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  • Ingredient selection could not be better in most cases
  • Good pairing of theanine and caffeine
  • No bogus ingredients


  • Noopept unsuitable for 99% of users
  • Lacking in several key areas of cognitive enhancement
  • Caffeine unsuitable for many


Cerebral Key Review Summary

Cerebral Key by Infinite Intelligence Labs is a serious nootropic supplement. It will no doubt be on the market for a long time to come. It is no doubt capable of making a significant difference to many people’s cognitive function.

However, we do not think this is the right stack for the vast majority of our readers. There are several reasons why this is the case. For one thing, the formula is lacking in several key areas of cognitive enhancement. For another, it uses Noopept; a synthetic, unpredictable and side-effect prone substance. There are other issues which we discuss in the full Cerebral Key review below, but these are the main causes for concern. 

Cerebral Key can certainly deliver for some users. But if you’re looking for a safe, reliable, effective nootropic to use every day, and you want deep, lasting, long-term results, we think you would be better served by a more comprehensive, natural supplement. 


Where To Buy Cerebral Key

The guys at Infinite Intelligence Labs seem to take themselves seriously as a brand. We therefore expect them to sell Cerebral Key exclusively through their online store. Of course, this product is still in its infancy, so we can’t say for sure yet. Try their official merchant site first.



Full Cerebral Key Review


Cerebral Key is a brand new nootropic supplement made by New York-based Infinite Intelligence Labs. 

 According tot he mission statement on their website, IIL’s mission is to not only create a great nootropic supplement, but to spread awareness of nootropics, informing people of their potential, and increasing their usage across the board. 

They stress how serious they are as a manufacturer, how much effort they put into developing their products, and how transparent they intend to be about the manufacturing process. 

Clearly, we’re dealing with a serious outfit here. This product is probably going to be around for a long time, so we had to get a Cerebral Key review published as soon as possible. 


Cerebral Key Review


But enough about the manufacturer. What about the supplement itself?

According to IIL, Cerebral Key is a “perfectly balanced” nootropic designed to enhance every aspect of cognitive function. 

Like all the best natural brain supplements, it is supposed to be comprehensive in its approach to brain optimization. 

It is designed for prolonged, continual use. According to IIL, with long-term use of Cerebral Key, “the brain’s neural networks will be expanded and strengthened resulting in better functional performance”.

In fact, the IIL official website “guarantees” that Cerebral Key will deliver the following list of benefits:

  • Regeneration of brain receptors
  • Improved memory
  • Increased energy
  • Boosted motivation
  • Increased concentration
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Anti-aging for the brain
  • Strengthens neural networks

That’s quite an impressive array of benefits. 

It seems like IIL are going to make some serious waves in the nootropic industry with Cerebral Key. This supplement is clearly designed to be a comprehensive, professional, premium-grade brain booster. 

If Cerebral Key can actually deliver on all of these promises (or even just the majority of them), we’ll have a market-leading nootropic on our hands. 

So, we need to find out if these claims are true. Below you’ll find our full Cerebral Key review, in which we look at the formula in greater detail, as well as the potential side effects and existing customer reviews. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section at the end. 


Cerebral Key Formula

We haven’t found a reliable image of the Cerebral Key label yet. That’s because the product has only just appeared on the market, and we don’t think they have made a serious marketing push yet. 

It isn’t surprising, then, that there are few images of the label on the internet already.

However, the IIL Cerebral Key website does list the ingredients alongside their exact serving sizes. Here is the full list:


  • Noopept – 20mg
  • CDP-Choline – 400mg
  • Bacopa Monnieri – 250mg
  • Sublutiamine – 300mg
  • ALCAR – 300mg
  • Caffeine – 150mg
  • L-Theanine – 200mg
  • D-Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – 20mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 60ug
  • Vitamin D3 – 2000 IU


That is quite a formula. 

Right off the bat, we’re impressed. 

The formula is composed entirely of powerful nootropics, proven cognition-boosters, and essential vitamins. 

Generally speaking, this is one of the better formulas that we have come across lately. 

That said, there are a few problems which we think really hold this product back. These are not major issues, but they are issues nonetheless.

These issues mainly concern what Cerebral Key does not provide.

There are some potentially serious side effect concerns, which we will discuss in a separate side effect section. 

To make it easy for you to take in (and for us to write), we’ll divide our discussion of the Cerebral Key formula into two sections: positives and negatives. We’ll then discuss the formula more broadly at the end.


What We Like

Cerebral Key contains some absolutely superb natural nootropics. In fact, in many areas, we think the ingredient selection could not have been better. 

Each serving of Cerebral Key provides 400mg of CDP-Choline

CDP-Choline, also known as Citicoline or as the branded version Cognizin, is perhaps the best cholinergic in existence. 

It quickly and reliably raises choline availability in the brain. This in turn increases acetylcholine availability, but in a safe, manageable way.

Acetylcholine is a very important neurotransmitter. It is intimately involved in a range of cognitive functions, including focus, learning, memory recall, as well as muscle contraction and more. 

Increasing acetylcholine availability means that your brain can perform these functions more efficiently. In short, more acetylcholine means greater mental clarity, greater focus, and more efficient learning. 

CDP-Choline is our preferred method of raising acetylcholine levels. Not only does it effectively raise acetylcholine levels, but it also has peripheral benefits which benefit cognition and brain health. 

You can achieve similar results with other cholinergics, but they are inferior in our opinion. You can also achieve similar results with Huperzine A, but this method can be unsafe and it is certainly unsustainable.

The only thing that we would say is that 400mg of CDP-Choline is totally unnecessary. Beyond 300mg, there is a serious trend of diminishing returns with CDP-Choline.

Taking more than 300mg will not bring significantly better results. But that isn’t a negative as the side effect risk with CDP-Choline is still relatively low at 400mg. 


-CDP-Choline vs. Alpha-GPC: Which Is Better?-


There is also 250mg of Bacopa monnieri in Cerebral Key, which is great.

Bacopa monnieri is, in our opinion, the most effective way to naturally improve memory function in the long-term. We have written extensively about Bacopa monnieri here. For now, it suffices to say that there is no substance that is so reliable and effective at boosting memory retention and recall in as little as 6-12 weeks

The ideal dose of Bacopa monnieri depends entirely on the strength of the extract being used. 

At 45% bacosides or above, then 150mg is ideal.

At 20% (the most common extract strength), then 250mg would be preferable. 

In either case, there is sufficient Bacopa monnieri in each serving of Cerebral Key to deliver all of the benefits associated with use of this fantastic herb.


Cerebral Key ingredients theanine caffeine


We also quite like the theanine and caffeine combo in this formula. 

Many stacks rely solely on caffeine to deliver cognitive benefits because it is cheap, predictable, and instantly effective. But it isn’t what real nootropic users are looking for. 

Here it is included as part of a comprehensive stack alongside theanine. 

Theanine works in synergy with caffeine. It takes all of caffeine’s positive effects (elevated mental energy, focus and motivation) and amplifies them. 

It also dampens the negative side effects of caffeine, meaning less anxiety, jitters, and insomnia. Green tea contains large amounts of theanine, which is why green tea does not hit many people like coffee does. 

Whenever we see caffeine, we look for an equal or greater serving of theanine. That’s exactly what we get here. 

Caffeine, especially at this dose, may be highly unsuitable for some users. We will deal with some of the side effects of caffeine in the next section. But even if you know that you are fine consuming this much caffeine in pill form, caffeine may not be what you need.

The only problem with the inclusion of caffeine in a daily nootropic stack is that sometimes you just don’t want to consume any caffeine. Yet there is no way to get the benefits of the other substances without taking caffeine if it is part of a stack. 

If you want a deep, qualitative improvement in your cognitive function, then caffeine can’t help. 

If you want a nootropic that you can take every day, at any time of day, then caffeine can be a major inconvenience. 

We love seeing caffeine added to stacks that are designed to provide a short, sharp ‘pick-me-up’, such as MOD Gaming Supplement.

We aren’t sure that caffeine belongs in a daily stack designed for long-term use. We certainly all prefer to get our caffeine naturally through delicious tea and coffee. 


What We Don’t Like

The major drawback of this stack is the inclusion of Noopept

Noopept is a synthetic, rather than natural, nootropic. 

It is usually classed as a racetam, even though it is not technically a racetam. That’s because it is said to have similar effects to racetams like Piracetam. 

Many people are huge enthusiasts of Noopept. If you spend any time on nootropic forums, you’ll see many people raving about its benefits, how they have used it for a very long time, and how they simply can’t live without it. 

That may be true for some people, but we think Noopept is a bad idea for the vast majority of users. 

It is certainly unsuitable for people looking for a natural, safe, reliable and most importantly, predictable way to enhance their cognitive performance. 

We have written about Noopept, its benefits, its dangers, and why we think it is unsuitable for most users at great length. If you are interested in trying Noopept, we strongly urge you to read this article before continuing. 

To put it succinctly, we think the side effect risks of Noopept massively outweigh the benefits. 

It is unreliable, and effects vary wildly user-to-user. In some cases, Noopept works wonders. In other cases, it is massively counterproductive.

If you want to use nootropics to help you gain a mental edge at work, or during your crucial final exams, then you can’t afford that kind of uncertainty. 


Cerebral Key ingredients noopept


Another major problem with Cerebral Key is that it is totally lacking in very important areas

It does not contain any substances which address certain aspects of cognitive enhancement. For a supplement which claims to be a comprehensive, premium, daily nootropic, this is a serious flaw indeed. 

For example, it does not contain any ingredients which promote calmness and focus specifically during times of mental and physical stress. 

In today’s comprehensive, all-in-one stacks, we look for substances like Tyrosine and Rhodiola rosea which can help you focus and remain calm while under intense, acute pressure. 

Tyrosine and Rhodiola rosea have been the go-to for students and professionals looking for a natural edge for many years, and for good reason. Their absence is felt in Cerebral Key. 


Cerebral Key formula lacking key areas


There is also nothing in Cerebral Key to encourage long-term brain adaptations.

There is nothing to really encourage NGF. Noopept is thought to encourage BDNF, which does facilitate deep, lasting brain adaptations, maintenance, and growth. However, this effect seems unreliable, and we do not recommend the use of Noopept anyway. 

There are other substances which encourage brain cell maintenance and growth without putting you at undue risk of side effects, and they are more reliable. 

A classic example here is Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Supplementing with LMM is known to reliable and safely promote Nerve Growth Factor production, which in turn encourages brain maintenance, development, and growth.

This can have a lasting and significant impact on cognitive function. Cerebral Key does not provide this.


ALCAR IIL Cerebral Key formula review


We also think it’s a little pointless to take some ingredients at the doses present here.

For example, ALCAR can have a noticeable effect on your day-to-day mental performance. When taken in appropriate amounts, ALCAR is known to increase mental energy in a deeper, more meaningful way than stimulants like caffeine. 

However, 300mg of ALCAR per day is probably not going to make a difference. 

For the purposes of cognitive enhancement, we would recommend using at least 600mg per day; more if you are a very physically active individual. 

The 300mg of ALCAr in Cerebral Key is well below par. 


-Check Out Our Nootropic Ingredient Guide-


Our Thoughts On The Formula

The Cerebral Key formula is very good on the whole. 

Yet there are some issues which hold it back from being a truly great nootropic stack. 

For one thing, the use of Noopept makes this supplement unsuitable for reasons laid out above and in our article on Noopept. 

For another, there are major holes in this formula; there’s nothing to boost cognition during acute stress, there’s nothing to lower anxiety, and there’s nothing to encourage long-term brain development or adaptation. 

The inclusion of caffeine also makes this stack unsuitable for users who are highly sensitive to caffeine, or for those who already consume large amounts of caffeine in the course of their working day (most of us). It also means that you can’t take Cerebral Key close to going to sleep.

Long term-use of caffeine in a purified, pill form raises even more concerns, which we will discuss in our next section. 

On the whole, we think Cerebral Key is a serious nootropic stack capable of delivering significant benefits to many users. We just feel that the negatives are outweighing the positives here. 

For many of you, this may be the ideal stack. But we think most of you would be better served with another, more comprehensive, less side effect-prone nootropic. 


Cerebral Key Side Effects

There are a few side effect risks with regards to using Cerebral Key. 

First and foremost, there’s the Noopept. 

Yes, many people use Noopept for long periods of time without incident. They swear it’s safe. But that does not mean that it is necessarily safe for you. Everyone is different, and you don’t know how one person’s physiology differs from yours (especially a stranger on the internet). 

It is also not difficult to find stories of people having serious negative reactions to Noopept use. This is just one reason why we discourage Noopept use among our readers. 

Side effects commonly associated with Noopept usage include, but are not limited to:

  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Itchiness
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort

Note that these side effects are only related to moderate Noopept usage. Excessive use of Noopept, taking it at high doses, can be extremely dangerous. 

No Cerebral Key review would be complete without mentioning the side effects associated with over-consumption of caffeine. 

Cerebral Key contains 150mg of caffeine, which is a lot to be taken orally as a pill.

Even if you do not react badly to stimulants, consuming 150mg of caffeine through a capsule will have a different, possibly negative effect. 

Sure, the side effects will be tempered by theanine. But long-term use of this much caffeine can have serious adverse effects on your health.

If you do intend to use a supplement that contains caffeine, you need to be mindful of your current caffeine consumption from other sources. 

It is vital that you talk to your regular doctor before using Cerebral Key. it contains unusual herbal extracts and a synthetic smart drug. The opinion of a qualified health professional, one that knows your body intimately, is crucial here. Do not gamble with your safety, and do not take medical advice from strangers online.



Cerebral Key Review Conclusion

We started this Cerebral Key review with great optimism, and under closer inspection it did indeed turn out to be a serious brain supplement with the potential to make a dramatic difference to your cognitive function.

However, after looking at the formula in greater detail, and after considering the side effect risks, we think our readers would be much better off using a more comprehensive and less risky nootropic supplement. 

Cerebral Key is lacking in more than one area of cognitive enhancement. There is no lasting brain adaptation support, no anxiety reduction, and nothing to boost performance under acute stress. 

It contains Noopept, which is unpredictable, side effect prone, and unsuitable for most users anyway. 

It contains caffeine, making it unsuitable for users who are sensitive to stimulants as well as those who have a high caffeine intake already. 

This is a premium grade nootropic, no doubt about it. It will be on the market for a long time to come, we are sure of that. 

But it is not going to be one of our recommended supplements. There are too many holes and too many flaws. We won’t be surprised to see many positive Cerebral Key reviews popping up soon. But our stance will remain unchanged. 


Infinite Intelligence Labs Cerebral Key Review
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