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  • Uses DMAE as cholinergic
  • Contains substances that wont deliver any noticeable benefit


Dr. Tobias Mind Rise Review Summary

Dr. Tobias Mind Rise seems to be a genuine attempt at making a solid nootropic stack. However, this stack has many problems. Under-dosed ingredients, a poor choice of cholinergic, and some ingredients that have no proven benefits all add up to a sub-par supplement.

If you’re looking for a reliable nootropic stack that will give you significant, long-lasting improvements in clarity, focus and memory function, we think you would be better off spending your money elsewhere.


Where To Buy Dr. Tobias Mind Rise Nootropic

Dr. Tobias Mind Rise is only available from Amazon. This is sometimes indicative of a dodgy supplement, but it could just as easily indicate a lack of fulfillment capability.


Full Dr. Tobias Mind Rise Review


When we had a second look at the product and its marketing, we knew that we had to write a full Dr. Tobias Mind Rise review immediately. 

At present, there are not many full and comprehensive Dr. Tobias Mind Rise reviews out there.

Dr. Tobias Mind Rise is a nootropic supplement that is sold primarily on third party merchant sites. As far as we are aware, it is not available directly from the manufacturer. Instead, the Dr. Tobias company website links to their product listings on Amazon. 

We always prefer to purchase supplements directly from manufacturers, as the degree of accountability is much larger this way. Selling your supplements exclusively on Amazon is highly unusual, but it does not necessarily mean anything, good or bad. It simply means that Dr. Tobias take an unusual approach to supplement distribution.


Dr Tobias Mind Rise Review


The likely motivation is a lack of order fulfillment capability; something any young company can suffer from. 

So who are Dr. Tobias? 

Dr. Tobias are a manufacturer of holistic healthy supplements. Their company strap-line “Happy Healthy Lifestyle” pretty much sums up what their product range is all about. 

The company seems to actually be headed up by Dr. Tobias Ihde: a man who claims to have studied a wide range of subjects, including sports science and medicine. His ‘missions statement’ claims that his supplement business sprang from his desire to cure ailments of all kinds with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. 

This is again unusual: a supplement manufacturer saying that optimal health and a happy lifestyle can be achieved through a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

But that is not important right now. We’re more interested in the ‘meat and bones’ of Mind Rise. So, what does this nootropic stack have to offer?

As you can clearly see from the bottle, Dr. Tobias Mind Rise aims to delver three key benefits: focus, memory, and clarity. 

If we look at the bottom of the label, we get a little more info. It reads: “Formulated by an anti-ageing physician, MindRise provides a proprietary blend of ingredient that is a class of its own.” So it is not even in a class of its own, as the saying goes. It is a class of its own! Amazing!

The allusion to anti-ageing is not uncommon in brain supplements these days. Lots of stacks will claim to be able to reverse the effect that ageing has on cognitive performance. While these claims are always bogus, it is certainly possible to delay the onset of cognitive decline, and it is possible to lessen the severity of the symptoms of age-related mental decline. 

This is all well and good, but is any of it true?

Can Dr. Tobias Mind Rise really enhance focus, memory and clarity? What does the reference to “anti-ageing physician” mean? Does Mind Rise help stave off cognitive decline? What about side effects – is Mind Rise safe?

Most importantly, are there better nootropic stacks out there?

Please read our full Dr. Tobias Mind Rise review below to find out the answers to all of these questions. 


Dr. Tobias Mind Rise Ingredients

Here is the full ingredient list for Dr Tobias Mind Rise:


Dr Tobias Mind Rise Nootropic Formula


Unfortunately, Mind Rise uses a gelatin capsule, so is not suitable for vegetarians (or for anyone who isn’t keen on eating congealed cow bones on a daily basis). Using vegetable cellulose is very cheap and straightforward these days, so there really is no excuse for excluding such a large amount of people from your potential customer base.

At first glance, this doesn’t look like a bad list of ingredients. We have some issues with DMAE, but on the whole, the Dr Tobias Mind Rise formula seems to contain very few “filler” ingredients, and plenty of highly effective natural nootropics. 

But as always with these things, the devil is in the detail. To decide whether this supplement is likely to work for most users, we need to look closely at the serving sizes, as well as how the ingredients will interact with one another. 


Mind Rise Formula Review

We’ll work our way through the Dr Tobias Mind Rise formula, ingredient by ingredient.

Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract is now used by lots of people all over the world to help improve their mental performance. Ginkgo works by facilitating cerebral blood flow without increasing systemic blood pressure. 

Put more simply, it allows more oxygenated, nutrient rich blood to get to your brain cells without simply boosting your overall blood pressure, which has health ramifications that you almost always want to avoid. 

It seems to be effective for almost everyone, and the risk of side effects seems to be low at reasonable doses, assuming you don’t have any pre-existing health issues that might make it dangerous. 

50mg of Ginkgo isn’t a huge amount, but it is certainly enough to give you some benefits without putting you at risk of serious side effects. 

Phosphatidylserine is one of our favourite natural nootropic ingredients. It is found in Mind Lab Pro, which is still our go-to day-to-day brain supplement. 

Basically, phosphatidylserine is a substance very similar in structure to dietary fat. It is found in enormous quantities in human brain tissue. It seems to have a significant impact on long-term mental performance. 

125mg is more than enough phosphatidylserine for you to get good results in the long-run. Supplementation with PS is not strictly necessary, as the body produces its own. However, a small amount of supplementation helps ensure that you have optimum levels. We therefore think that anything over 125mg is something of a waste. 


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ALCAR is a superb supplement, for both physical and cognitive performance. 

However, ALCAR has been severely under-dosed in Mind Rise. 

Typically, someone supplementing with ALCAR for nootropic purposes will take around 300mg as a minimum. 

Dr. Tobias Mind Rise contains just 50mg. It is highly doubtful that you will derive any serious benefit from taking this amount of ALCAR, even daily. 

St. John’s Wort is a problematic substance. 

Mind Rise St Johns Wort Content


The anecdotal evidence for this stuff being a miracle anxiety buster is, frankly, overwhelming. 

It is a staple of ‘natural health food’ stores all over the US and Europe, where it is sold as a natural treatment for mild depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness, among other things. 

We have seen some studies, such as this one, which posit that it is the hyoperforin found in St. John’s Wort that gives it its anti-depressant properties. Taking things a little deeper, some studies have found that hyperforin elevates free intracellular sodium. 

To put it as simply as possible (and to throw scientific accuracy out the window), it seems that St. John’s Wort works by raising the amount of sodium ions being transported between neural cells, which in turn seems to inhibit the re-uptake of dopamine and serotonin. This would have an almost immediate anti-depressant effect. 

The problem? There’s two actually.

The first is that this all seems highly conjectural. 

The second is: we do not necessarily want to see an anti-depressant compound in a natural nootropic stack designed to boost focus, memory, and clarity. 

Just because you are looking for some help with staying focused and on top of your game during a particularly demanding 6 months at work, or just because you need help getting through your final exams, does not mean that you are experiencing symptoms of depression. 

Nor does it mean that you need to inhibit the re-uptake of serotonin and dopamine. 

As we have said in relation to 5-HTP, screwing around with your serotonin levels when they aren’t presenting you with any problems is not something that you want to do. 

L-Glutamine is an easy one: it is an incredibly abundant amino acid. You will already consume large amounts of glutamine each and every day. It is known to have a significant effect on memory, learning, and a myriad other brain functions. Yet it is not necessary to supplement with gluatmine, particularly if you are going to supplement 100mg per day (the amount found in Mind Rise).


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Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate, or DMAE Bitartrate as this stuff is better known, is not something we really like to see on an ingredient list. 

It is a precurosr to choline, which in turn is necessary for the production of acetylcholine. This is a key neurotransmitter, involved intimately in short term memory function and concentration. 

But DMAE is far from the most effective tool for increasing choline availability, and there is a fair bit of evidence that it is more prone to causing side effects than compounds such as CDP-Choline and Alpha-GPC.

DMAE was observed to cause birth defects in mice when it was fed to their mothers during pregnancy. While you should avoid nootropics altogether when pregnant, this applies even more so to supplements containing DMAE.


Dr Tobias Mind Rise Ingredient Bacopa Monieri


Bacopa monnieri is a wonderful nootropic. 

Its ability to improve memory function in as little as 10 weeks has been robustly proven. It is incredibly safe, well tolerated, and seems to be effective for just about everyone. 

We would certainly like to see more than the 100mg found in Mind Rise, but it is better to have some Bacopa monnieri than none at all, and 100mg will still have some effect on your memory function. 

Vinpocetine seems to have several mechanisms of action. 

It is simultaneously touted as a mood altering substance, a cerebral blood flow booster, and more. 

It does seem to be effective at increasing blood flow to the brain without increasing systemic blood flow. However, 2mg may not be enough to really feel the benefit of this substance.

It also seems strange to include vinpocetine when Ginkgo Biloba is already included. The manufacturer would have been better going with one blood flow enhancer and upping the dosage. 

Our opinion on Huperzine A is slowly changing over time. 

On the one hand, it is a highly effective nootropic substance. 

It inhibits the production of acetylcholinesterase, which is the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain. If you lower acetylcholinesterase production, you end up with more acetylcholine in the brain. More acetylcholine availability means more potential brain power. 

The down side is, if you take Huperzine A for a long period of time without a break, then your inability to get rid of acetylcholine begins to cause side effects, some of which actively hamper your cognitive performance. 

This is a problem for a stack which you would presumably like to take each and every day for a long period of time. 

Ingredients like Bacopa can take a good few weeks to really get going. Having to take a break in usage wont eradicate any benefits of using Bacopa, but it is less than ideal. 

That said, 10mcg is a small amount of Huperzine A to be taking each day. Whether this will have the same effect as taking a larger dose remains to be solidly proven in clinical trials. 


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Mind Rise Side Effects

Obviously, as mentioned above, we think it’s possible that taking Huperzine A in sizeable doses for a continual period can lead to side effects. These side effects include demotivation, ‘fuzzy’ thinking, a lack of concentration, tiredness, and headaches. 

However, the amount of Huperzine A found in Dr. Tobias Mind Rise is quite small. We therefore think Dr Tobias Mind Rise will be less likely to give you these symptoms, or they will simply be less severe than usual.

It would still be important, however, to cycle Dr Tobias Mind Rise to avoid experiencing some of the down sides of Huperzine A consumption.

DMAE is also slightly concerning. 

Plenty of people use this stuff on a regular basis without experiencing anything in the way of unwanted side effects. 

A quick visit to LongeCity will show you that many people find DMAE to be a reliable and highly effective cholinergic.

However, we have also found lots of evidence suggesting that this stuff can cause worrying side effects. This LongeCity thread seems to sum up our concerns quite succinctly. Users in this Reddit thread are somewhat critical of the cited LongeCity thread, but more than one user also reports experiencing negative side effects from using moderate amounts of DMAE.

To take a balanced view of things, we think it seems that DMAE can work well for some but it can be downright detrimental to others. People seem to have inconsistent experiences with it too; something we want to stay well clear of. 


Mind Rise DMAE Content Review


Dr. Tobias Mind Rise Review Conclusion

We were keen to do a Dr. Tobias Mind Rise review as soon as we saw that it was only available for purchase through third party merchants.

This is usually a sign of a bad supplement.

When we actually looked at the Dr Tobias Mind Rise formula, we were quite pleasantly surprised. For starters, there is no proprietary blend, and it doesn’t really contain any “filler” ingredients. By that we mean that it isn’t just a vitamin supplement with 10mg of Bacopa monnieri thrown in there.

However, we don’t think this supplement is likely to deliver the kind of enhancements in focus, memory, and clarity that users will be expecting.

The choice of cholinergic is, in our opinion, a mistake. 100mg of DMAE Bitrartrate doesn’t pack much of a punch, and as discussed above, it seems to be unreliable for a lot of users and also seems to give some people unwanted side effects.  A more effective and potent cholinergic should be used.

The Glutamine content seems totally impotent, as do the ALCAR and the Vinpocetine doses. At those dosages, these ingredients may as well not be in the stack at all.

All-in-all, we think people looking for a comprehensive nootropic that they can take continuously for a long period of time, achieving maximum results without experiencing any side effects, should look elsewhere.

Dr Tobias Mind Rise Review – What’s The Hype About?
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