Value for Money

6.0 /10

Formula Rating

5.5 /10

Risk of Side Effects

6.5 /10


  • Contains some excellent nootropics


  • Cannot possibly deliver on key promise - no new "neuro pathways"
  • Key ingredients dosed low
  • Possible side effect concerns


Neurolon Review Summary

Despite having many hallmarks of a scam supplement, Neurolon actually looks like a pretty middle of the road nootropic. It doesn’t appear to be the scam we thought it was.

That said, Neurolon is still far from a genuinely great nootropic stack. Compared to many other focus and memory supplements available today, Neurolon just doesn’t cut it.

Neurolon uses a sub-standard cholinergic, contains some unproven, ineffective ingredients, and side effects are relatively likely. It is not suitable for long-term use. Obviously, you can do a lot better!

Where To Buy Neurolon

Neruolon appears to be sold primarily through its online store. However, there are multiple sites claiming to sell Neurolon. The “BuyNeruolon(dot)com” template is usually a sign of a scam. Be careful. If possible, we think buying through Amazon would be best here.


Full Neurolon Review


A Neurolon review is long overdue. This supplement has been around for well over a year now, and in that time it has received an awful lot of attention from both professional supplement reviewers and amateur nootropic enthusiasts.

But it’s always hard to know who you can trust. Many of the reviews of Neurolon seem a little suspect to us. So we’ve done our own, impartial appraisal.


Vitalife Neurolon nootropic supplement


Neurolon “promotes mental alertness through proper brain nutrition”. That is according tot he official website anyway.

The manufacturer says that Neurolon can “improve your neurons”, and by extension, “improve your life”.

More specifically, the manufcaturers, Vitalife International Enterprises Inc, say this of Neurolon:


What Neurolon does


“The sole purpose of Neurolon is to create more neuro pathways in your brain to allow the best mental condition and performance.”

Sounds very interesting.

But is it true? Or is this just marketing spiel?

Does Neurolon create more “neuro pathways”?

What does that even mean?

What are the dangers of this supplement?

Is this the right nootropic for you? Or can another stack better serve your specific needs?

Find out by reading our full review below. We look at Neurolon’s ingredients, the doses used, and what other people have been aying about this popular supplement. Please post any questions in the comments section at the end.

Neurolon Formula

Let’s take a look at what each capsule of Neurolon actually gives us:


Neurolon formula


Considering that Neurolon has some seriously scammy websites using its name, we’re surprised at how simple, straightforward, and genuine this formula appears.

For one thing, we’re given all of the individual ingredient serving sizes.

For another, there’s no seriously worrying substances in here. We can’t see any dangerous stimulants, synthetic brain drugs, or anything like that.

So on that count, Neurolon surpasses our expectations.

On the other hand, this formula has some very serious limitations.

There are a number of issues with this formula that we think you need to be aware of before buying.


What We Like

Neurolon contains some ingredients capable of improving your brain function.

For instance, each serving if Neurolon provides 200mg of Bacopa monnieri.

In our opinion, Bacopa monnieri is one of the best natural memory supplements. If not the best.

We would include bacopa monnieri in our own stack without hesitation.

Bacopa monnieri specifically enhances memory retention and recall. While most studies have focused on older people suffering with memory loss, there have been numerous trials showing Bacopa as having a profound effect in otherwise healthy adults.

In order to benefit from Bacopa, you need to be consuming at least 150mg of high quality extract.

We get more than enough Bacopa monnieri from each serving of Neurolon to see real improvements in our memory function.

It is also very nice to see some good quality Phosphatidylserine content in the Neurolon formula.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid found in enormous quantities in your body.

It is a vital constituent of cell membranes, which means that it is a vital part of your brain cells.

You usually get enough PS from your diet, but if you care about maximising long-term brain health and optimal mental performance, then supplementing is a great idea.

Generally, only the most complete, full spectrum stacks will provide a good serving of PS.


-Is Bacopa Monnieri Really That Good?-


What We Don’t Like

A big problem we have with Neurolon is the fact that it contains sub-standard ingredients.

The worst offender here is Korean Ginseng.

This root has indeed been used by various cultures (notably Korea, obviously) for hundreds of years as a cure for everything from vitality, fertility, and stamina.

For this reason you will often see Korean Ginseng in natural bodybuilding supplements. Manufacturers claim that it raises testosterone levels, increases muscle mass, etc.

Two problems though.

First of all, there isn’t actually a lot of scientific evidence proving that it does in fact possess the properties assigned to it by supplement manufacturers.

Secondly, Korean Ginseng doesn’t have any nootropic properties.


There isn’t a single clinical trial or lab study showing Korean Ginseng as having an effect on cognitive function.

In buying Neurolon, you’re buying a lot of stuff you really don’t need.

Another big problem is the use of DMAE.

This stuff is a seriously poor cholinergic.

It does lead to elevated acetylcholine levels, but it is nowhere near as effective as Alpha-GPC, CDP-Choline, or even Choline Bitartrate.

It doesn’t seem to work for many people, and a sizable number of users report experiencing side effects from DMAE use.

These side effects often include headaches, confusion, irritability, and drowsiness.


Doesn’t Deliver On Promises

Perhaps the biggest let down here is that Neurolon doesn’t do the one thing it is explicitly sold as doing: encouraging neuron growth.

The website words it as creating more “neuro pathways”, but that doesn’t mean anything.

We do know what they are trying to say though.

They’re trying to tell us that Neurolon does the same thing as some of the best nootropics today are able to do.

That is, they tell us that Neurolon works by encouraging actual neuron growth.

Neurolon doesn’t contain any of the ingredients known to stimulate brain cell growth or neuron proliferation: Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Uridine Monophosphate, etc.

It does contain PS, but this stuff simply supports proper brain cell maintenance and normal brain cell growth.

It doesn’t spur on growth like these other substances can.

Neurolon really lets us down here.


-Does Meditation Boost Cognitive Performance?-

What Are People Saying About Neurolon?

Here is a selection of Neurolon user reviews.


We aren’t saying some of these reviews are trustworthy, or more accurate than any others. We have just chosen a selection showing various experiences.


Neurolon positive user review


Neurolon customer reviews


Neurolon negative experiences

Neurolon Review Conclusion – Is This The Stack For You?

Neurolon isn’t anywhere near as bad of a supplement as we thought it was going to be.

It contains soem really good nootropics, and the doses used are excellent in many cases.

However, we think the bad far outweighs the good here.

It contains some ingredients that have no cognitive enhancing properties at all.

These ingredients are all hype and no substance. Until we see hard scientific evidence, we’re going to assume they’re bogus.

It also uses some seriously sub-standard ingredients.

If the manufacturers had used a better cholinergic than DMAE, we might have a better stack on our hands.

But as it stands, other nootropics offer an awful lot more than Neurolon.

Neurolon claims to create more “neuro pathways”; a meaningless phrase anyway. But we don’t se any sign of it doing this.

Some pro-quality stacks on the market today do encourage neuron dendrite growth. They do spur actual, physical brain adaptations and enhancements.

Neurolon does not. You can do better.

Neruolon – Expanding “Neuro Pathways” – Does This Stack Deliver?
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