Value for Money

4.0 /10

Formula Rating

3.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

4.0 /10


  • Amazon Method scam
  • Off-the-rack formula - total rip!
  • Poor formula


NEURO PLUS Review Summary

This is another rip-off, scam, private label supplement. 

We keep seeing more and more of these stacks appearing on Amazon. Obviously, the individuals behind these products are making plenty of money, and there is no end in sight to the gravy train. 

Avoid duplicated, off-the-rack blends that use bogus ingredients at unknown (but almost certainly low) doses. If you want good results, you have to use a premium-quality, professionally-formulated natural nootropic stack. In this world, you get what you pay for!

See our article on private label scams for more on this phenomenon. 



Unsurprisingly, this stuff seems to be sold exclusively through Amazon. That keeps seed money to a minimum for the kids behind the stack. 



Full Invictus Labs NEURO PLUS Review

NEURO PLUS is a nootropic supplement currently featured on Amazon.

According to the bottle, it is “distributed by” Invictus Labs LLC. Right away then, we get the impression that this is going to be a pretty cheap nootropic.

This is a fairly new product on the market. In fact, we think this is the first professional-quality NEURO PLUS review to be published online.


Invictus Labs Neuro Plus review


So, what is Invictus Labs NEURO PLUS all about?

Who is it designed for? What does it supposedly do?

NEURO PLUS is described as “cognitive health support” on the bottle.

According to the official merchant page, Invictus Labs NEURO PLUS helps with focus, memory, and clarity. It is said to be a “fast-acting brain booster”, helping stimulate your neurons, and thereby helping “ignite your mind’s full potential”.

That sounds pretty good to us.

The question is: does it really do any of this?

Is Invictus Labs NEURO PLUS really a potent brain booster?

Or is it a memory supplement in name only?

How does it compare to other natural nooropics on the market today?

Is it safe? What are the main risks?

We’ve answered all of these questions and more in our full NEURO PLUS review, found below. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section at the end.


The most important thing to examine when looking at a new nootropic is the formula.

Here is the NEURO PLUS ingredients list as it appears on the bottle:


NEURO PLUS formula analysis


Does that formula look familiar to you?

If you’ve spent a while investigating the current nootropics market, then it may well look very familiar indeed.

We noticed right away; we’d notice that label layout and the impoverished doses anywhere.

This is the same formula being used by a handful of other nootropics currently being sold through Amazon.

When we say the same, we MEAN the same.

Here is the formula for BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost, another popular nootropic regularly shilled through Amazon:


NEURP PLUS BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost similarity


And here is another, Bayberg Brain Booster:


NEURO PLUS Bayberg Brain Booster identical

As you can see, not only are the formulas identical down to the last milligram, but so are the labels.

We have the same ordering, the same boxed arrangement; everything!

What’s going on here?

Are these supplements all just copying from one another?


Unfortunately, what we are seeing here is the result of an increasingly widespread scam blighting the supplement industry and ecommerce in general.

It’s called the Amazon Method, and if you click that link you’ll see that we have written about it extensively.

White Label Scams – Don’t Get Caught Out

We strongly recommend that you read the cited article for a better understanding of this phenomenon. It is by no means limited to nootropics, so familiarizing yourself with the set-up might save you time and money in the future.

We wont go into great detail here, but we will give you a very quick overview in case you don’t have time for the whole thing.

Basically, individuals are buying pre-made nootropic blends from a manufacturer.

These pre-made blends are full of low-quality, generic ingredients, and everything is usually part of a prop blend.

The individuals just provide their own branding (sometimes not even that), and then the individual labels are applied top the bottles as they roll off the production line; first one brand, then the next.

The composition of the bottles is the same. They are made in the same place, but the ame people, at the same time. Just the labels differ.

Everything is then packed off to an Amazon warehouse and orders are placed and fulfilled automatically.

People do this because, aside from ordering the product for an initial up-front fee (a few thousand dollars is sufficient), there is no work involved at all.

Thanks to Amazon’s insane monthly traffic, some orders are guaranteed.

All you need to do is sit back and wait until your stock is gone.

Great if you want to make easy money.

Terrible if you’re a consumer unfortunate enough to get caught out. You will be left with a low quality, generic formula for which you will have paid well over the odds.

Don’t let that be you.


-Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Worth The Hype?-

NEURO PLUS Formula Itself – See Other Reviews

We don’t think there’s any point going over this formula again.

We have torn it to shreds numerous times before; just check out the links posted above or in our Amazon Method article.

All we will say is that this is a pretty terrible formula.

We have a prop blend full of lots of ingredients spread across a relatively small serving size.

We have a pretty bland vitamin and mineral stack, some of which may as well not be there (2% of your RDI of calcium – lucky us).

All in all, nothing worth the effort of ordering, even if it was free.

NEURO PLUS Review Conclusion

Another scam white label supplement.

We’re getting sick of reviewing these, but somebody has to make sure that you know what is happening here.

If you want to see real improvements in your cognitive functioning, use a unique, targeted stack that somebody has actually put effort into making.

Use a product from a real company that offers something that nobody else does.

Don’t waste your money on off-the-rack blends like this.

Invictus Labs NEURO PLUS Review – Another White Label Rip-Off!
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