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  • Contains great ingredients
  • Caffeine dosage just right
  • Good choice of cholinergic


  • Proprietary blend
  • Alpha-GPC dosage could cause side effects if high
  • Potential filler ingredients


Neuro GASM Review Summary

Despite the lack of clarity over the ingredient serving sizes, we were quite impressed with Neuro GASM nootropic drink. It contains just 7 ingredients. All of them apart from Bilberry Extract are potent nootropics, with scientifically-validated, cognition-enhancing properties. A well-dosed combination of Caffeine, Theanine, Alpha-GPC, Resveratrol, Canitine and Citrulline can no doubt leave people feeling focused, energized and invigorated.

However, we would be much more confident about this product if we were given individual ingredient serving sizes. Carnitine likely takes up the lion’s share of the formula, but we need to know by how much. Too much Alpha-GPC can cause side effects; too little would leave this supplement weak.

If the serving sizes turn out to be ideal, then this will be the best nootropic drink on the market. Until we know either way, we’ll remain cautious. 


Where To Buy Neuro GASM Nootropic Drink

The Neuro products are currently only sold through Amazon. The official Neuro website simply re-directs sales enquiries to an Amazon merchant page. This is a shame. Hopefully Neuro will invest in their own fulfillment at some point int he future. 



Full Neuro GASM Review


We couldn’t go right into our Neuro GASM review without first giving nootropic drinks a mention. 

Nootropic drinks are a relatively new phenomenon and few people really know much about them. But that will soon change. 

Sure, energy drinks have been around for quite some time, and people have always drunk things like green tea to help with their cognitive functioning. But the idea of a drink which actually supports focus, clarity, memory and mental stamina is new. 

Energy drinks as we know them today are thought by many to be a good solution to tiredness or lack of focus. They are the go-to for many a programmer, designer, student; anyone who needs to work through for intense periods, occassionally right through the night. But they work by simply pumping you full of sugar and caffeine.

Nootropic drinks don’t do that. Not in theory, anyway. They do often provide you with a caffeine boost, but it should be small and sustainable. They also provide you with herbal extracts, amino acids and minerals to help improve the quality of your cognitive function. 

Neuro GASM is just such a nootropic drink. 


Neuro GASM nootropic drink


Neuro have been quick off the mark in developing this sort of product. They currently offer a range of drinks deigned for various things; better sleep, improved mood, and enhanced cognition. All together, there are currently 7 different Neuro nootropic drinks on offer. 

Exactly what benefits Neuro GASM is designed to deliver is not exactly clear.

We can just infer from the ingredients that it is supposed to boost mental energy, increase vitality, and enhance certain aspects of your cognition. 

Neuro GASM also promises to deliver “playful energy”. By this, the makers are obviously referring to the kind of qualitative lift in cognitive function that we have already discussed.

Energy drinks boost energy in an unhealthy way that it not always helpful even in the short term. Nootropic drinks are supposed to boost energy in a deep, sustainable, , healthy, and genuinely beneficial way. 

There are some very sexual overtones to the Neuro GASM marketing material (not to mention the name), but Neuro have made it clear that GASM is not a sexual performance product.

So the only question we’re left with is: does Neuro GASM work?

Is it worth spending your hard-earned cash on this nootropic drink?

What exactly is Neuro GASM going to give you? Can you get any of these benefits elsewhere for less money? Do other products do it better?

Let’s answer those questions together. Here is our full Neuro GASM review. If you have any questions, just post them in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you right away. 


Neuro GASM Formula

Here is the Neuro GASM formula:


Neuro GASM formula


Obviously, the main component of this formula which we need to discuss is the “Unique GASM Blend”.

Visitors who have read a few of our reviews will know that we do not look favorably on proprietary blends. 

When manufacturers opt not to tell us exactly how much of each formula is in their product, they do us a great disservice.

It is not enough to know what ingredients are in a supplement. The efficacy of a given ingredient is dependent entirely on dose. Caffeine is good at keeping you awake, but only above a certain threshold. If you take 0.01 micro-grams of caffeine, it’s not going to make a difference. If you take 1g of caffeine anhydrous, you’ll feel very sick indeed. 

Dosage is key.

Manufacturers should have enough faith in their product, and enough respect for their customers to let them make the choice to buy based on the merits of the formula. When they hide the exact specifications of the formula, they are in effect telling us that they don’t think we’ll buy the product if we know the individual ingredient servings. 

So many supplements list their ingredient doses on the label that the claim of having to “protect our special formulation” just doesn’t stand up. There is nothing groundbreaking about the ingredients in Neuro GASM; we know their ideal doses, we know their safe limits.

Neuro may well think they have very good reasons for hiding the “Unique GASM Blend” specifications, but the reasons behind their inability to offer the same service as the leading manufacturers are irrelevant to us as consumers. 


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Ingredients In Neuro GASM

Now that we have got our discussion of the inherent issues with proprietary blends, we can discuss the Neuro GASM proprietary blend in particular. 

All proprietary blends share the same problem, but some are much worse than others.

As far as proprietary blends go, the “Unique GASM Blend” in Neuro GASM is actually quite good. 

We are told the serving size of two ingredients. In each serving, we get 100mg of caffeine, and 50mg of theanine

This is pretty much perfect as far as we’re concerned. 100mg of caffeine is about as much as you will get from a fairly large cup of coffee. Unless you are very sensitive to caffeine, you are unlikely to experience any side effects from this, but you should get a nice mental energy lift.

Theanine works synergistically with caffeine, attenuating its adverse effects while enhancing its positive effects. We would actually like to see as much theanine as there is caffeine, if not more. However, this is not a bad dosing ratio. 


Neuro GASM ingredients caffeine


Alpha-GPC confers choline to the body. Raising choline availability in the brain will in turn ensure that you can synthesize acetylcholine at the maximum possible rate. 

Acetylcholine is a key neurotransmitter. It is involved in a wealth of neurological processes. Increasing acetylcholine availability is a reliable way to enhance focus, learning, and mental clarity. 

That Alpha-GPC enhances cognitive function has been proven in several robust scientific studies. In all cases though, a significant dosage was used.

Of all the cholinergics, Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline are easily the best. Both efficiently deliver choline to the brain, and both have secondary benefits such as supporting the integrity of cell membranes.

Resveratrol is an incredibly powerful antioxidant. 

It is found in large amounts in grapes, which is partly where the yearly “red wine is good for you” story comes from. 

There is no evidence that resveratrol increases longevity (as many claim), but it has been found to have a protective effect on both the heart and the wider circulatory system. 

Most interestingly, some recent studies have found that it may improve blood flow. 

Of course, effectiveness is contingent on dose.


resveratrol Neuro GASM


L-Citrulline is an amino acid known for its ability to improve blood flow. 

However, in all clinical trials noting this effect, a relatively large dose has been used; as much as 6g three times per day in one instance.

Clearly, either citrulline is very under-dosed in Neuro GASM, or it makes up far too much of the formula.

In either case, its effectiveness in this product is limited by the blend size. 

Bilberry Extract is a strange one. 

We’re experiencing a bit of a Baader-Mainhoff phenomenon with Bilberry Extract. We hadn’t heard of this stuff being used in a supplement until a month or so ago, and now all of a sudden it’s coming up again and again. 

We aren’t aware of any benefits associated with supplementing bilberry extract.

Some people believe that it is able to improve vision. However, we could only find one study supporting this claim, and even then the results were modest. 

Why this ingredient has been used in Neuro GASM is a mystery to us. 


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Potential Filler Ingredient?

A major problem with the Neuro GASM blend is the presence of Carnitine. 

Carnitine is an amino acid which is usually taken in large amounts. For the purposes of enhancing mental and physical performance, people will usually take somewhere between 500mg and 2,000mg of L-Carnitine. 

As it needs to be taken in such large amounts, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Carnitine is relatively cheap to purchase in large amounts. This means that it can very easily be used to bulk out proprietary blends. 

Manufacturers can use ingredients like Carnitine to fill out 90% of their blend. They can then use very small amounts of the other, much more expensive ingredients such as Alpha GPC and Resveratrol. The customer thinks they’re getting all the benefits of these more expensive (and usually much more potent) ingredients, when in fact they are just paying well over the odds for a Carnitine supplement. 

Is Neuro GASM guilty of this?

We don’t know. The manufacturer has decided to make sure that we don’t know either way, which is a problem in itself. 

If manufacturers don’t like us speculating like this, then they should prevent us from doing so by revealing their formula specifications in detail. 


Neuro GASM Side Effects

The ingredient most likely to cause side effects is caffeine. 

Thankfully, Neuro have told us exactly how much caffeine is in each serving of Neuro GASM. 

The 100mg in each bottle is unlikely to cause any problems for the vast majority of users. The only people likely to experience side effects are those of you with a severe caffeine intolerance. If that is you, then you will want to avoid supplements with any caffeine in them, regardless of dose. 

The presence of 50mg of theanine makes the chances of side effects even less likely. 

However, as with almost all proprietary blends, there is still a degree of uncertainty as far as side effects are concerned.

For instance, if Alpha-GPC is dosed above 500mg, then it is likely to cause you some problems. The potential side effects of taking too much Alpha GPC include insomnia, dizziness, nausea, and rash outbreaks.

The point here is that we simply don’t know if this is likely or not.

When it comes to safety and side effect risks, uncertainty is not good. 

Before you start taking a supplement which contains stimulants and an indeterminate amount of unusual ingredients that can potentially cause side effects, it is crucial to talk to your doctor. Do not take medical advice from the internet, and do not take chances with your health.

Neuro GASM Review Conclusion

We came to very mixed conclusions while doing this review. 

Neuro GASM uses a proprietary blend; we do not know the exact serving sizes of all the individual ingredients.

Yet on the other hand, the ingredients are, for the most part, potent nootropic and health promoting substances. 

We also know the serving sizes of the ingredient most likely to cause serious side effects if taken in very large amounts. We’re referring here to caffeine of course. 

There’s a nice vitamin blend in there too.

If the key ingredients are dosed appropriately, then this will deliver terrific benefits to most people.

Yet fundamentally, we don’t know if the ingredients are dosed properly. The “Unique GASM Blend” could easily be 90% Carnitine. 

If you can find a supplement which contains all of the good ingredients in Neuro GASM, but which tells you the doses of those ingredients (and they’re about right), then you will be much better going with that.

At the end of the day, manufacturers have their reasons for using proprietary blends, but as customers, we should always try to avoid using such products. The failings of manufacturers, their inability to compete with the most successful supplements; those things aren’t our concern. 

Neuro GASM Review – Revolutionary Nootropic Drink?
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