Value for Money

5.5 /10

Formula Rating

5.5 /10

Risk of Side Effects

5.5 /10


  • Supports long term brain health and cognitive performance
  • Does help you stay focused on one task for longer
  • Good value when bought form the manufacturer


  • No choline content!
  • Some users report side effects
  • No vitamin stack

CILTEP Review Summary

This is a fairly decent nootropic supplement. CILTEP contains some interesting and effective ingredients. It also has rave reviews from notable figures. 

It contains no acetylcholine-promoting ingredients. This is, in my opinion, a serious flaw in any top-quality nootropic stack.

Some users report side effects, while others report none, so bear that in mind when purchasing.

Where to buy CILTEP

Natural Stacks online store.


Full CILTEP Review

This product had been on the market for quite a while before I came across it, which is surprising, given the splash that it made on its launch in the US.

It has had plenty of “celebrity endorsements”, all of which can be found on the CILTEP website, although we don’t pay attention to things like that.


CILTEP natural nootropic supplement review


Manufactured by Natural Stacks, CILTEP is a natural brain booster specifically designed with students, busy executives, and creative professionals in mind. CILTEP claims to be able to immediately improve cognitive performance in a number of ways:

  • Enhancing your ability  to focus and concentrate on complex, mentally draining tasks
  • Supporting memory; claims to help you retain more information
  • Promoting long-term cognitive improvement and brain health, some of which remains even after you stop supplementing

These are certainly the effects that we look for in a high quality natural nootropic, so CILTEP is, if nothing else, an ambitious product.

Natural Stacks have stated on numerous occasions that they want to make the best natural nootropics on the market, and to do so with total transparency.

They certainly are a transparent company, standing in stark contrast to the somewhat shady operations of some nootropic manufacturers out there.

But what about the quality of their product? Let’s take a closer look at CILTEP and find out. 


What does CILTEP claim to do?

CILTEP bills itself as an ‘all-in-one’ nootropic stack formulated to enhance long term potentiation. This simply means the strengthening of synapses over a period of time as a result of short term increases in activity.

The main mechanism by which CILTEP supposedly enhances long term potentiation is the increase in the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP for short).

cAMP is crucial for many biological processes, first and foremost being intracellular signal transduction; the triggering of a response within a cell by affecting its membrane.

To put it simply, cAMP is a vital link in the body’s cellular phone network. This role is incredibly important when it comes to improving brain function and processing speed.

A good way to think of long term potentiation is the neurological equivalent of lifting weights. You lift weights to put your muscles under a given workload.

During rest, your muscles respond to that stress by becoming bigger, making them better able to deal with the load the next time it happens. In this way, CILTEP can be thought of as both a short and long-term focused nootropic.


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What are people saying about CILTEP?

CILTEP’s dedicated website is replete with professional and “celebrity” testimonials and recommendations. Here is a selection of the most impressive:


CILTEP review testimonials


CILTEP nootropic recommendations and user reviews


While such endorsements don’t necessarily tell us anything about how the product will work for us, they do tell us something very important; this is a serious business, making a real product, and some people do use it to get a mental edge.

The CILTEP website is also full of real customer reviews from your average Joe user. Some are flattering, some aren’t, but that’s life!


CILTEP ingredients 

A big bonus of CILTEP is the fact that the manufacturers are so open and transparent about their formula, the manufacturing process, and their sourcing. Here’s the label:


CILTEP natural nootropic supplement


While I would usually expect to see a little more in the way of vitamins, minerals and amino acids on the ingredients list of an industry-leading natural nootropic, I think pure and potent herbal extracts coupled with B6 is more than capable of delivering real benefits in terms of brain function and memory capacity.

Let’s have a look at the most important ingredients in CILTEP:


Coleus Forskohlii extract: It wouldn’t be a professional supplement without the use of a Latin name, would it? You will be more familiar with this extract’s anglicanised name; forskolin. As discussed elsewhere on this site, Forskolin is very unique in its ability to directly promote the production of cAMP. This ability is being increasingly backed up by empirical research.


Artichoke extract: Artichoke leaf extract is incredibly nutrient-dense; a relatively small serving provides a large amount of vitamins A, B, and C, along with other key brain-boosting minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc. Not only that, but there are several studies which link artichoke extract and the suppression of the PDE4 enzyme, known to cause cAMP to break down.


L-Phenylalanine: Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that directly influences the production of norepinephrine and dopamine, in turn helping to improve your mood, alleviating stress, and boost your confidence.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This amino acid is currently thought to help prevent or assist with the treatment of a wide range of cognitive diseases, including Alzheimer’s, memory loss, depression, nerve pain, and alcohol induced thinking problems. It is an important amino acid for all brain function and muscle movement. This form of carnitine is thought to be superior to plain L-carnitine, owing to better absorption.


No Cholinergic?

Now, I’m sure any serious nootropic user will immediately notice the lack of choline.

Some form of choline, be it CDP choline, Alpha GPC, or citicoline, is really a vital component of any top of the range nootropic stack.

The absence of any kind of choline-promoting compound really does bring this supplement down. The stack would have been so much better if they had just thrown in some Huperzine A, or a few mg of Alpha GPC. 

Increasing acetylcholine availability makes a huge difference to cognitive function. It has a significant and direct effect on memory function, learning, and verbal fluidity. 

None of the ingredients in CILTEP have anything like the memory enhancing properties of a good cholinergic, like Alpha GPC, or extracts like Bacopa monnieri. 

Rather, CILTEP seems to support brain health, preventing cognitive decline, while helping you stay calm. 

That does definitely make it a nootropic; it just might not be quite what visitors to this site are looking for. Most of our readers want a product that enhancers their cognition, rather than simply preventing its deterioration. 


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Side effects of CILTEP

This isn’t a product to be taken by pregnant women, or those under the age of 18.

The strict warning on the label about not taking more than 3 capsules per day is also quite strange, seeing as it is such a subtle product. I mean, it doesn’t hit you like a tonne of bricks, so you would assume that an extra capsule here and there would be fine. You’d be wrong apparently. 

Some people on Longecity reported feeling faint a few hours after taking CILTEP. I can’t see any mechanism for why this would happen, but keep an eye on it. 



This is a very affordable, reasonably priced supplement. The only problem is that the serving size is three capsules, meaning that 60 caps disappear quite quickly.

However, buying in multi-packs directly from the manufacturer gives you a hefty discount, which more than makes up for the added costs.


CILTEP Review Conclusion


I think the main way it works is by helping you remain calm. There is no choline content to CILTEP, which is really surprising. Choline is just such a staple ingredient in modern nootropics, and rightly so.

It is so reliably effective at enhancing cognitive performance in the long-term, why would anyone not include it in a professional stack?!

CILTEP doesn’t seem to be a bad product in terms of helping you stay calm and focused when under pressure. However, if you want something that will give you a noticeable boost in mental performance, I think you would be better off going for a stack that contains a decent amount of citicoline or Alpha GPC.

It’s available in the US, UK, and the EU. I think the manufacturers will ship elsewhere, but you will have to check the website.

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