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  • Green tea extract confers health benefits


  • Not much different from plain old green tea
  • Caffeine makes it unsuitable for many
  • Ashwagandha not a superb anxiolytic


NeoBrain Review Summary

NeoBrain is not a comprehensive nootropic stack. The bulk of the formula is taken up by green tea extract and theanine. As such, NeoBrain can pretty much be thought of as a concentrated green tea supplement.

It also contains some substances which are thought to help reduce stress and promote energy levels. However, the exact ingredients chosen are not, in our opinion, the best choices for achieving these goals. There are much better anxiolytics out there than ashwagandha, and there are much better ways to boost short term energy levels than taking caffeine via a guarana extract. 

If you want more detail, read our full NeoBrain review. if you just want a quick overview, let is be this: there are much better stacks out there for enhancing cognitive function. 


Where To Buy NeoBrain

NeoBrain is available exclusively through the Neogenix Amazon merchant page. This may change as time goes on; always buy direct from the manufacturer when possible. 


Full NeoBrain Review


NeoBrain is a natural nootropic stack manufactured by Neogenix. 

We have never come across these guys before, so it will be interesting to see what their first stack offers. 

NeoBrain is described as a “premium dietary supplement”. We’ll keep that in mind during our NeoBrain review!

So, who is this supplement designed for precisely?

What is it supposed to do?


Neogenix NeoBrain review


According to the bottle, NeoBrain can give users the following benefits:

  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved focus
  • More mental clarity

We get much more information from the NeoBrain marketing materials which accompany the product. Check out some posters for yourself:


NeoBrain claims


Here we are told we can expect “laser-like focus”, “no more brain fog”, and even the benefits of “neuroprotection”. 

That’s a pretty impressive set of claims. 

The question is; does it actually come through on any of these promises?

Is Neogenix NeoBrain effective?

Is it safe? What are the major side effect risks?

Is there a better product out there for achieving enhanced cognitive function? Is it ideal for long-term use?

We will answer all of these questions and more in our full Neogenix NeoBrain review. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below. 


NeoBrain Formula

So let’s have a look at the NeoBrain formula. Here is the ingredients list as it appears on the bottle:


NeoBrain formula


Right off the bat, there’s an awful lot we don’t like about this product.

With just 4 ingredients, we would really need to see something special in here for NeoBrain to compete with the current market leading stacks.

Most of the best nootropics on the market today will contain a well-balanced cocktail of 8-12 ingredients which promote cognitive function in different, but complimentary ways.

So to make a stack containing just 4 ingredients means there’s a lot of legwork to be done.

Unfortunately, we don’t see anything special here.

What we do see are 4 pretty sub-standard ingredients.

There simply isn’t enough here for NeoBrain to stand any chance of competing with the likes of Mind Lab Pro, INSIGHT, or Modafy.

There aren’t any of the ‘big hitters’ we always look for in a supplement which claims to enhance memory.

There aren’t any cholinergics to really crank your ability to focus up in a meaningful way.

In short, there isn’t a lot of anything in the NeoBrain formula!


What We Like

The only real positive we can pull from this formula is the inclusion of theanine.

Theanine is an amino acid which works in synergistic fashion with caffeine.

This means that it works with caffeine, heightening its positive effects (focus, fatigue reduction, increased motivation) while attenuating the negative effects associated with caffeine consumption (elevated heart rate, insomnia, irritability).

Generally speaking, if you have a high caffeine intake, then introducing some form of theanine supplement will probably benefit you.

NeoBrain contains some caffeine derived from guarana. As such, the addition of 125mg of theanine is a good call.

Despite what people tell you, the caffeine from guarana is no different to any other form of caffeine.

Caffeine is caffeine; it is just that some whole foods contain more than others.

Guarana seeds do contain more caffeine than coffee beans by weight, but that doesn’t make a blind bit of difference once we extract it or once we start using extracts.

So unless you want to eat your caffeine from the seeds and you want maximum bang for your bite, opt for a pure caffeine extract; guarana does nothing but take up space.


What We Don’t Like

Obviously, the thing we dislike most about this supplement is the fact that there isn’t a lot here.

The formula actually doesn’t seem to offer an awful lot more than you would get from your old friend green tea.

As we explained in this article, green tea isn’t a particularly strong nootropic, but you should drink it regularly to enjoy all of the wonderful health and longevity-promoting properties it holds.

NeoBrain’s formula actually closely resembles a breakdown of the things we get from green tea.


NeoBrain ingredients Green Tea


First we have a massive dose of green tea extract.

Then we get theanine; found in relative abundance in green tea.

Then we have caffeine; also found in relative abundance in green tea.

So really, NeoBrain isn’t delivering a lot more than we would get from just increasing our green tea intake.

We do get ashwagandha on top of that, which is not found in green tea of course.

Ashwagandha does seem to have some efficacy as an anxiolytic. This basically means that it can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promoting restful sleep.

Yet it is far from the most effective substance for doing so.

Things like Rhodiola rosea and even Tyrosine seem to be much more effective and much more reliable than ashwagandha.

So all things considered, the NeoBrain formula is pretty disappointing.

It won’t deliver benefits significantly different to increased green tea consumption, and as mentioned above, green tea isn’t much of a nootropic as it is.

If you need help staying focused under pressure or dealing with anxiety, then look for a supplement either designed specifically for that purpose, or for one that contains good servings of rhodiola rosea and Tyrosine.


NeoBrain contains ashwagandha rather than rhodiola rosea


Neogenix NeoBrain Side Effects

While we don’t think you’re likely to derive any real benefits from using NeoBrain, we also don’t think you’re likely to experience any side effects.

These two facts usually go hand in hand; if it’s too weak to benefit you in a meaningful way, then it probably isn’t strong enought to do any damage.

That said, you do still need to exercise caution when using products like this, as you will not be used to consuming concentrated herbal extracts in this manner.

You should also be aware that this supplement contains caffeine.

Caffeine can cause insomnia, anxiety, heart beat irregularities, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, and more.

If you alreayd have a high caffeine consumption, then maybe it is a good idea to pass on a supplement which contains caffeine.


NeoBrain Review Conclusion

NeoBrain promises enhanced memory, focus and mental clarity.

Unfortunately, we don’t think it is really able to make a difference in any of these areas.

The NeoBrain formula is, in reality, little more than a concentrated form of green tea.

We have a green tea extract, some caffeine, and some theanine; so basically, a big cup of green tea.

Green tea is not a potent nootropic by any means.

If you are serious about enhancing your cognitive function, either in the short or long term (or both), then look elsewhere.

NeoBrain does also contain Ashwagandha; a known anxiolytic. However, in terms of stress reduction and enhancing focus under stress, this substance is far from the best we have.

If combating stress is your priority, either look for a dedicated stress-reduction stack or use one that contains lots of Rhodiola rosea and Tyrosine.

Neogenix NeoBrain Review – Does It Really Work?
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