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        Memoraid Review Summary

        Memoraid is a memory supplement produced in the United Kingdom by Neurolab UK. It contains some really interesting ingredients that we don’t usually see in nootropic stacks. 

        Although the most unusual of these ingredients still need to have their efficacy in humans proven in robust clinical trials, preliminary findings point to them being potentially superb memory boosters. 

        That said, the main benefits are related to reducing stress-elated memory impairment. The benefit of taking these supplements when not exposed to acute stressors is debatable. All-in-all, a fairly decent nootropic stack, worth trying if you are interested.


        Where To Buy Memoraid

        Memoraid is produced and sold by a very reputable company. We strongly advise you to buy straight from their merchant page rather than through third party merchants. We get no reimbursement for saying that; it just gives you extra protection as a customer. 


        Full Memoraid Review


        At the time of writing, Memoraid has just been launched, but already it is making an impression on the market. As soon as we saw it hit the shelves, we couldn’t wait to do a full and frank Memoraid review. 

        Made by Neurolab UK, Memoraid is sold as the “complete memory supplement”. 

        The mission statement found on the Memoraid website is really quite explicit in stating what Neurolab UK want to achieve. It states that Memoraid has been formulated to help:

        • People who want to safeguard their brain health
        • Students with intense exam periods coming up
        • Individuals in demanding, competitive work environments

        That means it’s designed for just about anyone who might be interested in nootropics! Of course there are people who need an intense focus boost, such as pro gamers and sports people, but there are specific nootropic supplements for them (such as MOD Elite Gaming Supplement). 

        Generally speaking, the vast majority of nootropics users fall into one of the categories listed above. Some of you may fall into all three. Memoraid seems like it wants to please everyone, and that’s great! We just hope the formula is up to the task. 

        Full Memoraid Nootropic Supplement Review


        So, how do we decide if Memoraid is the supplement for us? How can we tell if Memoraid really works, or if it is just another scam brain pill designed to make a quick buck?

        Before you part with any cash, the best thing to do is to take a look at the Memoraid formula, what other people are saying about Memoraid, and compare that with other products in the same category. That way you will know if Memoraid is worth buying or not. 

        So let’s get started. Here is our full Memoraid review. If you still have any questions by the end, then please do post them in the comments section below. 


        Memoraid Ingredients

        The most important part of any nootropic review is the analysis of the actual ingredients. 

        It’s a sad fact that the majority of buying decisions are made on the basis of marketing alone. Geniuses in the field of consumer behaviour make sure that most people buy products because they make them feel a certain way, not because of their actual worth or usefulness.

        That’s why we focus most of our reviews on the ingredients. Our Memoraid review is no different. 

        First off, we’d like to point out that Memoraid is both gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

        This is great news. We don’t buy into the whole ‘gluten-free will save your life’ movement, but if you suffer from Celiac disease, then it means a lot when manufacturers go the extra mile like this. The same goes for vegetarians. Using vegetable cellulose to make your capsules is not expensive, so we never understand when manufacturers exclude such a large potential customer base by using gelatin.

        Here is a lost of the main active ingredients in Memoraid. We have listed their respective dosages, and what each ingredient does to enhance cognition:


        Blueberry Extract 40:1 (150mg)

        We’ve all heard blueberries being touted as the next ‘super food’, or whatever the buzzword of today is. But it seems that there might be more to blueberries than just media hype.

        There is a mounting body of evidence suggesting that blueberries “may be one strategy to forestall or even reverse age-related neuronal deficits, as well as their subsequent behavioral manifestations.” That quote was published in Gerontology in August 2016. Several other studies (most of them looking at mice) attest to the potential nootropic power of Blueberries, particularly with regard to memory enhancement.

        This is the first time we’ve seen this stuff used in a nootropic. That really makes Memoraid stand out from the crowd.


        Memoraid Ingredients review Blueberry Extract


        Korean Ginseng Extract 10:1 (38mg)

        We’re still incredibly skeptical about this one, but we’re beginning to be won over by the slow drip of data, both scientific and anecdotal, that is coming through attesting to its nootropic effectiveness. For instance, this study found that Panax Ginseng was able to “improve aspects of working memory and subjective ratings of well-being in healthy young adults”.

        However, these effects seem to be limited to reducing the effects of fatigue, rather than boosting cognition “from baseline”.

        There is nothing wrong with that of course, but it means that Korean Ginseng (or Panax Ginseng as it is sometimes known) shouldn’t really be used as the main active ingredient in a stack. Luckily, Memoraid only gives it a small portion of the formula. 


        Ginkgo Biloba 50:1 (100mg)

        Ginkgo biloba is a favourite of ours, and it is the central component of many nootropic enthusiasts’ stacks around the world. 

        Ginkgo biloba’s ability to increase cerebral blood flow without raising systemic blood pressure is well documented. The fact that this translates into better memory and learning is not mere conjecture; multiple studies have found that Ginkgo biloba supplementation is able to enhance memory function and improve memory game test scores. 

        While Memoraid contains a relatively small dose of Ginkgo compared to some other stacks, the potency of its extract (50:1) more than makes up for this. It isn’t an exact science, but 100mg of 50:1 extract gives you the equivalent of eating 5g of pure Ginkgo biloba leaf. 


        Salvia Officinalis Extract 10:1 (333mg)

        This is the most interesting part of the Memoraid formula, and it is most likely the reason you have found yourself looking for more information on the ingredients. 

        For starters, we’ll clear up some of the mysteriousness; salvia officinalis is more typically referred to as sage. The extract we’re talking about here is sage leaf extract.

        The reason it has been included in Memoraid is because of its supposed ability to attenuate memory impairment. Indeed, there are numerous studies supporting this idea, such as this one, which looked at memory retention in rats fed salvia officinalis.

        In this sense, it is a very similar substance to Korean Ginseng, in that both reduce or inhibit memory impairment rather than improving it from “baseline”. 

        Whether or not the results observed in these studies will be replicated when taken by humans on a large scale is yet to be seen. We will be monitoring this ingredient closely. Either way, its inclusion in Memoraid seems to be a sound decision. 


        Memoraid Formula Review Salvia Officinalis


        The stack also contains Selenium, L-Tyrosine, and a Vitamin Complex consisting of Vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, D3, and E. 

        This stack is geared towards promoting general health and overall well-being.

        Selenium, when dosed appropriately, is thought to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Generally speaking, around 200mcg per day is recommended for promoting longevity, and that’s exactly what we see in Memoraid. 

        That said, very high Se intake is known to pose risks. When taken in large amounts, Selenium can actually be carcinogenic and genotoxic. If your diet is already high in Selenium, then perhaps avoid supplements containing the element. Foods that contain the largest amounts of Selenium include Brazil nuts, Yellowfin Tuna, and Halibut.

        L-Tyrosine is an amino acid which most people get plenty of from their usual diet. Tyrosine doesn’t seem to have any particularly potent nootropic effects when taken “from baseline”, so to speak. But Tyrosine does seem to be incredible at reducing memory impairment when the brain is put under acute stress. 

        One study looked at Tyrosine’s ability to prevent memory impairment when subjects were placed in a cold environment. The results showed clearly that Tyrosine was able to improve cognitive performance during times of stress and mental discomfort. 

        You may not be planning to get your assignments done in the cold, but Tyrosine’s memory-supporting properties apply to any time your brain is under greater pressure than usual.

        However, Memoraid only provides 160mg of Tyrosine. Generally speaking, a dosage of at least 500mg is advised for nootropic purposes. 

        The Vitamin Complex very much speaks for itself.

        B vitamins are a necessary part of the process of releasing energy from food. If you don’t have enough B vitamins in your system, your cell mitochondria wont be able to get the energy they need from the food you eat. That means less energy, and that means less mental energy. 

        Vitamins D3 and E are important for maintaining overall health and vitality. Vitamin D3 in particular is crucial for keeping yourself active, energized, healthy and happy. It acts more like a hormone than a vitamin, which is why you will find it in so many testosterone boosting supplements. 


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        The makers of Memoraid have been exhaustive in their citation of scientific sources to back up the claims they make about their products. In the FAQ section of the Memoraid buy now page, they list multiple studies for each ingredient. 


        Who Makes Memoraid?

        Memoraid is formulated and produced by Neurolab UK.

        According to the Neurolab UK ‘mission statement’, the company sees its purpose as two-fold: they want to produce and promote effective nootropic supplements, but they also want to raise awareness of mental health issues and to promote good brain health generally. 

        We did some very quick background checking on Neurolab UK, and we turned up some very encouraging results. 

        For one thing, the company is actually listed as such; unlike some shady nootropics manufacturers that hide behind several front companies. 

        Neurolab UK’s company details, their financials, and everything else you could want to know are all publicly listed, as it should be. 

        We also found something even more encouraging. The profession of all four directors is listed as “pharmacist”. Here is a screenshot we took of the listing, which is free and openly available:


        Neurolab UK makers of Memoraid company details


        So just as their site says, we have four young pharmacists who wanted to produce what they see as a genuinely effective memory supplement. 


        Memoraid Side Effects

        The risk of side effects from using Memoraid on a daily basis seems to be very low. 

        There’s no stimulants, like caffeine, no synthetic compounds – there’s no substances that are prone to causing side effects at all.

        The dosing of each ingredient is well within normal limits, so there is no real risk of experiencing the side effects associated with over-dosing. 

        The only real concern is the Selenium. As we noted earlier, Selenium’s main benefit is its potency as an anti-oxidant. It seems to promote longevity, and has been noted to have anti-carcinogenic properties at smaller doses. But when taken in large amounts, Selenium can actually cause oxidative damage to cells. It in effect reverses, and begins to act as a weak carcinogen. 

        If your diet is particularly rich in Selenium, then perhaps supplements containing Selenium are best avoided.

        As pointed out earlier and as stated on the Memoraid website several times, the product is gluten free and vegetarian friendly. You can’t really get better than that as far as accommodating everyone’s sensitivities goes. 


        Memoraid Review Conclusion

        We were really excited to review Memoraid the moment we saw it. The way it is marketed, its unusual ingredients, and the way Neuolab UK seem to approach their role as manufacturers all combine to make Memoraid a very interesting supplement. 

        So can Memoraid deliver on its promises? 

        Will it enhance memory?

        Basically, should you buy it?

        As far as we’re concerned, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give Memoraid a try. Some of its ingredients haven’t yet been robustly proven to benefit humans, most of the clinical trials cited being conducted on lab rats. 

        However, those ingredients certainly hold great promise. Unlike lots of natural nootropics discussed on this site, there are not multiple trials that have observed no benefit in using these substances. 

        Many studies have found that they do influence learning and memory, and they are cited above. It is just that we are not yet certain that these benefits are transferable to humans.

        The only caveat to any of this is the fact that Memoraid’s ingredients seem to be focused on reducing stress-induced memory impairment.

        The benefits to be obtained from taking this product on a daily basis when you may not necessarily be experiencing acute stress are perhaps limited. 

        If you are looking for a supplement that can enhance your cognitive function more generally, not just reducing the negative impact of environmental stress, then you should take a look at some of our top rated supplements. 

        Memoraid Review – New Nootropic Stack From The UK
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