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        • Is just a bunch of amino acids and lactose
        • Purposefully conflated with Cerebrolysin
        • Claims intentionally misleading


        Cebria Review Summary

        If you’ve read our entire review of Cebria memory supplement then you’ll know that we are less than impressed with this product. We have seen more than one Cebria review which is very complimentary of this memory supplement, but we have no idea how those reviewers have arrived at that conclusion. 

        Cebria is quite simply an amino acid supplement. The 15 ingredients in the very mysterious-sounding but very humdrum “Neuro Pep 12” blend are simply a bunch of amino acids and lactose, a sugar molecule. The idea is that these amino acids are the constituent parts of Cerebrolysin, so it must give us the same effect, right? WRONG. Peptides have unique effects on the body that their individual amino acid constituents do not. 

        That Cebria is sold as a memory supplement is astounding to us. If you are looking for a reliable way to improve your cognitive function, look elsewhere. 


        Where To Buy Cebria

        We advise you not to buy Cebria. You are getting nothing more than a weak amino acid supplement for your money.


        Full Cebria Review 


        We have seen the name “Cebria” mentioned enough on forums and discussion boards by know to know that there is something driving people towards this product.

        We started by doing some preliminary research on various supplement and nootropic websites. But all the information we found either made very little sense or it was totally contradictory. 

        To gain a little more insight, we started reading through all of the available professional reviews of Cebria. But again, the information wasn’t clear, and we were getting very mixed signals from the different sources. 

        So, to find out what that is, we decided to do an in-depth Cebria review. 


        Who Makes Cebria?

        So what is Cebria, and who makes it?

        Cebria at first looks as though it is produced by Thera Botanics. These guys produce a wide range of health supplements of the kind we are used to seeing from such manufacturers; belly-fat burners, prostate supports, “superfood” capsules, and of course, cognitive enhancers. 

        Cebria Review Does This Memory Supplement Work?

        According to the Thera Botanics website, their mission is to “make better products for a better life.”

        We are also told that these guys only produce “natural products to support your physical health and emotional well-being, without harmful side effects”.

        But when we look at the “Contact Us” section, we find that they have launched Cebria under a separate company, Cebria LLC. 

        This is a smart move: if this product folds, gets sued, or whatever, then it is kept nice and separate from the parent company. 

        If you spend a bit of time reading around the websites that sell Cebria, you’ll realize that the main driving force behind these products are the “expert advisers”:


        Who Makes Cebria Memory Supplement


        If you have seen reassuring white-coat images like this before, then you’re not alone. These images are used by literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of supplement manufacturers to make their customers feel at ease when buying their products. 

        These guys, however, are actually doctors, and they really are the guys in the pictures. Who’d have guessed?

        The first guy, Dr. Laux, appears again and again on the Cebria website. We did some research into his background, and found that he is “a licensed naturopathic physician who received his doctorate from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland”. He received his DHom (MED) from the College of Homeopathy in California.

        You can check out his full profile on the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine’s website here, or his profile on the Encyclopedia of American Loons here.

        But then if you go a little deeper again, you find that Cebria isn’t made by Thera Botanics or Cebria LLC at all:


        Who Really Makes Cebria Memory Supplement?


        Is this true?

        Well, not as far as we can tell!

        As you can tell from the EVER Pharma website, these guys do produce Cerebrolysin®, which is described here as “biotechnologically prepared peptide that stimulates neurotrophic regulation in the central nervous system.”

        Cerebrolysin, like all peptides, can only be taken by injection. Cebria is supposedly a derivative of Cerebrolysin. Unlike Cerebrolysin, Cebria is safe to take orally. 

        So are these two things one in the same? Is it fair for Cebria LLC to claim that their product is the same as EVER Pharma’s Cerebrolysin?

        We really don’t think so. To explain why, let’s look at what Cebria claims to do, and how it claims to do it. Then we’ll look if these claims hold up in reality. 

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        What Does Cebria Claim To Do?

        It is clear from the get-go that Cebria is aimed at older people who are worried about the onset of age-related cognitive decline. 

        That Cebria claims to be able to prevent and actually REVERSE age-related memory impairment is clear:


        Effectiveness of Cebria For Memory


        Indeed, the Thera Botanics page which sells Cebria states emphatically that it is “for age related memory loss”. However, it goes on to claim much more than that!:


        Does Cebria Memory Support Supplement Really Work?


        So we have quite a few claims there, the most amazing of which is the “clinically shown in placebo controlled study to reverse age-related memory loss by 10 years in just 30 days.”

        The study this is referring to is this one

        As you can see, that study concluded that “N-PEP-12 may be an effective treatment for memory loss in healthy older adults”.

        The study makes no mention of reversing age-related memory loss by 10 years. 

        It is impossible to put a precise figure in years on the extent of memory loss. It is impossible to say for certain that you have rolled the clock back by x or y number of “brain years” or whatever the unit of measurement is here. 

        We also see that the makers claim Cebria can “significantly improve short-term memory and recall”. 

        But the very study that they cite as proof of their product’s immense power states quite clearly that “N-PEP-12 treated subjects performed better than placebo-treated subjects on the ADAS-cog Memory score, the SKT, clinical ratings and some, but not other tests.”

        The other tests they are referring to were the digit span test (a common memory span test), and the digit cancellation test (a test sometimes used in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease). 

        So until we see some solid evidence that this stuff can literally reverse cognitive decline by 10 years (and until someone explains what that means exactly), we have to assume that this claim is either the result of ignorance or willful deception.


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        Why Cebria Isn’t Cerebrolysin

        The recurrent claim made throughout the Cebria website and indeed on the list of claims posted above is that Cebria contains neuropeptides.

        The makers make constant reference to Cebria being a derivative of EVER Pharma’s patented Cerebrolysin peptide.

        We think this claim is intentionally misleading.

        A peptide is a molecule consisting of between 2 and 50 amino acids. When a molecule contains more than 50 amino acids, we refer to it as a protein. 

        Peptides are found throughout the body; in every single cell in fact. They carry out an array of vital bodily functions. They frequently act as biological “messengers”, and as such can be thought of as acting as hormones in some instances.

        Peptides are a very interesting subject. We obviously can’t provide you with a full and proper explanation since none of us are trained Biomedical scientists or Biochemists. So we strongly advise you to read up on the subject elsewhere if you are interested. This article would be a good place to start, as would this article.

        Now, the function of a peptide is completely dependent on the exact amino acids in the chain, as well as the shape of the peptide.


        An example will help illustrate this point.

        The peptide Glutathione is made up of glutamic acid, cystein, and glycine. This peptide is found in almost all cells, and not just in humans but in other animals, some fungi, and even some bacteria. But it is not the sum of its parts. Glutamic acid, cystein and glycine do not, as a group of individual amino acids, perform the same functions as Glutathione. A hypothetical peptide composed of L-Valine and L-Leucine would not have the same function in the body as both Valine and Leucine respectively. When amino acids group to become peptides, their properties, and their bodily functions, change dramatically. 


        So what do we see in Cebria? 

        Here is the what we see when we look at the Cebria ingredients list:


        Cebria Ingredients Review

        What we don’t see here are any peptides. None whatsoever.

        What we do see is amino acids.

        That is all that is in the Cebria formula: amino acids and lactose. Cebria’s ingredients may indeed look familiar if you are looking at the composition of Cerebrolysin. But just because it contains some of the same amino acids that make up Cerebrolysin does not mean that it works in the same way. 


        Cebria Ingredients

        Cebria’s ingredients are nothing special, and nor are their dosages. 

        While this is an unreliable way to determine individual ingredient dosages, if we divide the proprietary blend equally among the ingredients, we get roughly 19mg each. 

        Go into any health food or supplement store and you will find capsules of Cystein or Tyrosine or Arganine on sale for a few dollars. These capsules will usually contain around 500mg of the amino acid in question. Some will contain as much as 1000mg. 

        As far as lactose goes, if you really think you need some extra lactose in the day, then drink an extra glass of milk. 


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        What Are People Saying About Cebria?

        Cebria user reviews are definitely a mixed bag. 

        Some people absolutely swear by it and claim that it is one of the best nootropic substances they have ever used:


        Cebria User Feedback Positive


        Lots of other people are very skeptical:


        What People Are Saying About Cebria


        Another reddit user came to very similar conclusions as the comment shown above.

        We’ve also seen some really worrying reports about underhand selling practices:


        Cebria customer reviews


        These kind of reports never inspire much confidence! If you experience anything similar with purchasing Cebria, please post your story in the comments section below to help other customers avoid the same pitfalls. 


        Cebria Side Effects

        As this is just a very weak amino acid supplement, serious side effects are extremely unlikely. However, there is one addition to the Cebria formula which makes it quite likely that some of you may experience some side effects. That ingredient is lactose. 

        The exact amount of lactose in Cebria is unknown. We are only given a proprietary blend, so we do not know how much of any ingredient is in a single serving. 

        Dividing up a proprietary blend into equal parts is not a very reliable or accurate way to determine how much of a given ingredient is in a blend. However, if we do divide the blend up for arguments sake, then we get roughly 19mg per ingredient. That is about the same amount of lactose as you will find in a large glass of milk. 

        If you’re lactose intolerant, then that is probably going to be way too much lactose for your stomach to handle. 

        Even if you are not officially lactose intolerant, we find that most people are to some degree affected by lactose consumption; it seems to be more of a spectrum than just a dichotomy between tolerant and intolerant. 

        The fact that this has been added to the formula for what seems to be no reason whatsoever is just mind-boggling to us. The risk or degree of intestinal discomfort may seem very small to most of you, but when you realize that it is for no benefit, it will seem much bigger. 

        Before you begin using a new supplement it is important that you inform your doctor of what it is you are planning on using. You can never really predict how your body will react to new supplements, no matter how many ‘internet doctors’ tell you that their product is “risk free”. A phone call to your physician will not cost you anything but it may pay off big time in the future.


        Cebria Review Conclusion

        You no doubt started looking for an honest, impartial, detailed Cebria review after seeing the stuff advertised on TV or as a banner ad on another website. It seems that plenty of people still search for more information on Cebria memory supplement every single month, as the company’s advertising and affiliate partnerships keep interest high. 

        In this Cebria review, we have tried be as exhaustive as possible, providing you with an overview of Cebria’s ingredients, what they have to offer, the Cebria side effects risk, as well as what other people are saying about this supplement. 

        Those of you who have read the entire review will know that, in our opinion, Cebria offers no benefit for people looking to improve their mental performance, memory, focus, or anything else for that matter. 

        In fact, we can’t think of a single thing that would be improved by taking Cebria that would not be improved many times more by taking some very simple, very cheap amino acid supplements. 

        The idea behind Cebria is that tiny amounts of the constituent parts of Cerebrolysin, a peptide mixture we get from pig brains, offer the same benefits as the whole.

        That is just simply not how biochemistry works. Structure is important; throwing together the amino acids that make up the peptides in Cerebrolysin does not mean that you have Cerebrolysin. 

        How this stuff has ever been seriously pushed as an effective memory supplement we will never know. 

        If you have been reading Cebria reviews in the hope of finding out that this stuff is the answer to your problems, then please take our word for it: it isn’t, no matter what the extremely caring doctors on their website say. 

        If you are looking for a safe, natural reliable way to gradually enhance your memory function and to support greater, prolonged focus without resorting to ‘narcotic’ brain drugs, then check out our top rated natural nootropic stacks. 



        Cebria Review – Is This Another Scam Nootropic?
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