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  • Contains 3 key natural nootropics
  • Very cheap


  • Tiny proprietary blend will leave key ingredients under-dosed
  • Uses DMAE
  • No clear dosage info for Huperzine A

Crossbiotics Nurohance Review Summary

As with many pre-made nootropic stacks, the main problem with Crossbiotics Nurohance is a combination of proprietary blend usage, under-dosing, and poor ingredient selection. 

The Crossbiotics Proprietary blend comprises 20 ingredients, but the total serving size is just 692mg. In the case of more than one ingredient, ideal dosage is well over 150mg. Some ingredients are usually dosed at around 500mg. Clearly, then, more than one key ingredient is being severely under-dosed here.

The other ingredients are simple vitamins and minerals, and even then, in some cases you are only getting a few percent of your RDA. 

If you’re looking for a serious, heavy-duty, all-in-one stack, look elsewhere. 

Crossbiotics Nurohance seems to be another scammy private label supplement coming from individuals employing the “Amazon Method”. More on this below.


Where To Buy Crossbiotics Nurohance

If you really must buy it, we always recommend buying direct from the manufacturer, This gives you a little more protection as a consumer compared to when buying from third party merchants. 


Full Crossbiotics Nurohance Review


If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve seen a glowing Crossbiotics Nurohance review and you want a second opinion. 

That’s certainly how many of our readers find us; they see lots of 5 star reviews on Amazon, or a 10/10 review that just seems too good to be true. 

In most cases, if what you’re reading seems too good to be true, it is. 

That’s where we come in!

So, what’s the real deal with Crossbiotics Nurohance? 

Crossbiotics are a serious supplement manufacturer. They produce a wide range of supplements, typically those relating to overall health, well-being, and longevity. 


Crossbiotics Nurohance Nootropic Review


We always like to see this when researching a supplement review: manufacturers with many products to their name usually care about their image, and they actually strive to put a good product to market. 

So what about Nurohance?

According to Crossbiotics, Nurohance is a pre-made nootropic stack capable of improving mental focus, memory function, and overall cognitive performance.

But does it work?

What about side effects?

Is there anything better out there?

Let’s take a closer look and find out. Here’sour full Crossbiotics Nurohance review.


Crossbiotics Nurohance Formula Review

Before we start discussing the Crossbiotics Nurohance formula in detail, you should have a look at the label so you have an idea of what we’re talking about. 

Here is a shot of the product label, taken from Amazon:


Crossbiotics Nurohance Formula Review


So, what’s the first thing we notice here?

Well, for starters we’ve seen this formula more than once before now. 

Nurohance seems to be another nootropic born of the ‘private label’ “Amazon Method” scam. This is where generic, duplicated supplements are sold as premium, unique stacks. We’ve written about this extensively here if you are interested in learning more.

We’ll say no more on that in this review since we have written so much about it elsewhere.

There is something else that jumps out at us about this formula.

That’s right: the rather small PROPRIETARY BLEND!


Crossbiotics Nurohance Proprietary Blend – Ingredients Review

The genuine nootropic ingredients in Crossbiotics Nurohance are all found within the proprietary blend.

The blend contains 20 ingredients, with a total blend size of 692mg.

If you’re already familiar with pre-made natural nootropic stacks, you’ll know that this doesn’t look fantastic right off the bat.

If we assumed that all ingredients were dosed equally (which they should never be), then each ingredient is dosed at just over 34mg.

For sure, some ingredients in Crossbiotics Nurohance are usually dosed much lower than this.

For instance, Huperzine A is typically dosed in the micrograms, not milligrams. A good serving size would be 150mcg, which would be cycled every few weeks with a week break to let your acetylcholine levels return to “normal”. 


Huperzine A Crossbiotics Nurohance


This would theoretically free up some ‘room’ for other ingredients.

So, the Crossbiotics Nurohance formula could balance out, right?

We don’t think so. 

While the low dose requirement for the likes of Huperzine A would free up an extra 30mg for an ingredient or two, we can’t see that making a big enough difference to make this stack really work.

The three most important ingredients in the Crossbiotics Nurohance formula are undoubtedly (for us) Choline Bitartrate, Bacopa Monnieri, and Phosphatidylserine. 

There are other potent nooropics in the formula, such as DMAE Bitartrate, but the inclusion of Choline Bitartrate should mitigate the need for a large dose of DMAE as they both serve the same ends. So we will ignore it for now. 

To really feel the benefits of these ingredients, for them to work at full potential, we would expect to see them dosed in the hundreds of milligrams. 

To really make any difference at all, they would each need to be dosed at a minimum of 100mg. 

We might expect to see 100mg of phosphatidylserine, 150mg of Bacopa monnieri, and well over 200mg of choline bitartrate. That would give us an effective stack capable of delivering cognitive benefits. 

But that would take up 450mg of the formula already, with just 3 ingredients covered. 


bacopa monnieri Nurohance nootropic


What about the others?

Are they just dosed at a few dozen milligrams?

If so, then why both including them?

Or are they dosed higher, meaning that the key ingredients will be left significantly weakened?

Either way, we don’t think this looks promising for the product as a reliable brain booster offering value for money.

This problem becomes much more pronounced when you consider that the blend contains ingredients like Tyrosine.

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L-Tyrosine is an amino acid. It is typically dosed, when taken as a supplement, at around 500mg – almost the total size of the blend!

Since it is found naturally in our diets, taking very small amounts does almost nothing. 

It is also relatively cheap to buy in large quantities, meaning that it would make an ideal ‘filler’ ingredient.

So, is Tyrosine here being outrageously under-dosed, rendering it an almost pointless inclusion? Or is it being used as a cheap ‘filler’, allowing the manufacturers to list expensive ingredients on their label while using relatively little of them?

Unfortunately, as all we have is a proprietary blend list of ingredients, we can’t say either way.

That isn’t a great thing to have to say about a natural nootropic that wants to be taken seriously.


What About The Rest Of The Nurohance Formula?

Well, the ingredients that are all listed individually are just the sort of vitamins and minerals you would find in a run-of-the-mill, generic multivitamin supplement being sold in pretty much any store in the world.

The only difference being that Nurohance barely provides any of some vitamins and minerals.

For instance; the Vitamin D content is 25% of your RDA. 

By comparison, one member of our review team takes a vitamin D supplement that provides 500% of his RDA (he lives in a place that gets very little sun in winter). We’re talking a cheap, widely available supplement here; nothing special. 

To take another example, the Vitamin B3 content is nothing that you couldn’t get from a hearty meal.

The vitamin and mineral stack in Crossbiotics Nurohance is indeed extensive. However, with such small quantities being delivered, it hardly seems worth including in the formula at all. 

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Crossbiotics Nurohance Side Effects

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably interested in trying Nurohance despite our reservations.

That’s fair enough; after all, this is all just our take on the product. We’re hardly infallible! 

However, you will also by now be asking yourself: what are the risks of using Crossbiotics Nurohance?

We’ve read more than one Crossbiotics Nurohance review by now, and very few of them give potential side effects a serious consideration.

So, will taking Crossbiotics Nurohance lead to any unwanted side effects?


Crossbiotics Nurohance Side Effects


As with all natural nootropics that don’t provide us with individual ingredient serving sizes, it’s difficult to answer that question properly. 

Generally speaking, a small proprietary blend with lots of ingredients means that it’s unlikely that any one ingredient is dosed high enough to pose a serious concern. 

However, in the case of Nurohance, we have one ingredient that could easily be dosed high enough to cause side effects: Huperzine A.

Huperzine A is typically dosed in the micrograms, not milligrams. 

Taking more than, say, 150mcg of Huperzine A on a regular basis has been known to cause side effects such as headaches, drowsiness, and even irritability. 

Since you have no idea how much Huperzine A is actually in Crossbiotics Nurohance, you really need to be careful.

Should you experience any side effects whatsoever, you should discontinue use of the product. If the side effects persist, you need to speak to your doctor. 

We advise all of you to talk to your doctor before taking a new nootropic stack. Many contain exotic ingredients and you don’t know how your body might react. Better to be safe than sorry!


Crossbiotics Nurohance Review Conclusion

The ingredients in Corssbiotics Nurohance mean that it could potentially be quite a good stack.

There is no doubt that appropriate amounts of Bacopa monnieri, Choline bitartrate, and phosphatidylserine can deliver real and lasting benefits to your cognitive performance.

When coupled with the likes of Tyrosine and Huperzine A, these substances can positively influence everything from memory to mood to mental stamina. 

However, the key term there is “appropriate amounts”.

We have no idea how much of each ingredient is in Crossbiotics Nurohance.

As discussed above, the small proprietary blend size and the rather excessive number of ingredients makes it highly unlikely that the key ingredients are dosed “appropriately”.

As such, we think those of you who are looking for a streamlined, potent, all-in-one nootropic stack should check out some of our top rated products.

Crossbiotics Nurohance could work well for some of you, but we think there are better, more reliable stacks out there.

Crossbiotics Nurohance Review – Does It Work?
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