Value for Money

5.0 /10

Formula Rating

5.0 /10

Risk of Side Effects

5.0 /10


  • Weak stack overall
  • Best ingredients dosed too low
  • Contains some bunk herbs


Brainol Review Summary

Brainol is an incredibly hot topic right now. But as you will see if you look at many of the Brainol reviews out there, opinion is divided. After taking a closer look at Brainol, we are forced to conclude that this is a pretty mediocre stack.

Brainol contains some good ingredients, some sub-standard ingredients, and some useless ingredients. Some serving sizes are good, others are pathetic.

Ultimately, if you want maximal results, real cognitive enhancements, and good value for money, Brainol is not ideal for you.

Where To Buy Brainol

Brainol is pushed through the official online store. We think it is now available on Amazon, which might be a safer option (as the site looks a bit shady to us).


Full Brainol Review

Lots of people seem to be interested in Brainol. it gets plenty of monthly searches, and there are lots of mentions of it on several of the major nootropics forums.

However, opinions seem to be sharply divided. “Independent” Brainol reviews are split between people saying it is a worthless scam and those saying it is the best product ever.

So what’s the truth?


Brainol review


Let’s find out. But first, let’s see what Brainol is supposed to do.

The official Brainol website looks seriously shady to us. We have lots of pictures of smiling doctors.

The site makes more than one mention of how Brainol is “recommended by doctors”, without any of these doctors being named of course!:


Brainol doctor recommended lies


According to this website, Brainol provides the following key benefits:

  • Improved memory
  • Sharpened focus
  • Boosted mental energy
  • Regain drive and motivation
  • Increased mental clarity

Interstingly, the site also claims that Brainol “strenghtens and supports brain development”. That is very interesting.

As it stands, only the very best, most comprehensive, pro-quality nootropics are able to stimulate long term brain development and neuron growth.

If Brainol really can deliver on these promises, then the positive reviews will really start to look justified.

Can Brainol really do all of these things?

How safe is Brainol? What are the main side effect risks?

How does Brainol compare to the best nootropics on the market today?

Read our full Brainol review to find the answers to these questions. We look at Brainol’s ingredients, the doses, and the risks. We then look at everything as a whole and tell you whether or not we would recommend this stack to you, our readers.

Brainol Formula

Here is the Brainol formula, which is readily available on the official website:


Brainol formula

As you can see, there’s no proprietary blends here.

We also have lots of interesting ingredients in this formula.

But a big problem jumps right out at us: small doses.

Most of the ingredients in Brainol seem to be dosed very low, with some of the best, potentially most effective ingredients dosed at about 50% of what we would like to see.

There are also some ingredients in here that have no scientifically validated nootropic properties.

Let us explain these two separate points in more detail.

Low Doses

Brainol contains a number of highly effective, reliable cognitive enhancers known to be safe for the vast majority of users, even in the long-term.

The problem is that they are pretty much all dosed below what we would deem a minimum effective dose.

Take Brahmi for example.

This is a herb more commonly known in nootropic circles as Bacopa monnieri.

Consuming Brahmi on a regular basis has been demonstrated through quite robust clinical trials to be an effective eay to improve memory function.

Some studies have noted that brahmi supplementation helped improve memory recall scores among older people struggling with memory loss.

Other studies have focused on otherwise healthy adults and observed similar results.

The issue is that 100mg of Brahmi would not be enough even if it were a very high quality extract.

But we aren’t told that Brainol uses an extract at all; the label just lists “brahmi”, meaning that we are probably dealing with a whole leaf powder.

That means lots of plant material we aren’t interested in, no standardized potency, etc.

So it is unlikely that users of Brainol will be benefiting from the brahmi inclusion at all.

They certainly wont be enjoying the full potential benefits of Bacopa monnieri as they could from other stacks using good extracts and large serving sizes.


Brahmi Brainol ingredient analysis


Another big offender here is Choline Bitartrate.

Choline analogues are used to boost acetylcholine levels in the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter involved in learning, focus, muscle contraction, and a host of other brain functions.

Choline bitartrate isn’t the most effective acetylcholine booster by any means, so you need to use a relatively large dose.

120mg is an absolutely pathetic dose of Choline Bitartrate.

We would expect to see at least 300mg of CB. We think 120mg would be a low dose if we were looking at a more potent cholinergic.

-The Best Cholinergics For Focus & Memory-

Unproven Ingredients

The best ingredients in Brainol are dosed too low to really benefit users as much as they could, if at all.

But we also have some ingredients in Brainol that wouldn’t benefit users even if they were dosed very high.

St. John’s Wort is the big sinner here.

This plant concentrate is sold in health food and “alternative medicine” stores around the world. It is particularly popular in Western Europe and the US, where many people swear by its anxiolytic properties.

While plenty of people claim that St. John’s Wort acts as an effective, natural alternative to anti-anxiety medication, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that it works.

Yes, there is a lot of anecdotal data.


St Johns Wort Brainol formula waste


But currently every clinical trial examining SJW’s potential as a natural stress and anxiety cure (and in some instances a possible depression aid) have come up empty handed.

It is possible that these trials have just turned up false negatives so far.

But until we see some hard evidence that SJW works as people say it does, we can’t give in to the hype.

As hard as it sometimes is, we will always try to stay away from hype and to let the existing scientific data guide our opinions. If you are ever aware of any studies proving us wrong, and we mean robust studies from reputable institutions, then let us know in the comments!


Brainol Side Effects

Overall, side effects are unlikely for most users of Brainol.

That said, there are a few ingredients in here that are liable to cause quite serious side effects for a minority of you.

DMAE Bitartrate is a popular cholinergic.

We don’t think it is anywhere near as effective as Choline Bitartrate, so we wonder why the Brainol formulators didn’t just go all-in on this superior and safer option.

Many people do use DMAE for long periods of time without incident.

However, plenty of users do also experience quite negative side effects while using DMAE. These side effects include:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

Other people report no benefits whatsoever.

With so little to gain and so much to lose, we don’t think DMAE is a wise choice for anybody.

Brainol also contains Guarana.

Guarana contains caffeine.

Now, there is nothing special about the caffeine in Guarana; caffeine is caffeine at the end of the day.

Guarana does contain more caffeine than coffee beans by weight, but the stuff that gives us a mental kick is exactly the same molecule.

We don’t know why people include guarana instead of just a purified, concentrated caffeine.

By using Guarana, we’re getting plant matter that does us no good.

We don’t know how much caffeine we’re getting in each serving.

While the maximum dose of caffeine in brainol is 60mg, we still need to look at that in context of your total daily caffeine intake.

Caffeine can be extremely dangerous. It is a powerful stimulant that has effects as small doses (usually from 100mg upwards).

Even mild consumption causes some side effects, such as elevated heart rate and insomnia.

Moderate intakes will cause elevated blood pressure, anxiety, jitteriness, and light headedness.

Acute caffeine overdose can be fatal.

As everybody’s tolerances are different, you really need to be aware of how much caffeine you’re consuming over the course of your day.

As always, nothing can replace genuine medical advice from a doctor that knows you.

Despite what the makers of Brainol say, we don’t think it is fair to say that this stuff is really “doctor recommended”. Book an appointment with your regular family physician before using Brainol. Tell them what you plan to take and hear them out.


Brainol Review Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

Overall, we don’t think Brainol is a very good choice for someone looking to enhance overall cognitive function.

We certainly doesn’t think it’s fair to describe this stuff as the “ultimate” nootropic on the market right now.

The website looks kind of scammy to us, with lots of anonymous, smiling white coats (clearly stock photos), banners telling us it is “doctor recommended”, and that same dated theme used by many “brain pills”.

The formula contains some good ingredints, but they’re seriously low-dosed.

Some ingredients do nothing.

There are some real side effect risks, although most users are probably fine due to the low doses.

All-in-all, we don’t understand why there are so many positive Brainol reviews out there.

If you want real results, we suggest you opt for a stack with more heavy-duty doses, higher quality ingredients, or both.

Brainol – “Doctor Recommended”? – Not Likely!
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