Value for Money

4.5 /10

Formula Rating

3.5 /10

Risk of Side Effects

6.5 /10


  • Single proprietary blend
  • Potential filler ingredients
  • Contains useless extracts


Memotenz Review Summary

Memotenz just screams “scam” to us. The marketing practices employed by the manufacturers are shady, to put it nicely; their fake, paid-for reviews are pretty embarrassing.

The Memotenz formula itself is just a cheap proprietary blend that we have seen several times before. This is not the “unique formula” it claims to be, and the chance of it delivering real cognitive enhancement is pretty much 0 in our opinion.

If you are looking for a mix between actual results and good value for money, then check out our list of the current top rated nootropics on the market. Don’t waste your money on cheap, scammy brain pills like Memotenz.

Where To Buy Memotenz

Memotenz seems to only be sold through the official website. Judging by the company’s willingness to lie to customers with fake reviews, we wouldn’t be comfortable putting our credit card details in there.

Full Memotenz Review

Memotenz has been on the market for a good while now. However, we only recently came across this focus and memory supplement. It seems that the majority of the marketing is done through referal sites and such, so we have somehow managed to avoid Memotenz until now.

It seems the marketing is doing its job, though; monthly searches for Memotenz on Google are through the roof despite it being on the market for some time.

So, we had to do our own, impartial Memotenz review!


Memotenz review


First off, what is Memotenz supposed to do?

How does it try to differentiate itself from the rest of the market?

According to the official Memotenz website, this stuff is a seriously heavy-duty nootropic:


Memotenz claims


We see some white coats on the website, which is usually either reassuring (if they are legit), or very worrying (if they are just stock photos). Memotenz use of the whole “doctor formulated” thing seems more on the worrying side to us, but we’ll see how this plays out later.

The Memotenz website lists some key benefits that users can expect while using this supplement:

  • More mental clarity
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater short-term memory
  • Rapid action

The last benefit is very interesting. According to the manufacturer, “Memotenz begins working almost immediately after it is taken, however it is also formulated to stay effective throughout the day”.

They say that Memotenz gets more efefctive with time; something we always look for in a natural nootropic.

So, despite some early warning signs, this looks like a promising supplement.

We just need to find out if any of this is true!

Does Memotenz work as advertised?

What are the dangers involved?

How does it compare to other nootropics on the market today?

We answer all of these questions and more in our full Memotenz review below. We begin by looking at the ingredients and their doses, before moving on to the side efefct risks. We also look at what other people hvae been saying about this stack.

Please post all questions in the comments section at the end!

Memotenz Formula – We’ve Seen This Before!

It is actually pretty hard to find out what is in Memotenz.

In the FAQ section of their website, we see this:


Memotenz scam hidden formula


That isn’t exactly encouraging. We can’t see a detailed “supplement facts” section on their website at all. We have a list of some ingredients, but nothing complete.

So, we had to turn to user posted images.

Here is the ingredient list as it appears on the bottle:


Memotenz Formula


Keen observers will notice that this formula isn’t as unique as the manufacturers claim.

Take a look at the following reviews already posted on this site:

You’ll see that these focus and memory supplements all use this exact formula.

We aren’t certain what’s going on here.

Maybe they are copying off one another.

A more likely explanation is that these “manufacturers” are all sourcing a ready-made, off-the-rack formula from the same wholesaler and just applying their own labels as they roll off the same production line.

Either way, you aren’t getting good value for money here.

In fact, you’re being straight-up lied to.

With Memotenz, you’re actually being lied to in more ways than one.


-Supplement Scams & How To Avoid Them-

Poor Quality Proprietary Blend

With the exception of a small amount of Ginkgo Biloba, all of the ingredients in Memotenz are lumped together in a single 727mg proprietary blend.

With 6 ingredients, we have an average serving size of just over 120mg.

That means that for every ingredient dosed above 120mg, another ingredient needs to be dosed below 120mg.

This is a zero-sum game.

Is that a problem?

Yes, since some of the best ingredients in Memotenz need to be dosed well over 120mg in order to be truly effective.

For instance, Bacopa monnieri is arguably the best ingredient in Memotenz. Bacopa has the potential to significantly improve your memory function in just 6 weeks of regular supplementation.

But you need to use at least 150mg of high quality Bacopa monnieri extract to realise these benefits.

Other ingredients in Memotenz require much larger serving sizes.

Acetyl-L Carnitine (which has limited nootropic properties) really needs to be dosed above 300mg to have any effect on energy levels. Even then, you probably weont notice a real difference.

St. John’s Wort is, in our opinion, a useless supplement. Many people think of it as a natural cure for stress, but we haven’t seen any hard science backing up these claims.

But assuming St. John’s Wort works, the minimum recommended dose is 250mg per day.

Don’t even get us started on Glutamine! This stuff is found in such abundance in our diet that consuming less than 500mg is absolutely pointless. Most people use 2g as part of a post-workout shake.

We don’t even think this stuff has nootropic properties! WHat glutamine does do, however, is act as the perfect ‘bulking’ agent.

Potential ‘Fillers’

Glutamine makes an ideal ‘filler’ ingredient.

Glutamine can be safely consumed in very large quantities. After all, we get lots of it naturally fro our diet.

As it is so plentiful, it can be procured in large quantities for very little money.

If a manufacturer wanted to cut back on costs, they could easily just list their ingredients as part of a single blend, then bulk out 90% of the blend with Glutamine.

That way, they could still list all of their exciting ingredients while only using tiny quantities.

When we see things like Glutamine – which has no meaningful nootropic properties and is typically consumed in amounts exceeding 1g – as part of a proprietary blend, we get very suspicious.


Glutamine Memotenz ingredients


ALCAR could just as easily be used as a ‘filler’ here; a dose of 500mg plus would not be expensive or side effect inducing.

We really don’t have any time for proprietary blends.

There’s no excuse for them. Manufcaturers often claim that they are necessary to protect their intellectual property, but how do they explain the countless stacks that have been on the market for years, making millions of dollars, without having their fomrula stolen?

We’re not here to make excuses.

If some manufacturers can offer you transparency but others can’t, we think the market should decide who survives.


-Sugar & The Brain-

Memotenz Fake Reviews!

Sadly, part of our Memotenz review has to address the fact that this supplement uses fake “user reviews” and professional endorsements.

Let’s get this over with as we feel dirty even talking about this. Check out this video:



Looks very professional, doesn’t it?

But what do we have here?!


Memotenz fake reviews


That’s right!

John from the named website (which we assume gets a tidy sum from referrals) is in actuality a Fiverr shill by the name of “godfather”!

This guy is selling video reviews for $50 a pop!

Disgusting marketing tactics.

This fact alone is enough to ward us off Memotenz. Even if the formula was absolutely perfect we wouldn’t give these guys any money.


Memotenz Side Effects

We do have some concerns regarding Memotenz use and side effects.

Memotenz contains DMAE.

This is used as a cholinergic, although it is not a particularly effective one.

Some people are big fans of this stuff, but plenty of people have reported less than impressive results from DMAE.

More worryingly, a signficiant amount of people have had DMAE cause some pretty nasty side effects.

Since other cholinergics provide better results anyway, we don’t see the need to use DMAE, other than the fact that it is cheap.

It is certainly worrying that we have no idea how much DMAE is in each serving of Memotenz.

You need to talk to a qualified health professional before using a supplement like Memotenz. The manufcaturers aren’t doctors, despite featuring guys in white coats on their website. You need real medical advice, not internet nobodies shilling scammy brain pills.

Memotenz Review Conclusion

This really looks like a scammy supplement to us.

The website dodges the question of detailed formula information. You can’t find an exhaustive ingredients list on the website.

When you manage to find the formula from people posting images online, you see a duplicated formula which has already been ont he market for years under various names.

It is not a unique formula, like the manufacturer claims.

The formula itself is just a proprietary blend probably stuffed full of Glutamine.

It is obvious that this isn’t the stack for you if you care about getting some bang for your buck.

If you want to see real results, use a legit nootropic supplement designed by a transparent company with some credibility.

Memotenz Review – Fake Reviews & A Duplicate Formula!
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