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        • St. John's Wort unproven in our eyes
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        CeraLoft Review Summary

        We were excited to give this focus and memory supplement a good look since it seems to have featured so heavily on nootropics websites when it was first launched. The manufacturers, M2 Products Group, claim that CeraLoft can do some pretty incredible things, so we were expecting a lot.

        But as any of you who have read the entire CeraLoft review will know, we were very unimpressed with what we found. 

        The best ingredients are too weak to really make a big difference to your cognitive function, while the ingredients with the biggest serving sizes simply aren’t potent enough at the best of times to boost your focus or concentration. As far as being a plausible ADHD treatment goes, we can’t see a single thing telling us that this is true.


        Where To Buy CeraLoft

        We always advise you to buy directly from the manufacturer. it gives you added consumer protection and lets you know exactly who to complain to when things don’t work out as advertised. 


        Full CeraLoft Review


        CeraLoft has been on the market for a little while now. For whatever reason, it has remained consistently popular since its launch. It received a truck-load of attention from supplement blogs when it was launched. Just search for “CeraLoft review” and you’ll see how many professional review websites have given this stack some consideration. 

        There must be something about this supplement that has kept people interested for so long, whether it is persistent and effective marketing, or the quality of he product itself. So of course, we had to do our own CeraLoft review. 

        To start off, who makes CeraLoft?


        Ceraloft Review


        CeraLoft is made by M2 Products Group. Their range of natural supplements is really quite extensive. On the M2 Natuals website (the merchant page for their supplements), you’ll see that they offer over 20 different supplements. These supplements include a testosterone booster, a vision enhancer, bone support, a colon cleanser; the list goes on. 

        The makers of CeraLoft clearly have quite a lot invested in their brand. All of their products are offered under the same brand, so if one turns out to be a total scam, the others will suffer. That gives us some extra confidence when buying. 

        So what does CeraLoft do exactly?

        The manufacturers are quite explicit about what kind of benefits you can expect from taking CeraLoft. These include:

        • Enhanced mental clarity
        • Improved memory
        • Increased mental drive
        • Increased focus

        All of those are common claims made by nootropics manufacturers these days. Perhaps the only one that stands out is the reference to “increased mental drive”. While many hint at increasing motivation, very few nootropic stacks explicitly promise this.

        If the stack can really deliver increased mental drive along with the other benefits mentioned above, then it will really stand out as a notable brain supplement. 

        If you scroll further down the merchant page, you will see that the manufacturers have actually gone into greater detail about what users can expect from taking CeraLoft. They have included more benefits than the generic ones listed on the front of the bottle. Here is a screen-grab of what we’re talking about:


        What does CeraLoft do?


        We have some really impressive sounding benefits there. Not only do we have the claim that CeraLoft can help counter-act depression and anxiety (not sure why it needs to necessarily be age-related), but we also have the claim that CeraLoft can provide the same improvements to concentration as a prescription ADHD drug!

        As we explained in a recent review of ours, saying that a natural nootropic stack can treat ADHD is almost certainly intentionally misleading.

        However, we can’t always judge a stack on the excitability of its marketing people. They usually aren’t scientists, so they don’t always know why their claims are so extravagant. After all, CeraLoft may indeed be a potent concentration booster.

        So, the big question remains: can CeraLoft deliver? Does CeraLoft really work? What about CeraLoft’s side effects?

        We’ll attempt to answer all of these questions below. We’ll start by looking at the CeraLoft formula, before going on to discuss the CeraLoft side effects risk. Finally, we’ll look at whether or not this stack represents good value for you, the consumer. 

        Without further ado, here is our full CeraLoft review. if you have any questions or any comments to add, please post them in the comments section below. 


        CeraLoft Formula Review

        The most important place to look when trying to judge whether a focus or memory supplement is right for you is the ingredients list.

        Not the fancy website, not the “verified customer reviews”, and not what some people say on the internet (most of whom will no doubt gain from pushing certain products on you). 

        No, the most important place to look is at the product’s formula itself. The best marketing in the world can’t make a formula any better than its ingredients. 

        So what is in CeraLoft?

        Here is the CeraLoft label as it should appear on the bottle:


        Ceraloft Ingredients List Review


        In case that’s too small, here’s a close up of the actual ingredients in CeraLoft and their respective serving sizes:


        Ceraloft Label - Ceraloft formula review


        CeraLoft’s ingredients and each one of their serving sizes is listed clearly on the label. This label can easily be found on the website. Not enough manufacturers show their individual ingredient dosages, but it is absolutely vital from the customer’s perspective. Credit to M2 Products group here.


        CeraLoft Ingredients – Will It Really Work?

        After taking a close look at the CeraLoft formula in full, we think that it will likely deliver some improvements in cognitive function for some users, but it is not by any means a market-leading product. 

        The problems with the CeraLoft formula can be loosely summarized as misplaced focus or a lack of balance. The best, most effective brain boosting substances are quite under-dosed, leaving them weak (although not quite impotent). At the same time, the ingredients with the least amount of scientific backing have the lion’s share of the formula. The choice of ingredients could also have been much better in some cases. 


        CeraLoft Formula Imbalanced


        Let us explain in more detail using specific examples. 

        CeraLoft is supposed to enhance memory function and mental clarity. The two ingredients most likely to do that in CeraLoft are, in our opinion, Ginkgo biloba, and Bacopa monnieri. Yet their dosages and low potency leave them unable to deliver the kind of benefits we expect to see from these substances. 

        Of all the natural substances discussed on this site, few are as closely associated with attenuating cognitive decline as Ginkgo biloba.

        While preventing age-related cognitive decline and memory conditions may be a fundamentally losing battle, some studies have shown that Ginkgo biloba may be able to slow down the process of memory loss, as well as reducing its severity. 

        The positive correlation between Ginkgo biloba supplementation and improved memory function is well-established. For example, this trial found that “utilization of Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761 may prove efficacious in enhancing certain neurocognitive functions/processes of cognitively intact older adults”. Another study concluded similarly that “the clinical efficacy of the ginkgo biloba special extract EGb 761 in dementia of the Alzheimer type and multi-infarct dementia was confirmed”.

        So what’s the problem?

        Well, none of the studies cited above used less than 100mg of Ginkgo biloba extract. Most top of the line nootropics today use more than 100mg. 

        This makes the 50mg in CeraLoft seem rather underwhelming. We don’t doubt that 50mg, if taken daily for a long period of time, will indeed have some positive influence on cognition and brain health. yet the effect will be considerably more muted than if using a more potent stack. 


        -Does Brain training Really Work?-


        The same is true of Bacopa monnieri. 

        We have written extensively about this natural extract because it is, quite frankly, one of the best nootropic substances available today. Yet professional quality nootropic supplements, such as Mind Lab Pro, use a significantly more potent Bacopa monnieri extract than you find in CeraLoft.

        Many great stacks use both a larger serving of Bacopa and a more potent extract! CeraLoft delivers 100mg of Bacopa monnieri, standardized to be 20% bacosides (the ‘active ingredient’). Mind Lab Pro, by comparison, delivers 150mg of 45% bacosides extract.

        To be confident that we would get the memory-enhancing effects of the Bacopa monnieri in this stack, we would either expect to see a significantly more potent extract, or more of the extract they currently use.

        Bacopa monnieri is an incredible natural nootropic and it should be given the attention it deserves in any stack that seeks to promote memory function. 


        Bacopa monnieri content CeraLoft supplement


        Other Ingredients In CeraLoft

        Of the ingredients in CeraLoft which have been given a relatively large serving size, St. John’s Wort, Glutamine, and Phosphatidylserine, only the latter is likely to deliver any real, tangible benefits, and these benefits will be restricted to supporting brain health and memory function.

        Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid and a very prominent component of cell membranes. It is found in very large amounts in the brain. Supplementation is therefore beneficial in that it supports proper brain maintenance and cell proliferation. It is thought to be vital for cell signalling, with particular reference to apoptosis (programmed cell death). 

        It has no immediate nootropic properties that you will notice, but long-term supplementation can support cognitive function generally and help stave off cognitive decline. 

        The 125mg found in CeraLoft is more than enough for supplementation purposes. 


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        Glutamine is a precursor to some very important neurotransmitters. But for supplementation purposes, a whole lot more than 150mg will be necessary. Glutamine is found in great abundance in our natural diet. So assuming your diet is healthy and balanced, you will be getting enough glutamine.

        For supplementation to have any effect, therefore, more than 1g per day is usually advised. As much as 5g per day is routinely advised if said person is very physically active. The 150mg in CeraLoft will have no impact whatsoever on your cognitive function. 


        St Johns Wort CeraLoft Formula Review


        As far as St. John’s Wort goes, we know plenty of people who swear that this stuff is an incredibly effective anxiety-killer. St. John’s Wort is sold in health stores around the world as a stress relieving, natural anti-depressant. 

        Yet we are yet to see a shred of compelling scientific data supporting the notion that this stuff is a bone fide anxiolytic. 

        St. John’s Wort may turn out to be worthy of the hype, or it may turn out to be a powerful placebo effect, but in either case, we will refrain from getting excited about this stuff until we see its properties proven by scientific inquiry. We advise you to keep hold of your money until you see the same!


        Choice Of Cholinergic

        We also take issue with the choice of and dosing of the cholinergic in CeraLoft. 

        Any supplement which claims to be able to increase focus, mental drive, and clarity needs to include some kind of cholinergic compound. 

        Cholinergics are substances which confer choline to the body. Choline is important as it is the precursor to acetylcholine; a ubiquitous neurotransmitter involved in many processes, from muscle movement to short-term memory recall. 

        Simply taking choline is not a good option, as it doesn’t reach the brain properly. The most reliable way to boost acetylcholine availability is to take a choline analogue; a choline-containing compound that is better able to cross the blood-brain barrier. 

        DMAE is used by people all over the world, but we have serious reservations about this stuff. 

        For starters, it seems to be very hit-and-miss for lots of users. Some people report long-term use with no side effects, while plenty of others report experiencing pronounced side effects quite regularly while using DMAE. Many users report both at the same time.

        This is something we don’t like at all: uncertainty. If you can afford to take risks with your cognitive function at work, then that’s great. But few of us have that luxury. We need to know that we’ll be on top of our game, not feeling drowsy and disorientated.

        Secondly, it is simply not as effective a cholinergic as some other compounds now widely available. Choline bitartrate, for example, is not a particularly expensive cholinergic. Yet it seems to be more reliable, more effective, and less prone to causing side effects than DMAE. 

        In an ideal world, we would see a cholinergic like Cognizin (Citicholine or CDP-Choline as it is also known) being used. Or perhaps Alpha-GPC, with the peripheral benefits that confers. But we never like to see DMAE being used as the sole cholinergic, particularly dosed at 50mg. 


        -Learn more About The Best Cholinergics Available Today-


        CeraLoft Side Effects

        No CeraLoft review would be complete without a serious, honest look at the CeraLoft side effects risk. 

        CeraLoft looks like a very safe nootropic stack. Most of he ingredients are extremely well tolerated and pose little risk of side effects. 

        As discussed above, our main problem with CeraLoft is the fact that the most potent ingredients are under-dosed. This doesn’t help us achieve improved memory function or better mental clarity, but it does mean that the chance of experiencing serious side effects from using CeraLoft is very low. Every cloud!

        But as noted above, the one ingredient which may cause side effects is DMAE. Should you experience any of the side effects described in the above-referenced threads, cease use immediately and inform your usual doctor. 

        Never, we repeat, NEVER begin taking a supplement you bought offline without reading the warning label and without talking to your doctor first. If you have a pre-existing health condition, this is even more important. Nootropics often contain unusual herbal extracts and you do not know how your body will react. Your doctor needs to know what you are taking in case the worst happens!


        CeraLoft Online Reviews – Legit?

        Here’s an example of a CeraLoft video review we found on YouTube:



        Not only do they not know how to spell, or say, Ginkgo Biloba, but they seem to really struggle to explain how any of the ingredients actually work. 

        They don’t say that Ginkgo biloba improves blood flow. They say that it improves brain function, and that blood circulation is important.

        We are also told that “DMAE improves your brain function of acetylcholine”. 

        These guys are clearly experts.

        We must hope they aren’t using CeraLoft themselves; not a great advertisement!


        CeraLoft Review Conclusion

        CeraLoft promises a great deal, but the formula tells us everything we need to know. Unfortunately, the conclusion of our comprehensive CeraLoft review is not positive. 

        According to the manufacturers, anyone taking CeraLoft can expect improved mental clarity, enhanced memory function, better concentration, and greater “mental drive”. 

        Yet the formula we see does not seem to be able to deliver all of these things at the same time. While taking this stuff for a long period of time may well produce some benefits, they will not be anywhere near the benefits you can experience by using a more potent, more focused, and more balanced nootropic stack. 

        The best ingredients are under-dosed, while other ingredients will elicit little to no discernible improvements in mood, memory, or concentration levels. 

        The only ingredient dosed correctly is St. John’s Wort. We have a lot of skepticism over whether this stuff actually does lower stress and anxiety, but if you are convinced that it works, you would be better off buying an individual St. John’s Wort and and individual Ginkgo biloba supplement. It would be cheaper, and you would get many of the same benefits as when taking CeraLoft. 

        If you want to really enhance your cognitive capacity, then we advise you to check out our top rated nootropic stacks. 


        CeraLoft Review – Does This Nootropic Really Work?
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