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  • Does contain some effective nootropics


  • Proprietary blend similar to scammy supplements
  • Potential filler ingredients
  • Useless ingredients


Instant ATT Review Summary

Instant ATT is not the quality nootropic that InstantBrands make it out to be. The manufacturer says that this product is a “maximum strength” brain enhancer. We don’t get that in reality.

What we get is a proprietary blend that looks suspiciously like some of the scammy, white-label supplements flooding Amazon at the minute, some of which we have reviewed already. The difference being that these white label, duplicated stacks usually disclose individual ingredient serving sizes, where Instant ATT does not. 

The formula itself is poor, with useless ingredients and a potential ‘filler’ in Glutamine. If you want results, reliability, and safety, look elsewhere. 


Where To Buy Instant ATT

InstantBrands, the maker (pr perhaps the distributor) of Instant ATT, have an online store where you can buy the product directly. Whenever possible, we would recommend buying directly from the manufacturer. 



Full Instant ATT Review


Instant ATT is a natural nootropic stack currently receiving a lot of attention. While it is far from a market-leader, the product is getting a lot of eyeballs through Amazon, and the manufacturer looks like they take their products quite seriously. 

As such, we expect the popularity of this nootropic to grow. That’s why we thought it was a good idea to get a thorough Instant ATT review published right away. 

So what is Instant ATT? Who makes it, and who is it designed for?


Instant ATT Review


Instant ATT is produced by InstantBrands, a supplement company that currently offers a wide range of supplements, from sleep aids and vision enhancers to probiotics and, of course, nootropics. 

Instant ATT is described as delivering “extreme mental performance”.

According to the bottle, users can expect the following from using Instant ATT:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Sharper mind
  • Improved memory

These are pretty standard things to expect from a modern natural nootropic. If we aren’t getting more mental clarity, better memory function, and improved focus, then we really aren’t getting the bare minimum we can expect from today’s professional nootropic stacks.

According to the marketing literature that accompanies Instant ATT, we can actually expect some pretty impressive benefits from using this brain supplement:


What does Instant ATT do?


Mental energy without jitters, improved mood, lower stress levels; this all sounds great. 

In fact, this is pretty much the full range of benefits we can expect from natural nootropics. 

The question is, can Instant ATT deliver?

Does Instant ATT nootropic really deliver enhanced memory, more mental clarity, and jitter-free energy?

Is it safe?

Is there anything better on the market right now?

Let’s find out. Here is our full Instant ATT review, starting with the ingredients, then moving on to the side effect risks. Finally, we’ll look at what other people are saying about Instant ATT, before telling you whether or not we would recommend this to most people.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section at the end. We always aim to respond within 48 hours.


Instant ATT Formula

Here is the Instant ATT formula:


Instant ATT Formula Analysis


The Instant ATT capsule is made using gelatin, meaning that it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. While not a necessary property of a great nootropic stack, we always like it when manufacturers make their supplements as inclusive as possible. Gelatin is used to keep costs down at the expense of widening suitability, and that is a little disappointing.


As you can see, InstantBrands does not deem it necessary to tell us the full Instant ATT formula specifications. 

All we are given is a single, homogeneous proprietary blend. 

Proprietary blends always represent serious issues.

For starters, they deny you the right to make an informed, rational decision on whether or not to buy this supplement.

They prevent you from weighing up the potential of the ingredients (as all ingredients’ worth is dependent on dose), instead forcing you to make a decision based entirely upon the promises of the manufacturer, emotive advertising, and so on. 

They also stop you from learning from your experience with this stack. 

If you have a negative experience while using Instant ATT, then if you don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient you’re taking, you can’t make an informed opinion on what was causing you the problems. 

Maybe you think you reacted badly to the DMAE. Is that really likely if there is only 0.5mg in there? It is very likely if there is 700mg in each serving. You just don’t know what you’re dealing with, so you can’t make those kind of judgments beyond guesswork. 

Not all proprietary blends are made equal of course. Some are far worse than others. 

Unfortunately, the Instant ATT proprietary blend is riddled with problems. Here are the most serious issues.

Potential ‘Filler’ Ingredients

The marketing material which accompanies Instant ATT explicitly states that it contains “no fillers”.

But that simply isn’t true.

Instant ATT contains Glutamine, which makes the ideal blend ‘filler’ ingredient.

By filler, we mean an ingredient used to bulk out the majority of the formula, thereby allowing the manufacturer to cut back on the more expensive ingredients to keep costs to a minimum (while still listing all the exotic ingredients on the label). 


Glutamine Instant ATT ingredients analysis


Glutamine is a very common amino acid in most people’s diets. It is cheap to buy in very large quantities, and it is safe to consume in relatively large quantities. It does indeed have nootropic properties when consumed in doses between 750mg and 1.5g.

Manufacturers looking to keep costs down could easily stuff their proprietary blends full of glutamine, up to 99% in theory, and simply throw in trace amounts of the more potent (and extremely expensive) ingredients in order to jazz-up their ingredients list. 

We don’t know that Instant ATT is doing this for sure. 

However, the manufacturer doesn’t want us to know the exact serving sizes for each ingredient, so we are forced to consider worst case scenarios. 

We also need to consider why they want to hide the serving sizes from us. Many supplement manufacturers reveal their entire formulas with great transparency, and they make money hand over fist.

If InstantBrands wants us to refrain from speculating in this manner, they can stop it right away by revealing their individual serving sizes like every other respectable manufacturer does. 


Useless Ingredients

Instant ATT’s proprietary blend also contains some totally useless ingredients. 

Prime suspect here is St. John’s Wort.

We see this natural herbal extract in so many supplements today, largely because it has been used for hundreds of years as a natural cure for stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

Indeed, today you will find St. John’s Wort in many supplements, as well as sold separately in health food and alternative medicine stores around the world. 


Instant ATT ingredient ST. John's Wort


Unfortunately, there is no hard scientific evidence that St. John’s Wort has a meaningful effect on anxiety or stress beyond that of a placebo effect.

We have searched for a robust clinical trial using human volunteers and a standard dose, but we are yet to find one showing a positive effect of St. John’s Wort supplementation. 

We don’t know how much St. John’s Wort is in Instant ATT, so it’s perfectly possible that the most important ingredient in this stack is practically impotent. 


-See Our Full Ingredient Guide-


Similarity To Scam Supplements

While not a necessary weakness, it does need to be said that Instant ATT closely resembles many of the scammy, white label, mass-produced supplements that are currently plaguing Amazon.

We have reviewed several of these supplements already, although they are multiplying at such a rate that we can’t really keep up. Here is a selection so you know what we mean:

If you look at Peak Focus and Elite Mind, you’ll see that they use the exact same ingredients at Instant ATT. If you look at Focus Prime, you’ll see that the formulas are almost identical. 

These supplements are all following the “Amazon method”, which is where you just pay a wholesaler to apply your unique labels to their generic, low cost blend and then to send it to an Amazon warehouse. 

The difference between these supplements at Instant ATT is that these scammy supplements usually provide us with their individual ingredient serving sizes.

They actually give us more than Instant ATT!

That is not a great endorsement of this product.


-Bacopa Monnieri: Is It Really That Good?-


Instant ATT Side Effects

Since we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is in a serving of Instant ATT, then we can’t speak about the likelihood of side effects with any kind of accuracy. 

The effectiveness and safety of any substance is intimately linked to the dosage in question. A given substance can be useless at 1mg, potent at 100mg, and downright deadly at 1,000mg. We need to know dose to talk about safety effectively. 

That InstantBrands do not let us talk about potential side effects with any certainty is a terrible flaw of this product. 

When it comes to your long-term heath and safety, uncertainty is never good. 

The blend does also contain a significant side effect risk in the form of Huperzine A. 

As explained in this article, Huperzine A needs to be cycled regularly in order for it to be used safely. However, how long it can be used for and how long a cycle break needs to be is determined in large part by dosage. We don’t know how much Huperzine A we have here, so we can’t judge a cycle length properly. 

Huperzine A above a dose of about 250mcg is almost certain to cause some side effects anyway. 

Doses exceeding this by a great deal are possibly downright dangerous. 

There could feasibly be as much as 700mg of Huperzine A in this stack. That would of course be ridiculous (unheard of even – perhaps extremely toxic), but it is feasible.

We would rather not be driven to considering these worst case scenarios. We would much rather the manufacturer laid our concerns to rest by revealing their formula instead of just asking us to trust them blindly. 

It is vital that you consult your doctor about your intention to use this product. Do not commence use until you have got the opinion of a qualified health professional; ideally the doctor who already knows you and your particular circumstances well.


What Are Others Saying About Instant ATT?

Here is a selection of Instant ATT reviews taken from Amazon. As always, we aren’t saying that these reviews are particularly true or revealing. We just think it’s useful to look at a selection of customer reviews so you know what to expect from a product.


Instant ATT customer reviews


Positive Instant ATT user review


Negative Instant ATT user review


Negative Instant ATT review


Make of these Instant ATT reviews what you will. Online customer reviews always have severe limitations, but they can paint a good picture of what a supplement is all about.


Instant ATT Review Conclusion

After conducting a thorough Instant ATT review, we are forced to conclude that it is of even lower quality and lower value for money than the white label scam nootropics currently pouring onto Amazon. This is because it mirrors their formula exactly but without the individual ingredient servings listed. 

A proprietary blend containing a totally unproven, useless ingredient, a classic ‘filler’ ingredient, and a sub-standard cholinergic (in the form of DMAE). 

We can’t talk about side effects with any certainty, and that’s always bad.

The fact that there could conceivably be a dangerous dose of Huperzine A in Instant ATT is a major concern. 

All proprietary blends are bad news for customers, but not all proprietary blends are equal, and Instant ATT’s proprietary blend is particularly problematic. 

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, effective nootropic, Instant ATT is not it. 

If you want professional results, you need to use a professional nootropic. Check out our current list of top rated stacks and find a transparent, potent nootropic designed with the customer in mind, not the manufacturer’s bank balance.

Find a stick that reveals its full ingredient list and see if it meets your needs. Do not spend your cash on a cheap proprietary blend that could easily be 90% glutamine. 


Instant ATT Review – Quality Nootropic Or Bogus Brain Pill?
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