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Here Are The Best Natural Anxiety Remedies


Natural anxiety remedies


It seems to be taken as fact that people today are more anxious than ever. We’re constantly told that our lives are more hectic than they’ve ever been.

People from the previous generation tell us that we need to “slow down”, stop taking things so seriously, and to start separating our work lives from our private lives. They tell us that they managed it and so should we. 

Maybe it’s just nostalgia, maybe it’s true.

Either way, the fact remains; people everywhere struggle with stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

For lots of people, stress and anxiety are downright debilitating.

A looming deadline at work, a worrying appointment, and impending flight: all of these things can make breakfast seem like an ordeal.

Even mild stress can cause health problems if it persists for a number of weeks.

Thankfully, there are lots of natural anxiety remedies that you can use to help alleviate stress on a daily basis.

By trying just a few of these natural anxiety remedies, you can get on with your life as a happy, confident, capable person, without resorting to prescription drugs.


Kill Anxiety With Food

I am not telling you to eat your way to happiness here. Put down the Ben & Jerry’s.

Stuffing yourself full of sugar does not reduce anxiety; it just disguises it.

However, eating the right foods can have a profound impact on your stress levels. 

There are lots of foods that can help you naturally reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Many people expect me to talk about strange substances when they ask about stress reduction, but there are a number of foods that will be very familiar to you which have incredible stress-busting properties. 

For instance, conditions such as depression and anxiety are increasingly being linked to folate deficiency.

Of course, the causes of acute depression can be infinitely more complex than a simply vitamin deficiency, but a lack of folate (also known as Vitamin B9) seem to reliably bring about feelings of depression, anxiety, and lethargy.

A good way to cure this is by eating more asparagus. Asparagus is packed full of folate, with one cup giving you over half of your recommended daily intake.


Avocado has fats which can help lower blood pressure and alleviate stress



Another great way to reduce anxiety with food is by eating vegetables and oils containing a lot of monounsaturated fat. 

Monounsaturated fat can help lower LDL (a.k.a bad) cholesterol levels in the blood, and can play a huge role in combating high blood pressure.

Reducing your resting blood pressure is a very direct way of alleviating stress; many people feel anxious and tense as a result of hypertension, or a high resting blood pressure. We all know somebody whose blood pressure skyrockets at the first sign of trouble. Eating some healthy fats can get that blood pressure back under control and bring those stress levels down with it.

A good great source of these healthy fats to incorporate into your diet would be avocado.

Avocados contain about 10g of monounsaturated fat per 100g. Very little of the fat in avocados is polyunsaturated or saturated. This means that avocados are incredible little cholesterol-killers. By extension, they can help reduce hypertension and lower stress in the long-term. 

As if that wasn’t enough, avocados are also very high in potassium and B vitamins, again helping to keep blood pressure low, in turn keeping you calm, relaxed, and healthy.


naturally reduce anxiety whole grains


One final food which needs to be mentioned is grain. Any kind of wholegrain seems to be an excellent choice for someone looking to reduce their daily stress levels through dietary changes. 

Whole grains contain large amounts of two substances which can reduce anxiety: tryptophan and magnesium. 

Tryptophan is an amino acid. It is a direct precursor to a very important neurotransmitter; serotonin. Serotonin is one of your ‘happy hormones’. It is responsible for feelings of empathy, contentment, relaxation, and euphoria. 

Having low serotonin levels is almost certainly going to lead to acute feelings of depression, anxiety, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Consuming foods that are high in tryptophan is a good way to make sure that your body has all of the building blocks it needs for your vital neurotransmitters. 

Supplementing with trypotphan is not thought to be an effective method of raising serotonin levels. The body’s regulation system prevents it from having too much of an effect. However, ensuring intake is adequate is a good way to prevent serotonin levels falling too low.

Whole grains also contain very large amounts of magnesium. 

Magnesium doesn’t have the same direct role in mood regulation as tryptophan or serotonin. 

However, magnesium plays a supporting role in an incredibly wide variety of biochemical process throughout the human body. It is involved in cell aerobic and anaerobic energy ‘production’, cellular communication, and ion exchange regulation. Being deficient in this mineral will therefore have a big impact on our physical well-being. 

It now also seems that magnesium deficiency has far-reaching consequences for our mental health, too. 

As this article points out, magnesium deficiency has been linked to anxiety, apathy, depression, irritability, and persistent restlessness. 

Unfortunately, it seems that many people today are deficient in magnesium. Most of us drink heavily treated water which is low in magnesium. We don’t eat enough fresh seafood, and we rarely swim in the ocean. 

Thankfully, if we manage our diet properly, we can bring our magnesium intake up to well-above the minimum requirements for long-term health and happiness.

A single cup of spinach contains about 40% of your RDI of magnesium. 

Half a cup of pumpkin seeds provides almost 100%. 

Two cups of soybeans provides almost 80% of your RDI. 

So it is really easy to get all the magnesium you could possible need each day while eating a healthy and varied diet. 

We think it is important to try to make sure that deficiencies in your diet are not responsible for high stress levels, persistent bad moods, or mild cases of anxiety and depression. 

However, if you are confident that a poor diet is not the cause of these issues, then it might be time to consider other options. 



Supplement, But Supplement Smart

If you feel that a slight change in eating habits won’t put a dent in your anxiety levels, don’t worry.

There are a seemingly endless amount of natural mood enhancing supplements on the market today.

I’m not talking about sleeping pills or prescription barbiturates.

I’m talking about clinically tested, healthy, natural ways of reducing stress.

A good example here is rhodiola rosea. This natural herbal extract is used in a wide range of nootropic stacks today, and with very good reason. 


naturally reduce stress rhodiola rosea


Rhodiola rosea has been robustly tested across numerous human clinical trials, and it is clearly one of the most reliable, effective, and well-tolerated natural nootropics today.

Most importantly for readers of this article, it is specifically effective for reducing anxiety, improving subjective well-being, and enhancing cognitive performance during times of acute stress and pressure. 

Straight rhodiola rosea supplements can be found in health food stores everywhere. If you go to a reputable health food or vitamin store you can probably find a high quality, well-dosed rhodiola rosea supplement for as little as $30. 

There are also a good range of natural nootropic stacks which contain multiple substances (often including rhodiola rosea) that each contribute to reduced stress and improved mood in their own way. 

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If All Else Fails, Sex Can Help!

What better way to alleviate anxiety than having sex? I actually can’t think of a more natural, effective, healthy way of reducing stress or anxiety than getting laid. I also can’t think of a natural anxiety remedy I’d rather use as part of my daily “unwind”.

When you have sex, a lot more happens than you might realise.

That feeling of elated self-absurdness that comes after you’ve done the nasty with someone is almost entirely down to your biochemistry.

When we have sex, the body release oxytocin; a hormone that acts as a mild sedative and has been shown to produce feelings of empathy. On top of that, we obviously have the enormous flood of dopamine that enters the blood when we have an orgasm.


Natural ways to fight stress include sex


The act of sex literally makes the body drug itself.

Other hormones that are heightened during sex (testosterone and estrogen) also contribute to feelings of confidence, elation, and compassion.

Not only that, but the act itself is pretty rigorous, and we all know how effective exercise is for eliminating stress and anxiety.

This is obviously a much healthier way of dealing with stress than introducing sedatives to the body from an external source.



Synthetic vs. Natural Anxiety Remedies

With so many safe, natural anxiety remedies available today, there really is no need to let the stresses of modern living keep you down. From specially formulated herbal remedies to just getting laid, there’s a huge array of options for anyone looking to take the edge off.

What is more, there’s fewer reasons than ever to turn to synthetic, prescription strength drugs to help you de-stress after a busy few days, weeks or months.

Thanks to advances in our understanding of both nature and the manufacturing process, you now have access to a wide range of effective, herbal remedies for anxiety. Unlike synthetic or pharmacy-grade drugs, these herbal products are typically designed take the edge off your stress without leaving you intoxicated or impaired.

They will often carry none of the side effects that are usually associated with strong relaxants and depressants. Most importantly, they will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the next day rather than foggy and sluggish. Why opt for anything less?


Natural Anxiety Remedies

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