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Supplement Ingredient Guide

New to natural nootropics? 

Want to avoid all the hype and learn what substances actually work?

We have compiled a comprehensive ingredient guide so you can be confident when looking for your first pre-made natural nootropic supplement. 

Don't get ripped off paying for useless, over-hyped ingredients that have never been tested on humans. Don't sacrifice performance by using second-rate ingredients. 

We look at the best ingredients used in modern natural nootropics, how they work, and more. 

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Latest Dietary Hack: Sugar & The Brain

We examine the relationship between sugar and your brain. 

Everybody now knows how damaging sugar is to our long-term health. It is linked to almost every ailment, from diabetes and obesity to arthritis and even cancer.

Yet many people do not realize how dramatic an impact sugar has on cognitive function. 

We take a look at the latest data on how sugar interacts with the brain, how it affects both short and long-term brain function, and how you can start to make changes today. 

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Mind Lab Pro


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Substance Focus: Bacopa Monnieri

If you’re new to nootropics, then you may not have heard of Bacopa monnieri before. But we assure you, you’ll soon become very familiar with this stuff. 

Bacopa monnieri is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most effective natural cognitive enhancers in existence. 

It has been studied in numerous clinical trials, using human subjects and tightly controlled conditions, and has been found time and again to have a profound effect on memory function. 

It seems that somewhere between 6 and 12 weeks of Bacopa monnieri use is sufficient to start bringing about drastic improvements in memory recall, retention, and overall mental “sharpness”. Researchers typically find that 12 weeks of Bacopa monnieri use is enough to make a meaningful difference to memory test scores.

But don’t take our word for it. Learn about the amazing potential of bacopa monnieri for yourself!

-Our Full Ingredient Guide On Bacopa Monnieri-


Stack Update: Mind Lab Pro Gets Thumbs Up From Dr. Paul Nussbaum

Our current #1 rated nootropic, Mind Lab Pro, recently got a resounding endorsement from Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. 

In this video, Dr. Nussbaum talks briefly about how a product like MLP can fit into a comprehensive approach to optimizing cognitive function. He makes very interesting points about how the brain is dynamic, how it thirsts for stimulation, and how we can guide its growth. 



Popular Article: Does Brain Training Actually Do Anything?

Brain training games are immensely popular at the moment. 

Apps and online games like Luminosity and Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training came out of nowhere about 10 years ago, but they didn’t take long to become household names. 

Many of these “games” claim to help “train” your brain. They often say that they can improve your memory, focus, and overall brain health. The logic is that, like a muscle, strenuous activity will make the brain “stronger”. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training even goes as far as to give your brain an age.

But few people have stopped to ask: do these games actually do anything?

Is there any evidence that they improve memory function?

If they do, by how much do they improve your cognitive capacity? Read our full article to find out!


-Does Brain Training Really Work?-