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Kavinace Review Summary

Unlike a lot of supplements reviewed on this site, Kavinace from NeuroScience Inc is not touted as a holistic nootropic stack. Rather, it is explicitly sold as a supplement “to promote sleep, reduce anxiousness, and support healthy levels of GABA”.

However, even when judging it against these limited expectations, Kavinace still comes up short compared to products that do not rely on  an unspecified amount of Phenibut. Since Phenibut is the only ingredient in this stack wit any potency, and since we have no idea how much of it there is, we can’t accurately discuss the potentially grave side effects of heavy Phenibut use.

Our Kavinace review can only come to one conclusion: if you want some natural, safe help reducing anxiety, look elsewhere.

Where To Buy Kavinace

The NeuroScience Inc website actually does not allow general public purchasing of Kavinace. This is no doubt because the product contains lots of Phenibut, which has not been extensively studied in humans. It is available on PureFormulas for $82.00, but the legality of this is unclear. Talk to your doctor about Kavinace. 


Kavinace Review – Effective Stress Killer?


Kavinace seems to be quite a popular product in the US, if the number of customer reviews are anything to go by. In fact, if you search for the term “Kavinace review”, you will find that many of the big supplement appraisal sites have already done a full review. 

Since you’ve found your way on to this page, you must have already heard of it yourself, and you’re now trying to decide if this is the right supplement for you. 

So, let’s not waste any time.

First off, what is Kavinace, exactly?


NeuroScience Kavinace Review


Kavinace’s only purpose is to help alleviate stress and anxiety. It is not a complete nootropic stack like Mind Lab Pro or Modafy or any of those products. Nor is it designed to temporarily boost cognitive performance, like MOD is designed to do.

The Kavinace label says “dietary supplement”, but if you visit the NeuroScience Inc website, you will see that they restrict the sale of Kavinace to medical professionals only. When buying directly from them, it is not available to the general public.

That’s because Kavinace is not a natural nootropic stack. Its primary ingredient is Phenibut; an augmented form of GABA.

We have written about phenibut extensively on this site. While many people use it regularly, we have our reservations about it suitability for the vast majority of users.

But we will talk about those concerns later on.

Before we do, we need to look at the formula as a whole to see what else it has to offer.

Once we have analysed the formula, we need to look at what other people are saying about Kavinace, as well as the potential side effects of using Kavinace regularly.

Here is our full Kavinace review.


Kavinace Formula Review

Here is what the Kavinace label looks like. If you get a bottle in your hands and the ingredient list looks different to this in any way, you should contact NeuroScience immediately:


NeuroScience Kavinace Ingredients Review


There isn’t a great deal to look at here. Kavinace contains just 3 ingredients.

One of those is vitamin B6. In each serving, we get 2mg of B6, or 100% of your RDI. That’s nothing to get particularly excited about.

B6 is indeed a welcome addition in a supplement supporting brain function. It is a vital part of the process which releases energy from food. Without sufficient amounts of B6, your cells can’t get the energy they need to function. That applies to your brain cells too. No B6, no mental energy.


NeuroScience Kavinace Ingredients B6


But two things need to be said here.

One is that Kavinace is not for boosting mental energy. It is designed explicitly for reducing anxiety and the symptoms of stress. Vitamin B6 is the only ingredient that contributes to mental energy. As part of a stack it works very well; alone it is fairly impotent unless the dosage is quite high.

This brings us onto the second point. Taking 2mg of Vitamin B6 as a dietary supplement and expecting it to make a difference is really rather laughable.

One of the properties of B6 which makes it such a popular supplement is its safety at relatively high dosages.

When taken as part of a comprehensive nootropic stack, B6 is often taken in doses of 400% of RDI or more.

When taken as part of a pre-workout supplement to boost physical energy levels, B6 is generally taken in doses exceeding 800% of your RDI.

The same amount of B6 as that found in Kavinace can be obtained from having a 4oz can of tuna and a single cup of spinach.

All-in-all then, this seems like a bit of a futile addition to the Kavinace formula.

So, that’s one ingredient dealt with. But what about the other two? Here’s a brief overview of the other two ingredients and how they are thought to help reduce stress and anxiety.

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Taurine is generally referred to as an amino acid, since it is indeed an acid and it does contain an amino group. But in a strict sense it is not an amino acid as it does not contain a carboxyl group.

In any case, Taurine has many highly important roles in the human body, including the development of the retina, the formation of bile, the development of the central nervous system, and the regulation of calcium signalling.

It is this final role which makes it so interesting from a nootropic perspective.

Calcium is perhaps the most common second messenger in the body. A second messenger is a molecule released by a cell to trigger a certain response in another cell. The signalling effect of calcium is known to affect a range of processes, from cell growth and proliferation to learning and memory formation.

That Taurine helps modulate this process makes it a very interesting nootropic substance.

But can it help reduce stress?

We have searched extensively for evidence that Taurine is able to reduce the symptoms, or even the perception, of stress or anxiety. So far, we have come up empty handed.

Some believe that Taurine is able to reduce blood pressure, but these claims seem to be unsubstantiated by scientific study.

We have found evidence that Taurine is able to normalize blood flow, but this does not equate to normalizing blood pressure. It simply means that it can improve exercise capacity.

Ultimately then, Taurine seems to be another rather impotent inclusion in Kavinace. It does have nootropic properties, but Kavinace is not a nootropic. It is a stress booster. On that front, Taurine offers very little.



Phenibut is a chemical compound that is structurally very similar to GABA, the neurotransmitter.

GABA is an incredibly important neurotransmitter. Its formal name is gamma-Aminobutyric acid, and it is what we might call an inhibitory neurotransmitter. 

That means that it inhibits or reduces “neuronal excitability”; or to put it another way, it stops certain processes happening in the brain by preventing neurons from communicating. 

This is why all of GABA’s main effects are inhibitory; GABA prevents stress and anxiety from occuring rather than actively promoting confidence and relaxation (although those two are essentially the same thing, thinking about the process in this manner is a good way to understand GABA’s action). 

Basically, taking GABA to increase GABA levels is almost completely useless.

The body is incredibly adept at regulating GABA levels. When GABA levels are perceived to be excessively high, the body simply gets rid of the excess GABA. So when you consume a large amount as a supplement, the spike in GABA blood levels merely triggers a response to get rid of it.

That is where Phenibut comes in. It is thought that Phenibut acts on the same pathways as GABA, but without triggering the normalization response that GABA does.

This means that Phenibut will supposedly bring about the same benefits as increasing GABA levels, which include:

  • Significant reduction in anxiety, particularly social or performance anxiety
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Aiding in deep, restful sleep
  • Dramatic reduction in stress levels

Indeed, Phenibut seems to deliver these benefits for many users. Looking down that list, you may not be surprised to learn that GABA is the neurotransmitter effected by alcohol. This is why alcohol makes you feel so confident socially when you otherwise may not be.

GABA does not, however, produce the more unpalatable effects of alcohol consumption! The mechanism that makes it hard to walk in a straight line is a different thing altogether.


Kavinace Formula Review Phenibut

Taurine & Phenibut Blend – A Major Problem?

The fact that NeuroScience have chosen to only provide us with a total serving size for both Taurine and Phenibut is a serious problem.

We strongly dislike it when a manufacturer withholds individual ingredient serving sizes. It is usually done to disguise low manufacturing costs and heavy formula ‘filling’.

It inherently represents poor value for money for consumers. That’s you.

But when the blend contains Phenibut, the main issue changes from value for money and a slight concern over usefulness to a serious concern for user safety.

To understand why, it’s best if we take a look at the potential side effects of both Taurine and Phenibut and how the extent and severity of those side effects depends on dosage.


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Side Effects

The effects of sustained, heavy use of Taurine are under-studied. We simply don’t know what long-term use of large amounts of Taurine does to the human body.

The potential side effects of Phenibut are numerous and rather severe, particularly when compared to other, more natural stress busters.

These potential side effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Addiction

Continuous heavy use of Phenibut is known to cause dependency. If you do decide to use this stuff, please monitor your use closely and inform your doctor of what you are planning to do.

Phenibut is almost unique among the substances discussed on this site in that it produces a “hangover” effect, as well as heavy withdrawal symptoms and cravings in some people. The extent of this is dependent on dosage, but it is still something to bear in mind.

Several Reddit users have written about their experiences with Phenibut withdrawals and the “hangover effect”. We advise you to read them before trying – click here to get started.


Kavinace Side Effects


In fact, since Phenibut has not been extensively studied in humans, it is impossible to say with certainty what is the true extent of the potential side effects.

All of these issues are compounded by the fact that we don’t know how much Taurine or Phenibut is actually in a single serving.

All we have is a single blend size for both ingredients.

That means that there could be as little as 1mg or as much as 949mg of either ingredient in Kavinace.

Nootropic substances are usually very dose sensitive. But when you take a substance like Phenibut, this becomes a much more serious issue.

The correct dosage of Phenibut variously enormously depending on the user’s age, health, lifestyle, diet, and so on. Not knowing how much Phenibut you are taking is, in our opinion, inherently dangerous.

We would go as far as to say that it is irresponsible for the manufacturers to withhold the precise Phenibut dosage, considering how much the correct dosage varies person to person.


Kavinace Review Conclusion

All things considered, we think there are much better products on the market for lowering stress and anxiety. By better, we mean more effective, better value, and significantly safer. 

We are always wary of products that are merely Phenibut supplements with a few extra ingredients added. But we tried to approach our Kavinace review with as open a mind as possible. 

However, like other supplements of this sort, Kavinace just doesn’t really seem like a good option for lowering stress and anxiety in a safe, reliable, cost-effective manner. 

The exact serving size of the Phenibut is unclear. The serving size of the Taurine is unclear. As far as we’re concerned, that makes it a poor choice for someone who wants something they know is safe, and something predictable. We will be reviewing more mood supplements on this site shortly; hopefully we will then be able to point you to a safe, reliable, natural way of eliminating stress.


NeuroScience Kavinace Review – Does This Nootropic Work?
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