Value for Money

4.0 /10

Formula Rating

5.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

4.0 /10


  • Some good ingredients in here


  • Prop blend containing plenty of useless ingredients
  • Some potential fillers in blend
  • Many ingredients have nothing to do with cognition


NOÖ NECTAR Review Summary

This nootropic drink is billed as a revolutionary, premium supplement. But if you read our full NOÖ NECTAR review, you’ll find that this isn’t the silver bullet for brain fog that it claims to be.

A bloated proprietary blend is what holds this product back more than anything else. This blend contains some very questionable ingredients, not to mention some potential ‘fillers’. On top of all that, there are some ingredients in the NOÖ NECTAR proprietary blend which make us seriously concerned about side effects. 

All-in-all, compared to other nootropic drinks on the market today, NOÖ NECTAR is nothing special. We don’t think anybody has a valid reason to hide their formula behind a prop blend; they only do it to hide the fact that their blend isn’t that great. Opt for a transparent, comprehensive nootropic tailored to your specific needs, be that memory enhancement, energy boost, or mood stabilization. 



This stuff is best bought directly from the manufacturer. It will no doubt find its way onto the third-party merchant sites, but buying direct gives you some extra protection (and often better prices).


Full NOÖ NECTAR Review


NOÖ NECTAR is a brand new nootropic drink product. 

Nootropic drinks are a relatively new phenomenon (if you don’t include coffee or tea), but their numbers are swelling rapidly. Over the past 2 years we’ve seen more and more nootropic drinks appearing on the market. They are emerging at a faster and faster rate. As they proliferate, their quality can be expected to increase as well. 

We have reviewed several of these nootropic drinks and ranked them here.

So what about NOÖ NECTAR? 

Where does this product fit into the market?




According to the manufacturer, NOÖ NECTAR provides “complete brain nutrition”. 

We are told on the official website that NOÖ NECTAR is able to deliver the following specific benefits:

  • Sustainable energy boost
  • Increase “functional intelligence”
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance creativity
  • Boost physical performance
  • Elevated mood

Don’t be alarmed by the “intelligence” claim. NOÖ NECTAR does not claim to increase IQ. Rather, “functional intelligence” refers to focus and clarity rather than IQ. Nothing scammy about that. 

We are skeptical about the claim that a nootropic can increase creativity per se, but we shall reserve our judgement until we see the formula. 

The website states that NOÖ NECTAR has a pretty wide range of use cases: “Feeding your brain the right ingredients will unlock your brain’s power and help you perform at your highest levels – whether you’re preparing for a big presentation, studying for exams, balancing your work and home life, looking to improve your physical performance, or trying to reconnect with your creativity and passions.”

That’s a pretty wide range of uses.

NOÖ NECTAR is therefore clearly designed and marketed as a full spectrum nootropic.

It claims to be a comprehensive supplement, touching on every single aspect of cognitive function. 

The manufacturers actually go to an unusually minute degree of detail on the website. They claim that their product influences 4 key neurotransmitters involved in your cognitive performance:




This all sounds pretty revolutionary. 

But claims are one thing; delivering is quite another. 

Can NOÖ NECTAR really do all of these things?

Is it as good a nootropic drink as it claims to be?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to other nootropic drinks on the market today?

Would you be better served by a daily nootropic stack instead?

Let’s find out. Below you will find our NOÖ NECTAR review. We look at the formula in greater detail, before moving on to the potential risks. If you still have any questions after you’ve read the full thing, just let us know in the comments section and we’ll get back to you asap. 



Let’s take a closer look at the NOÖ NECTAR formula:


NOÖ NECTAR formula analysis


Unfortunately, we have another proprietary blend on our hands here. 

We’re usually very harsh on proprietary blends.

However, since the nootropic drinks market is still in its infancy, we give these products a little more leeway. We still don’t think anybody has a good reason to hide their formula, but manufacturers are understandably a little more frightened when competing in a relatively new, still emerging market. 

That said, we aren’t going to go easy on these guys just because they have slightly more reason to be scared. 

Other nootropic drinks, which came out earlier than NOÖ NECTAR, felt confident enough to reveal their full formula specs online. Most high quality nootropic stacks today reveal their formulas in full right on their website.

As such, we’ll be holding NOÖ NECTAR to exactly the same standard we hold everybody else. 


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The reasons we dislike proprietary blends should be pretty obvious. 

They arouse a significant amount of suspicion for one thing. 

Why would a manufacturer hide their ingredient doses if they genuinely thought they were great?

Either they think their customers are idiots (so there’s no point sharing the information), or they are worried someone is going to steal their formulation. 

The former is pretty reprehensible, and the latter is totally unfounded.

We have never seen a case of “formula theft” in all the time we’ve spent examining the supplement industry. 

There is no need for a manufacturer to copy a formula when the ingredients in question are so widely-used and well-understood. We know their ideal doses, and how they interact with one another, so why would we need to steal anything?


NOO NECTAR why use proprietary blend


So why do manufacturers use them?

Typically, it’s because their formulas are garbage and they don’t want you to know about it. 

Think about it: if your formula is good, why not shout about it?

For another thing, proprietary blends are the manufacturers way of saying “you’re not allowed to make a decision based on facts, just listen to our marketing team”. We find this pretty irritating. You can’t learn from a prop blend, and you can’t use your knowledge to appraise them properly. 

But what about this blend in particular? After all, some proprietary blends are much worse than others. How does NOÖ NECTAR compare?


What We Like

You could say that, since the NOÖ NECTAR proprietary blend is so large, it’s possible that many of the good ingredients are dosed quite generously. 

And there are lots of good ingredients in here. 

For example, the NOÖ NECTAR blend contains CDP-Choline, which is easily one of the best natural nootropics available today. CDP-Choline, or Citicoline as it is sometimes called, is a powerful cholinergic. It rapidly raises choline availability in the brain, which in turn raises acetylcholine availability. Acetylcholine is the “learning neurotransmitter”. Raising acetylcholine levels means faster processing speeds, better learning capacity, and more focus. 

With over 3,600mg to go around, it’s perfectly feasible that CDP-Choline could be dosed very generously here.

Of course, it’s just as feasible that it could be dosed extremely low. 

We have no reason to suspect one possibility over the other; such is the nature of a prop blend. 


NOO NECTAR ingredients CDP-Choline


There are other great ingredients in here: Alpha-GPC, Uridine monophosphate, Theanine, and Tyrosine being the standout nootropics in here.

But the same story applies. We have absolutely no idea how any of these ingredients are dosed.

If it were just these ingredients in NOÖ NECTAR, and we knew their individual doses, then we’d have a pretty spectacular stack on our hands (assuming doses were within optimal range). 

But we don’t.

To make matters much worse, we have a lot of useless ingredients in the NOÖ NECTAR blend, as well as some potential fillers. 


What We Don’t Like

We’ve discussed the problems with prop blends above, so we’ll be more specific here. 

A big issue with the NOÖ NECTAR blend is that it contains lots of ingredients that have absolutely no proven nootropic benefits whatsoever. 

Some of these ingredients actually have no use at all; they don’t improve physical performance, mood, or anything. 

A prime example here is Yohimbe Bark

This stuff is not usually associated with cognitive enhancement. 

It is usually sold as a natural hormone supporter. Yet even here the evidence is thin (but we’re not experts in this field by any means). 

This is really worrying because for all we know, the bulk of the 3,667.75mg NOÖ NECTAR blend might be taken up by Yohimbe Extract; a totally useless ingredient. 

Even if it takes up a small amount of the formula, we are still confused as to why any space has been dedicated to this stuff at all. it offers no nootropic benefits, and there is little evidence to suggest that it offers physical benefits.


NOÖ NECTAR ingredients Yohimbe


There are plenty of useless ingredients in here potentially taking up formula space while providing absolutely no nootropic benefits whatsoever: Mucuna Puriens, Panax Ginseng, and Disodium Salt to name 3 glaring examples. 

There are also some fairly dangerous ingredients in this blend, particularly if they are dosed high enough.

The key suspect here is Huperzine A.

Hup A needs to be properly cycled on and off if you are to avoid side effects.

That’s because it shuts off your brain’s acetylcholine regulation system, causing a serious acetylcholine build-up in the brain. 

But deciding on a cycle length and break time requires dose information, and we don’t have it.

Even short term use of Huperzine A can cause quite serious side effects if the dose is very large. 

We’re also disappointed to see DMAE in the NOÖ NECTAR blend.

DMAE is a second-rate cholinergic. It does have many fans around the world, but we think it is pretty clear that it is not as effective at raising acetylcholine levels as the likes of Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline. 

The NOÖ NECTAR blend contains both of these top-rate cholinergics, so why add DMAE into the mix? Why not just dose the best two more aggressively?

This is more worrying when you realize that DMAE has a higher probability of causing side effects, we believe, than Alpha-GPC, CDP-Choline, or even Choline Bitartrate. 

Many DMAE users report getting some unwanted side effects while using DMAE. Others report not experiencing any benefits at all. 

It’s a real shame that the NOÖ NECTAR manufacturers didn’t just back their best ingredients more confidently, and instead opted to hedge their bets with a cheaper, less effective, and more side effect prone ingredient. 


NOO NECTAR ingredients Huperzine A


Finally, we have some potential filler ingredients in here.

Look at the amino acids listed right at the start of the formula.

Usually, but not always, manufacturers will list ingredients in order of prominence in the formula. We never want to see the bulk of a formula being taken up by amino acids, since we get plenty from our regular diet. 

It would be very easy for the NOÖ NECTAR manufacturer to ‘pad out’ the formula with these amino acids, since they are cheap and do not easily cause side effects. This allows them to skimp on the more expensive (and effective) ingredients without changing the label. 


NOÖ NECTAR ingreients Tyrosine filler


All things considered, we’re not particularly impressed with this formula. 

It certainly has more weaknesses than strengths. 

Aside from the fundamental problems posed by proprietary blends, the NOÖ NECTAR blend specifically has many weaknesses. 

It contains potential fillers, useless ingredients, and some substances that could cause fairly serious side effects. 

It does contain some excellent ingredients, but their efficacy depends on their dosing, which we aren’t given. 

We wonder why anybody would choose to take this supplement over a stack which divulges its formula in full. NOÖ NECTAR is trying to be a comprehensive nootropic, but for many of the ingredients to have long-term, lasting effects, they need to be dosed properly.

Why take a chance on a supplement when many more exist that you know for sure contain the right doses of the right ingredients?


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NOÖ NECTAR Side Effects

As mentioned above, there are quite a few reasons to be wary of side effects here.

One ingredient we didn’t mention, but will do here, is Hordenine.

Hordenine is often used in weight loss pills because people believe it has an appetite suppressing effect. The main mechanism which they think drives this is stimulatory.

Just like every other stimulant, Hordenine supposedly provides a sharp energy and noradrenaline rush which suppresses your appetite. 

We haven’t seen conclusive proof that it does this. If it does, it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as effective as caffeine. 

But much more worryingly, Hordenine is linked with a number of side effects ranging from mild to very serious. These include: headaches, massively elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and kidney stones to name a few.

Proprietary blends always present a relatively high degree of risk as we do not know for sure that certain ingredients are dosed responsibly. 

When it comes to your health and safety, uncertainty is not something you want. 

You want to be sure that the ingredients fall within safe, established limits. 

The makers of NOÖ NECTAR may well claim that their doses are all within safe limits, but we don’t think you should ever just take a manufacturer on their word. Let them put their money where their mouth is and show us then!

NOÖ NECTAR contains lots of unusual ingredients at unknown doses. You should talk to a qualified doctor before taking this supplement; and no, we don’t mean a chiropractor or a doctor of homeopathic medicine. We mean a REAL medical doctor. Do not gamble with your health, even if everybody on the internet tells you it’s safe. They don’t know you or your body, and they don’t care.


NOÖ NECTAR Review Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

We don’t think this is a very good option for anybody, all things considered.

Regardless of your needs, we don’t think that NOÖ NECTAR will deliver for you. 

If you’ve read our full NOÖ NECTAR review, you’ll see that there are several serious issues with this nootropic drink. It does not divulge its formula in full, it contains many totally bogus ingredients that do nothing for cognition, and it has some fairly serous side effect risks in there to boot.

But on a more fundamental note, we have to wonder why anybody would choose this product even if the formula wasn’t quite as bad as we suspect it to be.

After all, NOÖ NECTAR is trying to be a ful spectrum nootropic, touching on every aspect of brain fuction. 

Those of you who have read some of our articles will know that you need to take a long-term, consistent, focused approach to cognitive enhancement to see lasting, tangible improvements. 

There are plenty of stacks on the market today that do this. 

They list all of their ingredient serving sizes, they don’t use any bogus or impotent ingredients, and they are in a handy capsule form. 

We don’t know what NOÖ NECTAR is trying to add to the market here. We don’t see why anyone would opt for a nootropic drink when it is potentially full of garbage when there are so many other stacks out there doing exactly what NOÖ NECTAR is trying to do but with greater transparency. 

This NOÖ NECTAR review may seem a little harsh, but we see no reason to be optimistic about his supplement.

If we’re wrong about the best ingredients being low-dosed, then we’d love for the manufacturer to correct us and provide us with proof. Until that happens, we’re not impressed. 


NOO NECTAR Review – Is This Nootropic Drink Worth The Hype?
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