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Mental Mojo Review Summary

With nootropic drinks steadily making their way to market in greater and greater numbers, we expected good things from Mental Mojo. Their marketing seems to be on point, and the ingredient list is excellent at first glance.

However, at present there is nowhere near enough information about the Mental Mojo formula to call this a good nootropic supplement. All we know is that it contains Huperzine A, Alpha-GPC, Vinpocetine, ALCAR, Phosphatidylserine, and L-Tyrosine. These are great ingredients, but are they all that’s in Mental Mojo?

How much of each ingredient is in each serving exactly? We simply don’t know the answers to these questions; until we do, we’re forced to mark this product down quite harshly. 

UPDATE: We’ve spoken with the manufacturer and he has assured us that the full formula will be released once he has been granted a patent. As soon as that happens, we will be running an extended trial of Mental Mojo and updating our review. Stay tuned!


Where To Buy Mental Mojo

We strongly advise you to buy directly from the verified merchant page if you do decide to give Mental Mojo a try. 


Full Mental Mojo Review


Mental Mojo is a brand spanking new cognitive enhancement product. At the time of writing, there are relatively few comprehensive, professional Mental Mojo reviews available online. 

To borrow from Mental Mojo’s own marketing literature, this product is supposedly “rocket fuel for your brain”. Its makers claim it is a “sugar-free nootropic supplement designed by leading formulators/neurochemists to release your inner genius”.

The three buzz words we see on the Mental Mojo website are “memory”, “clarity”, “energy”, and “focus”. 


Mental Mojo Review


The Mental Mojo merchant page suggests that this product is designed for pretty much every scenario in which you can imagine needing nootropics: studying, competing, working, or learning. 

So what is it exactly?

Each portion of Mental Mojo is sold as a single serve sachet of powder. Sachets can be bought in boxes of 10, or you can opt for a monthly subscription which gets you free shipping and a few dollars knocked off the retail price. 

According tot he manufacturers, adding a single “stick” of Mental Mojo to 16oz. of water is enough to deliver a quick and significant boost in cognitive performance.

That sounds fascinating. We usually look for more long-term nootropics, which deliver mild immediate effects but substantial, deep, long-lasting effects if taken for a while.

But like the recently reviewed NEU Nootropic Boost, there is a growing demand for nootropics designed for infrequent, instant use. 

The claims made by Mental Mojo’s manufacturers are bound to be alluring to people like college students, contract workers, or competitors in mentally-taxing sports and activities (chess, Mahjong, golf, and so on). 

But we’re here to answer the most important question of all: does Mental Mojo really do what it says it can? 

Can the ingredients in Mental Mojo really improve memory, focus, clarity, and boost mental energy, all at the same time?

Can a single “stick” of Mental Mojo deliver the kind of improvements in memory and focus most of our readers have come to expect from top-quality natural nootropic stacks? 

Is there anything better out there?

Let’s delve deeper into this pre-made nootropic drink and answer these questions together. 

Here is our full Mental Mojo nooropic drink review. 


Mental Mojo Formula

A phrase we see repeated over and over again on the merchant site is ‘patent-pending’. We think this is why we’re finding it so hard to get some reliable information about the Mental Mojo formula.

The ingredients are listed on the website, but we don’t know how much of each ingredient is in each serving, nor do we know if these are the only ingredients. The information provided is extremely vague. 

We’ve spoken with the manufacturer and he has assured us that the full formula will be released once he has been granted a patent. As soon as that happens, we will be running an extended trial of Mental Mojo and updating our review. However, until then, we have to come down quite harsh on this product.

Here are screenshots of the ingredient profiles found on the Mental Mojo website:


Mental Mojo Formula Review

Mental Mojo Huperzine A content

Mental Mojo Alpha GPC content

Mental Mojo ALCAR

Mental Mojo Vinpoectine Content


That’s about all the information we have to go on when trying to examine the Mental Mojo formula. As stated above, the manufacturers are waiting on a ‘patent’ for their product. This might explain why we have so little information regarding the formula specifics.

But since these are pretty common ingredients in modern, high quality natural nootropic supplements, I doubt there’s any real need for a patent. 

Multiple studies are cited for each ingredient, each of which attests to one or several fantastic properties possessed by the ingredient in question. 

Indeed, these studies do show that the substances listed above can have a significant and profound impact on your cognitive performance. 


-Natural Nootropic Ingredient Guide-


Alpha GPC Mental Mojo Nootropic Drink


The biggest ‘hitter’ in the Mental Mojo nootropic drink formula is, in our opinion, Alpha GPC. 

Alpha GPC is one of the best natural acetylcholine boosters in existence. 

Acetylcholine is a very important neurotransmitter for memory and learning. Ensuring you have sufficient acetylcholine levels in the brain is a sure-fire way of making sure that your brain can operate at maximum capacity.

Alpha GPC is much more efficient at raising choline availability in the brain than simply supplementing with choline. As choline is a precursor for acetylcholine (obviously), this means that Alpha GPC is also more effective at raising acetylcholine levels than simply taking choline.

This is why cholinergics such as Alpha GPC are among the “go-to” supplements for students, business executives, and certain athletes. 

However, as with the rest of the ingredients in each portion of Mental Mojo nootropic drink, Alpha GPC is incredibly dose-dependent.

To say whether or not the Alpha GPC in Mental Mojo will deliver in the same way it delivers for other people depends entirely on how much is in each serving. 

A fairly typical, good dose of Alpha GPC would be 300mg. This is what most seasoned nootropics users will be taking on a regular basis as part of their daily stack. 

Many studies attesting to Alpha-GPC’s efficacy as a nootropic gave subjects more than 1g of Alpha-GPC per day.

To our knowledge there are no studies which look at the cognitive effects of taking less than 300mg of Alpha-GPC.

While we don’t think it’s at all necessary to take as much as 1g per day of Alpha GPC (in fact, we think that might be counterproductive), we would say that users should use at least a few hundred milligrams. Much less than 200mg and it is unlikely that you will realize the full benefits that this substance has to offer. 

That’s in my personal opinion, anyway. Our review team have different opinions on this matter, but we are all in agreement that less than 100mg would be pretty much pointless. 

So, how much Alpha GPC is in Mental Mojo? 




We simply don’t know. And that’s a problem. 

While we always try to avoid speculation when it comes to a product’s capabilities, we think a bit of skepticism is always welcome. 

It isn’t for us to prove that the ingredient dosages in Mental Mojo are excellent; convincing us that it’s worth buying is the manufacturer’s job. We therefore take the stance: until proven otherwise, assume the worst.


-Can Pills Really Make You Smarter?-


Mental Mojo Side Effects

Much like the discussion of Mental Mojo’s likely effectiveness, talking about Mental Mojo’s potential side effects is difficult because we don’t know how much of each ingredient is present in the formula. 

The likelihood of any natural nootropic substance causing side effects is almost always entirely contingent on the amount taken. 

If each serving of Mental Mojo contains 150mcg of Huperzine A, then so long as you are not taking it every single day for a relatively long period, you shouldn’t experience any problems from that ingredient. 

But if it contained 300mcg, then the chance of you experiencing side effects is much greater. 

Although the specific amounts differ, the same general principle is true of Alpha-GPC. 

That said, the other ingredients in Mental Mojo are highly unlikely to cause any users any side effects, unless the serving sizes are absolutely ludicrous. We highly doubt a single serving of Mental Mojo contains enough Vinpocetine or ALCAR to give any one any trouble. These ingredients are usually well-tolerated. 

As always, we advise you to monitor yourself closely while taking nootropics and to discontinue use if you experience any side effects whatsoever. Regardless of how mild they are or how convinced you are that it is mere coincidence: when it comes to your health, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And as always, we urge you to book and appointment with your family physician before trying a strange new supplement. Their opinion is ore important than anything you will read online, so hear them out!


Mental Mojo Review Conclusion – Revolutionary Nootropic Drink?

Although we were excited to try out the latest nootropic drink, we were utlimately quite disappointed in Mental Mojo. 

Nootropic drinks are quite a new concept. We have had energy drinks for quite some time, but the idea of having a fast acting brain booster that actually improves memory and focus without using stimulants is quite revolutionary in today’s market. 

We therefore understand to some degree why the makers are being coy about their formula.

However, we aren’t here to evaluate a manufacturer’s business decisions. We’re here to look at things from your perspective; that is, as customers. 

As such, we think Mental Mojo’s unwillingness to divulge their formula in full is a huge mistake. This is particularly true when you consider how commonplace the ingredients are: we don’t have to do much research to find out the ideal serving size of Alpha-GPC or L-Tyrosine, so if we wanted to make our own formula, we don’t need to do years of clinical trials. 

This stands in sharp comparison to the other nootropic drink we recently reviewed: NEU Nootropic Boost.

NEU is also a nootropic drink designed for infrequent use. It is very much a ‘pick-me-up’, not a daily nootropic stack. It is therefore much more like Mental Mojo than, say, Mind Lab Pro or Modafy. But like the best daily nootropic stacks, the full NEU formula can be found displayed proudly on the merchant page. 

If Mental Mojo had done the same thing, we would most likely be giving it a much higher score. That would of course depend on the serving sizes of the ingredients, but if they were dosed appropriately, we would be able to recommend Mental Mojo to anyone looking for a quick and easy, albeit short-lived, boost in cognitive performance. 

Instead, we are forced to say that if you’re looking for a reliable nootropic booster that you know will work for you, and which clearly represents good value for money, then you should take a look at a few other products before buying Mental Mojo. 

If the makers of Mental Mojo reveal formula details once the product has received its ‘pending’ patent, then we will update our review accordingly.

Mental Mojo Review – Does This Nootropics Drink Work?
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One thought on “Mental Mojo Review – Does This Nootropics Drink Work?

  • 2017 at 4:42 pm

    Thank you for your review. It is well-written. My comment is only intended to respond to the basis for your markdown of our product, which is the non-disclosure of the exact ratio of ingredients in our patent-pending cognition complex (which is 961.2 mg total, a fact that is disclosed on our website, Amazon, the box, and individual stick packs). As a practicing attorney who developed Mental Mojo while in law school (with a newborn and two side jobs), I can vouch both for the blood, sweat and tears that went into our product and for the fact that it is the real deal. That’s why we’re applying for a patent. Disclosing the ratio before we receive the patent would destroy are chances for being rewarded for something that is truly revolutionary. The whole point of the patent process is to reward inventors with a period in which they alone can profit from their hard earned discovery–in exchange, the USPTO publishes that discovery for all to see for all time. I was wondering if the reviewers have actually tried our product, and if not, whether we could send a free box their way? I think the effects will speak for themselves! Also, as to safety, I can tell you as a practitioner in products liability defense, our formulation was geared with safety in mind FIRST–both to avoid liability exposure and out of an ethical obligation to those who take a chance on our product. It would be disturbingly ironic for us to tout a suitable replacement for unsustainable focus choices (unprescribed ADHD meds, etc.) that isn’t safe itself. I’d love chat more if you’re interested in learning more about who we are, and what we manufacture.


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