Value for Money

7.3 /10

Formula Rating

8.5 /10

Risk of Side Effects

8.0 /10


  • Only contains effective nootropics
  • Ingredients scientifically validated
  • Focused formula


  • No long-term brain adaptation support
  • No big anti-oxidant component
  • Could be ore comprehensive


form EDGE Review Summary

form EDGE has an absolutely solid formula. There’s nothing too special in here, but there doesn’t need to be. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a great natural nootropic stack.

We have good servings of proven, effective memory boosters. We have ingredients looking after long term brain function, and others to boost focus and working memory in the short term.

All-in-all, straightforward stack offering good value for money.

Where To Buy form EDGE

The guys over at form run a very reputable looking online store.


Full form EDGE Review

We’ve somehow only just come across form EDGE. In fact, we’eve only just discovered form Nutrition.

These guys can’t be newcomers to the market, strictly speaking. They already have a developed range of supplements on offer, and their website is similarly mature. We must be late to the party!

Anyway, better late than never; this is a full, impartial, and thorough form EDGE review.


form EDGE nootropic stack


EDGE is described as an “advanced nootropic complex”.

According to the website, EDGE is “your cognitive enhancer for daily use”.

We think a comprehensive, full spectrum nootropic is the way to go. Short-term or overly specialized nootropics are fine for specific intervention, but we want total cognitive enhancement!

On the official website, we get some more detail about what this nootropic stack can supposedly deliver:

  • Reduced tiredness
  • Supports normal neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism
  • Improved attention
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Some protection against cognitive decline

These are some very intriguing promises.

The manufcaturers aren’t being too aggressive with their claims. They’re being careful not too promise too much.

What they promise is both achievable and very desirable.

If EDGE can boost the production of key neurotransmitters, improve focus, and provide some protection against cognitive decline, we’ll be on to a serious winner here.

Any supplement which claims to be able to totally protect against cognitive decline is lying to you. Cognitive decline is, in some regards, an inevitability. Such is ageing. But we can lessen its impact, as well as delay its onset, through a mixture of diet, exercise, and targeted nutritional intervention.

The question we need to answer is; does form EDGE produce the goods when it comes down to it?

Does it really work?

Is form EDGE safe for all users?

How does it compare with similar stacks?

Is there another supplement out there capable of delivering similar (or better) results for a similar price?

Let’s find out! In our full form EDGE review below, you’ll learn more about the ingredients used, the doses, and the potential for side effects. If you don’t have time to read the whole review, you can skip to the conclusion at the end.


form EDGE Formula

Before we get into the details of the form EDGE formula, we do need to make note of the fact that this product is suitable for pretty much every dietary requirement:


form EDGE vegan kosher



It’s aweosme to see manufacturers doing this these days.

There is no reason why a group of people, especially growing populations like vegans, should be excluded from participating in a market.

The only reason manufacturers use animal-based ingredients most of the time is cost; gelatin is cheaper than vegetable cellulose, and ensuring your ingredients are of a certain tpoe means added costs.

A big ehck mark from us there!

Now on to the formula itself:


form EDGE formula


Right away we can tell you that we’re going to like this nootropic.

It is so refreshing to see nothing but good, scientifically-proven nootropics and good serving sizes!

The form EDGE formula is composed entirely of effective, natural cognitive enhancers.

The ingredients are a good mix of long and short term focused.

Everything from memory and focus to long term brain health is supported here.

Some vitamins and minerals are thrown in for good measure too.

On the whole, a great stack.

As always though, there are things here that we like, and some things we aren’t too keen on. Let’s go through them in a bit more detail.


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What We Like

There is a lot more about this stack that we like than we don’t like.

The nootropics market is getting more sophisticated all the time, and customers are expecting more. But the majority of “memory supplements” out there are total garbage.

Not EDGE. So where to start?

First off, we love the fact that all of the interesting ingredients have real scientific backing.

For example, there are numerous trials confirming that Alpha-GPC enhances cognition.

This study looked at college students facing immense emotional stress during their examination periods.

Researchers found that Alpha-GPC was effective at maintaining cognitive performance despite the intense pressure the students were under. Reaction times, focus, and alertness were measured.

Another study focused on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. This trial found that large doses (400mg, thrice daily; 1200mg total) were able to improve cognition across a number of measures. The study measured cognition across 6 months.


Alpha-GPC EDGE ingredients


Alpha-GPC raises acetylcholine levels in the brain. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter involved in most neural processes. More acetylcholine means more efficient neural communication, which means more focus, learning power, and working memory.

Alpha-GPC is one of the best substances at raising acetylcholine levels.

Another good point about EDGE is the fact that the doses are excellent across the board.

With regards to Alpha-GPC, we get 300mg poer serving; more than we need to see real improvements in focus in just a few days.

We get 300mg of a very potent Bacopa monnieri extract in each daily serving of EDGE.

Bacopa monnieri is one of the best long-term brain boosters around. It significantly improves memory function (as measured by recall tests) after 6-12 weeks of supplementation, and its effects seem to get stronger with time.

A dose of 300mg per day, especially at 55% potency, is much more than we need to get all the benefits of Bacopa monnieri.

Many aspects of cognitive enhancements are covered by the EDGE formula.

This is something that many stacks get wrong. They focus 3-4 ingredients on a single aspect; say mental energy, for example.

But a good stack is one that tries to enhance many different facets of mental performance.

This is how you get a huge overall improvement in cognitive abilities.

We believe that EDGE does this very well.

For instance, EDGE provides 120mg of Ginkgo Biloba per 2 capsules (daily serving).


ginkgo biloba EDGE ingredient analysis


Ginkgo works by improving cerebral blood flow. This means it improves blood flow both to and within the brain.

It does this by stimulating vasodilation; to put it simply, it makes your blood vessels expand, which allows more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to reach your brain cells.

This not only improves short term memory function, but it also seems to help assuage age-related cognitive decline.

This study found that compounds in Ginkgo Biloba may be able to “stabilize or slow decline in cognition, function, behavior, and global change at 22-26 weeks in cognitive impairment and dementia, especially for patients with neuropsychiatric symptoms.”

Meanwhile, this literature review came to the following conclusion: “Overall there is promising evidence of improvement in cognition and function associated with Ginkgo.” However, the researchers did suggest larger trials were needed to draw strong conclusions.

In combination wth Bacopa monnieri, a long-term memory booster, and Alpha-GPC, a short term focus and learning enhancer, Ginkgo Biloba can have a profound effect on your long-term cognitive function.

We love to see stacks touch so many bases.

This is a major strong suit of EDGE, but we do think it could cover more aspects of cognition. This brings us to the drawbacks.

What We Don’t Like

The onyl thing we can really complain about here is that the formula is a little limited.

Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all.

You don’t need to do anything groundbreaking to make a great product.

Many stacks try to be too clever, too innovative for the sake of it, and the end result is ineffective or over-priced.

There is great strength in simplicity.

But it needs ot be said that other stacks do provide all of the things that you can get from EDGE, and then a little more on top.

Other stacks are more comprehensive in their approach.

Put simply, they have a little more to offer.

For example, form EDGE doesn’t provide anything known to stimulate long-term brain growth and development.

Yes it does contain phosphatidylserine; a lipid necessary for the formation of brain cell membranes.

However, supplementing with PS will only ensure that you have all you need for normal brain cell maintenance.

But it doesn’t stimulate brain cell growth above baseline.

Some stacks contain substances known to stimulate both Nerve Growth Factor and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

These are potent triggers for brain cell growth.

A classic example of a substance known to trigger actual long-term brain developement is Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

Using this stuff will allow your brain to physically adapt to the higher level of cognitive function you have achieved through use of the other ingredients in the stack.

EDGE would be a better supplement if it included something like this.

There is also no serious anti-oxidant component in here; a big surprise for such a high quality nootropic.

Most daily stacks today, serious ones at least, deliver some kind of anti-oxidant to support lifetime brain health.


-Meditation & Cognitive Function-



form EDGE Side Effects

We don’t think there are any real side effect risks with this stack.

The ingredients are all natural, widely used nootropics thought to be safe for the vast majority of users.

They have all been studied at doses higher than those used in EDGE.

Side effects are certainly rare.

However, that does not mean that they are 100% safe for you.

Evrybody is different, and everyone has their own individual intolerances, allergies, etc.

Alpha-GPC has caused at least one Reddit user to experience pretty unpleasant side effects.

This Longecity thread discusses a user’s experiences with Alpha-GPC. This individual found it to be ultimately counter-productive.

Most people find it beneficial, but clearly everyone is different.

Ginkgo Biloba may also cause some problems if you have a pre-existing condition linked to cardiovascular health.

For instance, if you have had a brain aneurism in the past, or you have a high chance of having a stroke, Ginkgo Biloba is probably unwise.

As always, we strongly advise you to seek proper medical advice before continuing.

You NEED to talk to your regular doctor before using a supplement like EDGE. It contains some very unusual substances not found in the normal human diet. Do not rely on what strangers say on the internet; you need proper advice form a qualified health professional.

form EDGE Review Conclusion

For those of you who haven’t read the entire form EDGE review, we’ll just say that we’re pretty happy with what we’ve seen here.

EDGE is composed entirely of high quality ingredients.

The nootropics used here all have serious scientific backing; there’s no hype or hyperbole; just a handful of substances capable of making a difference to your cognitive function.

EDGE touches upon several different aspects of cognition.

We think it could offer more, as some stacks do, but that really is asking a lot.

It seems to be generally pretty safe, too.

All in all, a superb natural nootropic stack. Once again, a UK-based company makes a big impact on the market.

If you want a truly full spectrum nootropic, then it might be worth investing in a slightly more advanced stack.

If you want genuine long-term adaptation, then other stacks can serve you better.

But if you want a nice, lasting lift in focus, memory, and brain health, form EDGE could be perfect for you.

form EDGE Review – An Excellent Nootropic Stack
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