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  • Tiny proprietary blend
  • Garbage ingredients
  • Same formula used by other second-rate supplements


Neuro Prime Review Summary

The Neuro Prime formula is identical, and we mean identical, to a number of other second-rate nootropic supplements currently being sold on Amazon. We have reviewed some of these disappointing products on this site already, and our Neuro Prime review isn’t going to reach different conclusions. You can read more about this below.

The formula itself has an awful lot to be desired. A small, over-stretched proprietary blend containing some sub-par nootropics and potential filler ingredients is never going to get us excited. This proprietary blend is attached to a weak vitamin and mineral complex. It is unlikely that the best ingredients are dosed even close to adequately.

Neuro Prime is not going to make a big difference to your day-to-day cognitive functioning. If you’re serious about supplementing for optimal brain function, look elsewhere. 


Where To Buy Neuro Prime

Since Neuro Prime is just the same product as so many other ‘brain supplements’, whether you buy this or any of them is irrelevant. i3 Nutrition do have an online store, so if you are set on Neuro Prime, try there first. 


Full Neuro Prime Review


Neuro Prime is natural nootropic stack, distributed by i3 Nutrition.

i3 Nutrition clearly want to be taken seriously, at least by some of their customers. 

They have quite a slick looking website, they offer more than one product, and their company address is shown prominently on all of their product bottles. 

In today’s supplement market, and especially among the supplements pushed hard on Amazon, that is becoming a rarity. 


i3 Nutrition Neuro Prime Review


That said, Neuro Prime does still seem to be one of those products which relies entirely on Amazon positioning. 

We have seen no Neuro Prime reviews, so big ad campaigns, and no social marketing to speak of. 

Sometimes, this is a sign of confidence in a product. Sometimes, it is a symptom of indifference on the part of the “manufacturer”. 

Some supplement companies are not really manufacturers at all. They simply commission a label design, purchase a white label nootropic formula from a wholesaler, and let a fulfillment company put the pieces together whenever an order comes through. 

This kind of set-up has been made so easy by the likes of Amazon and Shopify. But it breeds a lack of care on the part of the so-called manufacturer. If they can just set it in motion, with no risk to them, very little investment in terms fo time or money, and no effort required, the chances that they will care about their product are slim. 

But we don’t want to throw Neuro Prime in with that lot just yet. 

First we need to take a look at the formula. 

So, without further ado, here is our full Neuro Prime review. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section at the end. 



Neuro Prime Formula

Let’s take a look at the Neuro Prime formula. This is the most important thing to look at when reviewing a new supplement, because the manufacturer can’t disguise a bad formula. If they try to, then that tells us everything we need to know!

Here is a shot of the bottle showing the ingredients label:



Neuro Prime Formula



Does that formula look familiar to you?

If you feel like you’ve seen this stack before, it’s because you have!

There is a rampant problem in the nootropics market at the minute: scammy, generic, ‘private label’ supplements being sold as high quality, unique, professional nootropic stacks. 

This method of making fast cash online is called the “Amazon Method”. 

We have written about this scam in this dedicated article. As such, we wont spend too long on it here. Suffices to say that the scam revolves around selling mass produced stacks to customer at inflated prices.

Some manufacturers may claim that they tinker with the exact doses within the proprietary blend. Indeed, some formulas contain 1 different ingredient than the others. 

But we would find that very hard to swallow as proof of unique formulation. 

If someone were motivated to play around with the exact doses within a proprietary blend, why would they feel motivated to stick to 692mg exactly? Or the same ingredients except that 1?

More likely is that the wholesaler was running low on one ingredient so just swapped it out for another they have in surplus. 

We aren’t going to bother doing a review of the ingredients themselves, because we’ve done that already in so many reviews. 

We will simply give you a quick outline of why you should avoid proprietary blends such as this one.


Why You Should Avoid Prop Blends

Proprietary blends fundamentally represent poor value for money from the customer’s point of view. 

Prop blends deny you the right to make an intelligent, informed supplementation plan. 

Knowing the ingredients is useless unless you know their individual serving sizes. 

CDP-Choline is a superb natural nootropic compound. But it is only of use when it is dosed sufficiently. 

So 250mg of CDP-Choline seems to work perfectly for most of our review team.

Will 25mg work as well?

Obviously not. 

So you really need to know what amounts you’re dealing with when appraising a formula. 

Likewise, if you experience some bad effects while using a prop blend, you have no idea what the cause is.

You can speculate, but it might turn out that said ingredient is only dosed at a few milligrams. Another, seemingly innocuous ingredient, might be dosed at nearly 500mg; well over the recommended maximum dose. 

The point is, you just never know.


Neuro Prime proprietary blend


Supplement manufacturers will give you all kinds of reasons as to why they feel they need to hide their formula specifications, but as a customer, their insecurities or inabilities aren’t your problem. 

Plenty of manufacturers manage to divulge their formula in great detail without going out of business overnight. In fact, the most successful nootropic supplement producers all tell us exactly how much of each ingredient is in their product. 

If some feel that they can’t survive without hiding their formula, then so be it; welcome to the free market. 

People are not obliged to provide you with a living. If telling people your proprietary blend will drive you out of business, then you shouldn’t be in business. 


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Neuro Prime Review Conclusion

This is yet another supplement using the exact same pathetically weak formula we see come up time and again on Amazon.

We have reviewed at least 3 products already with this very same formula; we don’t mean similar, we mean identical down to the milligram. 

The labels even share the same layout. 

The manufacturers seem to simply produce their own branded packaging which is then slapped onto the products, probably in the same factory the capsules are produced. We doubt the so-called “manufacturers” have ever even seen the inside of this factory.

With these products, all talk of “carefully chosen” ingredients is utter garbage. They are buying an off-the-shelf, white label nootropic, slapping on some branding and letting Amazon do the work. 

Our advice would be to stay well clear of these products. If you see another 692mg prop blend with these ingredients, then you know you’re looking at a lazy, poor quality, rip-off nootropic. 

If you want serious cognitive function support, memory enhancement, and a safe energy boost, check out some of our top rated nootropic stacks. Neuro Prime does not represent good value for money, and it will not deliver the kind of results you can expect from serious, professional-quality nootropic stacks. 

i3 Nutrition Neuro Prime Review
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