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  • Contains some good nootropics


  • Uses sub-standard ingredients in areas
  • Some great ingredients under-dosed
  • In trying to do too much it does too little


Neuro Recharged Review Summary

If you’ve read our full Neuro Recharged review then you’ll know we really aren’t impressed with this stack. Despite the presence of some very good ingredients, this is, on the whole, a very poorly constructed formula.

Some superb natural memory and focus boosters are under-dosed, while good serving sizes are given to sub-par nootropics.

The presence of both DMAE and Huperzine A means side effects are going to be a concern for some users. Better stacks are available, no doubt.


Where To Buy Neuro Recharged

While we always recommend buying directly from the manufacturer, Havasu Nutrition seem to operate exclusively through Amazon.


Full Neuro Recharged Review


Havasu Nutrition are currently one of the most successful nootropic manufacturers still operating today. That isn’t because they make the best products, but rather because they make some of the most popular. 

You will no doubt have heard of their current leading product; NeuroIgnite. This product was originally brought to market by Organic Stride, but they either became Havasu Nutrition or they were bought out by them. Either way, this incredibly popular nootropic supplement was given an update and is manufactured by Havasu. 

But you’ve not come to a Neuro Recharged review to learn about Neuro Ignite.

So, what is Neuro Recharged all about?

Who is it made for, and what is it supposed to do?


Havasu Nutrition Neuro Recharged Review


According to the bottle, users can expect the following main benefits from using Neuro Recharged:

  • Greater energy levels
  • Better focus
  • Overall better performance

The back of the bottle tells us a little more detail. We are told that Neuro Recharged will give us enhanced “athletic performance”, “lasting memory”, and “sustained energy” as well as giving us heightened focus. 

Clearly then, Neuro Recharged is not your focused daily nootropic. It seems to be designed more for enhancing sports performance in the short term than improving your cognitive function in the long term. 

That Havasu Nutrition have designed this product for amateur bodybuilders and so on is abundantly clear once you look at the marketing material. 

We are seeing more and more of these nootropic/pre-workout hybrid supplements popping up online and in supplement stores these days. 

There is nothing wrong with these supplements. If you need help focusing in the gym or on the playing field, and you need a little energy boost to boot, they’re ideal. 

But you should think carefully about what your needs are and choose your supplements accordingly. 

If you want a stack to help keep you at the top of your mental game 24/7, then this product probably isn’t for you. 

If you want a long-term focused nootropic, designed to bring about lasting improvements in memory and focus, this product probably isn’t going to be for you. 

Just bear that in mind. 

So, if you’re looking for some extra focus and mental energy in the gym, Neuro Recharged might be just what you’re looking for. 

But the real question is, does it work?

Can it actually improve focus and memory recall?

Or does it just ply you full of caffeine like many other pre-workout nootropics out there?

There’s only one way to find out. Below you will find our detailed Neuro Recharged review. In it, we examine the formula in greater detail, looking at both the ingredients and their serving sizes. At the end, we tell you whether or not we think this is a good choice for you. 


Neuro Recharged Formula

Let’s take a look at the Neuro Recharged formula. Here is the ingredients list as it appears on the bottle:


Neuro recharged Formula


This product is not consumed in capsule form. Neuro Recharged is a powder, which needs to be mixed with water. As such, there’s no gelatin to worry about; this product is, to our knowledge, vegetarian-friendly.

At first glance, this is quite a promising formula. 

There aren’t too many ingredients and there are some very good nootropic substances in there.

But after taking a closer look, it’s clear that this formula presents several problems.

Some of these problems are minor, some are much more serious.

Overall, we don’t think this is a particularly good choice for anybody, regardless of your goals. 

We think people looking for an edge in the gym would be better served using a more focused product with fewer but more effective ingredients.

People looking for help maximizing cognitive function in the long-run would be better served by a stack designed for that purpose. 

Let’s look at this in more detail. Here is a breakdown of what we like about this product, and what we don’t like so much. 


What We Like

There are plenty of ingredients in Neuro Recharged which can have a positive effect on your focus, energy levels, and mental endurance. 

For example, each serving of Neuro recharged contains 100mg of Alpha-GPC. 

As you can tell from this article, we think Alpha-GPC is one of the best natural nootropic substances in existence. 

This is enough Alpha-GPC to make a difference to your ability to focus and remain focused in the short term. It is also not a large enough dose to make side effects a concern. This is a good serving of high quality cholinergic as far as we’re concerned. 


Alpha GPC Neuro Recharged ingredients


We also get 100mg of Ginkgo Biloba in each serving of Neuro Recharged. 

This stuff has been shown in numerous clinical trials to acutely improve short-term memory recall in otherwise healthy people. 

Ginkgo biloba works by increasing cerebral blood flow. It effectively promotes vasodilation in the brain without raising blood pressure systemically. 

To put that in simple terms, it makes your brain’s blood vessels expand to allow more blood flow, but it does this without simply raising your blood pressure. 

Since the delivery of oxygen and nutrients has an immediate and direct effect on cognitive function, encouraging better brain circulation is a good way to maximize brain function. 

This is also why Ginkgo Biloba is now thought to have potential as a complimentary treatment for age-related cognitive decline (increasingly thought to be a vascular diseases). 

Users wanting a short-term energy boost will also benefit from the inclusion of caffeine in the formula.

However, this will also make this supplement unsuitable for people who already consume large amounts of caffeine, who react badly to stimulants, or who already use supplements containing caffeine. 

It also makes this supplement unsuitable for people looking for a nootropic stack to help keep them focused and alert all-day-long.


What We Don’t Like

Despite the use of great ingredients like Alpha-GPC and Ginkgo biloba, we don’t think this is a good formula on the whole. 

It contains too many weaknesses and problems to make us want to use it ourselves. 

For example, Neuro Recharged only provides us with 50mg of Bacopa monnieri per serving. 

As you will learn from the cited article, we believe this to be one of the best natural nootropics there is, if not the best.

We are not yet absolutely certain about the exact mechanism by which Bacopa monnieri works. But as far as we’re concerned it is now beyond doubt that this herbal extract is able to improve your memory function in a big way. 

Yet we only get 50mg per serving!

We would need to see around 150mg per day to have any chance of seeing benefits in memory function, and that is assuming that we are dealing with a high quality extract.

Leading stacks can only get away with using 150mg per day if they use an extract that contains a lot of bacosides (the things in Bacopa that make it useful to us).

Not only is the bacopa monnieri in Neuro Recharged massively under-dosed, but aren’t told how strong the extract is in Neuro Recharged. 

That means it may be even more under-dosed than we realize.



Ginkgo biloba Neuro Recharged ingredients


The use of DMAE and Choline bitartrate, two cholinergics that are nowhere near as effective as CDP-Choline or Alpha-GPC, is also majorly disappointing. 

Why use these two weak and, in the case of DMAE, potentially counter-productive substances instead of just dosing Alpha-GPC properly?

The answer is, we believe, cost-cutting. 

Alpha-GPC is much more expensive than Choline bitartrate and DMAE to buy in large amounts.

Since these substances are all trying to achieve the same fundamental end, we think it’s a shame when a manufacturer doesn’t just go with the best ingredient and dose it properly. 


-Learn More from Our Ingredient Guide-


Neuro Recharged Side Effects

There are, unfortunately, some serious side effect concerns that comes with the use of Neuro Recharged. 

For starters, the presence of Huperzine A in this formula means that it cannot be taken continuously for periods exceeding a couple of weeks. 

That’s because Huperzine A temporarily disables your brain’s ability to get rid of excess acetylcholine. We do want high acetylcholine availability, but we don’t want those levels to become excessive. 

As such, you need to allow your brain a “reset” period after using Huperzine A for a couple of weeks. 

We also have caffeine in here, which has obvious side effect concerns. 

Consuming caffeine in large quantities for a long period of time can cause chronic insomnia, irritability, energy spikes and troughs, and headaches. 

As always, we think it’s important that you consult with your regular family physician before using a product like Neuro Recharged. It contains herbal extracts that you wont be used to consuming on a regular basis. Let your doctor know what you are planning to put into your body before you do so – your health is not something to gamble with!


Neuro Recharged Review Conclusion

If you’ve read the entire Neuro recharged review up to this point, then you’ll know we’re pretty unimpressed with this stack.

We certainly don’t think it is a terrible product. It is not a scam, and it certainly contains enough high quality ingredients to warrant the price tag.

It is just that the stack doesn’t quite make the grade as a cognitive enhancer, and it doesn’t quite make the grade as a performance enhancer. 

Some of the best ingredients in here are pretty seriously under-dosed, while large serving sizes are given to sub-standard nootropics. 

Some ingredients have significant side effect concerns. 

We think we can sum up this appraisal in the following way:

If you want a pre-workout, other products will probably give you better results. If you want a nootropic, use a serious nootropic stack dedicated to improving your cognitive function in the long-run. 


Havasu Nutrition Neuro Recharged Review
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