Cerebral Boost

Cerebral Boost

Value for Money

6.0 /10

Formula Rating

6.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

7.0 /10


  • Uses top-tier ingredients
  • Rhodiola rosea effective for stress and fatigue
  • Should improve memory


  • Missing a serious cholinergic
  • No antioxidant or anti-inflammatory
  • DMAE causes side effects


Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost Review Summary

Key Nutrients describe themselves as “purveyors of health and happiness”, and their all-in-one nootropic claims to improve “memory and focus”. After looking at the formula, we think it stands a good chance of doing just that.

There are a few very good ingredients in here, and they are dosed properly. Most users will experience improvements in memory and focus. The only problem is that the effects will be mild.

At the end of the day, Cerebral Boost just isn’t in the same league as the best nootropics around today. Some side effect concerns don’t help!


Where To Buy Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost

Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost is available from the official online store. This is always a better option than buying from third parties.



Full Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost Review


Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost hasn’t been on the market for long, yet it is already generating a great deal of buzz online.

It has a lot of visibility on Amazon right now. While this seems to be the main source of exposure, a marketing campaign of their own could be just around the corner. The manufacturer seems to take their brand quite seriously, so this isn’t unlikely.

Key Nutrients currently offer a range of products: a sleep aid, a “keto” supplement, a stress reliever, and of course, Cerebral Boost.


Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost review


So what is this supplement all about?

What is it supposed to do exactly?

Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost is an all-in-one natural nootropic stack. According to the official website, it can:

  • Improve cognition
  • Increase brain circulation
  • Enhance memory
  • Support learning
  • Increase focus

These are all definitely things we want if we want to maximize cognitive function and brain health for the long haul.

Much if made by Key Nutrients of the fact that Cerebral Boost is “formulated with natural ingredients by top naturopathic Doctors in the industry”.

Much of the site uses sloppy, slightly jarring English like this. And as we’ve said many times before, But that doesn’t reflect on the product itself.


Cerebral Boost nootropic claims


Anyway, all of this sounds great.

These are all things that can be achieved with the right nootropic supplement.

The question is, does Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost actually deliver?!

How much of this is true, and how much is just marketing hype?

Is Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost safe?

Does it compare well to the best natural nootropics on the market right now?

You can find answers to all of these questions and more by reading our complete, independent, regularly updated Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost review below. Please post any questions in the comments section below and we’ll endeavor to get back to you within 48 hours.



Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost Formula

Let’s examine the Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost formula in a little more detail:


Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost formula


That’s a very interesting formula.

We generally prefer a simple stack to an overly complicated one.

More does not always mean better, and sometimes, limiting yourself to solid, proven ingredients is better than including more of them along with a lot of dead weight.

There are no totally bogus ingredients in Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost, which already marks it out from 90% of nootropics.

There are just substances known to have some nootropic properties.

Some are much better than others of course, but they all have scientifically proven effects.

The ingredients are good on the whole, and the doses are good.

All things considered, Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost looks like it is capable of supporting memory, focus, and clarity for the vast majority of users.

However, there are some things we don’t like about this stack.

There are some key things missing too; the things which separate a fairly good nootropic from a superb brain booster.

Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost could undoubtedly be better.

Here is a breakdown of what we like, and what we don’t like so much.



What We Like

The quality of the ingredients used in Cerebral Boost and the good doses assigned to them is without question the biggest strength of this focus and memory supplement.

Each 2 capsule serving gives us 300mg of Bacopa monnieri.

Now, this is a whole plant extract, which means that we’ll have a lot of dead weight.

But we are told that the extract is standardized to be 20% bacosides at minimum. At 300mg total serving size, this is definitely good enough.

We like to consume as little material as possible, so the more streamlined the extract, the better.

Bacopa monnieri is without doubt the best natural memory enhancer we have ever come across. It reliably improves scores in memory tests after just 6-12 weeks of supplementation, as shown in clinical trials like this one.

This ingredient should really form the backbone of every brain supplement claiming to be a comprehensive, all-in-one cognitive enhancer.


Ginkgo biloba Cerebral Boost ingredients


Key Nutrients are also definitely right to say that Cerebral Boost will enhance blood flow to the brain.

Each serving provides 125mg of Ginkgo Biloba.

This stuff is a very reliable cognitive enhancer. It works by vasodilation. Put simply, it makes the blood vessels in your brain expand. This allows for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery, which means a better fed, more effective brain.

Crucially, Ginkgo biloba does this without just raising systemic blood pressure. While it is generally thought to be safe for 99% of people, if you have an underlying health condition (increased risk of stroke, aneurysm, etc) then Ginkgo may be unsuitable.

While some studies have used much more, we don’t need 125mg of Ginkgo Biloba in order to see benefits; 75mg per day is sufficient in most cases.

Standalone Ginkgo supplements rarely provide much more than 80mg.

So Cerebral Boost is again giving us more than we need.


Cerebral Boost ingredients rhodiola rosea


Finally, we see that Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost have opted for the best natural stress cure for people who want to avoid being sedated.

We’re of course talking about Rhodiola rosea.

This stuff dramatically reduces stress and anxiety symptoms without making you feel “under the influence”.

You don’t need a great deal of Rhodiola rosea to see the results; the 50mg per serving we get from Cerebral Boost is enough for sure.


-Learn More About Rhodiola Rosea-


What We Don’t Like

There are a number of things we don’t like about this stack, and a few areas that we think could be greatly improved.

One downside of this memory and focus supplement is the use of DMAE as a cholinergic.

Cholinergics are a group of substances which confer choline to the brain, which allows it to make more acetylcholine – a crucial neurotransmitter.

Many substances do this very well. The effects of increase acetylcholine availability include heightened focus, better clarity of though, more efficient learning, and overall enhanced cognitive function.

A cholinergic is a necessary component of a complete nootropic, or any nootropic for that matter.

But DMAE isn’t a very good one.

It is unreliable – many users say that they didn’t get any effect whatsoever from using DMAE.

This happens even when using relatively high doses.

If you check out this Lonecity thread, you’ll see what we mean.

Some users report intense effects which quickly dissipate, never to reappear again.

Things like CDP-Choline work well for practically everybody. The results of high grade cholinergics are notable too.

More worryingly, DMAE seems to cause side effects much more frequently than other cholinergics. We’ll talk about this in more detail later.

We also notice that there are some really important components of a great nootropic missing from Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost.


Cerebral Boost missing key ingredients


As mentioned above, the major absence is a really powerful cholinergic.

Some Alpha-GPC, CDP-Choline, or Choline Bitartrate would have been an excellent inclusion. DMAE is just too unreliable and potentially side effect prone to do by itself.

Most of our highly rated nootropics will contain 150-300mg of either CDP-Choline (Citicoline, sometimes as Cognizin) or Alpha-GPC (or sometimes both).

There is also no antioxidant or anti-inflammatory component to Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost.

We expect a daily, all-in-one brain supplement to contain something which promotes long-term brain cell health. Perhaps some resveratrol. Ideally, it would be something a little stronger, like maritime pine bark extract or a concentrated green tea extract.

That there is no potent anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory in Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost is a big negative. It is not a necessary component of a short-term focus booster (such as MOD Gaming Supplement), but it is a very important part of a daily, long term, all-round cognitive enhancer.



Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost Side Effects – Some Notable Concerns

We see a couple of red flags in Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost as far as side effects are concerned.

The most serious is obviously the DMAE.

Common side effects associated with DMAE use include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Confusion
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Drowsiness

These side effects are said to be rare, but reading various forum threads you’ll notice how unpredictable and varied user experiences can be with this stuff.

We think DMAE is best avoided since better results can be achieved using other, safer substances.

There is also the possibility that the large amount of Bacopa monnieri in will cause some people digestive discomfort.

There have been plenty of studies done on Bacopa monnieri over the years, and it has never been found to have serious side effects or long term health consequences.

However, some studies such as this one and this one have found that things like stomach cramps and nausea are significantly more common in people using Bacopa compared to placebo.

This is not a widespread issue though; lots of studies used 300mg of Bacopa or more and found no such ill effects.

All we are saying is, evaluate your own circumstances and do your own research. If you have a very sensitive stomach, or you’ve used Bacopa in the past and had these side effects, maybe look for a stack containing 200mg or less.

Remember, we aren’t doctors.

All we can do is highlight the obvious potential toruble spots.

You need to do your own research before continuing!



Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost Review Conclusion

After doing a thorough review of Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost, we can tell you that this isn’t a bad nootropic at all.

It contains some effective nootropics, and their doses are definitely enough for most people to see the benefits.

Brain circulation and memory will definitely be improved.

However, there are some problems here.

We think focus, mental clarity, and information processing will remain relatively unaffected since Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost has used such a poor cholinergic – DMAE.

There’s no big anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory content in Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost.

Nor is there anything to seriously encourage long-term, physical brain adaptations.

The large amount of Bacopa monnieri might cause some stomach upset – a more potent extract with a lower serving size would have been better.

You can do much worse than Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost, but there are significantly better natural nootropics out there for improving focus, memory, clarity, and mood.

Key Nutrients Cerebral Boost Review – Not Bad At All
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