and concentration? What about side effects – is NootroBoost safe?

        Let’s take a closer look at this product to find out. Here’s our full NootroBoost review. 


        NootroBoost Formula Review

        Before we discuss the specifics of a nootropic supplement’s formula, you need to be able to see what we’re talking about.

        Here is a shot of the product label, as it should appear on any bottle that you buy:


        NootroBoost Ingredients Label


        That’s 8 ingredients in total.

        We usually prefer it when stacks confine themselves to 12 or fewer ingredients. This invariably allows room for the supplement to be a little more focused, a little more potent, and more likely to actually deliver on the promises made by the manufacturers.

        All too often, manufacturers are eager to impress potential customers with a long list of unusual, mysterious ingredients. We have seen stacks with as many as 20 ingredients in each capsule. In such instances, the ingredients are almost always severely under-dosed. 

        There just isn’t room in a stack with 20+ ingredients for any of the most important ingredients to really get the intention they need. In cases where they are given an appropriate portion of the formula, we always wonder why the other ingredients have been included at all. 

        But that’s not what we see with NootroBoost. We see just 8 ingredients, with no real big surprises in there. 


        NootroBoost Ingredients – Can It Deliver?

        So according to the manufacturers, this formula is supposed to deliver very specific benefits. Here is an image taken from their merchant page:


        NootroBoost Nootropic Benefits - Does It Work?


        Since the makers are so explicit about the benefits we can expect from taking NootroBoost, we expect to see the formula deal with all of these aspects of cognitive function.

        Does it?

        That answer is a resounding “maybe”. 


        Ginkgo Biloba

        Only one ingredient’s individual serving size is provided on the label, and that is Ginkgo biloba. So we have 50mg of Ginkgo biloba, which is standardized to be 24% bacosides (the stuff we’re interested in for improving cognition). 

        Ginkgo biloba is a very effective, very reliable natural nootropic agent. It works by increasing neural circulation, opening up the capillaries in and surrounding the brain, thereby allowing for a greater delivery of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells. 


        NootroBoost Ingredients Ginkgo Biloba


        We know that Ginkgo biloba works well for the vast majority of people. Take this study for instance; a double-blind, placebo-controlled study which found that Ginkgo biloba was positively associated with memory function. Similar results were observed in this trial.

        If you do some research online you can find plenty of examples of trials showing a positive relationship between Ginkgo biloba supplementation and memory function. 

        However, as with most natural nootropic substances, dosage is key. 

        If you open the two studies cited above, you’ll see that they administered a lot more than 50mg of Ginkgo biloba to their participants on a daily basis. The first study cited used 240mg per day, and the second used 180mg per day.

        Almost every study attesting to the efficacy of Ginkgo biloba as a memory-booster has used in excess of 100mg per day. This is why we expect a serious, professional-quality nootropic stack to provide a minimum of 100mg.

        Some of our top rated supplements provide double the amount of Ginkgo biloba that you find in NootroBoost, and they use a more concentrated extract.

        For instance, our current top rated stack provides 150mg of  Ginkgo biloba standardized to 45% bacosides!

        As such, we think the Ginkgo biloba content in NootroBoost isn’t anything to get excited about. 


        -Optimize Your Diet For Mental Performance-

        Proprietary Blend – Glutamine As ‘Filler’

        Unfortunately, the other NootroBoost ingredients are all lumped together in one homogeneous proprietary blend. 

        The blend as a whole is 727mg in size, and is composed of 7 ingredients. 

        No information is given as to how much of this 727mg any of the ingredients represent. This is a serious concern as the blend contains one particular ingredient which could quite easily make up the majority of the blend: glutamine.

        Glutamine, found in NootroBoost in the form of L-Glutamine HCL, is an amino acid. Most people consume reasonable amounts of glutamine every single say, as it is found in relative abundance in meat, fish, cheese, grains, and some vegetables. 


        NootroBoost ingredients review Glutamine


        Many people do supplement with glutamine in order to improve performance. Typically, glutamine is used to enhance physical performance. 

        Glutamine is found in very large amounts in human muscle tissue. Supplementing with glutamine after a particularly intense workout is thought to aid with faster recovery, thereby allowing for more frequent training, and ultimately, better performance on the field, in the gym, or in the ring.

        Now, when taken for these purposes, the recommended dose is usually between 2-5g daily. For people with particularly grueling training regimes, as much as 10g daily is sometimes recommended. 

        Glutamine supplementation does also have some noted nootropic benefits. 

        Glutamine is found in abundance in the central nervous system. In the brain, it is a precursor to the very necessary neurotransmitters glutamate and aspartate. Ensuring you have the raw materials for making enough of these neurotransmitters is probably not a bad idea.

        However, when supplementing with glutamine for this purpose, users will typically take more than 1g on a daily basis. Some users will take 3g per day. Others think glutamine offers no benefit unless taken in doses of 3g three times per day; a total of 9g daily!

        What does that tell us about the Glutamine in NootroBoost?

        It tells us that either the bulk of the formula is taken up by glutamine, or there is little point in any glutamine being in the formula at all. 


        The Fundamental Problem With Prop Blends

        There is a fundamental problem with proprietary blends which we have explained over and over again on this site since the very beginning. 

        The effectiveness of natural nootropic substances is usually very dose dependent. 

        A substance can have proven nootropic benefits, but these benefits will only become apparent at a certain dosage. This amount is usually established in clinical trials, although sometimes we need to use a combination of trial and error and second-hand reports to find out which dosage is best for us. 

        Just knowing that a substance is present is therefore completely useless information. 


        Imagine being served a drink and being told that it contains “some alcohol”. You would probably want to know how much alcohol so you can gauge how it is likely to affect you.  Then imagine the maker refuses to tell you.

        Wouldn’t you be annoyed? Would you buy the mystery alcohol drink? Or would you just go next door where they are listing their products alcohol content right there on the bottles?

        So it is with nootropics.


        It is all well and good talking about the potential benefits to memory and learning from taking Bacopa monnieri on a daily basis, but we don’t see those benefits when taking 0.1mg of the stuff. We only begin to see significant improvements in learning and memory when more than 100mg is taken every day for several weeks.

        So we need to know how much is actually in a stack before we start to wax lyrical about the amazing rewards you will reap from using the product in question. 

        Are NootroBoost’s Blend Ingredients Good?

        The ingredients in NootroBoost proprietary blend are, on the whole, solid nootropic substances. 

        If they are dosed appropriately, then the combination of Bacopa monnieri, Vinpocetine, and Phosphatidylserine will undoubtedly help support cognitive function in the long term. 

        Those three substances, if dosed correctly, should enhance memory function, reduce stress and fatigue, and support long-term brain health. That is of course assuming that they are taken for 6 weeks or more. 

        The only ingredient we would replace would really be DMAE. 

        Not only do we think DMAE has some side effects concerns (more on this below), but we think it is a sub par cholinergic. 

        The best way to boost acetylcholine levels is without question to use one of the more efficient cholinergics, such as CDP-Choline or Alpha-GPC

        Using these substances is without a doubt the best way to increase acetylcholine levels, and thereby increase brain power. It is also a more sustainable way to raise acetylcholine availability than taking Huperzine A, which requires frequent cycling.


        -Nootropics Ingredient Guide-


        NootroBoost Side Effects

        While proprietary blends make it fundamentally difficult to comment on potential side effects, we think the ingredients in NootroBoost, and the total serving size of each capsule, make it unlikely that users will experience any side effects whatsoever. 

        The ingredients in NootroBoost are generally well-tolerated when taken in sensible dosages. Few of them are known to produce serous side effects unless taken in very large amounts or by someone with an existing health condition. 

        The only exception here is DMAE bitartrate

        Lots of people do use DMAE on a daily basis and experience no ill-effects whatsoever. 

        However, we have seen plenty of user reports saying that DMAE caused side effects while delivering few or no benefits. One LongeCity user reports that DMAE makes him/her feel like they’re “on meth”!

        There are some potentially serious side effects that can potentially accompany DMAE use, including insomnia, headaches, drowsiness, and confusion.

        However, the fact remains that a proprietary blend makes it very difficult to say a supplement is not going to cause side effects with any real conviction. It is always safer to take something the contents of which you are intimately familiar with.

        We urge everyone to talk to their doctor about a new supplement before they start taking it. You never know how your body will react to strange new substances, so it is crucial that your doctor knows what you are taking. Their opinion is also much more valuable than ours, so talk to them!

        NootroBoost Review Conclusion

        Our NootroBoost review has come to the same conclusions as plenty of other reviews on this site. Indeed it had to, since NootroBoost’s design is so similar to other products out there. 

        Like so many other nootropic stacks out there, the real problem with NootroBoost is the presence of a relatively small proprietary blend. The problem is particularly bad in cases such as this where the proprietary blend contains an ingredient that could easily be being used as a ‘filler’. 

        By ‘filler’, we mean a cheap ingredient that makes up the vast majority of the formula. The other, more effective but more expensive ingredients are then added in very small amounts. The manufacturer is then able to disguise this with a proprietary blend. They can claim that their stack contains all these great ingredients, when in reality, the customer is just paying for a capsule full of said ‘filler’ ingredient with a few grains of other substances thrown in. 

        If you are looking to get good value for money, then it’s always wise to stay well away from stacks which only provide you with a single, homogeneous, relatively small proprietary blend.

        If you are looking for a reliable, effective, safe way of enhancing cognitive performance. then check out some of our top rated nootropic stacks.

        NootroBoost Review – Does It Really Work?
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