Reviewing Nootropic Supplements Is A Lengthy Process

This blog is nothing more than my personal opinion. That goes without saying; how could it be anything else?

Nothing found on this site is intended to serve as sound medical advice, nor do any of the facts presented here count as guarantees. If a product has worked very well for me, that is not necessarily a guarantee that it will work just as well for you.

I am not a doctor. If you think you have any kind of genuine mental illness, you should seek help from a qualified physician – NEVER FROM THE INTERNET! 

That said, we take reviewing supplements very seriously here on Natural Nootropics.


Natural Nootropic Review


I, along with my contributing writers, have spent a fortune on bogus pills and ineffective “brain hacking” supplements over the years. Everyone claims to have found the “sultimate nootropic formula”, guaranteed to unleash your brain’s true potential.

How are you supposed to know who to trust? 

Well, that’s where we come in.


How we review each stack

We only review pre-made nootropic stacks.

I won’t review anything that contains a racetam, modafinil, or any of the other extremely powerful, prescription-grade drug.

Plenty of people love that kind of thing, and there are plenty of sites where they can find advice on those products. They won’t find it here though.

We believe that the best nootropic stacks are all-natural, clinically tested, and professionally composed. Our reviews therefore focus on those kinds of products. The review process for each nootropic is exactly the same. It looks something like this:

  • I spend hours each week trawling the internet for the latest and most popular nootropic stacks on the market. I find the ones that seem to have peoples’ interest, and I start doing some digging
  • I find the formula, and go through the dosages of each ingredient, comparing them to the dosages used in robust research trials
  • If the manufacturers won’t reveal their formula, if the product is just full of stimulants, or if the entire outfit looks too shady for me to risk it, I won’t bother trying it. In such instances, a review of the listed ingredients, dosages, and some digging on the company usually suffices
  • If the formula is completely transparent and it looks like it’s something that might be worth trying, I get a bottle and try it myself
  • I take the supplement, typically for 1 month, and record my experiences. I will typically measure how much work I get done in a day, and in the evenings I will do a wide range of puzzles and problem solving tasks to see whether I’m improving. I also log any side effects I might experience
  • I will try out the money back guarantee process of any product (should they offer one), as well as their customer service more generally
  • I write everything up into a nice, long review for your convenience


Obviously, this is far from an objective standard. All I can offer you is my humble opinion, coupled with a lot of background reading and experience trying nootropic supplements out myself.

I may not experience any side effects, while you might experience many. Everyone is different. But hopefully, my experiences and opinion can act as a guide for you as you dip your toe into the wonderful world of natural nootropics.


Occasional reimbursement and free samples

Sometimes, we receive some reimbursement for our reviews from the manufacturers themselves.

If we really like a product, and I mean really like it, we will arrange to become an affiliate for them. This means that when people buy from a manufacturer after visiting the site, we receive a small commission. This will never affect my opinion of a product.

It actually amazes me that people will become affiliates for garbage products, when they could just as easily become affiliates for products that they have tried and that they genuinely believe in. The latter option is better for them, the manufacturer, and for the customer.

We can also be given free samples by manufacturers if they feel that their product is bound to get a good review. The free product never influences our opinion of course, but people who are keen to expose their product to the world are usually offering something of some merit.

We really cannot stress this point enough – we are in no way financially dependent on this website. We do this in our spare time, working around our full-time jobs. Positive reviews can neither be bought nor sold. What you read on Natural Nootropic is our impartial, honest, if sometimes misguided opinion.


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