Value for Money

8.5 /10

Formula Rating

8.7 /10

Risk of Side Effects

7.5 /10


  • Great, balanced formula
  • Should be perfect for short term cognitive boosts
  • Good value for money


  • Stimulants in formula could cause side effects
  • Bacopa monnieri may not work unless taken long-term
  • Theacrine poorly tolerated

MOD Gaming Supplement Review Summary

From that perspective, MOD Elite Gaming Supplement is an excellent supplement. It is not intended for prolonged, everyday use. It is designed to provide an immediate but real increase in mental energy, focus, and concentration. It is also designed to significantly reduce stress and anxiety while boosting energy and mental stamina. As far as we can tell, it should deliver on these things. 

If you’re looking for a quick boost, then this could be a perfect choice. If you’re looking for a stack that you can take every day and that will deliver lasting, gradual, noticeable improvements in memory, learning, focus and energy, then this probably isn’t the supplement for you. 


Where To Buy MOD Elite Gaming Supplement

We strongly advise you to buy directly from the manufacturer. 


Full MOD Gaming Supplement Review

In many ways, video games have always been taken very seriously by at least a small section of society. Since the early days of video games, this niche group of enthusiasts has grown exponentially, and today professional video-gamers number in the thousands. 

If you haven’t seen a serious video game competition yet, we really urge you to check one out. They’re an incredible spectacle, with young kids showing off unbelievable gaming skills in a bid to win astronomical cash prizes. 

With all of this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to you to learn that there are dedicated supplements for serious gamers now on the market. One of these is MOD Elite Gaming Supplement. 


MOD Elite Gaming Supplement Review


MOD Elite Gaming Supplement is without a shadow of a doubt a true nootropic stack, so it deserves our attention.

So what does this supplement claim to do, exactly? 

According to the manufacturers, MOD Elite Gaming Supplement can give you:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Superior brain power
  • Supercharged energy

We’re also expecting reduced reaction times and better spatial memory; two key benefits for pro-gamers.

While it is marketed specifically for gamers, the benefits it claims to offer are not restricted to people who play video games. Any one from an over-worked executive to a creative professional struggling to meet onerous client deadlines can benefit from these things.

However, since that is who this supplement is explicitly designed for, we’ll judge it according to its ability to give those people what they want. That is, supercharged focus, concentration, and mental stamina, as well as a reduction in stress and anxiety (key during big competitions). 

Let’s take a closer look at MOD and see if this product can really give us what it says it can. Here’s our full MOD Elite Gaming Supplement review. 


MOD Elite Gaming Supplement Formula Review

As always, we won’t just start talking about a supplement. It’s crucial that you can take a look for yourself so you know what we’re referring to.

Here’s the MOD Gaming Supplement formula, as displayed on the side of the bottle:


MOD Elite Gaming Supplement Formula Review


This is how the ingredients list should look on your bottle. If it looks any different, get in touch with the manufacturer right away. If you bought your product from a third party, it may not be completely legitimate!


As you can see, each ingredient is listed separately, and the individual serving sizes are all listed. This should be standard practice for the supplement industry; indeed it is standard practice for top quality supplements.

Yet plenty of natural nootropics out there do not bother to list their individual ingredient sizes (here is a prime example). 

So it is definitely to the credit of MOD Elite Gaming Supplement’s manufacturers that their entire formula is listed right there for everyone to see.


Ingredients – Can MOD Deliver?

We do not throw praise around on this site; not by a long shot. But this really does look like a great natural nootropic stack. 

Looking at the formula as a whole, we think this supplement should be more than capable of delivering the benefits it says it can.

Here’s a quick run-down of the ingredients and what each of them does to contribute to improved cognitive performance:


Bacopa monnieri: A herbal extract known to significantly improve memory function. Bacopa monnieri works gradually, with effects only becoming noticeable after 6-12 weeks, but effects continue to become more pronounced over time. One of the best nootropic substances out there.


Choline bitartrate: Any professional quality stack needs to have a choline component. However, a choline analogue, or cholinergic, is preferable to choline itself. Choline bitartrate confers choline to the brain, where it can be used to synthesise acetylcholine, which is a key neurotransmitter. Increasing acetylcholine availability is crucial if you really want to improve cognitive performance. While choline bitartrate is not the best cholinergic, it is far from the worst. 


L-Theanine: This amino acid is found in plenty of natural brain supplements, and with good reason. It has many effects on our body, but the main one we’re interested here is its interaction with caffeine. Theanine works synergistically with caffeine, amplifying and extending its energy boosting effects while tempering its more unpleasant and counter-productive side effects. Since MOD Elite Gaming Supplement uses a fair amount of caffeine, this is a welcome addition. 


Ginkgo biloba: Few natural nootropics have the pedigree of Ginkgo biloba. Numerous scientific studies have shown it to be a reliable and potent memory booster. One study (ref) we found even noted that Ginkgo had a positive effect on the memory function of patients with Alzheimer’s, although such substances should never be used instead of actual medical care in these cases. Ginkgo biloba works by promoting vasodilation; the opening up of your veins and capillaries. This allows better nutrient and oxygen delivery to brain cells. 


Rhodiola rosea: We would expect to see this one in a supplement designed for intense periods of mental activity. Rhodiola rosea has been used for centuries by the Chinese, and it appears in traditional Scandinavian medicine too. It seems to be very effective at alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety during times of peak mental demand. Both this study and this study found that one of the most consistent benefits of Rhodiola rosea use was increased mental performance under stress and the reduction of stress-related fatigue. 


Alpha-GPC: This is without a doubt one of the best cholinergics there is, with the only competitor being CDP-Choline or Citicholine as it is sometimes known. Alpha-GPC is incredibly effective at conferring choline to the brain. This is no doubt why it has been found to be effective at reducing the impact of cognitive decline. 


Phosphatidylserine: This fat-like substance makes up a staggeringly large percentage of your brain. It is the principal component of neural cell membranes. In fact, it is a significant component of all cell membranes. Increased consumption is associated with improved cognitive performance. Although the effects of phosphatidylserine supplementation are gradual and slow to set in, they should be longer lasting than with substances like theanine or Ginkgo biloba.


Caffeine: This one doesn’t need a great deal of explanation. Caffeine dramatically boosts energy levels in the short term. It reduces the perception of mental fatigue to almost zero just a few minutes after consumption. While it cannot be used continuously for a long period of time, for a quick mental boost, nothing works better. 


MOD Elite Gaming Supplement Contains Caffeine & TheacrineTheacrine: This stuff is basically a slightly altered form of caffeine. It acts in a very similar way to caffeine, affecting pretty much exactly the same pathways. However, it differs from caffeine in two important ways. First, it seems to be poorly tolerated compared to caffeine. Secondly, a low dose of theacrine acts as a relaxant rather than a stimulant. While this is true of caffeine, with caffeine that “low dose” is so low that a single cup of coffee is never going to make you sleepy. With theacrine, that low dose is the amount found in some teas. Depending on how relaxed you want to be, this one needs to be treated carefully. 


These are all top-quality ingredients. There aren’t any ‘fillers’ or second rate compounds thrown in here for the sake of it. Each ingredient has its place, and each one does its job very well. 

We did point out that choline bitartrate is not the best cholinergic around, but the stack also contains a small dose of Alpha-GPC. On its own, 100mg of Alpha-GPC would be insufficient to really affect your cognitive performance in a noticeable way.

But coupled with 300mg of choline bitartrate, 100mg of Alpha-GPC is definitely worth including. Ideally, we would like to see Alpha-GPC being dosed at around 200-300mg and choline bitartrate dropped altogether, but that is really just splitting hairs.


MOD Elite Gaming Supplement Ingredients Review


The mixture of caffeine, theanine, and rhodiola rosea in this stack is also excellent.

Caffeine will immediately boost energy levels, while Theanine will work to suppress any jitteriness or anxiety that comes from a caffeine influx and to lengthen caffeine’s action.

The rhodiola rosea will then work to keep you calm and focused on the task at hand. These three ingredients work with each other, each letting the others have more of a positive impact than it would otherwise be able to have.

The doses have been very well matched, with the end result being a stack that increases mental energy and stamina without having any kind of distracting, ‘narcotic’, or really noticeable stimulatory effect.

We usually recommend that caffeine be accompanied by twice as much theanine. That’s exactly what we see in MOD!


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Why Bacopa? Isn’t That A Long-Term Nootropic?

Some of you may be wondering why Bacopa monnieri is in a stack ostensibly designed for powering serious players through very long gaming sessions.

After all, Bacopa monnieri needs to be taken for a period of at least 6 weeks before its true effects manifest themselves. Despite how potentially beneficial Bacopa supplementation is for our mental acuity and memory function, unless we take it regularly for a number of weeks, we will get very little from it. So why is it in this stack?

Well, from our perspective, this stack is designed for short-term use, but it is not necessarily unsuitable for medium-term, regular use. 

Serious, dedicated gamers, be they professional or just very committed, could quite possibly be put through a straight month of extremely focused, highly pressurized play. 

Some of the big, elite gaming tournaments referred to earlier take place over several days, and qualifying can take weeks and months. 

The 300mg of Bacopa monnieri found in MOD Elite Gaming Supplement is also a larger dose than what is typically found in nootropic stacks. We don’t think that more is necessarily better when it comes to Bacopa, but the fact that it offers such a big punch needs to be kept in mind. 

So while we do not think a caffeine supplement is ideal for daily consumption over a long period of time, the 300mg of Bacopa monnieri found in MOD could well have a positive effect on memory recall and general mental acuity when the product is used for a month or so. 

We also cannot say with certainty that taking Bacopa monnieri in such a large dosage every couple of days (as frequently as a serious gamer might play) wont have some positive impact on cognition. 

What we can say with certainty is that it will not have the same positive impact as you would experience were you taking Bacopa monnieri every single day for a prolonged period. 

But the risk-reward bargain here is really very favourable to us as consumers. 

If the Bacopa monnieri in MOD Gaming Supplement doesn’t really bring about any improvements in cognitive function, then it isn’t a complete disaster. As far as we’re concerned, it is not integral to a supplement designed for short-term mental boosts.

It is, rather, a welcome extra addition to an otherwise strong, well balanced formula. 

The risk of serous side effects with Bacopa monnieri at 300mg is still low. The only side effect we might expect at this dosage is intestinal discomfort, and this risk is diminished if use is infrequent.


MOD nootropic stack for elite gamers


The story would be different if this were not specifically an ‘Elite Gaming Supplement’.

If Bacopa monnieri were removed from the stack altogether, MOD would still serve its stated purpose.

Other stacks feature Bacopa as one of their primary ingredients. These stacks are sold as ways to improve mental performance on a daily basis. When they are unsuitable for daily use, and their Bacopa monnieri content is rendered useless, the problem is a big one. This is not the case with MOD Elite Gaming Supplement. 


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MOD Side Effects – What Are The Risks?

No MOD Elite Gaming Supplement review would be complete without a look at the potential side effects.

From this point of view, MOD Gaming Supplement looks pretty good, but it does have a few things you need to consider.

The big concern in this stack is the Theacrine/Caffeine combination. 

Both theacrine and caffeine behave in very similar ways in the body. They act on the same neural pathways, and for all intents and purposes, they should be treated as almost identical compounds. 

The fact that their combined serving size is 165mg should give us pause for thought before taking this stuff.

This is especially true if you usually consume a lot of caffeine throughout the day anyway. 

You may well think that you have a high caffeine tolerance, but taking it in a concentrated dose is different to simply being able to drink 4 cups of black coffee without too much trouble. 

This is truer for MOD Elite Gaming Supplement than for other stacks as the caffeine content is in the form of caffeine anhydrous. 

Caffeine anhydrous is quite simply caffeine with all water molecules removed. This makes it more concentrated, and therefore more potent, than regular caffeine on a pound for pound basis. 


MOD Gaming Supplement Side Effects Caffeine


You also need to be aware that theacrine does not seem to be well tolerated by humans at all. This means that regular consumption does not leave you any better prepared for another serving. 

It doesn’t matter how high you think your caffeine tolerance is; exercise caution when taking MOD Elite Gaming Supplement. If you start to experience any of the side effects of caffeine over-consumption (breathlessness, an erratic heart rate, insomnia, etc, then please tell your doctor immediately.

The amount of Bacopa monnieri found in each serving could also give some people some stomach problems. This much bacopa taken regularly has been known to cause intestinal irritability.

However, as stated above, this is a gaming supplement, not a daily nootropic stack. Taking this much Bacopa monnieri on an irregular basis shouldn’t cause many of you too much trouble. 

As always, please talk to your doctor before trying any new natural nootropic supplements. This is so important, and is even more important when the stack in question contains ingredients like theacrine; ingredients which are known to have a low tolerance level.


Elite Gaming Supplement – Just For Gamers?

Although MOD is marketed as an “Elite Gaming Supplement”, that doesn’t mean that only that small subset of people stand to gain from using it. 

Indeed, much of this MOD Gaming Supplement review has focused on its suitability for professional video game players. 

However, the strenuous circumstances that those people are placed under, and those that MOD is designed to help them overcome, are very similar to those faced by countless other people. 

A marathon gaming session has many of the same characteristics as a chess tournament. The stress of being in a final match after 12 hours of continuous play is similar tot he stress felt by a creative professional (a graphic designer for instance) who is nearing a deadline with much of the work still to be done. 


MOD Gaming Supplement Review Conclusion

The makers of MOD knew exactly what they wanted this supplement to be, and they seem to have successfully brought their vision to market. 

Unlike some of the other MOD Elite Gaming Supplement reviews you may have read, we have examined this product from the perspective of its stated intended audience: elite gamers. 

This is not a daily nootropic stack designed to gradually elicit improvements in cognitive function. It is not a supplement designed for daily, prolonged use, and it does not claim to bring about lasting enhancements in mental acuity. 

It is designed to provide serious video-game enthusiasts, professionals, and amateurs alike with a significant boost in mental energy, stamina, and ability during times of stress and pressure. 

For that purpose, it seems to be a superb supplement. 

We raised concerns about side effects.

We also raised concerns about the likely impotence of ingredients like Bacopa monnieri since the product is not ideally suited for prolonged use. 

Our regular readers will know that we often review supplements that do not take Bacopa monnieri seriously very harshly. However, those supplements are not typically made for the explicit purpose of helping people get through a marathon gaming session. 

MOD Elite Gaming Supplement is different. If you are a professional video game player or an amateur about to take part in your first tournament, this could well be the supplement for you. 

That said, the benefits of this supplement do not necessarily just apply to video game players. Obviously, anyone in a similarly stressful and energy-sapping predicament can benefit from such a supplement (chess players, shift or contract workers, or graphic designers all spring to mind here). 


MOD Gaming Supplement – Detailed Review
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