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  • Private label formula we've seen a dozen times before
  • Don't waste your money on scams
  • Formula full of trash


Life Focus Review Summary

We’re getting tired of seeing these pre-made private label nootropics on Amazon now, but we feel it is our duty to keep reviewing them so you don’t get your fingers burnt.

Life Focus is a cheap, mass-produced formula that has been bought “private label”. That means an individual has bought the pre-made capsules from a wholesaler and applied their labels afterwards. They aren’t the only ones doing so, either.

This is not a good option if you want to see real cognitive enhancements. Look for a serious nootropic specifically designed to enhance focus, memory and mood. Don’t waste your money on ‘off-the-rack’ garbage.

Where To Buy Life Focus

Like all Amazon Method scams, Life Focus is sold exclusively through Amazon. This means the individuals behind it don’t need to invest in storage or shipping; great for them, hey?!

All Life Nutrition Life Focus Review


You’ve no doubt found your way onto this Life Focus review after seeing this stack on Amazon. That’s where we first came across it, anyway.

Sold by All Life Nutrition, Life Focus is billed as a supplement which “supports brain functions”.

As far as we can tell, these guys only operate through Amazon, and they only have one product; Life Focus.

They could be early on in their career, or they could be flash scam pill peddlers. We’ll see!


Life Focus review


According to the bottle, Life Focus supports the following brain functions:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Memory

Those are some pretty standard claims for a natural nootropic stack today. If a supplement can’t provide us with all of these benefits at once, then we really have no reaosn to use it.

There are so many products on the market today that deliver all of these cognitive enhancements that any stack that fails to deliver any of them has to do what it does very well.

Perhaps the only reason you might not want memory enhancement sis if you need a short-term nootropic, but even then, stacks like MOD Elite Gaming Supplement can give you a short-term working memory boost.

So, let’s see what Life Focus can do.

Does it actually support all of these cognitive functions?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to the other nootropic supplements on the market today?

We answer all of these questions and more in our full Life Focus review below. If you finish the review and still have some questions for us, please just let us know in the comments section at the end.

Life Focus Formula

Let’s take a look at the Life Focus formula. That is the most important thing to examine when appraising supplements:


All Life Nutrition Life Focus formula



We have another private label rip-off memory supplement on our hands here.

We have seen the Life Focus formula many times before.

The problem is that we have seen it used by several different supplements. Or more accurately, we have seen it called by several different names, because with the same formula all of these products are exactly the same.

We don’t think this is a simple case of multiple different manufacturers all copying off each other.

We think it is much more likely that individuals (or the same individual) are buying this formula from a wholesaler on a “private label” basis.

This means that they buy some unbranded capsules and the wholesaler allows them to apply their own labels to the bottles.

We’ve written about this extensively in this article on private label nootropic scams. We strongly advise you to read it so that you understand how this get rich quick scheme works and how it stands to hurt you.

Since we’ve covered the problems with the ‘Amazon Method’ before, we won’t get into it here.

Instead, we’ll take a look at some of the key weaknesses in the Life Focus formula.

Problems With The Life Focus Formula

As we’ve reviewed this supplement so many times before (just under different names), we aren’t going to be particularly thorough here.

We’ll just pick a few issues which catch our eye. These aren’t necessarily the most serious problems, just the ones we feel we may not have covered in other reviews of this formula.

One major issue is the fact that 150mg of this formula has been dedicated to glutamine.

Consuming 150mg of glutamine isn’t going to do a thing.

Not to your cognitive performance, your physical performance – to anything at all.

We consume glutamine with just about every meal. It is a highly prevalent amino acid. Your body just isn’t going to ‘notice’ an extra 150mg.

This 150mg could have been reserved for a more potent nootropic, like one of the big cholinergics or a powerful memory enhancer.

In our opinion, it should have been reserved for a highly potent form of Tyrosine; this would have at least made some positive difference to your ability to remain focused while under acute physical stress.

But no.

Instead, we’re given a completely pointless 150mg of glutamine.


Life Focus ingredients glutamine alternative sources


While we’re on the subject of what should have been included here, we notice that there is nothing to induce a rapid, short-term increase in focus.

Some variations of this formula use 50mg of DMAE. This isn’t a good ingredient in our opinion (it is ineffective and side effect prone), but it is at least supposed to raise acetylcholine levels.

There’s no big cholinergic component to Life Focus.

There is some Huperzine A, but that isn’t an ideal way to go about increasing acetylcholine levels. It gets the job done, but it cannot be used continuously over long periods of time, and it has some considerable side effect risks.

Speaking of side effects…


-Best Nootropics For Anxiety-

Life Focus Side Effects

There isn’t a lot in Life Focus to give us cause for concern.

Most of the ingredients are pretty useless. They won’t do an awful lot for your cognitive performance, but they probably won’t do any harm either.

However, Huperzine A does require some careful consideration before you go ahead and use it.

Huperzine A works by shutting off your body’s ability to get rid of acetylcholine.

It inhibits the fomration of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter heavily involved in processes of learning, focus, and working memory recall.

Raising its availability in the brain does indeed lead to cognitive enhancements.

But letting acetylcholine levels get to high is a bad idea. It cause short term, immediate aside effects like headaches, drowsiness, and irritability.

Long term, the effects can be a lot more severe.

It is important that you cycle Huperzine A properly, keeping your use-time to a period of weeks rather than months, and then taking enough time off as to allow your acetylcholinesterase levels to return to normal.

This is why we prefer raising acetylcholine levels form the ‘other side’; by boosting production rather than preventing destruction.

This is much healthier, as your brain can still get rid of any that it views as excessive.

Be careful when using Huperzine A. It is important that you only use substances like this under medical supervision.

Life Focus contains lots of herbal extracts that you will not be familiar with. You will probably never have consumed them before, especially in this combination and in extract form. It is vital that you talk to a qualified health professional before using natural nootropic stacks like this.

All Life Nutrition Life Focus Review Conclusion

This is another rip-off, private label nootropic pretending to be a unique formulation.

We have actually reviewed this supplement mutliple times before; it just goes by several different names. It may even be part owned by several different people, and sold at various prices.

But at the end of the day, the formula is the same (exactly the same), so it’s the same product.

Life Focus is a classic example of the ‘Amazon Method’ in action.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on these mass-produced, low quality, scam nootropics.

if you are chasing cognitive enhancement, then invest in a comprehensive, full-spectrum, professionally-designed nootropic stack.

All Life Nutrition Life Focus Review – Scam! Buyer Beware!
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