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  • Just another private label scam
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  • Huperzine A requires careful cycling


Neuro Clear Review Summary

We don’t think many of you really need to read our full CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear review. It will suffice for most of you to learn that this is a ‘private label’ supplement; another classic Amazon method scam nootropic. 

Basically, Amazon is replete with nootropics which all share the same formula. Individuals are clearly just buying a pre-made formula from a wholesaler (who obviously has excess stock to get rid of), and paying them to apply their labels to the bottles afterwards. We’ve written about this extensively here.

As far as the formula itself goes, it’s very uninspiring. All we have here is a collection of unproven, over-hyped ingredients and side effect red flags. A premium, professional-quality nootropic this is not. 


Where To Buy Neuro Clear

Like all scammy private label nootropics, CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear is sold exclusively on Amazon. We advise you strongly not to buy it. 


Full CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear Review


CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear is a brand new nootropic supplement. It appeared on Amazon a short while ago, but it is obviously getting quite a bit of attention today. Currently, it has 20 customer reviews, but we expect this to grow rapidly in the near future. 

This invariably means that reviews will start popping up like crazy, some of them helpful, many more of them enormously unhelpful. That’s why we decided to do our own complete, impartial CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear review. 

So what is this stack supposed to do?

Who is it designed to help?


CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear Review


According to CoreFX Labs, Neuro Clear “supports focus, clarity, and memory”. 

It is an all-natural nootropic supplement designed to help people who are perhaps feeling more mentally sluggish than usual, people who experience a lot of early morning ‘brain fog’, and so on. 

We are told that it is “specially formulated” to deliver a greater concentration span, improved focus and significantly more mental clarity. 

Pay attention to that “specially formulated” – we’ll be coming back to that later. 

This all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

But we can’t just take these claims at face value, can we?

Many natural nootropics claim to deliver these benefits, but very few of them can actually do so. Most of them are useless, and all promises of enhanced cognitive function are nothing more than hype. 

Where does CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear stand? Find out by reading our full CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear review below. We look at the formula in greater detail to decide if it can do the things it tells you it can. We look at what some people are saying about this supplement, and whether or not it is safe. Please post all questions in the comments section at the end.


CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear Formula

Here is the CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear formula as it is shown on the product bottle:


Neuro Clear formula analysis


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this formula. 

We don’t mean we’ve seen similar formulas before; we mean we’ve come across this exact formula several times before. 

The exact same ingredients.

The exact same doses.

Even the exact same label layout.

If you’ve been browsing Amazon for a while looking for a nootropic stack, then it’s actually not unlikely that you’ve seen this formula before too. But maybe you didn’t realize. 

What’s going on here?

We believe what you are seeing here is the result of individuals applying the ‘Amazon Method’ to the nootropics market. 

We have written about this at length in this article, so we wont go on for too long about it here.

Suffices for this review to say that these products are all sourced from the same place. A cheap, off-the-rack formula is being sold to multiple individuals, who then apply their own branding. 

Amazon makes storage and shipment very simple, which is why the market is being flooded with these second-rate products so quickly. 

If you take anything away from our CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear review, we hope it is that you want nothing to do with this bogus stack. 

It is not “specially formulated” as the manufacturers want you to believe. 

Not even close. 

It is mass produced, generic, and of very poor quality.


What About The Formula Itself?

Again, as we have reviewed this exact formula so many times, we don’t need to spend a great deal of time on it here. 

We will however cover the main reasons why we think it is of very low quality.

For starters, it contains several ingredients that will make absolutely no difference to your day-to-day cognitive function.

A prime example here is glutamine. 

Glutamine is an amino acid which is absolutely ubiquitous in the human diet. As you might guess, it is also abundant in the human body.

Every day you will consume a great deal of glutamine (assuming you go anywhere near tofu, cheese, grains, and so on). 

Neuro Clear provides us with 150mg of Glutamine.

What is the point of that?!

Not only does glutamine not benefit cognition in any meaningful way anyway, but it is completely futile to consume it in amounts below a couple of grams. 

Since you already consume large amounts on a daily basis, your body is not even going to register 150mg on top of that.

That would be true even if glutamine helped cognition at higher doses, which it doesn’t. 


Glutamine Neuro Clear ingredients


We also have ingredients like St. John’s Wort.

While this stuff is usually touted as a miracle stress and anxiety killer, it has never actually been shown to work in clinical settings. 

Many robust studies have looked at St. John’s Wort, but a significant effect on anxiety, depression or stress has never actually been observed (to our knowledge). 

It seems likely to us that the benefits of St. John’s Wort reported by users come from the placebo effect. 

Of course, if you are aware of any current research showing that St. John’s Wort has a real, significant effect on anxiety, or brain function more generally, let us know in the comments section at the end. 


CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear ingredients St John's Wort


Another major problem here is that, where we do see good ingredients, they are seriously under-dosed. 

The best example here is Bacopa monnieri. 

This stuff is one of the most effective, reliable, and safe memory boosters known to us. In fact, we would go as far as to say that it is the most effective memory enhancer

Yet in Neuro Clear we only get 120mg. 

Not only that, but we get 120mg of a weak, 20% potency Bacopa monnieri extract. 

That compares very poorly to some of the most powerful nootropics on the market today, which will use higher doses of an extract that is somewhere between 40% and 55% Bacopa monnieri. 

While it will still have a mild effect if used for a very long time, we don’t think that CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear is going to deliver the kind of benefits you will see from using stacks like INSIGHT.

You certainly wont see results in 6-12 weeks like you will when using more professional nootropics.


-See Our Ingredient Guide For More Info-


CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear Side Effects

Side effects aren’t a major risk here, at least in our opinion. 

All of the ingredients in the Neuro Clear formula are natural. There aren’t any banned substances. There aren’t any dangerous, synthetic stimulants. Most importantly, none of the ingredients found in Neuro Clear are thought to pose severe health risks when taken at reasonable doses for a reasonable amount of time.

However, that is not to say that there is no chance of any of you experiencing side effects at all.

Nor is that to say that this supplement is absolutely safe for everybody.

There are a few ingredients in here that can cause side effects if you are sensitive to them or if they are used incorrectly. 

The main culprit here is Huperzine A.

We have written about Huperzine A extensively elsewhere on this site. We recommend that you read this article before starting a Huperzine A cycle. 

Huperzine A needs to be used very carefully, as long-term or excessive use can cause pretty severe side effects. These side effects can range from headaches to confusion to insomnia. One study even found that Huperzine A intake caused irregularities in electrocardiogram patterns.

As always, talk to a qualified health professional before proceeding. 

Do not rely on assurances from a manufacturer, and do not rely solely on advice you read online – TALK TO A REAL DOCTOR!


CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear Review Conclusion – Does It Work?

Unfortunately, the one thing we think you need to take away from this CoreFX Neuro Clear review is the fact that it is just another scammy, ‘private label’ supplement designed to make a few people (or maybe just one guy) some quick cash. 

It has not been “specially formulated” for CoreFX; it is an off-the-rack formula full of useless garbage. 

It is just masquerading as a premium nootropic stack.

The market is currently being flooded with these awful products. Only by getting wise to the Amazon Method and the washouts that employ it can we turn the tide and make sure fewer people get conned into buying these awful products. 

If you are looking for a way to gain a real, lasting mental edge, then check out our current top rated stacks. Leave scams like CoreFX Neuro Clear well alone. 

CoreFX Labs Neuro Clear Review
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