BrainSmart Ultra

BrainSmart Ultra

Value for Money

2.0 /10

Formula Rating

1.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

5.0 /10


  • Contains vitamins and minerals good for overall health


  • No nootropic ingredients
  • Does not improve cognitive function
  • Caffeine only active nootropic ingredient

BrainSmart Ultra Review Summary

After reviewing BrainSmart Ultra’s formula, I think it’s fair to say that it doesn’t really contain any compounds that contribute to mental performance. It cannot therefore really be called a natural nootropic.

It might be a useful supplement for people with vitamin deficiencies, but then it would be much cheaper to just take a multivitamin.

Where to buy BrainSmart Ultra

The manufacturer, although personally I wouldn’t.


Full BrainSmart Ultra Review

BrainSmart Ultra is a brand new product on the nootropics market, and initial reactions seem very positive. BrainSmart Reviews have been, on the whole, good.

Based in London, Cognitive Bioscience Ltd is quickly trying to establish itself as a respectable supplement manufacturer.


BrainSmart Ultra pills review


While other BrainSmart products make slightly different claims, we’re going to focus on Ultra, which is all about performance.

The usual mix of claims are made about its wonderful properties: better concentration, mental drive, and rapid action.

More specifically, we’re told that taking BrainSmart Ultra will improve our working memory speeds and expand our attention spans.

It’s unusual for nootropics manufacturers to be making such specific claims, and in the past it has always been a very good sign indeed. MindLab Pro and Alpha Brain both make similarly concrete claims, and both certainly deliver.

I took a closer look at BrainSmart Ultra to see if this supplement can stand up to the market leaders. Here’s my full BrainSmart Ultra review.


What does BrainSmart Ultra claim to do? 

BrainSmart are pulling out all the stops when it comes to talking-up their product.

Their website even describes them as “award winning”. Apparently, they won the Brain Supplements of the Year 2014. After some serious Google-ing, I can’t find any awards by that name.

Their site also claims that the product won an award at the the 2014 betternutrition Best of Supplement Awards. Here’s the webpage for the awards. There isn’t a single mention of BrainSmart on it.

This isn’t looking good so far.

However, we can’t dismiss a product just because of some overzealous marketing.


BrainSmart Ultra Review - Best brain supplements this year


As mentioned in the introduction, BrainSmart actually do the brave thing and make some concrete claims. I want to see “better working memory:, “longer attention span”, and on occasion, “lucid dreaming”.

This is preferable to the “significantly improve mental acuity” that I sometimes see from the lower class supplements.

I want definite changes that I can measure, and BrainSmart Ultra claims to give them to me.

The general idea behind BrainSmart Ultra is that you can improve your brain’s performance by providing it with the oxygen and nutrients that it needs to work at maximum potential. It’s a simple strategy and it is an effective one.

The vast majority of people are deficient in the vitamins and minerals that their brains need to function at 100%. Giving their central nervous system all the tools that it needs to work efficiently is just common sense. Ultra aims to do precisely that; give your CNS everything it needs, and watch it shift up a gear.

The result, according to BrainSmart, is the “most effective balanced natural smart nutrition supplements for the brain available”. Terrible English aside, this is something we definitely want to try out.


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BrainSmart Ultra ingredients

This section will form the “meat” of my BrainSmart Ultra review. Here is the bottle’s label so you can see what we’re dealing with for yourself:


BrainSmart Ultra Review ingredients list


This isn’t the most impressive ingredients list I’ve ever seen. Not by a long shot.

It certainly isn’t something I’d expect from a nootropic that claims to be the most balanced brain supplement available. Don’t let the branded “blend” fool you.

The vast majority of the ingredients are all fairly staple, and none of them are anything more than things you can find for pennies in your local health food outlet.

We have the usual staple of B vitamins and caffeine. These ingredients usually combine to give the user a palpable buzz for a few hours. This will usually feel more heightened than drinking a few cups of coffee, as the vitamins help the body metabolise food for energy.


brainsmart ultra ingredients chlorella


We also have some Niacin, Omega-3, and iron thrown in as well. These are definitely good ingredients for an overall health supplement product, but again, nothing too impressive for a top brain supplement.

The inclusion of Chlorella is much more interesting. Chlorella is a type of fresh water algae, usually grown in Japan, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

It is another herbal panacea. It is claimed it can do everything from improving intestinal health to reducing cholesterol. As you would expect, evidence for this is thin on the ground.

It has been used as a complimentary medicine for immune deficiency diseases for quite a while now, although it is of course not a treatment in and of itself. It has also been used for alleviating the symptoms of invasive treatments of all kinds.

We believe it works primarily by increasing a persons’s white blood cell count. This makes it a very useful supplement for people who are undergoing treatment that really takes a toll on their immune system.

While this makes it quite a good addition to your medicine cabinet, I don’t really see why it is included in the formula of a nootropic.

The same goes for Co-enzyme Q10.

Co-enzyme Q10 is, for all intents and purposes, a vitamin. It certainly acts like one. It is present in all of our cells, more specifically in the mitochondria (the cells powerhouse). Here it is directly involved in aerobic respiration.

In other words, it is a necessary link in the chain that allows our cells to get energy. It has a significant role in the production of ATP, which is how the human body gets the vast majority of its energy.

Like Chlorella, it is sold as a daily supplement that promises to help with an astounding array of conditions, from heart disease to headaches.

Also like Chlorella, I can’t seem to find much evidence, even anecdotal evidence, for it being an active nootropic agent.

At this point, you may be beginning to think that the guys and girls over at Cognitive BioScience have perhaps become a little confused when formulating BrainSmart Ultra. You’d be dead right.


BrainSmart ultra ingredients customer review


They seem to have packed it full of ingredients that are probably good for overall health, including brain health, but nothing that is specifically targeted at improving cognitive function.

But what about the mysterious ingredient at the top of the list?

Surely Cordyceps Sinensis extract has some miracle brain boosting properties? Surely it has been used for millenia to give people a mental edge?

I’m afraid this is yet another ingredient that seems to be great for improving a raft of common ailments, including coughs, dizziness and anaemia, but absolutely useless at increasing brain power, focus or memory.

Also, like Co-enzyme Q10 and Chlorella, it’s claimed benefits are severely lacking any substantial scientific backing.

It looks like BrainSmart Ultra fails to deliver even the most basic things we expect from a nootropic. Most brain supplements, so-called “smart pills”, that fail do so because they don’t contain enough of the ingredients they claim to have.

In the case of BrainSmart Ultra, it doesn’t even claim to contain any serious memory or focus boosting ingredients. A none-starter if ever there was one.


My thoughts on BrainSmart Ultra 

After examining the ingredients of BrainSmart Ultra, and after checking my expectations with user reviews on the internet, I can only conclude that this is essentially a digestive health and vitamin supplement.

As a brain supplement, I think it’s a non-starter.

It is highly unlikely that anyone using this product will feel any benefits. There will probably be no increase in attention span, no great leap in recall ability, and no improvement in processing speed.

Some users have reported palpable benefits. However, I simply refuse to believe that these are significant enough to warrant parting with your money.

Many of these will be paid-for reviews, and many more will just be the result of the placebo effect. By looking at the formula and trust-worthy online reviews, I can’t believe that the positive reviews represent reality.

More than likely, all of the BrainSmart Ultra reviews out there that talk about “massively boosted brain power” and so on are just pushing for sales. Take what you read with a pinch of salt.


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BrainSmart Ultra side effects

I can’t see a single ingredient that would likely give you any trouble, but the label states that you should not take this supplement in conjunction with any other medications.

Manufacturer warnings should always be taken very seriously, so please consult a doctor before you take BrainSmart Ultra, even if you are fit and healthy and not currently taking anything else.

There are some funny ingredients in here, so you may well have a bad reaction. Use with caution.


BrainSmart Ultra Review conclusion

I was really unimpressed with this supplement, if you couldn’t tell from the above review.

Most supplements fail to live up to their promises, but weirdly this product it didn’t even try to live up to them.

Cognitive Bioscience Ltd promised the most complete nootropic supplement available, and proceeded to fill a capsule up with some vitamins and a few herbs that contribute to overall health and well-being.

There is nothing really nootropic about it.

If you have a busy few days ahead, or some fast approaching deadlines and you need help staying focused while you burn the midnight oil, I would definitely look elsewhere.

BrainSmart Ultra Review
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