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  • Too many cholinergics
  • DMAE may cause problems in some users
  • No memory support or long-term adaptation boosters


NEU Nootropic Boost Review Summary

This recently launched product re-defines the term “energy drink”. NEU Nootropic Boost is designed to give an immediate, short-term boost to your ability to focus, think clearly, and take in new information. It delivers more mental energy, but without the crash and fuzzy thinking you get from traditional energy drinks. 

That said, the fact that this stuff is not ideal for regular use means that it is probably not what the majority of our readers are looking for. Things that this otherwise superb product lacks are serious, heavy-duty memory enhancers, and substances to help make the changes long-term. 

A great pick-me-up, but not a replacement for a daily nootropic stack that keeps you on top of your game every single day. 


Where To Buy NEU

We think it would be best to buy this stuff straight from the manufacturer. 


Full NEU Nootropic Review


NEU Nootropic Boost is an innovative new nootropic drink.

It has only recently been released, but it is already having a big effect on the nootropics market. That’s because NEU Nootropic Boost is not like most other nootropics available at the moment. 

NEU is kind of like a super-charged, high-spec energy drink. But to call NEU Nootropic Boost an energy drink would be to do the product a great disservice. 


NEU Review


The big influx of sugar and caffeine provided by your run-of-the-mill energy drinks can make you feel more energized and focused, but in reality you just have excess energy.

They don’t help your brain actually perform any better. The excessive amounts of caffeine can hinder your mental clarity and exacerbate stress, and the sugar rush can actually make you crash earlier than you would do without the drink. 

Unlike the energy drinks you are already familiar with, NEU does not just supply you with a ludicrous amount of sugar and caffeine. Instead, NEU uses a powerful combination of natural nootropic substances, amino acids, and vitamins to deliver real, noticeable improvements in mental performance. 

According to NEU, their new product can give you “pure focus” at times when you need it most. NEU can supposedly “supercharge your workouts”, improve mood and motivation, and enhance mental clarity. 

The parent company, NEU LLC, clearly intend to be around for a long time. Their website is slick, and they are actively pushing their product on to as wide a market as possible. According to their website, they are making appearances at trade shows and exhibitions, and they are keen to display reviews from named individuals. 

So, that’s enough hype. What does NEU Nootropic Boost really do? How does the formula compare to other nootropics? Will it give you the kind of advantages that are talked about on the NEU website? 

There’s only one way to find out. Let’s take a closer look. We hope this full and comprehensive NEU Nootropic Boost review helps you find the right brain boosting stack for you. 

NEU Nootropic Boost Formula

You can easily find the full NEU Nootropic Boost formula on the company website. The company are right to title this page “Transparent Labeling”.  We always like to see the full formula offered up clearly on the website.

Here’s the formula:



As you can see, the formula is pretty much split between two distinct stacks: vitamin stack and a nootropic stack. 

You can tell immediately that this is going to be a high-quality product. There aren’t many ingredients, and most importantly, we can’t see any shady proprietary blends!

No proprietary blends means that we know exactly what we’re paying for. When we know the serving sizes of the individual ingredients, we can also let our experience with NEU inform our future nootropic purchases.


NEU Nootropic Ingredients

NEU contains some brilliant natural brain boosters. 

CDP-Choline is one of, if not the best choline booster on the market today. 

It quickly increases choline levels in the brain, meaning higher acetylcholine availability. This in turn leads to clearer thinking, better short term memory recall, and faster learning. 


Theanine Green Tea NEU Nootropic

While caffeine is not for everyone, it remains a devastatingly effective natural nootropic agent. Caffeine diminishes the perception of fatigue, allowing you to work harder for longer, while also heightening focus. 

Since NEU nootropic is meant for short-term, in-frequent use, we think a moderate amount of organic caffeine is a good addition to the formula. 

L-Theanine is known o work synergistically with caffeine, enhancing its benefits and dulling down its side effects. If you’re going to include caffeine in a stack, theanine should be right there alongside it, ideally dosed just higher than the caffeine itself. 

Phosphatidylserine is a fat-like substance. It makes up an enormous amount of neural tissue. The implications of this are obvious: too little phosphatidylserine, and your neural tissue cannot maintain or replace itself. 

We do synthesize our own PS, but supplementation can be useful for ensuring that you have more than you will possibly need. Studies have shown this is beneficial in older people, but there is no reason why the same logic cannot apply to younger people as well. 


NEU Vitamin Stack

The vast majority of the effects of NEU will come from the nootropic stack which has now been discussed at length. 

While the natural nootropics like CDP-Choline and Phosphatidylserine will no doubt be responsible for the longer lasting, more deep improvements in cognitive performance, the vitamins in NEU will also have a slight but much more immediate effect on mental output. 

B vitamins are essential for energy metabolism. Without B vitamins, we can’t get any energy out of our food. A deficiency of B vitamins has a profound effect on our energy, including our mental energy. 

The serving sizes in NEU are perfect: sufficient, but not dangerously excessive. 

However, the importance of this shouldn’t be overplayed. Most of you won’t need to supplement with B vitamins, so the main focus of your attention should be on the proper nootropic ingredients in NEU. 


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What Would We Change?

There are two big things that we would change about this excellent product.

For starters, we would drop the number of cholinergics from 3 to 1.

We understand why manufacturers might want to use both Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline. Both raise choline availability in the brain, but they have quite different peripheral benefits. Despite this, we think it is best to just pick one and dose it properly.

NEU has instead dosed CDP-Choline quite highly (higher than is strictly necessary), while also included two other cholinergics: DMAE and Alpha-GPC. 

Taking too much of any cholinergic is bound to cause side effects. Too much acetylcholine is associated with foggy thinking, headaches, and demotivation. The total amount of cholinergic compounds in NEU is 650mg. If you took 650mg of any of the major cholinergics, you would almost certainly experience some kind of side effects.

We see no reason to think it would be any different if you split the 650mg between 3 different cholinergics. 

To make matters worse, DMAE also seems to have a greater propensity for causing side effects than CDP-Choline, Alpha-GPC, or Choline bitartrate. This will make it even more likely for the sizeable 650mg of cholinergics to cause you some trouble. 



Then, we would introduce something to help make the benefits of NEU a bit more long-lasting. 

NEU is not designed for daily use. It is designed for use when you need a quick and sizable cognitive boost.

However, the ingredients in the NEU nootropic stack undoubtedly take some degree of regular use to really get working. It therefore makes sense to also try to make these changes more permanent with something like NGF-promoting Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

We also think it would be worth including a nice memory booster in NEU, such as Bacopa monnieri. However, this isn’t strictly necessary. Nor would it be totally beneficial since Bacopa and the like take many weeks to start delivering the kind of memory improvements it is now famous for. 


What Are People Saying About NEU Nootropic Boost?

Here is a selection of NEU reviews taken from the internet. Some are Amazon “verified customer” reviews. others are taken from NEU Nootropic Boost’s official website. 

We aren’t endorsing any of these reviews, good or bad. We are simply making them available here so you can see what some people are saying about NEU. 


NEU nootropic user reviews


NEU Nootropic Boost Endorsements


NEU Nootropic Boost For Sport


positive user feedback NEU nootropic


Negative User Review NEU Nootropic


Does NEU Cause Side Effects?

There are a few things about NEU nootropic that give us cause for concern regarding side effects. 

First of all, the presence of so many cholinergics may give some users quite pronounced side effects. 

With a cholinergic like CDP-Choline, more than 150mg is not necessarily going to produce better cognitive outcomes. The 300mg in NEU is unquestionably enough, if not more than enough. 

It seems strange then that the manufacturer has decided to also include 100mg of Alpha-GPC and 250mg of DMAE. 

Both of these substances serve essentially the same purpose as CDP-Choline. While they have their differences, they produce largely similar outcomes: they increase choline availability. You are therefore looking at 650mg of cholinergic in a single stack. 

To make matters worse, we believe that DMAE has a relatively high propensity to cause side effects.

One study even found that it caused birth defects in baby mice when their mothers were fed the stuff while pregnant.

Now you are not a pregnant mouse, so that probably doesn’t apply to you, but it does mean that NEU should be avoided at all costs if you are a pregnant human! Pregnant women should not be taking nootropics at all, but particularly not those containing DMAE.


NEU Nootropic Boost Review Conclusion

After doing a fairly comprehensive NEU Nootropic Boost review, we can conclude that this stuff would not be a bad purchase at all.

Whether or not this is the ideal product for you depends on your precise goals and how you like to take nootropics. But generally speaking, this stuff should help improve cognitive performance for the vast majority of users. 

All of NEU’s ingredients have nootropic properties that have been observed in robust clinical trials. Some of them are among the most effective natural nootropic compounds on the planet. 

Generally speaking, the serving sizes of these ingredients are well-chosen. The key ingredients are dosed high enough to deliver significant improvements in brain function, but low enough to make it unlikely that users will experience side effects. The inclusion of theanine to counteract any side effects of the extra caffeine really seals the deal in this area. 

Some compounds could be dosed lower. CDP-Choline and Alpha-GPC are usually sufficient on their own, and doses of CDP-Choline higher than 200mg do not necessarily return better results. 

The only problems with this product are the absence of any heavy-duty memory boosters (such as Bacopa monnieri), the presence of too many cholinergics (one of which is the potentially side effect-ridden DMAE), and the lack of anything to help make the changes in brain function more permanent.

It may seem like we are being picky here, but these things are provided by other supplements, so that is the standard to which we need to hold all pre-made nootropic stacks. 

NEU is not an every day nootropic it seems. It is meant for infrequent use; for times when you need to have laser-like focus, lots of mental stamina, and totally clear thinking. 

We think this is a great idea for a product, but we prefer to constantly be on top of our game mentally. That means opting for a daily nootropic stack, that gradually introduces significant but gradual improvements in cognitive performance.

We prefer products that deliver enhancements in cognitive function that do not wear off in a few hours.

Of course, everyone is different, and if you need an instant pick-me-up that is above and beyond your usual energy drink, then NEU Nootropic Boost is for you. 

NEU Nootropic Boost – Does It Work?
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